Jay Z partner

Longtime Jay Z business partner John Meneilly (pictured left) has cut ties with the rapper. Meneilly helped build Jay Z's Roc Nation, which was born as a record label and transitioned into a ... Jay Z. Solving the world's hardest problems with entrepreneurs, technology and capital. Mountain View, California 500+ connections Roc Nation, the entertainment company founded by rapper and businessman Shawn 'Jay-Z' Carter, is entering into a multiyear partnership with the NFL to enhance the NFL's live game experiences and ... Jay-Z and the NFL announced last fall they would partner on “education and economic advancement; police and community relations; and criminal justice reform.” All of this is press-release ... Rap and sports have always been intertwined, but JAY-Z is taking that connection to another level.. According to the New York Times, the NFL has inked a partnership with the Jigga Man and Roc ... Desiree Perez, Jay-Z Business Partner, Wears Wire for FBI. Damon Dash, Jay-Z’s former manager, and business partner at Roc-A-Fella Records gave an interview in 2015. With strong thoughts about Jay-Z, Dash discussed an article that came out a few years before. It suggested that one of Jay’s top business associates gave info up to the DEA.

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2020.09.27 21:06 AutoModerator Weekly Discussion & Important Links/Threads - September 28, 2020

Loopring Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Another AMA with Daniel Wang is coming up! Ask your questions by August 3 here!

June 28 AMA has concluded! See the thread here!

If anyone feels that a certain announcement, article, or any other kind of these sorts should be listed below, please add your suggestions in the comments below.

Links/Threads of Interest:

Recent Articles by the Loopring Foundation
Operation and Marketing
  • 7/20/2018 - We listed ten ERC20 tokens as the first batch in “New Listing” section. These ten tokens are AION, BKBT, BNB, CPC, DET, GTO, HT, PNT, TEN, and WTC.
  • 7/8/2018 - Loopring evangelists from more than 30 cities in China joined Loopring’s after-party to brainstorm ideas regarding community management, ecosystem strategy, and product marketing. We have set up a unique program to reward these evangelists which will also greatly benefit the adoption of Loopring’s DEX solutions. More information will be made available in September.
  • 7/7/2018 - Loopring hosted the 2018 Blockchain Economic Summit in Shenzhen, China. We invited blockchain visionaries and entrepreneurs to share their stories and visions. Some of the keynote speakers are Alex Gordon from Omega One, Feng Cao from PChain, Yu Guo from SECBIT Labs, Cindy Liu from MXBank, and William Gee, a senior partner from PwC Hong Kong. Our Founder, Daniel Wang, shared what Loopring has accomplished over the last 340 days since ICO and demoed our DEX solutions to the audience.
  • 7/7/2018 - Loopring announced the DEX Alliance Initiative
  • 7/5/2018 - Loopring airdropped the first tranche of LRN to LRC token holders.
  • 7/3/2018 - China Central Television (CCTV) broadcasted an interview with our founder Daniel Wang — Loopring Protocol: Powering a Better Crypto Trading Ecosystem.
  • 6/28/2018 - Loopring partnered with SECBIT Labs in smart contract auditing and formal verification
  • 6/28/2018 - Loopring launched a Developer Portal to provide more technical documentations for developers.
  • 6/24/2018 - We held an online salon with token holders from 30 cities in China. The Loopring team also showed the process of binding addresses to receive LRN airdrop.
  • 6/23/2018 - Daniel had a live broadcast to Huolian Blockchain community.
  • 6/15/2018 - COO Johnston delivered a keynote at the Disrupt & Breakthrough blockchain summit.
  • 6/15/2018 - Loopring and MyToken cohosted a meetup.
  • 6/15/2018 - Daniel had a live broadcast sharing the Loopring Protocol and DEX ecosystem through Blockchain World’s popular blockchain interview channel.
Also, don't forget to see the sidebar for other Loopring related content, such as official and exchange links!
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2020.09.27 11:28 taxiwaydixie Where do you even meet your future spouse? I feel like I'm at a dead end

Hey everyone, my name is Jay. I'm 21 and from Australia. I grew up in a Christian family my entire life and I'm so incredibly grateful for that - my parents are incredible and raised me with Godly principals.
I feel like I'm at that stage in my life where I'm ready for a partner to do life with and walk together in our Godly calling, my heart longs for that sort of connection - my problem is that I just don't know where to find any Godly women my around my age ....
I'd say I'm pretty actively involved in the church I attend - I serve just about every weekend on multiple teams (Youth, Sound and Photography) but all of the women my age are either already partnered, getting married or "uninterested" - and when I say uninterested I don't just mean in a relationship sense, but even as friends. It seems at our church a lot of the girls are very funny about being friends with males, that being said not all are like that and I do have some female friends at church, but they aren't interested in anything other than a friendship, and that's totally fine! - I'm content with having a great friendship with them. I've spoken to my female friends at church about the other women our age being really "funny" about being friends with guys and they have noticed it too.
I really just feel like I'm at a dead end and I have no idea where to even meet my future spouse or where to look... I know everyone says "She will come when the time is right" etc etc but I really feel like the time is right and she's nowhere in sight. It seems like my life is changing so much at the moment due to covid - I fly for an airline and we've been told that our base will be shut down 5 days before Christmas and if we want to keep our job we have to relocate our life over to the complete opposite side of Australia... I'm really trying to trust God that he has someone great lined up for me and that He will help me through this season of my life but I just feel like I'm starting to lose faith....
Sorry for bothering you all, I just really needed to get this out and get some advice..
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2020.09.27 10:14 notXxCadex2 Booking Roman Reigns Title/heel Run Part 1 (with detail)

Every thus far stays the same ( 》《 indicate start and end of matches)
( sorry if there's messed up grammar I'm tired lol)
Clash Of Champions 2020: Gold Rush
( earlier in the night Alexa Bliss distracts Nikki cross causing bayley to retain her championship. After that match Sasha Banks attacks bayley and holds up the smackdown Women's Championship)
Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso Universal Championship
Jey Uso makes his entrance hyped up and ready to have his First World title match against his cousin. Roman Reigns makes his entrance with a new look and music https://youtu.be/7TCRC-_AAVw with Paul Heyman. ( his new ring gear is basically the same except he has no vest and his pants have a different design) Jey Uso looks concerned but confident while Roman Reigns stares him down almost the entire time.
" ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman. And I Am The Advocate to The man who owns this yard, this island, who owns the WWE. The reigning defending Undisputed Universal heavyweight champion of the world, Roman Reigns! " Says Heyman.
》 the match starts off quick with Jey Uso flying around the ring until Roman Reigns gets in control and hits a huge Samoan drop on him to slow him down. He then starts to dominate Uso slowly beating him down, until Jey Uso is finally able to slip out of Reigns hands and is able to hit a Samoan drop of his own to get a breath of air. Jey Uso picks up Roman up but then is hit with a hard right hand and then a Superman punch to send him out of the ring. Roman Reigns then throws Jey Uso into the ring and then is met with a superkick from Jey. Roman then retreats to the corner where Jey Uso traps him and attacks him. Uso then runs to the other corner and back only to be met with a spear out of nowhere from Roman. 1..2..kickout! Jey Uso is winded while Roman Reigns realizes his cousin has more fight in him than he expected. Roman ranks then sets up for another spear, jey gets up slowly, roaming charges at Jey Uso only to be met with a superkick, but roman is still on his feet. Jey Uso then hits another one and Roman finally falls to the mat. Jey Uso is now hyped up and climbs up the turnbuckle. He Hypes up the virtual crowd as in hits Uso splash on Roman, he takes out at 1... Jey Uso is now shocked as so the crowd is. Jay realizes it's going to take more to defeat his cousin, he pinned him once he can do it again. Jey Uso waits for Roman to fully get back up to his feet and sets up another super kick, he goes for it but misses and Roman Reigns then bounces off two ropes and hits a second spear Jey Uso. Roman then doesn't pin him but sits in the corner and watches as his cousin struggles to get up, he's in sets up another spear when Uso gets up. He hits it...its over. After the third Spear Roman puts him down. Roman holds his Universal Championship up I alongside Paul Heyman and wins his first title defense on Pay-per-view. After the match Roman, out of respect for his family lifts Jey Uso up and hugs him and tells him he did good, Heyman leaves the ring to give them their moment. Jey Uso and Roman have an emotional moment and Roman holds Jey Usos hand up high... Only to attack him right after. People are shocked as they didn't expect this to come from Roman, Roman shouts as he's beating Down Jey Uso that he has no family anymore and the only thing he cares about is his Universal title and family means nothing to him saying Jey Uso was never his family. He then walks out of the Arena with a evil smirk on his face holding his Universal championship. Minutes later a network exclusive shows that while jey was walking to the back he was getting custom "thank you Jey chants" and then he turns his head back towards the ring to reflect and smiles...BUT IS HIT WITH A SPEAR BY REIGNS OUT OF NOWHERE. This is a different Roman than we thought.《
** the next Smackdown**
Promo: Roman Reigns opens up Smackdown alongside Paul Heyman Universal championship in hand. He Man grabs the mic introduces Roman, he then goes on a rant about how Roman runs the WWE and what you saw last night is what you should expect from anyone who challenges him and that he will show no mercy to any of his opponents. He confirms that ju so suffered minor injuries and won't be back for a bit and that he is victim to the Roman Reigns sweep list ( I don't know what to call it right now but if you have a better name in mind feel free to suggest it) . Roman Reigns then grabs the mic, he says that last night he did what he said he was going to do and thats wreck Jey Uso and leave with his Universal Championship. And now he doesn't care about family because he doesn't need it all he needs is his Universal Championship and his manager Heyman. He doesn't care who he's put up against he will wreck them and leave. He then calls out any superstar in the back to have a match for the universal championship right now. Bray Wyatt music hits but then Alexa Bliss his music interferes with it and she makes her way to the ring. Roman confused Paul Heyman ask Alexa why she's out here, she responds that she won't speak to paul. She ask roman how he's been since he's been back and how the universal championship feels on him right now. She says she noticed how much he's changed like her and for the better. She then goes from compliments to warnings and she says that he never really has felt the real power of the fiend and what he can do to you. That's when nikki cross interups and is looking for answers. She asked why Alexa with cost for the smackdown Women's Championship in that at this point she's done trying to get let's go back to his senses, and that Alexa Bliss is not the same person and she's done trying to help her. Alexa then goes on to say Nikki would have lost anyways in that she would have never had won anything without her she's the only reason Nikki cross is a two-time women's tag team champion because Alexa had to do it all on their own. Blah blah blah Nikki cross wants a match with Alexa but things change and it's announced it will be Alexa Bliss and Roman Reigns vs Nikki cross and a partner of her choosing.
▪︎ Roman Reigns is sitting on his couch with Paul Heyman standing next to him. They're having a conversation when someone rudely interrupt them.."bbroo" it happens to be Matt riddle. He friendly greets Roman Reigns and acts happy to see him because he's never seen him in person since being on the main roster. But then he quickly make fun of Roman in a way by saying " I don't dig the new music or ring gear so bro " which you can see bothers Roman, and then Matt stares down Paul Heyman and says I expected you to be a lot shorter. Not Riddle then looks at the universal championship and says goodbye to Roman and then instead of just saying goodbye to Paul Heyman she says tell Brock I said hi and walks out of the room.
▪︎ Matt riddle is able to convince Nikki cross to choose him as her partner and the match is now set for the main event.
▪︎ the match Goes on for about only 10 minutes where Roman and Matt riddle don't really get involved at all until the very end. Roman and we'll go at it for the first time ever and riddle caches with him some kicks bring you Roman to a knee for hitting a dropkick on some Romans face knocking him on his back for a couple seconds Roman is then able to hit Matt riddle with a surprise Superman punch to stun him and then sets up the spear. Charges at Matt but Nikki cross gets in front of Matt and stops Roman in his tracks, that is until Alexa Bliss attacks Nikki cross and then Roman is met with a clothesline from Matt riddle. Eventually after about 2 more minutes Riddle makes the tag to cross and Alexa and cross go at it ring to steal my ring gets back up onto his feet riddle walks into the ring after Alexa Bliss hits is Sister Abigail on Nikki cross and Reigns hits a spear on Matthew Riddle for the win.
▪︎ after the match Roman celebrates with Alexa Bliss, that's when Romans in the center of the Ring and red lights turn on an Alexa Bliss start noticeably acting strange and she starts screaming and falling falling to the floor. The lights go back to normal and Alexa Bliss gets up with messy hair and a smile on her face (similar to aj Lee and Kanes kiss moment) Alexa Bliss then skips around Roman Reigns Roman very confused and a bit surprised. She's then stops and looks at Roman, she slowly draws him in and tries to go for a kiss until Romans stops her kind of shoved her away and says no something's the matter with you(yes I put roman in a romantic angle for about 30 seconds). Alexa then starts doing a Sinister laugh says YOU WILL LET HIM IN HAHAHAAH. The lights go out for a second and then turn it back on and Roman Reigns disappears. Now it's just Alexa Bliss with a almost dead face looking halfway down, it's silence then the Bray Wyatt outro plays and that is the end of SmackDown.
I hope you enjoyed this first part of my Roman booking please send feedback on stuff might have liked or disliked it'd be really appreciated. Part 2 soon!
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2020.09.27 09:09 realitytvlover2000 My Hopes for the pairings comment down below who your personal hopes are I’m intrigued to see what everyone else thinks

Here is who I want so far for the pairings
Faye Brookes & Hamish
Denise Van Outen & Lukasz
Myleene Klass & Tom
Colin Jackson & Matt (he is gay so I think it’s great to continue to have same sex pairings)
Sonny Jay & Jess
Jason Donavan & Alexandra
Graham Bell & Vanessa (about time Vanessa get challenged and have an “olderish” partner)
I can’t think of anyone for Joe Warren-Plant right now
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2020.09.26 14:42 AlphaxSaint1 [M4F] Longterm rp partner needed. Multiple ideas inside. Free all day.

I am 18+ and all participants and characters must be 18+
I am looking for a rp partner. I'm open to many different styles whether it be fantasy, or realistic. I have a few ideas in mind but would love to discuss potential ideas. As always come with some ideas and we can get something going.
Opposites attached: You play a very well known celebrity (could be actress, singer, social media person). You're used to getting things handed to you and guys falling for you. But while in a small town in Montana where almost no one knows who you are. While waiting to catch one flight out you meet a charming rancher.
Back to business: When we were little we met in a foster home and were bestfriends from the start. Once we were old enough to be on our own we spend most of the time couch surfing and stealing to get buy. We grew to stealing cars and made good money from it. One night something when wrong and we got caught. I took the blame so you wouldn't end up in prison. Now it's 5 years later and I'm finally getting out.
Chicago pd x Law and order SVU: I'd love to do a crossover with Jay halstead and Olivia benson.
College football: I'd love to play out the ups and downs of college football eventually making it to the NFL
Business as usual: You're the CEO of a very successful company but you still have rivals and enemies. That being said you need some allies to so you meet me the president of the local motorcycle club. I'll handle the dirty work in exchange for money or anything i need.
Rich girl and a country boy: You're dad has always had this idea of you marrying the son of a fellow ceo and merging the companies. That's starting to come true until while on a trip for your bachelorette party you meet a small town boy and he shows you the joy of living a simple life.
Military: For a college assignment you're required to connect with a penpal. You get paired with me and through various letters you learn I'm overseas in the military. We talk for weeks until soon i stop writing back. That's until I'm home and decide to surprise you.
Meeting the family: We've been dating for about 6 months and you've never met my family. We come from different backgrounds as you're more of the upper middle class the grew up in the city and i was lower middle class that grew up in the country. We were sometimes polar opposites but somehow we were happy together. I get an invitation to my sister's wedding and we decide to take a trip to my hometown for the wedding and to introduce you to the crazyness that's my family.
Youtuber: You're a pretty big Youtubestreamer with over 9 million subscribers between the two platforms. I'm a rather small Youtuber with only about 600k subscribers on YouTube. People are constantly linking you my videos to react to on stream due to the humor being a little on the darker side. To everyone's surprise you really enjoy my content and it goes from there.
Your suggestion or ideas: If you have any changes to a particular scenario please share I'm open to suggestions. If you have a totally different idea or ideas please share aswell I'd love to hear.
Youtuber house: You're the owner and CEO of an esports team. You've had a team house for a abour a year and are ready to expand. You decide to have a content house you do your research and invite me to join and be the first streamecontent creator to live in the house with you. Eventually you'll invite others to join.
Where you come from: We grew up in the same small town in Georgia and were best friends. You moved to California when your dad got an amazing job and you've been living the wealthy life ever since. One day when you come home from shopping with your other rich friends your mom and dad tell you're all going back to Georgia for an extended visit and you couldn't be more upset.
The new guy: I wasn't the most popular guy at my old school and everyone picked on me. I embarrassed myself one day to the point of needing to get out. After meeting a guy that went through the same situation i reinvented myself as a cool jock type and transferred to your school.
Criminal enterprise: Your mom and my mom were bestfriends. She helped pay for you mom's medicine when she was sick. When your mom finally passed you came to live with us. When you get here you realize we're one of the country's most successful crime families.
Single parent: This is one is pretty straight forward. We can discuss different options in PM.
Unexpected pregnancy: We met at a party and got drunk and hooked up. We didn't talk afterwards until you called me telling me your pregnant.
Small town living: you were always a good respectable person. You always saw the good in people but sometimes that wasn't necessarily a good thing. You dated a guy that seemed fine to everyone except behind closed doors he was extremely abusive. When you came home one day with a broken nose and a black eye your parents knew they needed to do something. They decided to send you to live with your aunt to hopefully hide you from him. You were relieved to be away from hom finally. When you get to your aunt's farm you see me working out in the fields.
Superpower: Ever since i was 5 i knew i was different but no one ever told me why. I came from a long line of shapeshifters unfortunately that's usually what got them killed. Both my dad and uncle were shifters but they mysteriously died when i was 5. My mother started to see the signs of me becoming one the animal print started to show on my body and she knew she couldn't go through with it. When i was 6 she turned me over to foster care and disappeared. Now I'm 22 and using my gift for more personal gain. Rather it be changing into a horse betting on myself at the local track or a championship caliber race dog. You've been passed a file on me to try and bring me in to try and stop a criminal mastermind from trying the world into chaos.
Zombie apocalypse: I'm open to a lot of different scenarios. Rather it's the walking dead where the zombies move kind of slow. Or world war Z where they sprint and climb over each other. I'm also open to many different pairings.
Reconnect: I've been bestfriends with your older brother since we were in kindergarten. We're both sophomores in college and play football for the school. You and me always had a connection but never acted on it. Now it's your brother's wedding and we meet up when you see my smoking out by my truck.
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2020.09.26 06:29 _bbykendall Jay’s Storyline

I think it would be pretty dope and maybe get Jay’s life back on track of Camilla came back and she was pregnant when she went to jail and she had a baby. I think it would be a great story line and it would make him grow up a little bit. I think she was right at the time that she knew jay alittle bit better even though she knew him as “Ryan”. I don’t think he should be with Hailey, she’s a little bland to me plus he doesn’t need to be with every partner he’s ever had. I thought she kinda had more of a personality with ruzek. And I hate how jay is always surprised with Hank does hank shit like of course he’s gonna pistol whip this dude. Like it’s been 7 years what don’t you understand.
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2020.09.25 20:34 ConorCulture Rebookiversary Pt. 7 - Slammiversary IX

