I don t Like Girls

Girls like girls like boys do, nothing new Girls like girls like boys do, nothing new (Boy) Always gonna steal your thunder, watch me like a dark cloud On the move collecting numbers, Imma take your girl out. We will be everything that we'd ever need Don't tell me, tell me what I feel I'm real and I don't feel like boys I'm real and I don't ... I don't like 'Girls.' I don't like when it's compared to 'Sex And The City,' and I don't like hearing that it's the voice of my -- well, not generation, but demographic. And yet, I continue to watch it, mostly due to a prevailing sense that Lena Dunham has put in all those little things I find so irritating to force me to figure out why they ... I Don't Like Girls (That Treat Me Well) is a popular song by Solar Queen Create your own TikTok videos with the I Don't Like Girls (That Treat Me Well) song and explore 0 videos made by new and popular creators. 2. You don't need makeup to impress guys. Judging from our survey, boys just don't get makeup. In fact, a lot of guys even complain about it. Sure, they all like pretty girls, but they also have a problem with a face that looks full-on painted. “Why do girls think they need to have so much crap on their faces?” asks Billy. “If you don’t like girls who are smarter than you/Then you might not like me,” sings Elliott in her much-streamed single. With over 1 million plays on Spotify, Elliott’s track is the ... Understanding “why girls don’t like me” can be difficult. Not because the reasons are complicated – but because the truth can hurt. In order to become the guy more women are attracted to you may have to change. I don’t mean change into someone you’re not, just change into a better version of yourself. In an open chat with fellow housemate Vee, Laycon said he hates girls who always feel too important and beautiful in a relationship. He quoted: “I don’t like girls with pride, girls who usually feel too important and beautiful in a relationship are my worsts type of girls. ‘I Don’t Like Girls With This Type Of Habit’- Laycon Reveals His Worst Type Of Ladies . Headlines: ‘I Don’t Like Girls With This Type Of Habit’- Laycon Reveals His Worst Type Of Ladies . The Real Deal: Current Head of the House (HOH) of the ongoing BBNaija Season 5 Edition, Laycon has revealed the kind of women he’s not attracted to. Current Head of the House (HOH) of the ongoing BBNaija Season 5 Edition, Laycon has revealed the kind of women he’s not attracted to. In an open chat with fellow housemate Vee, Laycon said he hates girls who always feel too important and beautiful in a relationship. He quoted:Read Also:... Don’t worry girls. We are not talking about exercise. Just stretch to grab something. Maybe the top shelf of the wardrobe or stretching to get something from the other side of the bed, the guys find it really cute.


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2020.09.29 14:57 Byakugans Girl told me about her relationship with parents

Ok I’m talking with this girl, she’s really sweet but we are good friends(not trying to do anything or start anything like a relationship). She told me that her dad isn’t good with her since she was really young. She didn’t say a lot of details. I don’t know what to tell her. I feel that she’s somewhat insecure and feels sad but I just don’t know how to handle this!
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2020.09.29 14:55 idek_anymre Legitimate Question Here

I hope I don't get hated here for being "ignorant", which has happened irl before, but I have a question about being Trans. Before I type it, I do not hate trans people and I have nothing against them, and I am not trying to disprove it either.
So, my question is, what is it to be a gender? Like, how do you know what gender you are? I know I'm a guy because what's between my legs and my production of testosterone, but what makes you feel a certain gender? I know its not being feminine or masculine, because you can get feminine men and masculine women; I know it's not what clothes you feel comfortable in, because you can identify as the gender of your body and be a Transvestite; I know it's not the sexuality, because that's a different thing entirely, so what is it exactly that makes you feel like a girl or a guy?
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2020.09.29 14:54 stormmystwolfe Random interactions with people

me walking down the hall wearing red flannel Girl behind me who I don't know Hey I like your shirt! Me turns and sees that she is also wearing red flannel Hey I like yours too!
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2020.09.29 14:53 12SS93 How to deal with insecurities instilled in by an ex bf?

My ex (34M) broke up with me (27F) in May 2020. Recently after the break up one of his friends told.me to check his insta account. I saw that he's been following too many girls, and has liked several photos (such as half naked pics etc). During the relationship, he got really hooked onto social media - had snapchat, fb etc and he'd constantly compare me to the hundreds of different women he saw online. His constant comparison, and invalidation towards me has made me feel really insecure. I find myself constantly comparing my life to some of them girls he follows or had compared me with. I'm nothing like them, will never be. I just feel really hurt that despite trying so much for so long, I wasn't his perfect something. I keep checking on their insta handles (I got an insta account just to see what these girls (ones he compares me with) do).
I'm not an athlete, he is. He compares me to this one girl who left her job, almost his age (6y older to me), lived on her parents money and now travels around. I'm a university student, lil to no savings. He says he hasn't cheated on me but he has done a lot of emotional/moral cheating with this girl and another woman much older to him in the mountains where he lives.
Will I never be enough? How do I stop myself from going down this rabbit hole? Will I