Amazing Red defeats Brian Kendrick, Doug Williams and Kazarian (c) in an Ultimate X Match to win the X Division Championship
Douglas Williams goes on a 7-month long reign with the title until dropping it at Bound for Glory to Alex Shelley. Shelley’s third reign with the belt would be short however, as Jay Lethal would then defeat him at Turning Point to enter his fourth reign with the belt. He would hold it until dropping to Samoa Joe, a man feuding with Immortal. Bischoff books him in a match with his fellow Immortal-hater, A.J. Styles, for his X Division Championship at Victory Road. AJ wins, but then drops it next week to Kazarian after interference from Doug Williams. Kazarian then holds it up until now. Meanwhile, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels have been feuding, but Daniels never gets his title match.
Doug Williams and Magnus have been part of Immortal since its inception alongside Team 3D, Hogan and Bischoff, Abyss and Jeff Hardy. Williams costs A.J. the match and the week after sees the reformation of The TNA Front Line - more on that later. Brian Kendrick then also is a hater of Immortal so he wants at Douglas Williams, who wants at Kazarian. This sets up a Three-way feud, and Amazing Red joins the fray after winning the X Cup at Sacrifice. The four guys agree to an Ultimate X Match for their encounter. Kendrick sacrifices himself from winning, hitting a Hurricanerana off the structure to Doug Williams, just to make sure it doesn’t get into the grasps of Immortal. Amazing Red and Kazarian then fight on the cables, with Red winning and retrieving the title. Afterwards Christopher Daniels then comes out and blindsides Kazarian, raising Red’s hand to a chorus of cheers.
Winter and Mickie James defeat Sarita and Rosita (c) to win the Knockouts Tag Team Championships
Sarita and Rosita join forces with Hernandez and Homicide to join the Latin American Xchange. They would then soon after win the Knockouts Tag Team Championships to hold all the gold for a short while. But Mickie James arrival to TNA births a new lease of life into the division, and this is soon followed by her friend Winter. They challenge LAX for the titles, wanting some immediate gold to establish themselves as top contenders. They get their wish, with James pinning Rosita to win the belts.
The Motor City Machine Guns (c) defeat The Latin American Xchange to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championships
The Motor City Machine Guns would defeat Beer Money at Victory Road to win the titles, and hold the belts until December where they would drop them to The Young Bucks. The Bucks would defeat them at Genesis again, but soon lose to LAX. MCMG would then regain them at Lockdown, have a Three-way Ladder Match with The Bucks at Sacrifice, and then here - the rubber match. MCMG win for the third time in a row, fully cementing themselves as the best team in TNA.
James Storm (Front Line: 1) defeats Abyss (Immortal: 0)
The rise of Immortal has sent TNA into a frenzy. Dixie was conned by Hogan and Bischoff into handing over power and now they control the show. The ones who take charge against them come in the form of first A.J. Styles, and then Samoa Joe. They’re two-on-eight though, but soon enough the ranks start to fill. Beer Money are one of these guys who band with AJ and Joe. Immortal send a message though, and break Roode’s shoulder.
This leaves Storm in outcry, and he is the one to announce what will happen at Slammiversary. He says he wants to fight Abyss (the guy who hurt Roode), AJ and Joe say they want to fight Team 3D, and Sting says he wants to fight Matt Morgan. If The TNA Front Line get more wins, Immortal are out of power. If Immortal gets more wins, they stay in power and every member of the TNA Front Line is fired. Storm and Abyss fight first, with two Last Call Superkicks sealing the deal for the first win going to the Front Line.
Angelina Love defeats ODB (c) to win the Knockouts Championship
Tara would defeat Velvet Sky at BFG to win her TNA Knockouts Championship back she lost earlier in the year. Tara would drop it to ODB, but she would then lose it to Angelina the same night. Mickie James on her debut night would defeat Angelina, but then ODB would take the title off of Mickie. Angelina doesn’t get her rematch, ODB gets the first title shot. This leads into this match, where Angelina wins the title back to enter her third reign with the title,
Team 3D (Immortal: 1) defeat A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe (Front Line: 1) in a Tag Team Street Fight
A.J. Styles is originally set to defend his TNA Championship against Desmond Wolfe at BFG 2010, but he has to pull out due to his health issue. This leads to a match with Jeff Hardy, which ends with Immortal forming. Him and seven others then rule the roost of TNA. A.J. Styles meanwhile is busy plotting with Samoa Joe to reform their TNA Front Line to take down Immortal. Fortune split apart with Wolfe being gone, with Beer Money turning face and Kaz staying heel.
Immortal have so much power that they cancel Against All Odds, and instead replace it with an Immortal branded PPV called “Forever” (Immortal Forever as the full title, similar to nWo Souled Out). The main event sees Jeff Hardy defeat his old friend Rob Van Dam, but it’s crashed by Styles and who announce that they declare war on Immortal. The battle lines are then drawn when Beer Money, Eric Young and Motor City Machine Guns come out and each faction stare at each other. Immortal send a message next week when Abyss takes out Samoa Joe’s protege, Okato, with a lead pipe.
In the Lethal Lockdown Match, The Front Line (Styles, Joe, Beer Money and a mystery partner) take on Immortal (Abyss, Matt Morgan, Team 3D and Doug Williams). The mystery man is Sting, the current world champion who we thought was out of action. He’s not, and is here to finally end Hogan and Bischoff once and for all. Immortal win after Hogan interference, and their new main guy Matt Morgan gives it to Sting afterwards; more on that later. James Storm then declares what will happen at Slammiversary, and AJ/Joe are set to face Team 3D. But these four guys can’t contain their hatred, it must be a Street Fight. Styles/Joe have a lot of the same spots as their match on real life from this show, but additional ones involving their teammates. A 3D through a table wins Immortal a point to even the score.
Kurt Angle defeats Jeff Jarrett; Since Angle won, he became the #1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Had Jarrett won, he would have received Angle's Olympic gold medal.
Mr. Anderson (c) defeats D’Angelo Dinero to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy holds the TNA World Championship for 6 months after his BFG win. The biggest test though is all building to Victory Road though, with the returning Sting stepping up to challenge him, after him and Kevin Nash bailed months ago. Then Hardy of course, does what he did, and Stings win the title in a frustrating way. He would have his first defence at Sacrifice against the majorly over D’Angelo Dinero, but he would be in a losing effort when The Pope would win in a huge upset. Dinero would lose the belt 17 days later to Mr. Anderson though, after Anderson uses dirty tactics to win his first world title.
Dinero is majorly furious that the run of his life was cut short by a cheater, and gets a match for Slammiversary using his rematch clause. Anderson then in anger, attacks him with his microphone and busts him open with it. He then uses a dog collar to choke him out. The battle is set, Dinero has every want in the world to beat Mr. Anderson up. This is his second World Championship match at Slammiversary in a row, but this time he’s going in as champion - and he sure as shit ain’t gonna go 0-2 in world title matches. Sure enough he doesn’t, because after a hellacious match he wins clean as a whistle to retain his title.
Sting (Front Line: 2) defeats Matt Morgan (Immortal: 1)
After Jeff Hardy loses his TNA World Heavyweight Championship and is suspended at Victory Road, “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan is handpicked by Hulk Hogan himself as his official endorsement and the new leader of Immortal. Morgan goes on a tear, dominating in Lethal Lockdown and injuring the TNA Television Champion, Hernandez, to win the title. In Lethal Lockdown he targets Sting specifically, and in his promo on Impact he’s interrupted by Sting - who doesn’t the first time ever, finally descends form the rafters and storms the ring to beat up all of Immortal. 16 months of anger have led to this beat down, and the Impact Zone explode.
Sting would then rant the next episode about Immortal and the state of TNA. He goes over the points he made last year, but this time it isn’t “I think Hogan and Bischoff are untrustworthy” it’s that they ARE untrustworthy. After BFG, him and Kevin Nash had enough. He was sick of it, and Dixie Carter doing nothing about it. But he realised that TNA needed a hero, and with The Front Line slowly forming - he completed the set. “Matt Morgan: I think you’re a tall lumbering talentless piece of meat, and I want to beat your ass with the black bat.” Morgan fakes out an attack, but Sting is prepared.
Morgan says he wants Sting’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship, but The Pope has the match for Sacrifice. Matt Morgan hits Sting with a Carbon Footprint while Dinero is stunned, and this allows Dinero to hit his finisher to win the title to a huge ovation. Afterwards, Sting wants blood. On an episode of Impact, every match is followed with a segment of Sting beating up a member of Immortal. The last two are Hogan and Bischoff, but when he arrives to the office - he’s stopped by Miss Tessmacher. She says this isn’t right, this won’t resolve the issue. Sting then begrudgingly follows her plea.
James Storm then announces what will happen at Slammiversary - Immortal vs. TNA Front Line. They accept the offer, and it’s 8-on-8. AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Sting, James Storm, Robert Roode, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin...and Kurt Angle. Angle comes out and claims his allegiance is with TNA. Scott Steiner then comes out. Then Amazing Red. Then Brian Kendrick. Then RVD. All the babyface roster come out and claim their allegiance is with the Front Line. They will take down Immortal, and prove that Immortal isn’t Forever. This the last visual before Slammiversary, with Sting pointing the bat at Hogan. After a hard fought match, with Sting doing everything he can for a 52 year old, a F5 countered into a Scorpion Death Drop wins the match. Immortal are out of power, everyone keeps their jobs, and after 18 months since they arrived - Sting took down Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff.
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2020.09.25 19:49 Omegaman2005 PCW Clash Of The Titans 1: Title Turmoil, September 25 (Long!)

The show opens with a shot of the jam packed Staples Centre in Los Angeles, and the extra security in the building is extremely noticeable. The announcers, Excalibur, Nigel Mcguiness and Stu Bennett, hype up tonight’s matches, and the shockwaves of last weeks Bullet Club assault. Martin Kirby walks out onstage, accompanied by a horde of security to announce that GM William Regal has decided to stay home for his own safety. Kirby announces that next week there will be a “Rumble” style battle royal to decide the first ever PCW European Champion. We go to the ring for the start of the show:
James Storm and Eli Drake vs The Mysterios (PCW Tag Title Tournament First Round) The Finish: Rey and Dominik set Eli up for a double 619 when James Storm drags Rey out of the ring, which distracts Dominik long enough for Eli to hit the Gravy Train, but he only gets a two count. Storm DDTs Dominik, then hits the Last Call on him, followed up by a Gravy Train and another Last Call. Eli covers Dominik for the pin, but Rey breaks it up with a splash on Eli. Rey takes out Eli, who secretly tags Storm and the two brawl at ringside. James Storm slides in the ring and gives Dominik a jumping top rope Eye Of The Storm for the victory. Winners: Storm and Drake
After the match, Storm and Drake shake hands with The Mysterios, and give them the ring. Rey and Dominik embrace as the crowd cheers. Rey grabs a mic and says that his one life goal was to team up with his son, and he got to accomplish that tonight. He says that he’s done everything he’s wanted to do in his career, and that leaves him thinking about what’s next. As the crowd chants “one more match”, Rey says that he will make a big announcement next week.
Will Ospreay vs Bray Wyatt w/ Eddie Kingston (PCW World Championship Tournament First Round) The Finish: Bray goes for Sister Abigail, but gets blocked. Ospreay tries for the OsCutter, Eddie Kingston pulls Wyatt out of harms way, but Ospreay hits a Shooting Star Press to the outside, taking Wyatt and Kingston down. Will pulls Bray back into the ring, and hits the Stormbreaker for the victory Winner: Will Ospreay
Brian Pillman Jr vs ??? BPJr gets on the mic and challenges anyone to come out and fight him. The lights go out, and Kota Ibushi answers his challenge!! The crowd goes crazy for the Japanese sensation. What follows is possibly the greatest squash match ever, with Ibushi practically killing Pillman. The crowd chants Kota’s name as we go backstage.
You can hear shouting as the camera man runs towards a large huddle of people, all surrounding a beaten and bloodied Jay White. Someone off-screen points out that someone spray painted the wall next to Whites unconscious body, with the words “Don’t F*** With Us” and a Bullet Club logo next to it. As the announcers discuss this violent act, we head down to the ring for the next match.
Nick Aldis vs Jay White As Aldis waits in the ring, Prince Devitt, accompanied by Bad Luck Fale and EVIL, makes his way to the ring. Devitt gets on the mic and says that since Jay White can’t compete tonight, somebody has got to fill that spot. And it might just have to be him.
Nick Aldis vs Prince Devitt (PCW World Championship Tournament Semi Final) The Finish: After a brutal fight, Aldis has Devitt locked in the Kings Lynn Cloverleaf in the centre of the ring. As Devitt reaches for the ropes in a last ditch attempt, Bad Luck Fale pushes the bottom rope forward so that Devitt can grab it, breaking the hold. As Nick argues with the referee, Devitt lines him up for the corner dropkick, which connects, then the Prince follows it up with a Coup De Grace. Winner: Prince Devitt
Imperium (Aichner and Barthel) vs MJF and Wardlow (PCW Tag Title Tounament First Round) The Finish: Wardlow sets Fabian Aichner up for the F10, Barthel attempts to stop the big man, but that just leads to Aichner getting tossed aside in favour of beating down Bathel. As Wardlow picks Marcel up for a powerbomb, Aichner jumps on his back and locks in a sleeper hold that wears Wardlow down, but Wardlow somehow finds a way to tag in MJF, who manages to fight off both members of Imperium. When MJF tries to tag in Wardlow again so they can end the match, Fabian Aichner, the legal man, takes out the legs of Maxwell, then sets him up for the European Bomb with his partner as Wardlow watches, showing a hint of a smile when MJF gets planted on his head when the Euro Bomb connects. Winners: Imperium
After the match, MJF yells at Wardlow for doing nothing to save him, Wardlow goes to walk away, but MJF slaps him and yells at him to “remember who signs your checks, you idiot”. Wardlow gives MJF a deadly stare, but gives in and walks away with MJF.
Kazuchika Okada vs Velveteen Dream (PCW World Championship Tournament First Round) The Finish: Dream, who has been systematically attacking Okadas right leg, attempts a top rope elbow drop into the leg, but Okada rolls out of the way and hits a running (really a limping) clothesline. Okada hits a Rainmaker on Dream, who simply asks for more. Okada pats Velveteen on the back, and proceeds to hit 3 straight vicious Rainmakers for the victory. Winner: Kazuchika Okada
Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster vs James Storm and Eli Drake (PCW Tag Title Tournament Semi Finals) The Finish: Andrews and Webster have Storm down in the middle of the ring, and set him up for a combo splash, but Eli dumps Webster, who takes a crazy bump, off the top rope to the outside. Drake then tries to grab Andrews, but gets hit with a flying enziguri instead. James Storm, the legal man for his team, grabs Andrews and gives him a Last Call Superkick and an Eye Of The Storm for the win. Winners: Storm and Drake
Tommasso Ciampa w/ Sami Callihan vs Will Ospreay (PCW World Championship Tournament Semi Finals) The Finish: After a match dominated by Ciampas pure strength, Ospreay mounts an amazing comeback and seems to have Ciampa done, having already hit 2 Stormbreakers, but goes for one Stormbreaker to many, as Tommasso rolls him up with a handful of tights for the upset victory.
Keith Lee (c) vs El Phantasmo w/ KENTA (PCW Television Championship) As Lee paces the ring, awaiting his challenger ELP sneaks through the crowd and jumps the champ from behind. Phantasmo keeps beating Lee down as the ref finally pulls the two apart and rings the bell. The Finish: After what has mostly been an all out brawl, ELP tries for a CR2 from the top rope, but acts too cocky, which allows Keith to recover and Spirit Bombs Phantasmo off the top rope to retain his TV Title. Winner: Keith Lee (c)
After the match, KENTA and El Phantasmo beat down Lee with chairs before Marty Scurll runs down and makes the save scaring off Bullet Club for a bit. As Marty checks on his friend, we get a hype reel for next weeks 11 man European Championship Battle Royal (with “Rumble” Rules).
Imperium vs Team Taz w/ Taz (PCW Tag Title Tournament Semi Finals) The Finish: Aichner and Barthel are in control for most of the match, keeping Ricky Starks from tagging in Cage. They set up Starks for the Euro Bomb, but Starks fights out and rolls to the outside, where he engages in a brawl with Imperium. Brian Cage has had enough waiting, however, and proceeds to hit everyone with a Tope Con Hilo, which gets Excalibur to say the name in the way that only Excalibur can. Cage drags both legal men, Barthel and Starks, back into the ring and pulls a tired and beaten Ricky Starks to their corner and tags himself in. Cage goes right to work, absolutely destroying Barthel, then finishes him off with a Drill Claw. Winners: Team Taz
Kazuchika Okada vs WALTER (PCW World Championship Tournament Semi Final) The Finish: Okada, barely managing to fight with his taped up leg, finds himself trapped in a Boston Crab form Walter. Okada looks about ready to give up, but the chants and cheers of the fans help him find his second wind and fight out, giving Walter 3 Rainmakers to put him down. Winner: Kazuchika Okada
Storm and Drake vs Team Taz w/ Taz (PCW Tag Title Tournament Finals) The Finish: The math has fans in their feet for the whole match, with both teams countering the attacks of the other. The winners look to be set when Storm hits Cage with 5 Last Calls, then Eli Drake giving him a Gravy Train, and goes for the cover, but Cage gets just the edge of his foot on the ropes to break the pin. Starks and Cage fight back, and eventually hit a combo Weapon X/reverse Spear for the victory. Winners: Team Taz
After the match, Billy Gunn, a Tag Team legend, presents the titles to Starks and Cage as the two men and Taz embrace in the ring as the fans cheer the new champions.
Main Event: Tommasso Ciampa w/ Nation Of Violence (Sami Callihan, Eddie Kingston and Bray Wyatt) vs Kazuchika Okada w/ Will Ospreay vs Prince Devitt w/ Bad Luck Fale and EVIL(PCW World Championship Tournament Finals) The Finish: Even with Devitt and his BC pals cheating, Okada an Ciampa manage to remove them from the match with Okada taking down Fale and EVIL, and Ciampa powerboming Devitt through the announce table. Then Okada and Ciampa battle it out, with Okada reversing Project Ciampa into a hurricanrana followed by a Rainmaker. Winner: Kazuchika Okada
After the match, Okada and Ciampa embrace before Ciampa let’s Okada have the ring to celebrate, leaving with Nation of Violence. As Okada celebrates with Ospreay, Bullet Club attacks them, with ELP and KENTA joining the beat down. Keith Lee and Marty Scurll run down to save their friends, but the numbers game overwhelms them. Just as it looks like the end for Okada, Ospreay, Lee and Scurll, the lights go out. William Regal appears on the Titantron, saying that he has searched the globe for someone with the power, the courage, the heart to aid them in the war against Bullet Club, and he has just signed the secret weapon for the fight, and he isn’t The Guy, he isn’t The Game, he is The Ace. The crowd absolutely goes crazy as The Ace Hiroshi Tanahashi runs down to the ring and disposed of Bullet Club. Tanahashi helps up Okada and the two embrace. The newly formed CHAOS celebrates in the ring as Okada holds the PCW World Heavyweight Championship above his head as Scurll, Lee, Ospreay and Tanahashi hold him on their shoulders as the show goes off the air.
If you enjoyed or have a question, make sure to comment! Make sure to join us for more PCW action every Friday!
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2020.09.25 04:55 miserybizness “Wokeness” being implemented into Scream 5. Yay or nay? (spoilers for scream season 3 fyi)

I’ve seen many comments about how Scream 5 shouldn’t implement “woke politics” into it’s storyline. Ever since we’ve gotten two Latina leads, I’ve noticed a few comments on sites like BloodyDisgusting with users worrying about the movie going “woke”. I have strong issues with statements like that considering having a diverse cast shouldn’t be seen as political, it should be seen as a step-forward.
Personally, I wouldn’t be against them covering issues like race/gendehomophobia/etc. depending on how they do it. There are some really great horror movies with socially political undertones like They Live and Get Out. The original Black Christmas has a feminist angle to it (the main character grapples with their boyfriend’s disapproval of her getting an abortion). Hell, even Scream 3 talked about rape in Hollywood culture and “the casting couch” ten years before #MeToo (and it’s ironic that Harvey Weinstein produced it).
On the flip side, they could inject “woke politics” into it and make it annoying. The remake of Black Christmas is a good example. I support feminism and detest rape culture on college campuses but the way that movie went about it was all wrong. Having some supernatural object oozzing a fog that represents toxic masculinity which in turn causes frat men to become evil murderers was laughably bad and felt like a SJW parody.
Going back to Scream, I feel like Scream Season 3 handled social issues very well. Say what you want about that season (I dislike it for reasons other than the politics) but the way they handled race was very clever. Having Keke Palmer’s character scream “White Officer down!” while getting attacked was hilarious. I also loved when Beth said she’d get away with the murders she committed by pinning Jay (Tyga’s character and Beth’s partner) and saying “Who are the police gonna believe? A tatted up thug like Jay or a pretty little white girl like me?” That season was a mess but I enjoyed the small elements of politics they integrated.
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2020.09.25 02:29 spfan102 The Challenge: Allies

The format I would have be like most pairs seasons. Rivals or Exes. 32 people, 16 teams. 8 male teams, 8 female. There would be a male winning team at the end and a female winning team at the end. I wanted to have some rookies and switch up the cast some from other seasons. I know some would want certain people on, but it's hard to come up with a lot of legit pairs. People have falling outs a lot.
Bananas & Leroy - This one is obvious. They've been great friends since Leroy started basically. I think it gives Bananas a good partner and Leroy is getting a great one and could finally get him that win.
Hunter & Nelson - Team young buck has kind of been a trio, so you could pair any of the 2/3, but you'll see later why I think Cory is a better fit elsewhere and be on the cast still. This would be a solid and very physically strong team.
Fessy & Cory - Fessy was a great rookie debut in Total Madness and him and Cory began a friendship too. So Cory can still be on the cast without being with Nelson or Hunter. This would also be a very very physically strong team.
Joss & Rogan - I know Rogan has like a season ban or something, but this would be hypothetically in the future. They're also obviously great friends. Again, a very physically strong team.
Kyle & Zach - This one isn't as strong of a friendship as the others it seems, but they seem to be pretty close still. Kyle always gets underrated it seems and Zach is 1 of the better competitors still. Would be quite a solid team as well.
Turbo & Theo - They struck a friendship when they both debuted. I know Theo had his eye injury, but it seems he could be able to compete still. This would be another solid team.
Paulie & Cody Calafiore - I don't watch Big Brother, but I know Paulie came from it originally and that his brother was on it as well. His brother looks fit as well. Maybe a stretch here because they're not "friends" like the others and are brothers, but I still think it's fair. His brother has been on reality tv, so I think it's possible he could come to The Challenge too maybe.
Jay & Swaggy - A newer friendship as well that only just started to develop. Most of the cast was against Jay in his debut, but Swaggy was 1 of the few that stood by him. Not a physically strong team, but could be 1 of the smarter teams.
Ashley & Amanda - I think Amanda has said she's done with the show maybe? But if she got to be a pair with her best friend on the show, maybe she changes her mind. I think this is 1 of the most obvious female duos. Not a really physically strong team, but they're smart.
Cara & Cooke - I know this is probably even more of a stretch because Cooke hasn't been on in a while and only once, but she says they've called her over the years, she was just always busy. She says her schedule is not as crazy now, so maybe it could happen. Technically they were paired before already and were technically "rivals", but they got along fine and Cooke says she'd stand up for Cara. And Cara is just a staple of the show and getting Cooke back would be great.
Jenna & Kailah - Another obvious female duo. Similar to Hunter and Nelson, they're also kind of part of a trio, but I think the more clear duo of it are these two. I think they'd be 2 of the more physically strong teams as well.
Kaycee & Nany - They were obviously friends in Total Madness, could say "more than friends" but I think this still works. Kaycee had a good debut and looks like a pretty strong competitor. I think Nany is underrated as well.
Bayleigh & Da'Vonne - Again, I don't watch Big Brother, but I know they were close on the show. Da'Vonne had already previously been on The Challenge too, so both have some experience. Solid team.
Liz & Julia Nolan - Again, maybe a stretch because they're sisters, but like Cody & Paulie, I think it would be fine. They both debuted together on The Challenge, neither went far, but this could be redemption for them.
Natalie and Nadiya Anderson - Again, another sibling pair and alike Liz and Julia, they're twins as well. Natalie has been on Survivor twice, they were also a team on The Amazing Race twice. They could be the team to beat on the womens side.
Jemmye & Veronica - Would not be the most competitive team, but Jemmye looks to be working out a lot more, so maybe she'll do better than ever. Veronica is an OG, so would be cool to see her back again, even though she did come back not long ago either. I think they could do well on the political side of things though too.
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2020.09.24 23:41 LivingTogetherSux WIBTA for leaving my partner high and dry?

I (31/f) adore my partner “Jay” (32/m) who I met November 2019. He told me he was looking for a live-in partner. That wasn't really where I was at, as I’d just got out of a long-term serious (ly bad) relationship. I let him know, and we figured we’d just see where it went. My normal rule is I don’t live with someone until I’ve dated them for a year. We’re both poly, so it wasn’t a dealbreaker.
When COVID hit, it threw everything out the window. My job went fully remote in March, and I was over at Jay’s high-end materialistic apartment across town increasingly often. My housing situation had gone bonkers in light of COVID, my newest roommate threw parties for strangers and friends despite the lockdown, did drugs in the common bathroom, and my other roommates worked high-contact retail jobs. I was an at-risk asthmatic. I loved my 140sq ft. minimalist room in a shared house, and my own space, but I couldn’t take my newest roommate. I abandoned ship and spent almost all my time at Jay’s; my lease on my room ended in July.
Meanwhile, Jay’s contract job expired in March, and he lost his $100k+ income, and is still job searching as of this post. When I unofficially moved in, I expressed some concern & discomfort about not having my own space & living together.... but he could use help on his rent once my lease was up, and I felt like I kind of owed him…
He really wanted to live together so I just kind of let it slide for longer than I should have because I wanted to try and see if maybe I would change my mind like he thought... So I chipped in my original room rent ($700) towards his rent (~$2500/mo) since August. But I’m not on the lease.
Recently my partner shared that they wanted to get a different place together. I kinda toyed with the idea, but it made me uneasy. I said “okay let’s look” and considered it for like two weeks, still expressing hesitancy. They still don't have a job, and I really don’t want to be tied down in a lot of ways. I finally fessed up my feelings though - that I HATE living together, and although I love them, I want to back in my own place again with a hard deadline of April.
So now he's looking for places that would work for me to stay with him until April, but I refuse to sign anything that ties me into a lease longer than that, and he says that he doesn't know what he's going to do, since he won't be able to get a place without proof of income, so I would need to be on a lease, not sub-leased to. I'm so distraught. I feel like I’ve led on Jay, mooched off his generosity, and left him in a situation where he’s got no safe harbor, and he'll end up homeless unless I sign a lease.
Am I being an asshole by putting my foot down on refusing to stay living together?
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2020.09.24 23:40 MaryOfTheGarden Interesting statistics

cut and paste
approximately half of women in the top quintiles of sociosexuality had been sexually unfaithful to a steady partner; this was more than a tenfold increase over the corresponding rate for people in the bottom quintiles.
Bailey, J. M., Kirk, K. M., Zhu, G., Dunne, M. P., & Martin, N. G. (2000). Do individual differences in sociosexuality represent genetic or environmentally contingent strategies? Evidence from the Australian twin registry. Journal of personality and social psychology, 78(3), 537–545. https://doi.org/10.1037//0022-3514.78.3.537
In illustration of this, the odds ratio of 1.13 for lifetime sexual partners obtained with the face-to-face mode of interview indicates that the probability of infidelity increased by 13% for every additional lifetime sexual partner,
Regarding the correlates of infidelity, results indicated that on the basis of both methods of assessment, the probability of sexual infidelity increased with higher number of lifetime sexual partners
Whisman, M. A., & Snyder, D. K. (2007). Sexual infidelity in a national survey of American women: Differences in prevalence and correlates as a function of method of assessment. Journal of Family Psychology, 21(2), 147–154. https://doi.org/10.1037/0893-3200.21.2.147
Our findings demonstrate that infidelity and number of sexual partners are both under moderate genetic influence (41% and 38% heritable, respectively) and the genetic correlation between these two traits is strong (47%). The resulting genetic correlation between the two traits was .47, so nearly half the genes impacting on infidelity also affect number of sexual partners. The correlation of the unique environment between the two variables was .48.
Cherkas, L., Oelsner, E., Mak, Y., Valdes, A., & Spector, T. (2004). Genetic Influences on Female Infidelity and Number of Sexual Partners in Humans: A Linkage and Association Study of the Role of the Vasopressin Receptor Gene (AVPR1A). Twin Research, 7(6), 649-658. doi:10.1375/twin.7.6.649
A truism in psychology is that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. This is no less true in the realm of sexual behavior. Indeed, one of the strongest predictors of marital infidelity is one’s number of prior sex partners (Buss, 2000). Deception about past sexual promiscuity would have inflicted greater costs, on average, on men than on women
Haselton, M. G., Buss, D. M., Oubaid, V., & Angleitner, A. (2005). Sex, Lies, and Strategic Interference: The Psychology of Deception Between the Sexes. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 31(1), 3–23. https://doi.org/10.1177/0146167204271303
Sexual promiscuity was significantly positively correlated with emotional promiscuity [r(356) = .261, p < .001], as well with sexual infidelity [r(323) = .595, p < .001] and emotional infidelity [r(323) = .676, p < .001], indicating that sexually promiscuous participants also tend to be emotionally promiscuous, and sexual[ly] and emotional[ly] unfaithful. In terms of the sexual domain, results showed that there is also a positive correlation between sexual promiscuity and sexual infidelity, stating that individuals that tend to be more sexually promiscuous also tend to be more sexually unfaithful. These results support our second hypothesis.
Pinto R., Arantes J. (2016). The Relationship between Sexual and Emotional Promiscuity and Infidelity in Proceedings of the Athens: ATINER’S Conference Paper Series, No: PSY2016-2087, Athens, 10.30958/ajss.4-4-3
Number of pre-marital partners: percent who cheated once married
  • 2: 10.4%
  • 3: 14.9%
  • 4: 17.7%
  • 5: 21.6%
  • 6-10: 26.0%
  • 11-20: 36.7%
  • 21+: 46.8%
NORC General Social Survey. (2011, October 02). Female Infidelity Based on Number of Premarital Partners — Statistic Brain. Retrieved July 5, 2015, from http://www.statisticbrain.com/percent-of-female-infidelity-based-on-number-of-premarital-partners/
Contrary to the myth, partners who’ve had many partners have a harder, not easier, time remaining monogamous. They are significantly more at risk of straying than those with little or no prior sexual experience.
Staik, A., PhD. (2019, March 28). 10 Predictors of Infidelity and Gender Differences: Why Do Partners Cheat? Retrieved July 15, 2020, from https://blogs.psychcentral.com/relationships/2014/08/a-look-at-infidelity-why-do-partners-cheat/
For people in this survey who reported four or fewer lifetime sexual partners, the rate of infidelity in the current marriage dropped to 11%, while for those who had five or more sexual partners the number was nearly double (21%). The break between the 54% of people who had five or more lifetime sexual partners vs. the 46% who had four or fewer total partners illustrates the lessons from the study. This breakpoint is validated by the fact that when asked straight out, 68% of those with more sexual partners in their pasts agreed that, “I am always faithful to my sexual partner” (whether currently married or single), compared to 82% of those with fewer sexual partners who said the same.
[I]nfidelity is also often the fruit of a lifelong approach to mating that involves seeking and practicing short-term mating encounters that encourage sexual variety at all stages and into marriage.
McQuivey, J. L., PhD. (2019, October 14). The Road to Infidelity Passes Through Multiple Sexual Partners. Retrieved July 16, 2020, from https://ifstudies.org/blog/the-road-to-infidelity-passes-through-multiple-sexual-partners-
[T]here was a correlation between female pre-marital promiscuity and higher rates of divorce. The research, conducted by Jay Teachman, found that women with 16 or more sexual partners prior to marriage had an 80% rate of subsequent divorce.
Wikipedia contributors. (2020, June 20). Female promiscuity. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 12:06, July 27, 2020, from https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Female_promiscuity&oldid=963578370 Teachman, J. (2003), Premarital Sex, Premarital Cohabitation, and the Risk of Subsequent Marital Dissolution Among Women. Journal of Marriage and Family, 65: 444-455. doi:10.1111/j.1741-3737.2003.00444.x
submitted by MaryOfTheGarden to IncelsWithoutHate [link] [comments]

2020.09.24 22:33 ConorCulture Rebookiversary Pt. 6 - Slammiversary VIII

Kurt Angle defeats Kaz (with Chelsea)
Christopher Daniels defeats Douglas Williams (c) and Homicide to win the X Division Championship
Douglas Williams wins the X Division Championship off of Amazing Red at Destination X. He then would go on the same rant about how the X Division is full of flippy midgets who can’t actually wrestle, and are all gymnasts in a wrestling ring. He is a real wrestler and will put this division into shape. Christopher Daniels is one of his targets, and he’s constantly called a loser and a man who will never live up to his past success. He main evented Slammiversary before, he main evented Bound for Glory before, and now he’s weak.
Daniels then starts to work his way back up the card and earns himself a #1 Contenders match, but him and Homicide end up in a double pin predicament. This makes it a Three-way match. They all compliment each other in styles: Homicide death defying dives, Williams’ technical excellence and Daniels high flying ability. Daniels wins after a chair-assisted BMW.
Desmond Wolfe (c) (with Ric Flair) defeats Jay Lethal to retain the TNA Television Championship
Desmond Wolfe wins the Legends Championship off of Abyss at Bound for Glory 2009, and renames it the Television Championship in 2010. He keeps hold of it through the Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan war, where Abyss and Wolfe rekindle their feud. Abyss is used as a weapon by Hogan and Bischoff. He doesn’t speak, he’s just unleashed on Fortune or whoever is causing trouble. Wolfe manages to successfully defend his title against Abyss at Destination X, but by the skin of his teeth. In annoyance Abyss kidnaps Chelsea, Wolfe’s girlfriend. She returns back though, and Fortune keep their distance from Abyss.
They then enter a feud with Jay Lethal, who has been going around the X Division as a Flair impersonator. “The Nature Boy” Jay Lethal challenges for the the title against Douglas Williams at Lockdown, but loses. Lethal and Flair then have that famous promo the night after, and this begins their feud. Lethal wants the Television Championship so that he can finally graduate beyond X Division status, and will do it while stylin’ and profilin’. In their match, Wolfe uses his mat based grappling to constantly counter the high flying of Lethal. He goes for the Tower of London, but Lethal slips out and hits a Blockbuster! Wolfe no sells it though and rolls through into a Pop-up Tower of London! Desmond Wolfe retains the title, and looks to be unstoppable.
Tara, ODB and Hamada defeat Daffney and The Beautiful People in a Six-women Knockouts Bimbo Brawl Match
In the feud between Angelina Love and The Beautiful People, Tara refuses to side with Angelina after she won the Knockouts Championship off her. She still wants to destroy The Beautiful People, and bands together Hamada and ODB to do it with her. Daffney then teams with Lacey and Madison, after Lacey laid down for her in a match where the loser had to do a strip tease. This is enough to convince her to side with them heading into the match. It’s also made a Bimbos Brawl, which is basically The Beautiful’s People signature stipulation. A no disqualification tag match with stuff like makeup boxes and ugly sticks as weapons. The faces win, when Tara hits a Widows Peak on Lacey Von Erich.
Abyss (with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff) defeats Sting in a Monster’s Ball Match
Sting has been lurking in the shadows of the Impact Zone for all of 2010, having made his return on the first Monday Night Impact. Hogan and Bischoff have had their eye on him constantly, especially when he teamed with their team for the Lethal Lockdown Match. Sting would then reveal his motives after Lockdown, saying that he saw what Hogan and Bischoff did to WCW and lived through the whole thing. He built WCW and watched it crush, and now he has built TNA and will not sit aside to watch it fall apart with them at the helm. He himself calls out Abyss to a Monster’s Ball Match for Slammiversary, to which Bischoff accepts on his behalf.
Abyss at the moment is in a feud with AJ Styles over the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He loses at Lockdown in a Steel Cage, and wants a rematch. He has to earn it though, and does this by chokeslamming Samoa Joe off the stage to win it. Abyss is suspended for this by Hogan. AJ is angry he injured his friend and wants revenge. Hogan says Abyss is too dangerous and can’t be in a ring. AJ threatens to no show Sacrifice unless he wrestles Abyss. He gets his demand and the match is made. They wrestle a 10,000 Thumbtacks Match, the winner being whoever slams their opponent into 10,000 thumbtacks. AJ of course wins, after Sting pushes Abyss off the top rope onto the tacks.
Abyss attacks Sting on Impact in frustration and debuts Janice. Sting escapes before he can be hit with her though. Bischoff convinces Hogan to keep Abyss around until the match is over, because they both know they want The Stinger gone. Hogan doesn’t want to, but he does agree. He breaks the news to Abyss, and for the first time all year speaks. “‘They’ won’t be happy...” he says. Bischoff offers Sting a man in his corner, but Sting says he doesn’t trust anyone enough to do that. He remembers what happened with the Main Event Mafia. The match is an improvement from their last encounter at Genesis 2007, opening with Sting going ham with the baseball bat. He uses this throughout. After a lot of hardcore spots, most likely using thumbtacks, Abyss drops Sting with a Stinger Splash into a Black Hole Slam to win. Hogan then can’t face himself to break the bad news.
Beer Money Inc. defeat Matt Morgan and The Amazing Red (c) (with Hernandez) to win the TNA World Tag Team Championships
Beer Money dominate the TNA Tag Team division under the leadership of Ric Flair, working with Fortune. Matt Morgan and Hernandez are partners that don’t like each other, and this is proven at Destination X in their match with the champions. Before they fight after the loss, The Amazing Red defuses the situation - a guy they’ve both been friendly with on the off. Matt and Red then meet the next night on Impact and suggest a trio run, but Hernandez says he needs to take some time as a solo guy. Morgan and Red work well together aS a team, and dethrone Beer Money on the Impact before Lockdown.
They then defeat Team 3D at Sacrifice, but are attacked by Beer Money after the match. Hernandez then comes for the save, and they form a power trio. This leads into the match for Slammiversary, where Hernandez will be in his buddies corner. They lose the match after Red is taken out with a sneaky broken beer bottle, and they double team Morgan. Hernandez then rushes in after they get the pin and calls them out, to a 3-on-3 match for Victory Road. Beer Money choose their partner, they choose the stipulation. They accept the offer.
Velvet Sky (c) (with The Beautiful People) defeats Angelina Love to retain the Knockouts Championship
The Beautiful People defeat Tara and Angelina Love at Lockdown, with Velvet getting the pin to finally for the first time win the Knockouts Championship. She pins Angelina Love, and afterwards Tara can’t face to help Angelina any further. Velvet is a double champ with Madison and Lacey holding the tag belts, and she is on top of the world. She cuts a promo on Angelina Love stating that she was always the one to hog the spotlight of the title picture, she was always given the big matches, when you all just saw - Velvet is the more beautiful, and more talented person.
Velvet, Madison and Angelina have a Three-way at Sacrifice, and it’s basically a Handicap Match. This sets up one-on-one, for the first time ever, Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love. They have a duel of the entrances but in a...slightly different way than the epic kind. Velvet then once again wins with help from her fellow Beautiful People, and she beats up Angelina with the ugly stick afterwards.
Jeff Hardy, RVD and Samoa Joe (with Ink Inc.) defeat The Band and Eric Young (with Scott Hall) in a Six-man Tag Team Match, if The Band lose they will be fired
When RVD debuts for TNA, him and Jeff Hardy start to have a bit of a frenemy relationship. They’re mates, but also really want to beat the other. At Lockdown they team with Sting and Team 3D as part of Hogan’s team to take on Fortune - represented by Desmond Wolfe, Kaz, Beer Money and Ric Flair himself. RVD and Jeff then have their match at Sacrifice finally and it’s Full Metal Mayhem - a perfect stipulation for them.
The Band meanwhile are running a muck over TNA. They tried to reform the nWo with Hogan and Bishoff on the first Monday Night Impact episode but Hogan denied, instead giving Watman an X Division Championship match for Genesis against The Amazing Red. He would lose, and then in revenge they’d start to target bigger guys. Eric Young would join their cohorts at Destination X. They would be in a losing effort at Lockdown to Amazing Red and Matt Morgan over the tag titles, and afterwards would go ham backstage. They tear their locker room apart and demand they be given the opportunities they want. Hogan then intervenes here. He says they have one shot to STAY in TNA, because he can’t have them around here. If they don’t win their match at Slammiversary, they will be fired.
RVD and Jeff are chosen to be their opponents. They need a third man though, and it’s not going to be Jeff’s stoner friend Shannon Moore. Instead, Samoa Joe comes out. Him and his protege, Jesse Neal, who has been teaming with Shannon Moore as part of Ink Inc. make it go from 2-on-4 to 5-on-4. Scott Hall and Ink Inc. will be in their teams corners for the Six-man Tag Team Match at Slammiversary, which is a clusterfuck. Kevin Nash starts off by dominating Jeff until Samoa Joe comes in and takes him down. Eric Young runs around Joe with his speed to counteract.
RVD then gets a hot tag and outmatches Young at his game. He hits a Van-Daminator for a near fall. Scott Hall tries to cause a ruckus, beating up Ink Inc. on the outside. Samoa Joe then brawls him to the back and it’s 2-on-3. Jeff and RVD work as a team to take down Eric Young, hitting a Swanton + Frogsplash combo only for Waltman and Nash to break it up. Joe comes back and cleans house; Rear Naked Choke on Waltman is broken up by Young and all six are in the ring brawling. They slowly drop, until it’s RVD and Waltman. RVD hits a Van-Terminator, and then Samoa Joe dives off the middle rope with a Senton to follow up. Jeff Hardy hits a Swanton, and covers to win. The Band are fired, and Hogan’s boys prevail.
A.J. Styles (c) defeats Mr. Anderson to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
A.J. Styles defeats Kurt Angle in an Iron Man Match in the main event of Bound for Glory 2009 to win the TNA World Championship, and starts to go on the run of his life. He doesn’t turn heel and align with Ric Flair, but instead is the top face putting on top matches at the top of the card. He goes through Joe, Daniels, Abyss, Kurt Angle, and then Mr. Anderson steps up to the challenge. After his fantastic match with Kurt Angle at Lockdown capping off a fantastic feud, he takes to the mic on Impact to run his mouth on A.J. calling him a company bitch.
Anderson references his time with WWE, saying they tried to control him and he left. He says he uses to respect Styles but now he’s just another company guy who is controlled by the higher ups. He thought someone would step up to Hogan and Bischoff, but no Styles is still a boot licker. He decimated Kurt Angle, bloodied and battered him inside of that steel cage. He recites his famous line “good guys don’t go far, so thank god I’m an asshole.” Then follows with “and I want your ass, and your Championship, at Slammiversary.”
Styles then comes out to address Anderson’s comments next week, and says the only reason Anderson really left: is because they didn’t kiss his ass and make him a bigger star than he really is. He isn’t that kind of contender, and just because he has jumped ship doesn’t mean he is all of a sudden gonna he one. He’s facing even better talent than before now. So if he wants this coveted title, he will have to run a Gauntlet against guys who he sees as being lower than him since he came from up north. Anderson does the gauntlet, and wins, using his ruthlessness to about three of four midcard faces. They then stare down after the match, and Anderson goes to speak - but hits a mic check and assaults Styles. “I’m not what you think, so good luck - ass kisser.”
They both make big entrances and start off hot. Anderson and Styles work technical, but A.J. outmatches him. Anderson flies with a Crossbody, but A.J. is an 8-time X Division Champion - he obviously wins that game. This leaves Anderson to resort to what he does best: brutalise, and cheat. Mr. Anderson resorts to cheating to keep up with Styles, hitting a low blow when the ref isn’t looking and the mic check but AJ still kicks out. He busts him open with rights and lefts and tries for an Avalanche Green Bay Plunge, but Styles counters and hits Mr. Anderson with a Styles Clash off the middle rope! A.J. retains his World Heavyweight Championship and now crosses the 8-month mark with his reign.
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2020.09.24 16:37 roboto_jones Built my First PC as 31st Birthday to Myself - My Full Experience : Specs, Purchase (from Australia), 7 hours live-streamed Build, NO POST, Troubleshoot, & Lesson - Super Long Post!

Photos of my FIRST PC Build! & a photo of me with the laptop it's replacing!
Initially I wanted to buy a pre-built PC for my 31st birthday but after reading some comments and posts (especially here on buildapc), I decided to build one myself - to save some $$$ but to also as a learning experience; oh boy did I learn some lessons.
The PC was built to replace my aging 2013 ASUS G750JX.
Primary use is for Gaming - WoW: Shadowlands, Cyberpunk 2077, Halo : Infinite, & Assassin's Creed : Norway Simulator. No Microsoft Flight Sim here. Secondary for Work - Autodesk Revit, Rhinoceros 5, 3DS Max, SketchUp, & Vray. Occassionaly for Streaming and Video editting - Twitch Studio, Adobe Rush.
After watching/reading a lot of guides, parts selected, and parts arrived - I decided to live-stream my entire build: YouTube link of my stream reduced from 7 hours to 1 hour.
I also thought I'd share my experience with you guys by making a SUPER LONG post.
So like days when games guides were giant TXT files from GameFAQS, I divided this into CHAPTERS!

A001 - PC SpecsA002 - Specs Lesson / Alternates OptionsB001 - Budget Info & Store Choice - from an Australian buyer perspectiveB002 - Spec vs Price Comparison - at time of purchase on August 22B003 - Delivery & Arrival date of Packages - Guess which package arrived the quickestC001 - Build Guides - some tutorials that I found usefulD001 - My 7 hours Build - Live Streamed!D002 - NO POST! & Troubleshooting - with the help from one of my viewers.E001 - Post-Build & General Lessons LearntE002 - Next Upgrades Selection & WishlistF001 - Special Thanks & Shameless Self-Promo
Just Ctrl+F and search the code "AXXX" for that specific chapter and you'll jump right to it!

// A001 - PC Specs // PC Part Picker list : https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/rXzGWb

// A002 - Specs Lesson / Alternates Options //
I won't go to Part-by-Part because honestly, I'm no expert - I'll link to a guide if I find one. These are just some of the things I noted after my build.
Choosing your Parts Lessons / Tips :

Alternate Options - Some parts I considering as alternate to fit a lower budget:

At time of purchase, the 30 GPUs Series were still rumored, with only leaked images. So I went with an RX 5700 XT because it felt like it was the best Bang for the Buck and that it would be a longer wait if I wanted the Nvidia 30 series or AMD 6000 series.
If time is not a constraint for you, I'd say it's definitely worth waiting for the new GPUs.

// B001 - Budget Info & Store Choice //
I initially wanted to buy a Pre-Built PC but after deciding to build my own, I just used the initial budget for my parts.
Being in Australia, a giant island away from everyone else, parts are more expensive. Most tech reviews will mention the USD prices and unfortunately it's not a 1:1 currency conversion - so set expectations accordingly.
I specifically chose these stores because I've made purchases from there before and they're local.
I wanted to order locally to avoid any international shipping and direct customer service if I faced any issues. I also just wanted to help out local stores as much as I could during this pandemic season - eventhough business for e-retailers are booming right now.
Other Australian stores worth checking out are: Mwave & PLE & SKYCOMP

// B002 - Spec vs Price Comparison //
A quick schedule I made for each parts by the selected AU Stores I've purchased from:
BOLD items are the lowest price found. Italics items were sold-out / pre-order listed.Prices shown were from purchase on August 25.Price listed as Australian Dollars - AUD$Price with (*) means the place I bought the part from.

Part / Store PCCG Scorptec Centrecom PCByte
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 529 525 519* 525
MoBo : MSI MAG X570 TOMAHAWK WIFI ATX AM4 389 389 389* 389
MEMORY : Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 139 129 119* 149
GPU : ASUS Radeon RX 5700 XT 8 GB TUF Gaming 699 699 679 599*
SSD Storage : Kingston A2000 500 GB M.2-2280 NVME SSD 99 105 92 89*
HDD Storage : Western Digital Blue 2 TB 3.5" 5400RPM HDD 89 90 78* 85
PSU : Corsair RM (2019) 650 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply 199* 199 209 175
CASE : NZXT H510 ATX Mid Tower Case 159* 139 139 139
CPU COOLER : Corsair H100x 57.2 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler 169 159 159 145*
TOTAL PRICE PER STORE: 2471 2434 2383 2295
Standard Delivery: 21 Did Not Check 0 - Free! 10
By the cost comparison, PCByte was the best place to purchase IF they had all the stock - which sadly wasn't the case.
So I ended purchasing the parts from PCCG, Centrecom, PCByte separately, which the total parts costs was $1 higher than the total at PCByte. The most parts I ordered from was at CentreCom for their free delivery. PCCG was the only place that had the Case & PSU, so I ordered it from there as well.
AS A TEST, I ordered another 'Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18' from AmazonUS for $99.20 + $16.50. To see how fast it would arrive and 32GB RAM would be great to have. Boy oh boy, the $4 savings than the price at CentreCom was not worth it.

// B003 - Delivery & Arrival date of Packages//
A summary from Order Date to Shipment Arrival for each store:

One thing to note for my orders with CentreCom & PCByte, I decided to pay via Bank Transfer to save from the 1-2% surcharge on payments made via PayPal or Credit Card but then it took those stores time to verify the payment has been received before shipping the order out.
PC Byte was quick to process the payment, only requiring a Transaction Receipt to verify. CentreCom took much longer which resulted in the slower shipment than the AmazonUS from Whitestown, Indiana, USA to Melbourne, Australia.

// C001 - Build Guides //
The number 1 that helped me was RTFM - READ THE FRIENDLY MANUAL. (Thanks Jay) Most of things you need to know on the part and how to install is mentioned in in their respective manual. There are general information that applies to each part but they can vary slightly from different manufacturers - so read carefully.
Again, I won't go through part-by-part guides. Just some guides & information that I found useful.
Here's some of the tutorial videos that helped me with my build:

// D001 - My 7 hours Build - That I Live Streamed! //
Here's an edited down version of the stream from 7 hours to 1 hour & minus the few times my recording dropped for some reason.
So I did watch all the guides and videos listed previous chapter. Also, read the manuals of most of the products online before even receiving the parcels. Still, I was a nervous a mess!
I did buy a whole set of tiny screw bits for $19 because it has that weird bendy bit for hard to reach spots. 100% not required at all, definitely an overkill on my part.
A simple breakdown of the video, this is NOT a guide - just a summary and some handy tips I recalled:
  1. Installed as much parts as you could onto the MoBo - the CPU, RAM, & NVME SSD.
    1. Make sure the CPU is placed oriented correctly!
    2. Check the RAM is installed in the right order! RAM may require some force!
    3. Make sure you got the right standoff for your NVME SSD. Don't leave one below in the middle of the NVME as it may damage it.
  2. Prepared the AIO CPU Cooler (Corsair H100X) - made sure the right brackets & mounting brackets were in place.
    1. Read the manual!
    2. Don't touch face of the cooler! Leave the cover on.
  3. Installed the fans onto the radiator - in a pull configuration. Just to make the fans visible honestly.
  4. Installed the radiator onto the radiator mounting bracket from case (NZXT H510).
    1. Check your case's manual!
  5. Recording Dropped! Prepared my case before I placed my MoBo.
    1. Install the IO Shield. Mine is pre-installed, so don't need to worry about it.
    2. Checked the right standoffs are in-place to receive my ATX MoBo. DON'T leave any unnecessary standoff on the case, it may DAMAGE your MoBo.
  6. Placed my MoBo into the case.
    1. Angle it slight for an easier insert.
    2. Screw it place. Don't force the screw! As long as it's secure, it's sufficient.
  7. Recording Returns! Installed my AIO Cooler (Corsair H100X).
    1. It has this weird earing mounting thing that hooks onto the existing bracket on the board.
    2. Make sure the logo/face of the AIO is oriented accordingly!
  8. Installed the radiator mount back into the case.
  9. Prepared my Fully Modular PSU - Again, RTFM - Read The Flippin' Manual!
    1. Installed the needed Cables.
    2. This where I should've installed my cable extensions, if I had any.
  10. Installed the PSU onto the case.
  11. Make sure to orient it correct! Mine was with the fan blowing to the bottom of the case.
  12. Took out the Hard Disk Drive Cage & screwed the HDD into the cage.
  13. In hindsight, should've done this first before the PSU as the cables got in my way.
  14. Your case may vary! Check your manual.
  15. CABLES TIME! Checked the orientation of where each cable would go from the back of the case and to the front.
  16. Again, read the manual!
  17. A good thing about my case (NZXT H510) is that the Front Panel connector comes in a handy single-piece bundle that makes it easy to connect.
  18. Connected all the MoBo cables. Always check the orientation! Look at the empty keys slot, any square face indents, clips, etc. Be careful!
  19. Installed my GPU (ASUS TUF RX 5700 XT) - it is a hefty boi.
  20. The GPU I chose has a 6pin+8pin PCIe Cable bit which confused me for a bit.
  21. I should've - READ THE MANUAL!
  22. Double Checked everything is securely installed
  23. Plugged into Power & Switch the PSU to On
  24. GPU LED turned on.
  25. No weird noises - thankfully!
  26. Pressed the Power Button AND...
// D002 - NO POST! & Troubleshooting - with the help from one of my viewers. //
NO POST! - Which sank my heart instantly.
Shoutout to one of my viewers, haxnetTech, who told me to look at the LED on the MoBo next to the RAM, which highlighted "DRAM" and basically guide me through the troubleshoot.
Because I had 4 sticks of RAM installed. The issue could've been a lot of things : RAM sticks might not have been seated securely, a faulty RAM stick or multiple of them, OR faulty Motherboard.
So troubleshooting began as follows:
  1. Removed all 4 RAM sticks.
  2. Reseat all 4 RAM. NO POST.
  3. Removed all 4 RAM again.
    1. Separated each pair based on their serial numbers - CentreCom pair and the Amazon pair.
  4. Installed the CentreCom pair in the A2 & B2. YAY! POST!
  5. Installed the Amazon pair in the A1 & B1. NO POST!
  6. Removed all the RAM and placed the Amazon pair in A2 & B2. NO POST!
  7. I did test each RAM individually in A2 and found only ONE of the Amazon pair was faulty.
    1. Because I wanted to return it, obviously I returned it as a pair.
  8. Removed the Amazon Pair and reinstalled the CentreCom pair. YAY! POST!
  9. Proceeded to install my Windows.
    1. Made sure to install the OS in the NVME SSD, NOT the HDD.
  10. After 7 hours live-stream, thanked my stream.
  11. Ate a Chicken Kebab.
My initial plan was to have 32GB Memory (4x 8GB) and having to return a pair, I ended up running off 16GB for a while.
I did have a concern that maybe I had issues with my A1 & B1 RAM slots on my MoBo, so I ended up ordering another pair 32GB Memory (2x 16GB) to fill out my remaining slot and test it out. Worst case, I'll just run off the A2 & B2 with the 2x 16GB pair.
MEMORY : Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2X16GB) DDR4 3600 (PC4-28800) C18 1.35V Desktop Memory BlackCOST : AUD$222.00 + $15.80 Delivery - from SKYCOMP. The only Australian store that had stock.DELIVERY : Ordered - 08.09.2020. Arrived - 14.09.2020. 6 days.
RAM arrived, installed the 2x 16GB memory in A2 & B2. Installed the CentreCom 2x 8GB pair in A1 & B1. TADAA! I am officially running at 48GB Memory.

// E001 - Post-Build & General Lessons Learnt //
I spent most of the time after my live-stream tidying the cables at the back of the PC and setting up my usual software & games.
Tweezered Zip-tied all the loose cables as neatly as I could.
I did try and do some basic overclocking with some guides on YouTube and Guru3D recommendations BUT I don't think I will include it in here as I am not that well-versed on the topic.

So here are some lessons I learnt from my build, aside from some of the tips I mentioned in the previous Chapters:

// E002 - Next Upgrades Selection & Wishlist //
PC Building is an addiction, you'll immediately look at things that to upgrade your perfectly functioning setup. I am officially one of them.
I even made a schedule of my wishlist and store prices - in hopes that if there was ever I sale and huge price drop (in Australian Dollars AUD$) :

SSD STORAGE: Gigabyte AORUS NVMe Gen4 1 TB 329 319 299 299 296 329
RGB Case Fans: Corsair LL120 63 CFM 120 mm Fans 179 159 159 149 157 159 159
OR Lian Li SL120 119 139 Not Found Not Found Not Found 139 Not Found
3080 GPU: MSI GeForce RTX3080 VENTUS OC 1379 1379 1379 1379 1379
OR Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080 10 GB AORUS MASTER 1639 1639 1639 1639
1440p Monitor: AOC CQ32G2E 599 499 499 499 477 499 525
OR ViewSonic VX3258-2KPC-MHD 499 499 499 508 499 499
With my type of work, high memory GPUs are great but a 3090 is ridiculously expensive of an expense - so a 3080 would be nice step up. I am happy enough with my current GPU to wait for next generation, maybe a 3080 Super or a 6000 Series ST model.
Reason why I included the monitors is because the current monitor setup provided by Work is a decent 1440 60hz monitor that's been colour calibrated. Great for work, not so much for gaming.
After my build, I won't be buying upgrades anytime soon. But hey, you can't have a dream without a goal.
// F001 - Special Thanks & Shameless Self-Promo //
Thank you for checking out my post - especially you guys that read ALL of it.
Special Thanks to:

For those interested and want to check out my stuff:

Thank you again! Much Love, Roboto.
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2020.09.24 00:01 Stevenasaurus We Are Operators Episode 10: Why We Fight Part 1

Thura's Office
Thura made herself comfy in her chair as Jay stepped into her office and sat down in the one opposite of her. Before she could say a word to Jay, she ran her fingers along her Vouivre horns as a pre-interview ritual. While she did this, she did a few last minute skims of Jay's files that were open on her computer and waited for a moment in silence.
“It's good to see you again,” Jay greeted.
“Thank you for coming, Jay,” Thura greeted back. “As the one responsible for forming new squads from our recruits, I am conducting interviews with new operators that have been with Rhodes Island for some time. I don't want to consider this a post-probation interview or a performance review, but that's pretty close to what this is.”
Jay nodded. “I understand. So you're gonna be asking me questions about how I've been doing and stuff like that?”
“Yes,” Thura answered with a nod of her own.
“Where do we start?” Jay asked.
Thura pulled the clipboard she had at the far right of her desk in front of her. “First off, I need to establish a few things with you. Firstly, this interview is mandatory so you can't walk out and leave until I let you go. Second, this interview will be recorded and will be requested for viewing by interested parties. Inversely, that means there is no expectation of privacy so if you wish, you may discuss what we talk about with others. Finally, I'd like to know if you prefer if I type out my notes or write them down.”
“I'm okay with either,” Jay said while shrugging.
“Some people don't like the constant tapping of keys while some people feel uncomfortable with the writing. If you don't care, I'm going to type out my notes,” Thura explained.
“Okay. So are we starting now?” Jay asked.
Thura nodded. “Yes. Are you satisfied with the accommodations Rhodes Island has provided?”
“Yeah,” Jay started. “My dorm's pretty nice and the facilities here offer a lot when I'm not training or at my trading post job.”
“Do you think there's any room for improvement?” Thura asked.
“If there was a bar on this ship that'd be pretty cool. I don't drink much but it'd be a pretty cool place to hang out,” Jay suggested.
Thura quickly typed out a summary of Jay's suggestion. “If that's all you've got to suggest, then let's move on. Why don't we talk about your squad mates?”
Thura's Office
“What about my squad mates?”Spark asked, scratching her chin.
Thura put down her pen. “Well, you were slated to become captain of C2 at one point, you must've had an opinion on everyone so that you'd know how to command them.”
“The girls on my squad are kinda weird to be honest while the guys are all dorks,” Spark said, holding back a smile.
What a way to describe your team mates.
“What makes the girls weird?” Thura asked, picking up her pen and readying it against the paper on her clipboard.
“Labcoat is always really happy which gets a bit off putting at times but then she can get super mad quicker than a snap of the fingers. Although, she's really fun to be around when she's not mad,” Spark explained.
“And what about Meeka?” Thura asked.
Spark spent some time to think and scratched her chin. “She's kinda boring. She's always playing games on her phone and doesn't really do much. I mean, if I tell her to do something she'll do it but it feels like I'm always the one initiating these days.”
“Interesting,” Thura exclaimed while writing down the answer. “How receptive is she when you ask her to do things? Does she get upset? Does she look disinterested?”
“Um... she's just blank. She acknowledges what I say and then does it before going back to her phone. It's kinda hard to describe unless you live with her,” Spark answered.
Thura scribbled down a few notes of her own alongside Spark's answer. “And you said all the guys on your squad are dorks? Could you elaborate further?”
“When Eddron's not hanging out with Jay or Alabaster, he's out there trying his luck with girls. He doesn't stalk them or anything and he leaves them alone after they walk away, but obviously his advances make some people uncomfortable. I've tried to help him and he's definitely gotten a bit more respectful but he's still got a lot of work to do,” Spark explained.
“I wouldn't exactly call that kind of behaviour as dorky. I'll speak to the people that handle stuff like this to see if we could arrange some sort of seminar and get problem operators to attend. Moving on, what kind of dork would you describe Alabaster as?” Thura asked.
Spark looked up at the ceiling. “I guess dork's kind of a mean word for him. He's always around to offer advice or wisdom so he's kinda got that dad vibe going on but I guess that makes him a dork in the sense that he's a bit of an old geezer.”
“Well you should cherish the advice and wisdom he has to offer,” Thura said with an awkward laugh.
“I mean,” Spark started, her eyes and mouth both forming a smile. “that's kinda what I love about my squad; they're all quirky in their own way.”
“What about Jay? You didn't describe him yet. Would you consider him as someone that acts in the best interests of Rhodes Island and its personnel?” Thura asked.
Spark stopped smiling and adopted a more thoughtful expression. She looked up at the ceiling again while scratching her right cheek as her eyes darted left and right.
“Jay cares for us all deeply, a little too deeply at times but I know he means well. I still offer him a little help in planning things from time to time but I think it was good he became captain instead of me,” Spark answered, her eyes on the table instead of meeting Thura's.
Thura wrote down the answer and tapped her pen on the paper a few times. “What do you think about him on a personal level?”
Spark let out a soft gasp and bit her lip. “What do you mean by that?”
“You've spoken what you think of your squad mates as people but Jay as a captain. What do you think about him as a person instead of a captain?” Thura asked.
“He's really cool. He's got a few quirks of his own but it feels like he's one of the more normal ones in the squad,” Spark answered.
Thura swiftly transcribed what Spark said. “Anything else?”
“Oh... um...” Spark muttered.
“How about you talk about incidents that impacted your opinion of Jay?” Thura asked.
“He went through the trash to find something for Alabaster, he got a job that he didn't really need so we all wouldn't feel bad for getting jobs too, and... he saved me during our first training run with E4. Those are just some of the many things he's done for us all,” Spark explained, her voice going softer throughout the answer.
“So do you think of him as a dork?” Thura asked while writing her own notes.
Spark nodded. “Yes... but in a good way. Like a dork everyone can hang out with. I guess that's kinda why he's able to interact with so many people here. Alabaster's shy but also quite intimidating when you don't know him so people kinda avoid him. Labcoat's outgoing but when she gets angry people run the other way. Meeka doesn't talk to anyone so nobody talks to her. People don't want Eddron anywhere near them. And for me, I'm doing okay with interacting with other operators but I can still get a bit serious at times which puts some people off.”
Thura held up her hand to get Spark to stop so she could write down as much as she could. “Continue.”
“When you talk to Jay, he's almost always joking around or smiling. He's like that guy you can't help but just want to have a beer with. Does that help?” Spark explained.
Thura could see that Spark was getting a bit more comfortable in her chair and adopted a slightly better posture.
“That does help,” Thura said with a smile. “You look like you need a glass of water after that speech of yours. How about we take a short break so I can have someone bring it in before we move onto questions about your goals?”
“Thank you, Madame Thura,” Spark said graciously.
Darn it... I thought I was going to make it through this interview without her calling me Madame.
Thura's Office
“In your entry interview, you stated your goal was to be the best sniper among our operators. Do you think you've gotten closer to attaining such a goal?” Thura asked, her fingers ready on her keyboard.
Eddron crossed his arms and nodded with a grin. “My aim's gotten a lot better. Plus, bullets probably do a lot more damage than a bolt or arrow ever could so I've got that advantage already.”
“Well, someone capable of imbuing arts into their arrows or bolts could do quite some damage; I wouldn't underestimate them,” Thura warned.
“Meh, I'll beat them one day,” Eddron said with confidence.
Thura knew that Eddron had a reason for wanting to be the best sniper, his true goal. It was certainly displeasing to see several complaints head over to the HR Office even if their frequency and quantity had decreased drastically over time and still, even one was too much for a professional workplace. However, there wasn't much she could do not just because it wasn't her department in HR, but because certain executives in the leadership were averse to losing the massive donations from a redacted source in exchange for his continued presence at Rhodes Island which just felt so dirty.
Although, she could see the naive immaturity in him. While inexcusable, perhaps his actions were from a lack of instruction and awareness that needed to be instilled in him from a young age. Thura did remember seeing a note in Eddron's file about his father constantly being abroad due to his position as an advisor to Laterano diplomats across Terra.
Even if Eddron was untouchable, she could still ask about it, possibly even get him in the right direction just like Spark was trying to do.
“I'd like to talk about your womanizing antics with you,” Thura said sternly.
Eddron sat up straight. “What about them?”
“Why do you do it? Is there a reason you're so keen on getting with a girl?” Thura asked, carefully keeping her tone so that she wasn't accusatory but still assertive enough to demand an answer.
“I guess I'm just lonely,” Eddron said.
Thura crossed her arms. “Lonely? But what about your squad? You spend so much time with them after all.”
“Not like friends lonely, but girlfriend lonely, you know?” Eddron explained.
Ah the naivety of youth.
“So you think a girlfriend will fill this void?” Thura asked as she readied to start typing again.
“Well, why wouldn't she?” Eddron argued.
“You want a girlfriend because you have a problem you wish to deal with and that is your loneliness.” Thura argued back.
Eddron stared at Thura blankly. “What?”
“Imagine this,” Thura started, “you finally get a girlfriend and that feeling of loneliness goes away. Would you still be with her once that loneliness goes away?”
“O-of course,” Eddron answered assertively.
Come on, Eddron. Just get it.
“You've said it yourself, you're trying so hard to get a girlfriend because of that feeling of loneliness. You would like this girlfriend because she filled that void, but once that void is gone, what happens then? Would you still like her as much as you did?” Thura asked.
“That's not what's going to happen,” Eddron said, his tone suggesting he was starting to get upset.
“Eddron,” Thura called with a stern voice. “You're so desperate to fill this void that you're just going after any girl you encounter. Like I said before, it sounds like you want to deal with that loneliness more than actually building an actual relationship with someone. There are exceptions to every rule so it could work out for you, but the only reason I feel somewhat qualified to speak about this is because in my experience this line of thought leads to drifting apart and eventual heartbreak.”
Thura paused immediately when she realized what she just admitted. Frankly, it was ancient history but it still felt weird to bring up her past—especially parts concerning her romantic history—to a random operator she was interviewing.
“Your experience?” Eddron asked.
Thura eventually nodded. “Yes.”
“Sorry,” Eddron said softly while looking away.
“It's my fault for blurting it out,” Thura said, mustering a smile.
“Still, I'm sorry,” Eddron said.
“I've seen it many times before in other young people too. People who think getting a partner could make them cooler or that they'll somehow solve all their problems,” Thura explained.
“Now that I think about it, that does kinda sound like me... I guess I shouldn't get a girlfriend then...” Eddron said, looking defeated.
Thura shook her head. “I'm not saying that, Eddron. But instead of trying to fill that void, why not just get to know some people and see who interests you? It'll definitely save you some trouble down the road when you realize the only thing you like about them is what they look like. And that's a perfect segue into what I wanted to speak to you about next.”
“Something else?” Eddron asked.
“Do you understand how the ways you've interacted with female operators and staff in the past can be seen as wrong?” Thura asked.
Eddron averted his eyes and nodded. “Kinda... Spark tried to explain it to me so I kinda get it. But I mean, I don't do anything else besides talking to them.”
“That could still be an issue to some people. Some people could be having a bad day and don't want to be bothered while others could have places to be. And some people just don't want to talk and that's alright. Another person's wants don't begin where yours end, they can overlap or conflict. Obviously it's good that you don't take things to a dangerous level, but people don't get commended for doing the bare minimum for the most part,” Thura explained with a clear voice.
“So I can't talk to girls?” Eddron asked.
“You can, but understand that everyone has a different set of boundaries. And these rules also go the other way. How would you feel if someone you didn't want to talk to kept bothering you? While you don't do this, imagine if you couldn't even leave your dorm without thinking that person you didn't want to talk was around somewhere. Would you like that?” Thura argued.
Eddron slowly shook his head. “No...”
“While the number of complaints against you have gone done to almost zero, the fact we still get some every now and then needs to be addressed. Instead of talking to every girl that moves, why don't you think of some girls you've seen around a lot or just enjoy having you around? They'd probably be better than girls who have never seen you before,” Thura explained.
Eddron crossed his arms and looked like he was in thought. “Well I spend a lot of time with my squad mates. Spark's really cool, Labcoat's really nice, and Meeka's pretty interesting during the few the times we texted and talked. Then there's Vigna from my factory job, we talk a bit when Vanilla isn't around. Oh! And there's also-”
“Alright then,” Thura called out while keeping a hand up. “I'm not here to help you figure out a list or give you dating advice. All I wanted to do was make sure you understood your past behaviour. If it weren't for your mysterious benefactor you'd either be in the brig or packing your bags and left at the next docking city with all the complaints you've gotten.”
“Mysterious benefactor?” Eddron asked.
He doesn't know about it? It'd be inappropriate to ask about it, especially with this being recorded.
“A heavy discussion like this deserves a break don't you think? How about you take a minute or two to collect yourself before we go into how you've gotten closer to achieving your stated goal?” Thura asked, smiling innocently.
“Okay,” Eddron said.
Thura's Office
Thura constantly kept listening for the chair the massive Ursus man was sitting on to make sure it wasn't close to breaking. Other than the constant tension with the chair, it almost didn't feel like an interview with the pleasant conversation going on, but as a professional, Thura was able to stay the course and ensure Alabaster provided enough information for her notes and recording.
While Alabaster was older than Thura, it still felt refreshing to have someone of a similar age to speak to instead of the constant interviews with, young adults, teenagers, and even children.
“According to observations from instructors, you have definitely improved in your ability to stand in the face of danger. Their assessments heavily contrast from your entry interview,” Thura said while scrolling through reports from Dobermann and other instructors.
Alabaster nodded. “I lived a rather sheltered life. After taking part in many exercises, I realized combat wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. And with a dependable team by my side, I am quite confident whenever I'm on the field of battle.”
“That's very good to hear,” Thura said while typing Alabaster's reply into her notes. “Although, even though I'm not an operator, I can't imagine training will be the same as the real thing.”
“Yes, I am not under the illusion that I'll be completely adaptable to actual combat, but... all this practice and meeting my squad have given me confidence I will make it through when my first instinct back then would've been to flee for my own life. If I can stand a chance, I think- I think I can actually stand and fight,” Alabaster said passionately.
Thura smiled. “As the one who formed your squad, that makes me really happy to hear.”
“Being around them all does make me feel young at times,” Alabaster said.
Thura typed a note. “How have you been integrating with your squad? While they may make you feel younger, there's got to be times where you feel that you don't fit in with the younger crowd.”
Alabaster nodded. “There's a few words they throw around every now and then that take me awhile to figure out. I can barely keep up with Jay and Eddron when they want to play video games. But they still try to include me in everything.”
“Very good. Sounds like you're enjoying your time with them. Now, we're going to have to unfortunately move onto a more serious topic. I've been instructed to ask a few followup questions on what you discussed in your entry interview. Do you remember that?” Thura asked.
“Yes,” Alabaster said. “My family.”
Thura opened a new instance of the file viewer on her computer and brought up the file on the Olovsky family. “As of your entry interview, you stated that your family was unaware that you were here. Has that changed?”
“I'm not sure, but considering the influence and resources at the Olovsky family's disposal, it'd be safer to assume that they now know where I am,” Alabaster answered with a solemn tone.
“Should Rhodes Island consider the Olovsky family a threat?” Thura asked as she typed down Alabaster's previous answer.
“I don't think they are a direct threat to us, but considering my standing with them, they won't be friends to us,” Alabaster warned.
Thura frowned and nodded. “If the Olovsky family were to act maliciously against us, how do you think they'd go about it?”
“Ursus do not enjoy covert operations, at least publicly. It is a society that projects strength which means if they were able to, the Olovskys would send their private army of mercenaries and household guards. But, without a reason to go after us, they would consider sending an agent or two as long as it didn't become public,” Alabaster explained.
“That is troubling,” Thura said after sighing. “Do you believe that at its current capabilities, Rhodes Island could fend off an attack from the Olovsky family?”
“At our current strength, we would be outnumbered but we would possibly have the advantage in skills and tactics. I am unsure about the outcome of a battle,” Alabaster answered.
“And who should we be most aware of among your family members?” Thura asked.
Alabaster paused. “What do you plan to do with that information?”
“I can't tell you that. Firstly, because I don't know myself. Second, that information would be on a need to know basis,” Thura explained.
Alabaster hesitated for a moment before nodding. “The ones you should be keeping an eye on are my brother Vadim and my mother. My father is mostly confined to a bed these days but is being kept alive by my brother and mother in the hopes that he lives long enough for me to be discredited and disinherited in the eyes of Ursus high society. In a way, their need for me to be disinherited will keep Rhodes Island safe.”
“How so?” Thura asked.
“If they reveal that I am here, it would help build my case to succeed my father. They would have to be very careful about how they approach us lest they show that I am making the effort to become a great warrior,” Alabaster answered, looking saddened.
Thura stopped typing. “Is something wrong, Alabaster?”
“I'm just thinking about how all this could've been avoided if I was braver back then,” Alabaster said, a barely visible frown forming under his beard.
“Oh come on, there's no need to think that way. Let's take a moment before we move on to the next round of questions,” Thura said.
Alabaster crossed his arms and nodded. “Yes. Thank you.”
Thura's Office
“As an infected, there are more special circumstances to consider when we talk about your time here,” Thura explained.
Labcoat nodded. “Okay.”
The girl couldn't sit still and did very subtle hops on her chair since she sat down. Thura could hear Labcoat's foot tapping on the floor which had been slowly becoming more grating as the interview went on. With the questions she had checked off on her clipboard, Thura loathed to see that only half of the questions had been asked so far.
“Did you have any concerns with integrating or interacting with your fellow operators as an infected?” Thura asked, readying her pen and taking a deep breath.
“Nope,” Labcoat answered. “Should I have?”
“No, absolutely not. If there was a problem you would tell us but if there's no issue then there's no issue,” Thura said.
Labcoat smiled. “There's no problem. It doesn't really come up. It's not like any of my squad mates suddenly go 'Hey! How's the infection going?!' or anything like that.”
“That's very good to hear,” Thura said with a smile of her own while writing down the answer. “Are you satisfied with the medical treatment you are receiving? This isn't a question about whether or not you're cured, I'm asking if you are happy with the treatment.”
While she waited for Labcoat to answer, she pulled up Labcoat's medical files.
“It's okay. I'm okay with the pills and needles. The surgeries are what scare me,” Labcoat answered.
“Well according to your files, you aren't in any need of any drastic surgeries right now so you have nothing to be worried about as long as you follow the treatment plans and medical advice from your medical professionals,” Thura explained.
“Okay,” Labcoat said, still looking somewhat frightened.
“Are you satisfied with the personnel assigned to you?” Thura asked.
Labcoat nodded. “Agatha the intern is really nice and she sometimes even helps me study. Dr. Coren doesn't talk much but when he does, he offers good advice. He and Agatha are trying to help me control my anger right now.”
“Rhodes Island is said to possess some of the greatest medical minds against Oripathy so you should be in good hands with them. I'm glad to hear you're getting along well with them; a good relationship between a doctor and patient can definitely help with the treatment process,” Thura said.
Labcoat didn't say anything and stayed silent for a moment.
“Do you think they'll find a cure?” she finally asked.
Thura could only look at Labcoat. “I don't know. I'm not a doctor. How would I know?”
“Do you think there could be a cure one day?” Labcoat asked again.
“I hope so,” Thura said candidly.
Another bout of silence took the office.
“Let's move onto a different topic. Why don't you just tell me more about how you feel in general?” Thura asked.
Thura's Office
Thura rested her cheek on her hand as she waited for Meeka to reply. The girl seemed so disinterested and with the expression on her face, Thura didn't know where the boredom began and the sadness ended.
“I'm okay,” Meeka answered softly.
“You don't sound like you feel okay,” Thura said.
“I'm okay,” Meeka repeated.
“From what people have said about you, you tend to keep to yourself. Do you have trouble expressing yourself? Trusting others?” Thura asked.
Meeka shook her head. “No... I just keep to myself.”
“What do you do when you're not hanging around in your dorm or playing those games on your phone?” Thura asked.
“Nothing really,” Meeka said.
Thura tapped her chin with her pen. “What if Spark wants to do something with you? Would you hang out with her?”
“I would,” Meeka said.
“Seems to me that you're lacking in drive. You can follow orders during training well and when someone wants to do something with you, you'll do it. But when it comes to yourself, you never really initiate,” Thura explained.
“I guess...” Meeka said.
“Are you sure you're feeling alright?” Thura asked.
Meeka nodded. “Yeah... I'm just quiet.”
“I'm not trained to handle matters relating to mental health, but have you ever considered going in for a consultation with our mental health professionals?” Thura suggested.
Meeka shook her head. “I'm okay.”
“It doesn't cost anything, it's a service we provide to all operators and staff here. Although, there's only two mental health workers last time I checked so they might be booked for the week,” Thura said.
“It'd be a waste of time,” Meeka said, looking annoyed.
“Mental health isn't something to be neglected. You feel something wrong in your body, you go straight to the doctor. Why not the same for your mental health?” Thura argued.
“There's nothing wrong with me,” Meeka said.
Thura shrugged. “Even if they told you that this behaviour is just who you are, that's still better than taking a risk and not addressing any concerns if there are any. What have you got to lose? It's free and the workers will be happy you came to see them. I see it as an absolute win.”
“What will my squad think?” Meeka asked.
“You can choose whether to tell them or not. Maybe you can say you took an extra shift at your job if you've got one. Although, with the members of your squad I've already interviewed, they all seem to want what's best for you,” Thura said.
Meeka looked down. “I'll think about it...”
“Please consider it. Would you like to take a minute or two before we move onto the next round of questions?” Thura asked.
Meeka kept her hands on her lap. “Yes please.”
Thura's Office
After a long back and forth with Jay, Thura had finally run out of questions for him. It was an interesting interview and the things he had to say about his squad would be useful information for when she got around to interviewing them.
“That's about all the questions I have for you. Do you have anything else you wanted to discuss or ask about that we didn't go over during the interview?” Thura asked.
Jay paused for a moment and scratched his chin before nodding. “What exactly does Rhodes Island do?”
Thura was taken aback by the question. It was usually something someone asked in their entry interview, not when they were a few months in. Even after recovering from the initial surprise, Thura still took the time to craft a response.
“That's a question you ask when you first come here. We're a registered pharmaceutical company working on providing medical advancements and treatment across Terra in all matters concerning Oripathy. You should know this by now,” Thura explained.
“I know that stuff, but when I took this operator job, I was kinda expecting it to be like a security guard job where I'd just keep watch or protect doctors and aid workers when they go out with the perk of seeing the world,” Jay said.
Thura nodded. “Well, you'll be doing stuff like that.”
“Are we?” Jay asked with a concerned expression. “Ever since we started training with E4, we've been going up against tactics and equipment that the military uses. I brushed it off at first but we're going up against everything Ursus would throw at us these days and it's making me wonder.”
“The job description said that you'd need to be prepared for battle,” Thura argued.
“Well, I'm ready for battle, but it looks like we're getting ready for a war,” Jay argued back.
“Why Dobermann and the other instructors are putting you through such training is something I wouldn't know. Do you think your squad's not ready for combat?” Thura asked.
Jay shook his head. “No. We're ready, but what exactly are we ready for? What's with all these preparations? Is something going to happen?”
Do not go down that line of questioning, Jay. I need to warn him without explicitly telling him to shut up unless I want a good talking to from upstairs.
“That's on a need to know basis. Everything that's done has its reasons, I can assure you of that,” Thura explained sternly.
“Why would we have to go up against the Ursus military?” Jay asked.
Thura stared at Jay. “I'm not sure. What's got you so concerned?”
“Lots of things really... I mean first off, I've been thinking of training as something fun to do, but now that I remembered we'll be using these skills—especially against a military—I'm getting worried about how it'll go now. Come on, I worked at a supermarket before this, I'm not a soldier,” Jay answered, looking down at his hands.
“I've seen army recruiters at high schools and officers conscripting farmers in their fields. Every soldier picks up a sword for the first time at one point. Some will keep swinging it until they can't anymore and others will put it down. You can become a soldier,” Thura said with a reassuring tone.
Jay nodded along with Thura's words and even looked a bit relieved. “I guess... but that's really a minor thing. What I'm really thinking about is if what we're about to do—whatever it is—is the right thing. I've heard bad things about Ursus but does that really make whatever we're going to do to them the right thing?”
“You and I have no idea what's going to happen,” Thura said.
“I know,” Jay said abruptly. “But if it was humanitarian work we probably wouldn't need to be prepared to fight a whole Ursus legion and they probably wouldn't be keeping it secret from us either.”
Jay, the more you poke your nose into executive business the more they'll poke back. Please stop!
“I wouldn't think too deeply about this. Cordial relations with governments across Terra allow us to have access to their territory in order to provide medical assistance to those in need. While Ursus doesn't hide their disdain for the infected, we still need to be in their good graces so we can provide the help people need,” Thura explained.
“In my entry interview, the interviewers remarked about my observational skills. I'm thinking deeply about this because I know there's more than meets the eye,” Jay said.
Did you not remember what I told you at the beginning where this would be recorded and viewed?!
“I've worked here for awhile now and I can say with confidence we've done so much to help people across Terra. We've saved communities, gave help to those that needed it, and even at times helped deliver justice. What makes you think an organization like this would start doing some sort of shady stuff all of the sudden?” Thura argued.
Jay spent what felt like a full two minutes in silence. “I really needed to hear that... I guess maybe my worries were stupid. Thank you... It was just a feeling I couldn't shake off for awhile now.”
“Well I'm glad to have helped you with your doubts. These interviews are happening because we feel there is a mutual trust growing between the operator and Rhodes Island,” Thura said.
“Is the interview over?” Jay asked.
Thura nodded while typing the last of her notes. “Yes, you may leave.”
Jay bowed his head and stood up. He swiftly took his exit and closed the door behind him, leaving Thura to skim through the notes she had taken in silence. She didn't like what she was seeing.
Good luck, Jay.
Thura saved the notes she had typed and opened a new blank text document. She couldn't afford to dwell on the interview with Jay as there were still plenty of operators left to interview including those in Jay's squad.
6:04 PM
Jay picked at his spaghetti for a bit before eventually bringing it up to his mouth with his fork. He kept thinking about the interview. While his worries about being party to some shady wetwork had mostly dissipated, his initial anxieties about actual combat came back to the forefront.
While some of his squad looked deep in thought like Eddron and Meeka, the others seemed cheerful and laughing. They were all the greatest friends he had since the people he knew back in younger days had practically disappeared from his life. Soon, they would be his brothers and sisters in arms.
Frankly, it was never about doubts about their abilities. The squad was a well-oiled machine that fought against incredible odds. However, it was one particular moment that kept replaying in his head that brought about his fears: when he saved Spark from almost being stabbed by multiple spears.
Would he be around in time to save the next person that was in danger? Did he save Spark so swiftly because he liked her? What if Spark and someone else were in trouble? Would he have to choose between them and would he accept that choice? The pressures of leadership continued to pile on.
“Man that interview was so long and boring!” Labcoat whined.
“I thought it was quite interesting; I somewhat felt like I was speaking with an intellectual equal in Madame Thura,” Alabaster said.
“What's that supposed to mean? You're saying we're dumb?” Spark asked with a smile.
Alabaster's face turned red and he shook his head. “No! I'm sorry! I meant no disrespect!”
“Guys,” Eddron called.
“What is it, Eddron?” Spark asked.
“I know you guys say I'm not as much of a douche now, but I'm sorry for the way I was back then,” Eddron said softly.
“What brought this up?” Meeka asked.
“Thura said something that made it finally click for me, you know? She said: 'Another person's wants don't begin where yours end.' I probably got slapped and ignored a lot because I didn't understand that. I mean I'm not a bad guy, right? I'm not a creep. I just... didn't understand that,” Eddron explained.
Spark smiled. “Glad it finally clicked for you. You're not a bad guy, Eddron.”
“Thanks,” Eddron said, averting his eyes from everyone.
Jay smiled but said nothing. He was glad the interviews seemed to have a good effect on most of his squad.
Meeka looked around for a moment before clearing her throat. “I think I'm gonna take another shift at my job...”
“What? Did Thura tell you to?” Labcoat asked.
“Yeah,” Meeka answered.
“I guess more work keeps you out of the dorm and away from your phone more. Although, I shouldn't question her methods,” Spark said.
“What about you, Jay?” Alabaster asked, the red on his face mostly gone.
“Oh,” Jay exclaimed. “It was okay. She helped me get over some anxieties I had.”
“They should give her a raise or something,” Eddron said.
Spark looked at Jay. “Hey, Jay, you went before me right? During the squad mate portion of the interview she was asking me about you a lot more than everyone else.”
“Come to think of it, she did ask a lot about you as well,” Alabaster said.
“Same,” Eddron said.
“Did something happen?” Labcoat asked.
Jay shrugged. “Maybe she's just worried about me.”
“You've been picking at your spaghetti for awhile now, we're all worried for you,” Spark said with a face of concern.
“I'm okay...” Jay said, starting to piece together why Thura inquired about him in his head.
8:32 PM
Thura's Office
Thura ran her fingers along her Vouivre horns and sighed as she saw she had less than thirty minutes left in the work day. Although, at this time during the interview day, she was expecting the dreaded email from her superiors.
She clicked on the email application and looked at the very top of the list to see that the email in question had finally been sent. The topic: List of Names for Further Inquiry.
Here comes the hardest part of the day.
Thura clicked the email and read it quickly.
We have reviewed every interview of the C series of reserve teams and have compiled a list of operators we would like to followup on. Please send all relevant files and information from HR on the following operators:
Caitlyn Morti (Kettle)
Leopold Schmidt (Mural)
Hiro Takafusa (Hiro)
Jay Dresmal (Jay)
Patricia Davenport (Dancer)
Please send the requested information at your earliest convenience.
Thank you,
Command Ops
Thura sighed and quickly opened up the files and notes she had taken for the operators in question.
The Next Day, 7:34 AM
Jay sat quietly and sipped on his cup of coffee. The many chairs and tables of the cafeteria were empty while only a skeleton crew worked the kitchens and counters. It was preferable, the last thing he wanted was a lot of noise while he enjoyed his coffee.
He didn't get much sleep last night as he couldn't help but feel like he had said the wrong things in his interview. If Rhodes Island was just like Thura said it was, he probably didn't have anything to worry about. But learning of her inquiries into him and her constant insistence gave him the sinking feeling that something big was going on.
“Jay!” Aero's voice called.
Jay looked up and smiled at Aero. “Hey.”
“I don't usually see you at breakfast hours,” Aero said, sitting down across from Jay while drinking from a coffee cup.
“I grab a cup of coffee and a hash brown every now and then,” Jay said.
Aero nodded. “My days as a page and squire have trained me to wake up early. I always grab a cup of coffee to help me get through the day.”
“Those interviews were something yesterday, huh?” Jay asked as he chugged down the last bit of his coffee.
“That Thura woman's got a way with words. HR suits her well,” Aero said as he also chugged down his coffee.
“Yeah,” Jay stood up to go return his cup.
Aero followed Jay to the counter. “What's got you down?”
“Just thinking about the interview,” Jay said as he left the cup on the counter and headed for the cafeteria exit.
“She give you some of her wisdom as well? My squad's been raving about the advice she's given off,” Aero said with a smile as the two left the cafeteria.
“Yeah,” Jay said while heading down a corridor.
“Where you headed? You not in the mood to talk?” Aero asked.
Jay shook his head. “Not because of you. I just wanna think about stuff.”
“Sure, we can chat another time,” Aero said while waving goodbye as he turned around and headed back in the direction of the cafeteria.
Jay put his hands in his pockets and picked which corridors to head down at random. It almost felt like his first day wandering aimlessly around the ship. Wondering about his goals and aspirations. He mustered a smile when he remembered his declaration of wanting to get on a cereal box. With all the responsibilities and activity within Rhodes Island, it had completely slipped his mind. In hindsight it might've been a stupid goal, but it certainly helped him get this far.
“Excuse me, Operator Jay?” a voice called behind him.
Jay turned around and locked eyes with a Zalak woman with purplish-white hair. “Yes?”
“We are conducting followup interviews from the ones that happened yesterday. Please come with me,” the Zalak woman said.
“Take your hands out of your pockets... slowly,” a soft voice commanded.
Jay turned around again and spotted a Lupo girl in a red coat and hood. She had an intimidating aura to her and Jay noticed a small knife between her fingers.
“This isn't a request, Operator Jay. This is a command. Come with us,” the Zalak woman demanded, her tone completely opposite of her previous politeness.
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2020.09.23 21:27 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update September 23, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update September 23, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
Register for your Absentee Ballot here!
Watch here:
Full Notes
Good afternoon Kentucky. We're going to start today by several of us making comments on the announcement today from the grand jury and from the Attorney General on the Breonna Taylor investigation. And then after those comments and any questions I'm going to provide a brief COVID report. As Governor, you can do a lot of things and some people think you can do just about anything. But as Governor I cannot control decisions made by an attorney general's office, I cannot control decisions made by a grand jury, and I don't lead local law enforcement offices. But what I can control is how I lead, what I say, what I am committed to doing. I start with the humility and acknowledgement, that I will never feel the weight of 400 years of slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow. I will never personally feel that weight but I can listen. And I can try to hear. And I can be clear: That systematic racism exists in this world, in this country, and in our Commonwealth. It exists in unequal access to health care, in disproportionate incarceration rates, and it impacts everything: from wealth, earnings, education, even how long we live on this earth. My faith teaches me that injustices and inequalities must be addressed. The world that God calls on us to build is one without racism. One without oppression. One without violence. Since the start of my administration we have worked to combat some of these inequalities. We've restored voting rights, we've protected and expanded health care, and we have built an inclusive team. But as I listen, and as I try to hear, I know that there is so much more work to be done. There are hundreds of years of pain to be addressed. And my job is to continue to listen, to try to hear, and to do everything I can to build the type of world that I think everybody's kids deserve; one where we live up to our true values, one where we live up to our faith, one where we try to make a dream talked about many decades ago, closer to reality.
(continued in stickied comment)
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2020.09.23 18:11 wiglessbitch3000 What we would like to see in the upcoming seasons ?

For me personally, I’m irritated that Lisseth left Chicago PD for a show that hasn’t had good ratings since like 2017 but that’s her career move , that’s on her. But anyway. I’m ready for me when it comes to Chicago PD , I want more personal and domesticated seasons like when Hailey and Adam were together and when Kim and Adam found out they were pregnant , they need to add those elements back in. So this is my list of things I would like to see or know about for the next upcoming seasons.
What happened to his dad ( in Prison Ball in season two , he mentions that his dad is in jail but it’s never touched on again) and also what happens to his mom ? There’s no verbal confirmation of what actually happened to her ? - imagine an episode that the unit has to turn over his father’s conviction ( episode would be AMAZING)
The biggest thing I would like answered is for him to find a goddamn LOVE INTEREST , LIKE ITS TIME. He has not had a love interest or anything and Lisseth stupid ass left so now they are going to push the story line back or get rid of it completely.
She came from an abusive household and yada yada yada. Yeah , it’s about time we meet her parents and her brothers. I need to see history , I need to see flashbacks , all of it. (Also , part of me doesn’t want her and Jay together. She’s his only rock at this point and I don’t think he wants to make the same mistake again 😔) But if they do , it’s not surprising , they have a great bond so if they don’t get together , I hope they can move past it.
His parents split up when he was young. We have seen Bob Ruzek , literally Adams twin because his impulsive ass got shot trying to be a superhero in Fathers and Sons. But we never heard about his mother and apparently his mother and father never get along. I wanna know his parents deal and we need to see his sister Kate again and his nephew. Also him and Kim ? I personally liked him with Hailey better because for the first time , he wasn’t rushing to get engaged or anything. They were actually taking their time but we all know how Adam is. Relationships starts off bad and ends bad.
Alright. Now this one.....she pissed me off allllllll season seven. She made sense but she was doing too much. With that being said , her and Adam never had strong domesticated scenes together so hopefully , finally , they get it together because they had been at it too long and I was tired of it. I thought him and Hailey were going to push through but of course not 🙄. It’s dragged out and also , her , Adam and Kevin need to take the damn detectives exam already and get it over with. Yeah she just gonna have to be with Adam because she wasting all of our time.
Jay always going through something. So tired of him being a superhero all the damn time and getting kidnapped....literally every season, I’m sick of that shit too. Yeah but he needs a love interest , once again, I want them partially be with their partners but I also want them to be with and find other people. I just need him to sit his ass down somewhere.
Yeah , so when we gonna give him a love interest ? I’m thinking about someone who’s like older and quirky kind of. I don’t know why but like Leslie Mann’s characters in movies like in the Other Woman just seems to work for me , with the quirky attitude and soft emotional heart on her sleeve. - aww imagine a woman like that making Hank soft Also I would like to see Morgan and Daniel ( Justin’s widow and son) to make a reappearance.
Amy Morton who plays Platt has been doing Broadway stuff so that’s why we hardly see her buttttt I want a patrol story line in with her. It’s just not the same anymore but nothing ever been the same since Sophia left 🤭. ANYWAY , I would love to have new people on patrol. ( I DONT KNOW WHY WE FORGOT ABOUT GARCIA ) - aww imagine if like Kevin’s siblings wanted to move back to Chicago and got on patrol to be like their big brother - or one of Haileys brothers doing the same But also I want to see more old people fluff with her and Randy because the way he was with her in season 4’s All Cylinders Firing ? He love her mean ass lmao.
I’m personally the type of person who doesn’t like the most tiniest of plot holes at all. ( like I’m still irritated about a lot of the plot holes and characters brought up to only be irrelevant)
(I really just want more emotional and domestic seasons for the majority for everyone) Also I WANT ANOTHER CROSSOVER COUPLE , YALL BUMP INTO EACH OTHER ALL THE TIME AND NEVER DATED ?
so these are things that I was love to see in the future.
What are some things you guys would like to see from the show ?
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2020.09.23 14:41 GaryNunchucks The Weekly Mock Draft 2.0: Vikings replace Diggs, Bengals protect Burrow

What is The Weekly Mock Draft?
Every Wednesday/Thursday of the season (starting today and ending after Week 17), I will post a mock draft. The order is determined by Tankathon (record and SOS) and will be updated weekly as well. This will be used as a tool to determine how the stocks of the top prospects changed throughout the year and for the fans to have something to look forward to once football games are over for the week. The teams will pick players as if they are drafting today. Enjoy!
1. Carolina: Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson
Teddy Bridgewater is not the long-term answer at QB and everyone knows it. If Carolina does in fact end up with the top pick, they will not hesitate to select the athletic Clemson standout, Trevor Lawrence. His bend of size, athleticism, and arm talent combines with physical gifts to create the dream QB many teams long for. The Panthers can have him sit behind Bridgewater for a season or choose to play him from Week 1. Either way, the team will have an exciting QB to build around for years to come.
2. Atlanta: Micah Parsons, LB, Penn State
If games were won solely by offense, Atlanta would be 2-0. However, their defense has came short in the past two games and Thomas Dimitroff needs to make big moves this upcoming offseason if he wants to keep his job. Micah Parsons, without a doubt, is the best defensive player in this class and fits a need at LB. Although he isn't the most consistent tackler, his potential outweighs any concerns, making him a perfect fit for a Falcons defense that needs a spark.
3. Minnesota: Ja'Marr Chase, WR, LSU
Adam Thielen has been great as the WR1 in Minnesota and Justin Jefferson has time to develop as this is only his rookie season. Bisi Johnson has been fairly lackluster in two seasons as a Viking and isn't expected to be a core member of Minnesota offense. The Vikings need a proper replacement for Stefon Diggs and if Justin Jefferson doesn't live up to his expectations as a Round 1 pick, they need to consider Ja'Marr Chase. He is a natural receiver, with a smooth style of play and plucky hands, and could help form a deadly receiving group in Minnesota.
4. Detroit: Dylan Moses, LB, Alabama
The Lions LB trio has been uninspiring in their play so far and players like Jarrad Davis and Christian Jones can certainly be replaced any day of the week. Moses is an athletic LB with extraordinary instincts and range. If Jamie Collins Sr. can keep up the play he displayed in New England, pairing him with Moses would provide a great boost to the young Lions defense.
5. Cincinnati: Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon
The best non-QB prospect falls to Cincinnati at 5 and will be the easiest pick of the draft. Cincinnati is desperate for help on the offensive line, especially the OT position. Rookie Jonah Williams is expected to be a mainstay on the offensive line but is capable of moving around and if Sewell is drafted, he could shift to LG. Another situation would involve both Williams and Sewell playing OT. Wherever the coaches decide to place them, the Bengals will have two talented linemen that can help keep promising rookie QB Joe Burrow healthy.
6. Philadelphia: Caleb Farley, CB, Virginia Tech
The Eagles have had a terrible start to the season, losing their first two games to teams they were supposed to be better than, but all the blame can't be placed on Carson Wentz and the offense. Starting CBs Darius Slay and Avonte Maddox have not performed up to par and although Slay is expected to a star on the Eagles defense, Maddox can be replaced and Farley is the perfect option. The elite Virginia Tech CB may be new to defending WRs but he plays like he has experience. A CB duo of Slay and Farley would certainly come in handy against an NFC East featuring up and coming receivers like CeeDee Lamb and Terry McLaurin.
7. NY Giants: Gregory Rousseau, EDGE, Miami
Dexter Lawrence, Leonard Williams, and Lorenzo Carter have already recorded sacks and showed flashes of pass rushing prowess. Markus Golden has also been solid but the Giants still need a boost at the EDGE position. Rousseau is a raw but terrific edge defender with exceptional length that can help take the Giants defense to the next level.
8. Miami: DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama
Miami has a great WR1 in top 15 receiver DeVante Parker but his offensive partners, Preston Williams and Isaiah Ford, could be better. Ford enters free agency after this season and Miami could make a dramatic upgrade by drafting Too Tagovailoa's college teammate, DeVonta Smith. The Alabama game changer would be a reliable option in any offense and his chemistry with Tagovailoa will already be there, making him a worthy reach at 8.
9. Denver: Patrick Surtain II, CB, Alabama
A.J. Bouye is out for a few weeks with an injury but nobody was expecting him to play like the All-Pro shutdown corner he was in Jacksonville. Bryce Callahan isn't doing too great but still has the potential to turn around his season. Nevertheless, Denver needs to add another CB this upcoming offseason and if they miss out on Farley, they should consider Patrick Surtain II. He has the ideal combination of height, weight, and length for a CB and has displayed the patience and aggressiveness necessary to thrive as a corner in the NFL.
10. Houston → MIA: Quincy Roche, EDGE, Miami
Miami reaches once again, but this time for the explosive in-state EDGE Quincy Roche. The Dolphins pass rushing unit consists of Raekwon Davis, Emmanuel Ogbah, Shaq Lawson, and Kyle Van Noy, none of whom have made a positive impact yet as Dolphins. A lethal defender like Roche needs to be brought in to bolster the pass rush and fill in one of Miami's biggest needs.
11. NY Jets: Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State
Sam Darnold has not lived up to the expectations of being the best QB from the 2018 NFL Draft and although the blame can be put on Adam Gase and the front office not providing more weapons, Darnold has still failed to try and make the best of his situation. The Jets are likely to have a much higher pick but if the draft were to occur today, they would pick at 11. And since this scenario puts them in the war room today, the Jets will bounce on Justin Fields if he is available. Lance is a natural arm that can make effortless throws with accuracy. If Adam Gase is fired as expected, the new coach will likely want to start fresh with a tough QB like Fields.
12. Tampa Bay: Rondale Moore, WR, Purdue
Tampa Bay has one of the best WR duos in the league in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Both receivers made the Pro Bowl last season as deserved and with Tom Brady at the helm, the duo could have as good of a season once they are on the field together. Scotty Miller, on the other hand, is not the type of third option that can change the outcome of a game. Chris Godwin will also be a free agent and there is a possibility that the Buccaneers decide to pass on paying him if they want to spend on other positions of need and if they can find a replacement in the draft. This could also end up being a situation similar to what the Cowboys were in this April, taking CeeDee Lamb at 17. Rondale Moore, like Lamb, is a RAC machine that resembles a running back with the ball in his hands. His presence will make Tom Brady's life easier and perhaps propel Tampa Bay to the next tier.
13. Washington: Alex Leatherwood, OT, Alabama
The departure of Trent Williams left Washington starting Geron Christian Sr. at LT. Christian Sr. is obviously not the long-term starter and could be replaced as soon as next March. Washington could also opt to wait for the draft and pick from a skinny selection of OTs. Leatherwood will likely be available at 13 and Washington should definitely pick him to fully move on from Trent Williams and keep young offensive pieces Dwyane Haskins Jr. and Antonio Gibson healthy.
14. LA Chargers: Tyson Campbell, CB, Georgia
Starting CBs Chris Harris Jr. and Casey Hayward Jr. have not turned any heads with their play so far this season and Desmond King II is frustrated with his role, plus he will be a free agent next spring. Both Harris Jr. and Hayward Jr. will also become free agents together in 2022 and could potentially leave if the Chargers don't perform well. However these next two free agency periods go, the Chargers need to prepare for the future by adding to their secondary. Derwin James and Nasir Adderley are young and promising safeties but CB is the position that really needs to be addressed. Tyson Campbell is a very good outside corner with great athleticism and agility. Drafting him will bump the Chargers up one step in the rebuilding process.
15. Cleveland: Creed Humphrey, IOL, Oklahoma
Cleveland has many needs and two of the most important ones, a leader and an IOL, are addressed with this pick. Creed Humphrey displayed responsibility and leadership as Oklahoma's best blocker and possesses a stronger lower body, helpful in preventing defensive linemen from getting past him. The Browns often rely on Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt to run the ball and Humphrey will be instrumental in bolstering the team's ground game.
16. Jacksonville: Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State
Gardner Minshew II has played well and was only 3 points away from leading the Jaguars to a 2-0 record. It has been obvious for the past couple months that Jacksonville's ownership is not interested in winning as they cut star RB Leonard Fournette and got rid of stars on the defensive side of the ball. Minshew II has done what he can to save his job by winning in Week 1 and trying to prove that he deserves to be the Jaguars franchise QB but for now, a replacement seems to be on Jacksonville's radar. The NFL is slowly shifting to an era in which dual-threat QBs reign supreme and Lance fits that mold. He is a competitive athlete with good body and arm strength and could either sit as a backup for his rookie year or start from the beginning and Jacksonville could find a trade for Minshew II.
17. Indianapolis: Marvin Wilson, IDL, Florida State
The Colts get the steal of the draft by landing top 10 prospect Marvin Wilson from Florida State. DeForest Buckner is a defensive star and will be a part of the Colts defense for many years but his teammate on the defensive line, Grover Stewart, is replaceable and the Colts need to improve there. Wilson is a muscular defender with superb physical tools and good mobility for his size. Indianapolis has a young defense that can already get the job done and adding Wilson to the mix makes for an offense's worst nightmare.
18. San Francisco: Wyatt Davis, IOL, Ohio State
San Francisco's IOL needs an upgrade and Wyatt Davis is the ideal choice at 18. Laken Tomlinson has impressed so far at LG and has showed noticeable improvement from past seasons but Ben Garland and Daniel Brunskill are not doing as good of a job protecting their QB. Wyatt Davis, on the other hand, could drastically improve the 49ers offensive line. The 310 lb Ohio State blocker is a physically imposing bully with a natural feel from the game. He comes from an NFL family, providing lots of experience within the game and he would be a cornerstone on the offensive line.
19. New Orleans: Pat Freirmuth, TE, Penn State
Jared Cook is nearing retirement and this is the last season of his contract. With backups Josh Hill and Adam Trautman under contract for the next couple seasons, New Orleans will not have to keep Cook past his prime and they can instead opt for a cheap replacement through the draft. Although Trautman was a Round 3 pick this year, his role is yet to be determined and until he can show that he is worth being a TE1, the position is on the Saints radar. Freiermuth is a polished pass catcher and has garnered comparisons to Rob Gronkowski. If he can live up to the expectations, the Saints offense will become even more exciting than it already is and keep New Orleans atop the NFC South.
20. Dallas: Shaun Wade, CB, Ohio State
Chidobe Awuzie is only under contract for this season and could depart Dallas if a better offer comes his way. At the age of 25, he still has room to improve and even if the Cowboys decide to keep him, another CB would not hurt. Trevon Diggs has not gotten off to a great start in his rookie year but is expected to do better considering the fact that he has had to defend teams with solid WRs these first two weeks. Now that Shaun Wade is the focal point of Ohio State's secondary, he will have his chance to shine and improve his draft stock. His aggressiveness and physical power make for a tone setting corner that will bolster Dallas's promising secondary.
21. New England: Christian Barmore, IDL, Alabama
Lawrence Guy, Byron Cowart, and Adam Butler form an underwhelming defensive line in New England and Bill Belichick needs to address the IDL position once the season ends. A rock solid interior defender, Barmore has displayed immense power and versatility as a member of Alabama's defense. He still has a long way to go until he unlocks his full potential but players like that would be perfect for the Patriots. New England is a great team for developing players into stars and if all goes as planned, Barmore will be a core member of the Patriots organization.
22. Green Bay: Paulson Adebo, CB, Stanford
Green Bay can also consider LB or WR here but Adebo is the BPA and fits a need at CB. Jaire Alexander has lived up to the expectations of being a Round 1 pick and will be the team's long-term starting CB but with RCB Kevin King becoming a free agent after this season, CB could potentially become a pressing need for the Packers. Adebo is an adequate piece in both the run game and the passing game. He has the physical tools, such as long arms and good length, to thrive as a corner in the NFC North, which serves a home to many star WRs such as Kenny Golladay and Adam Thielen.
23. Las Vegas: Jay Tufele, IDL, USC
Jonathan Hankins has shown flashes of improvement in his third season with the Raiders but his DT counterpart, Maliek Collins, has been uninspiring. Both players will be free agents in 2021 and it would be wise to keep Hankins and let Collins go. His replacement would be easy to find, as Jay Tufele is the explosive athlete Las Vegas needs on the defensive side of the ball. The Raiders defense is full of youth and adding an agile 315 lb pass rusher would make a big impact on the team's performance.
24. Kansas City: Rashod Bateman, WR, Minnesota
Tyreek Hill is now arguably the best WR in the AFC after the Deandre Hopkins trade but the other WRs Kansas City has provided Patrick Mahomes with could easily be upgraded through this WR-heavy draft. Sammy Watkins is only under contract for this season and with many teams desperate for a WR, he could be headed to another city. Rashod Bateman's exciting style of play is perfect for the high-octane Chiefs offense and similarly to Rondale Moore, his best quality may be his run after catch skills.
25. Chicago: Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama
The Bears need to focus on their offense in the offseason and if Mitchell Trubisky can save his job, the first step Chicago should take is finding weapons for their franchise QB. Allen Robinson II is a top 15 receiver and deserves an extension but even if he gets one, the team's two other starters at WR, Darnell Mooney and Anthony Miller, are more suitable in backup roles and the Bears could certainly find better options. Jaylen Waddle is being projected by scouts to go much higher than 25 but if the speedy Alabama WR is available, it is very possible they choose him.
26. Pittsburgh: Dillon Radunz, OT, North Dakota State
Alejandro Villanueva is perfectly fine at LT and the Steelers will most likely want to sign him to a new contract in March. On the right side, Zach Banner was the starter but he suffered an ACL injury and will be out for the rest of the season. He will also be a free agent come the offseason and it would be a cheaper option to only re-sign the better OT and draft a replacement for the other one. Dillon Radunz has primarily lined up as a LT at North Dakota State and Alejandro Villanueva has some experience at RT, making Radunz an excellent choice.
27. Tennessee: Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida
Jonnu Smith has been a pleasant breakout player for the Titans, amassing 8 receptions, 120 receiving yards, and 3 receiving touchdowns in two games. However, the chance to add a potentially better player at the position in Kyle Pitts, especially since he is a top 25 prospect and an AFC South rival like the Jaguars could steal him at 32. Pitts is a creative route runner and has exceptional awareness on top of an outstanding catch radius. He can be treated as an extra receiver and make Ryan Tannehill's job much easier.
28. Arizona: Josh Myers, IOL, Ohio State
Arizona's IOL may have held opposing defenses to only 0 sacks in the first two games of the season but a large portion of the credit must be given to Kyler Murray and his ability to escape from the pocket with ease. The Cardinals need to address the interior and find players that can let Murray relax in the pocket and find his receivers. Josh Myers has impressed many at Ohio State with his mobility and speed and while there are some concerns about how he will translate to the NFL level, the Cardinals should not hesitate to upgrade their offensive line.
29. Seattle → NYJ: Aidan Hutchinson, EDGE, Michigan
The Jets drafted pass rusher Quinnen Williams in Round 1 of the 2019 NFL Draft and although he was underwhelming in his first season s a pro, he is poised for a breakout year if things go as planned. He could very well turn out to be the bright spot of this dreadful Jets team. Jordan Jenkins has also shown improvement but other than those two, the Jets don't have reliable options to rush the QB. The Michigan power rusher has the prototypical size for an edge defender and could have his best season yet with the Wolverines this fall. Putting him in the mix with Quinnen Williams will give the Jets a much needed boost to the defense.
30. Baltimore: Hamsah Nasirildeen, S, Florida State
DeShon Elliott has become Baltimore's starting FS in wake of the Earl Thomas fiasco but isn't expected to fill the shoes the Pro Bowler left behind. Elliott will suffice for this season but the Ravens need to find Earl Thomas's replacement in the offseason. Hamsah Nasirildeen is one of the more underrated prospects in this class and doesn't get the attention he deserves for his impressive play and if Baltimore can steal him, it truly is over for the rest of the league.
31. Buffalo: Daniel Faalele, OT, Minnesota
Buffalo will consider adding another CB to help Tre'Davious White lead the secondary or add a LB but instead, they reach for Minnesota anchor Daniel Faalele. LT Dion Dawkins is locked up on a long contract until 2025 but RT Daryl Williams will be a free agent this offseason and if he continues improving, his asking price may go up. In that case, the Bills can look to the draft for a new starter on the offensive line and Faalele would be put in a great situation.
32. LA Rams → JAX: Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson
After drafting their franchise QB in Trey Lance, the Jaguars address the hole Leonard Fournette's release left at RB. James Robinson has impressed doubters with an electric Week 2 performance against the Titans but adding a game-changing back like Etienne would still make sense. If Jacksonville can make an RB timeshare work, they will have an exciting young offense to develop these next few years.
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2020.09.23 09:42 throwthisoneintrash How I Became a Villain

From this prompt.
I peered through the haze of soot and ash that blanketed our city ever since the eruption of Mount Dominious. It put a damper on sound and light but the stench of the inner city was still strong. My partner and I had one more job to do before we were able to go home and wash the soot off of our faces. We had to break into the governor’s vault and retrieve some paperwork for our latest employer, Big Jay.
I holstered my revolver and tapped Jamey on the shoulder.
“Jamey, shouldn’t we head in through the back alley?”
“Nah, Cliff, it’s practically night time with all this shit in the air. Best to just act casual until we are practically inside.”
I always took Jamey’s advice. Her brain worked on a whole other level than mine. She had plans for plans for plans and never missed a detail. If we didn’t work so well together, I would probably ask her out on a date. I couldn’t risk complicating our jobs though. We were an unstoppable team and had found one of the few ways to make good money in this wretched city.
The governor’s office building was easy enough to enter if you made yourself look like one of the countless petitioners asking for some aid. That charade brought us right up to the door of Governor Healey’s personal office. I motioned to Jamey when I saw the vault in the corner of the room. I had a good angle on it as I looked through the glass relief in the door. Jamey casually pulled her trench coat back and revealed her reliable old six-shooter. I tapped my holster in acknowledgement.
Bursting through any door with guns raised is an exhilarating feeling. The risk is great, but the excitement and adrenaline I always feel makes up for any fear I might have had prior to that moment.
The Governor was leaning over some paperwork and scratching his head when we burst through his office door. I turned and locked the door immediately and Jamey used her gun to point the Governor over to the vault.
“Open it!”
“Yes, ma’am, whatever you say,” he said. The large man fumbled with the combination and finally opened it up, revealing nothing but a single sheet of paper.
Congratulations, you have managed to bring all of my enemies into one room. Enjoy the blaze.
Jamey looked up from the note at me. She saw something through the glass in the door behind me. I turned around to see a barricade setup in front of the door. Some men were pouring gasoline on the door and hallway floor. They were Big Jay’s men.
Without an exit besides the two storey drop to the ground, we were trapped. I broke the glass window and looked down. More of Big Jay’s men were waiting for us down there. Some started shooting at the window when they saw my face. It was hopeless.
Jamey surveyed the scene. Her mind processing what had happened.
“Big Jay has his own thieving crew now. He doesn’t need to split profits with us anymore. That’s why he can dispose of us,” she said with perfect solemnity. We both ignored the Governor’s screams and looked Ito each other’s eyes.
“You need to avenge me, Cliff.”
Jamey, What are you talking about?”
“You can get to that second window below us right?”
I looked over the edge and saw the window just before I had to pull back to avoid more bullets.
“I suppose, if I wasn’t being shot at.”
“How quickly?”
“A second or two,” I said.
“Be quick, I will be your cover.”
I didn’t think. I always did what Jamey suggested. I snuck towards the window and quickly dropped my legs down to the one below. Jamey had jumped. She timed her jump so perfectly that she blocked every bullet fired at me with her own body.
When I landed in the room below, I felt dizzy thinking about what just happened. This brilliant, beautiful woman had just died to give me a chance to escape.
I would avenge her. It was my life’s goal now.
The next few months, Big Jay took over the city. He rigged an election, made himself the new governor and brought his loyal bandits in to run the city. I stole a horse and lived off of the land for a few years. My anger never stopped boiling, but I trained myself to put that energy into vengeance.
On the day I planned to take revenge, “Governor” Jay was leading a group of his hand picked government workers through a construction site for his new casino. I made myself indistinguishable from the construction workers who were on site and I got close to Big Jay. Real close.
I had a rope rigged up to a horse at the end of the yard. I waited until the procession of criminals passed me by and then I twirled it above my head and lassoed Big Jay around the neck.
The group turned around and I explained their predicament.
“Now look here. I have your boss strung up to that horse over there. He’s a mighty good beast who will run if I give the command.”
They all muttered amongst themselves.
“I have a score to settle with this big ol’ monster so why don’t you just select a new leader from amongst yourselves and let me have this one.”
The sycophants were so used to obeying Big Jay that the thought of him being tied up and helpless was a shock to them all.
One of them piped up.
“I suppose, we don’t have a choice right now do we?” He said with a wry smirk.
I nodded and loaded Big Jay onto the horse with me, facing him backwards. He had nothing to grab onto and if he got off the horse, he would be dragged by his neck.
I took Big Jay out to an old abandoned well I had found in my travels. I held him at gunpoint while I slipped the rope off of his neck and around his large waist. I lowered him down and walked away.
Over the next few days, I would go sit in the well’s edge and tell Big Jay about Jamey. About what she meant to me. About her wit and bravery, her cunning and beauty.
I spent long, enjoyable hours speaking of her while I heard Big Jay slurping up the pond scum that lay at the bottom of the well. It gave me pleasure to know that all he could see was the sides of the well and the ash in the sky.
That didn’t last forever. The sky cleared soon enough. I made another trip to see skinny old Jay. He looked up in the air and winced at the sunlight.
I looked down at the creature I had tortured and said, “so, that’s what the sun looks like.” Before I covered the well and rode off to a new town.
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2020.09.23 01:31 princeoftheoneiroi Barnaby "Barry" Callahan, the Son of Morpheus

Barry Callahan

Biographical Information .
Full Name Barnaby Callahan
Gender Male
Age 13
Alias Son of Morpheus, Head Counselor of Morpheus' Cabin and the Cabin of the Oneiroi, Prince of the Oneiroi, Sandman, Bear
Family Morpheus (father), Natalya Callahan (mother), Jupiter Johnson (half-sister), Reuben Russell (uncle), Summer Russell (aunt), Gunner Russell (cousin), Albert (cousin)
Affiliation Camp Half-Blood (vs New Mycenae), Greek Gods (vs Mycenaean Gods)
Residence Vancouver, B.C. (former), Camp Half-Blood, New York
Item Plate of Medusa, Backpack of the Oneiroi, Shield of Agamemnon
Status Alive
Physical Description .
Eye Soft Blue
Hair Pale Blond
Height 5’2”
Species Demigod
"I never knew my mom. But sometimes I have this dream where she's smiling at me, and singing me to sleep. Do you dream of her?"
Barry asking Morpheus about his mother Natalya, at Camp Half-Blood.
Barnaby “Barry” Callahan is a thirteen-year-old demigod, the son of Morpheus and Natalya Callahan. Barry is the Head Counselor of Morpheus and at the Cabin of the Oneiroi.


Early Life

Barnaby “Barry” Callahan was born on June 23rd, 2022 to Morpheus, the god of dreams, and Natalya Callahan, a mortal woman. He was raised with his aunt and uncle after a monster attack killed his mother, and he was rescued by the police from the attack and given to his next of kin. He was given his name by his mother, who he spent one year with before the monster attack. He never went searching for his father, since Reuben and Summer told him he had died in the same ‘house fire’ that killed his mother.
Morpheus was never present during Barry's early childhood. Barry would sometimes feel a fatherly presence in his dreams, though it was hard to describe, and his aunt, uncle, and cousin all told him he was being silly. Soon, these dreams left him, and he joined in their belief of how silly he had sounded. His aunt and uncle made sure he didn’t think about his past, and only focused on his future.

The Russells

Though they may have seemed supportive when he was an infant, as Barry grew up his aunt, uncle, and cousin all grew to be malicious and refused to treat him as a normal member of their family, often taking away his food or his belongings if he misbehaved, or treating him horribly simply if they felt like it.

Mythological Occurrences

Bizzare things seemed to happen to Barry wherever he went, and it distinguished him as a troublemaker in his home life and his schooling.
When Barry was a baby, he yawned and put his entire family to sleep, despite them all having a family dinner just moments before, only for them all to wake up hours later as if nothing had happened; each of them was experiencing a dream about tap-dancing penguins.
When he was a bit older, volunteer staff at his elementary school tried to kidnap Barry, though just like his family when he was younger, they fell sound asleep before they could make it out the door and were quickly dispatched by security. Though no one believed Barry, he could have sworn they had legs like snakes and fangs for teeth.

Early Expulsions

Barry has never stayed in a single school for longer than two years, and has been expelled from every school he has attended.
While attending the fourth grade, he was accused of letting off ‘sleeping gas’ on the bus during his class field trip to Vancouver Island while the chauffeur had been stopping for gas. While attending the fifth grade, he was accused of drugging his teacher’s coffee who had fallen asleep after he’d given her a mug for being his favourite teacher.
These instances made children less than friendly towards him and increased his family’s disposition for intolerance. Barry had been expelled from four schools over the course of six years, kindergarten to grade six.

Leaving Home

One month ago, a boy appeared in Barry’s dreams with short black hair, brown eyes, trimmed black stubble, and some sort of bronze sword. He told him that someone would be coming for him to take him to Camp Half-Blood, where he would find more of his kind, and he could finally join his cousins. Before Barry could ask any kinds of questions or figure out who he was talking to, he woke up from his dream to rocks hitting his window.
A boy about his age, with brownish hair and eyes, and scraggy features like he was hitting puberty pretty hard, introduced himself as Trev and told him that it was time for him to get to Camp Half-Blood so that he could start his training. In a moment of sheer curiosity, and a welcome excuse to leave behind an abusive family, Barry packed what little close he had and stole a bit of food and water from the kitchen. He left with Trev, who in turn brought him across the continent to Camp Half-Blood over the next month, keeping him safe from monsters though not explaining anything about Camp or his father since it would ‘put him in greater danger.’

Camp Half-Blood

Year One
Barry arrived at Camp Half-Blood after escaping a few scythian dracanae in a stolen car with the help of his satyr guide, Trev. After he crossed the threshold he was immediately claimed by Morpheus, and shortly after was elected counselor of the Morpheus cabin, which wasn't a cabin. In the original timeline, he learned of the conflict between New Mycenae and Camp Half-Blood after Mycenaen Poseidon attacked Camp, and was given a quest shortly thereafter to retrieve an herb from the mouth of the Underworld that would restore the mind of a shade that Chiron had encaptured. After succeeding in his quest with Deklyn Hayes, a daughter of Iris, Barry started training in forging with Brandon, a son of Hephaestus, and in sword skills with Jay Jones, a son of Ares; this was done in both the original and alternate timelines (this timeline business will be explained later.)
Soon after his quest in the original timeline, wartime started ramping up. Barry spent most of his time training as the sky turned red and rain fell endlessly from above as Mycenaean Poseidon issued what was known as 'the Cull', an eradication of nearly ninety percent of the population. Camp Half-Blood decided to put an end to this war and marched on the Mycenaean host, and Barry fought in the Battle of New York against the Mycenaeans, also discovering a new power - the ability to draw strength from sand - and surviving his fight against Ajax the Greater. Mycenaean Kronos decided to fix the world with time magic, and Barry, along with the other half-bloods across the globe, were arranged into a new timeline where the conflict had never happened, and peace was restored.
After defeating the Mycenaeans, Barry enjoyed a relatively peaceful winter at Camp Half-Blood. He honed his skills in sword-fighting and forging, securing himself as a solid novice under Brandon's tutelage. Albert, the son of Phantasos that Barry had previously met in his dreams, reached out to him again and decided to train him in Hypnokinesis. To finish off the cold season, the Gods decided to show up at Camp for an Olympics, Barry met his half-sister Jupiter Johnson, and Morpheus finally met his son in the opening ceremonies of said games, telling him the truth of his mother's death, and that her final wish was that Barry would survive the monster attack that caused her death.
Barry spent the next few months training hard at Camp Half-Blood and competing in the Olympics to keep his promise to Morpheus of winning at least one event. Though he did manage to clutch at least one victory in an event involving the Stymphalian birds, Zeus scolded him and his teammates afterward for not winning in the way he had expected Barry and his teammates to win. Though his time in the Olympics was brutal and deadly, his time was not solely spent competing. Brandon trusted him enough to make full repairs on his own, Jay's training helped him get a solid grasp of the basics of sword-fighting with specialization in speed and agility, with only his base strength leaving something to be admired, and he had his first dance with his friend Robin at the Camp's March Dance.
Year Two
His second summer was a quiet and enjoyable one, at least until mystery seeped its way into the Camp's borders at the arrival of Sextus. Up until that point, Barry continued to train with Brandon, Deklyn, and Jay on forging, riding, and fighting respectively. He finished his dagger and began a new project under Brandon in the form of crafting his own leather armour, and continued to cement his combat knowledge under Jay's tutelage. His first flight with Deklyn and Pillows became one of his most favoured memories, second only to a flight of his own, using his winged backpack he received from Morpheus for his Olympic win.


“And as she watched him bend for the herb and approach the most terrifying thing she'd ever come before, Deklyn knew she had more respect for Barry than anything else in this room.”
Deklyn's thoughts on Barry approaching Mycenaean Hades during their quest in the original timeline, at DOA Records.
Barry has many qualities one would admire. He is a supportive person, sharing his knowledge, experience, time, and energy with anyone who needs it. Despite being the youngest on his quest, Barry always ensure he was helping Deklyn to the best of his abilities, and refused to even think about letting her or the Camp down. He is an enthusiastic person, always fighting for a goal he believes to be right. Barry was desperate to save even one mortal life during the Cull, going so far as to walk out of the Camp's borders if not for his friends' stopping him. He is a loyal and hard-working person, often forming an emotional attachment to ideas or places he's dedicated his time to. Barry faced off against Ajax the Greater, an opponent four times his size, out of loyalty to Camp Half-Blood's cause during the Battle of New York.
Barry also has many qualities one would consider unfortunate. He takes things too personally, often having trouble separating personal and impersonal situations. At the slightest hint of criticism for something unpracticed, Barry is known to believe the fault is something to do with his being. He overloads himself, his sense of duty and aversion to conflict often creating difficult situations. It is easy to find Barry in the midst of a task as his calendar is almost always overflowing. He is too altruistic, often believing in the best outcome even if it is an unlikely one. Despite its evident danger, Barry happily volunteered to join whatever force Camp Half-Blood intended on sending for the defence of Ikaria and its people against the monsters of the Labyrinth.

Fatal Flaw

“How do you face Hades, Persephone, and Odysseus and freeze to a beast during a game?"
Derek Ward’s thoughts on Barry during the Olympic Hydra Event, at Camp Half-Blood.
Barry’s fatal flaw is perfectionism. He would destroy an entire statue he made if one cut was out of place, or gladly accept deadly consequences if he had made a mistake.
Barry was nearly killed by this on his first quest in the original timeline, when instead of curing a Mycenaean Hades with what he thought was the correct procedure, he insisted on asking Hades if it was correct, spending more time than necessary in front of the King of the Underworld which could have easily resulted in his demise. During the Battle of New York in the original timeline, Barry challenged Ajax the Greater - an opponent four times his size - to a duel in order to distract him, believing that it was the right choice to make to keep this individual away from Camp Half-Blood's troops; likewise, this also could have ended in Barry's death, but he seemed satisfied with the consequences. While killing the Hydra in the Camp Olympics, Barry froze during Ward's commenting of his choice in battle tactics, causing Barry to assume he made a mistake and easily offering up the young demigod as a meal for hungry Hydra heads if his teammates had not been so steady in their approach.


"The sight of him doesn't leave much of an impression on her, apart from that awesome hoodie."
Calista Fairfield's thoughts on Barry during a formal waltzing lesson, at Camp Half-Blood.
Barry is an average looking youth, with wavy, short, bleach blond hair in a slight and constant state of bed-head, with cerulean blue eyes that always seem a bit drowsy. He has a lighter than normal complexion for Caucasian standards, clear of blemishes or scars. He has a tired but charming smile. Compared to other thirteen-year-old boys, Barry stands a bit taller.
While on the road with Trev, Barry managed to find a long, black coat with numerous pockets and a purple and blue psychedelic lining on the inside, which he has since made a signature part of his appearance. Brandon has since changed this coat to magically transform into armour when commanded.
Like every camper at Camp Half-Blood, Barry has a leather cord hanging from his neck to display beads given out by Camp to celebrate the summer's events, and sometimes events that last a bit longer than the summer. Barry currently has two beads attached to the necklace to denote one summer each of attendance.

Abilities and Tools

"There will most likely be a battle coming at some point, kiddo. People will be looking up to you, I hope. You're good at this."
Jay Jones' thoughts on Barry's skills and abilities, at Camp Half-Blood.

General Abilities

Demigod Abilities

Magical Items





September 22, 2035
I pushed open the stables doors, carrying with me a basket full of apples after a long day of training and forging. Deklyn and I didn’t have riding lessons today, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t say hello to one of my closest friends. It was kind of hard, being thirteen around here. You’d think after a while you’d get used to the age difference but no, most of my time I spent alone.
Not that I minded, of course. That had been most of my childhood, and even though monsters and gods and magic was real now, I didn’t expect my life to become a fairy tale. After the battle in New York I came to the realization that life was gonna be hard. I’d need to sit down and smell the roses, as often as I could.
“Hey Pillows,” I said with a grin as I pushed open another set of smaller, pen doors. My pegasus was waiting for me, ready, of course, for all the apples I was carrying. I held one out for her, and she quickly gobbled it down. She was growing up so fast, but I still remembered a time I had to slice the apples down to size for her. “Hey girl. How you been?”
Pillows whinnied as she munched on some more apples from my hand, flapping her wings. I nodded. “Yeah, me too. Long day. But I brought your favourite snack.”
I chuckled, running a hand through her main as she ate from the basket. After a few moments I decided to get to work cleaning the place. Just because I was visiting didn’t mean I couldn’t be useful. I’m sure Deklyn would appreciate the help, after all.
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2020.09.22 21:00 portlane Carter Case (Aug. 19, 1949 - Aug. 27, 2020)

Carter Jay Case
Aug. 19, 1949 - Aug. 27, 2020
Carter Case loved music. You could find him on a Sunday soaking up jazz from his classic stereo, digging the vibes at a Crosby, Stills and Nash concert, or head-bopping in the sun at the Blues Festival. He rarely missed joining in on the raucous tunes of the Timbers Army at home games or the howling for the UW Husky football or basketball teams. He reveled in the melodious tinkling of wine glasses and vibrant hum of conversation in the restaurant scene. He found purpose in the soulful scratching of the architect's pencil across draft paper. The symphony of Carter's life ended Aug. 27, 2020 at the age of 71.
Carter was born Aug. 19, 1949 in Louisville, Ky., to Eve and Jay Case. He became a proud Portlander when he was 8 and graduated from Sunset High School in 1967. As a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, he earned a five-year degree from the University of Washington School of Architecture and worked in San Francisco and Eugene. He returned to Portland to work in his own architecture and design firm for 40 years, specializing in hotels and restaurants. On Sept. 29, 1973, Boz Scaggs' "Moments" played as he married Judith Ashworth. They raised two children, Tyler and Jocelyn.
Carter loved to contribute to his community. He served as President of Artquake, chaired the Party in the Pearl as part of the Pearl neighborhood association, and served as President and board member for Columbia Riverkeeper.
He was preceded in death by his parents; and nephew. He is survived by his wife, Judith; son, Tyler and wife, Pam; daughter, Jocelyn and partner J.R.; sister, Carrie Mackie; and a niece and nephew.
A celebration of life will be held in the Spring. Memorial gifts to honor Carter may be made to Columbia Riverkeeper at: www.columbiariverkeeper.org/donate
Add Carter's name in the Donation Dedication field. In the meantime, listen to some cool jazz and think of his top sider shoes tapping along.
Please sign the online guest book at www.oregonlive.com/obits
source: http://obits.oregonlive.com/obituaries/oregon/obituary.aspx?n=carter-jay-case&pid=196834375
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The Reason Why Beyonce Forgave Jay-Z For All His Cheating ... The NFL won by partnering with Jay-Z/Roc Nation, but now what?  Jalen & Jacoby Jay-Z Partners With NFL To Amplify Social Justice Efforts JAY Z PARTNERS WITH LIU TO OFFER DEBT FREE DEGREES ... Beyoncé - Upgrade U (Video) ft. Jay-Z - YouTube Jay-Z's Roc Nation partnership with the NFL is a positive step forward – Jalen Rose  Get Up Jay-Z Exposed - Right hand man speaks out - YouTube

Jay Z. - Partner - Social Capital LinkedIn

  1. The Reason Why Beyonce Forgave Jay-Z For All His Cheating ...
  2. The NFL won by partnering with Jay-Z/Roc Nation, but now what? Jalen & Jacoby
  3. Jay-Z Partners With NFL To Amplify Social Justice Efforts
  5. Beyoncé - Upgrade U (Video) ft. Jay-Z - YouTube
  6. Jay-Z's Roc Nation partnership with the NFL is a positive step forward – Jalen Rose Get Up
  7. Jay-Z Exposed - Right hand man speaks out - YouTube

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby break down the news that Jay-Z's Roc Nation has partnered with the NFL in a music and entertainment agreement. #JalenAndJacoby #JalenJacoby Subscribe to ESPN+ https ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Jalen Rose contends the NFL is moving in the right direction with their partnership with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, saying it creates a level of validity and credibility for the league. #GetUp ... Amanda Seales Dishes On Floetry, Getting Fired Because Jay-Z, Her Hollywood Come-up & More - Duration: 57:27. Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM 1,742,674 views 57:27 Beyoncé's official video for 'Upgrade U' ft. Jay-Z. Click to listen to Beyoncé on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/BeyonceSpot?IQid=B... As featured on B'Day. Cli... Jay-Z Exposed - Right hand man speaks out Beyonce and Jay-Z are one of the most famous couples in the world. Beyonce and J-Z story began at the end of the 90s when Queen Bey was only 18 years old. Qu...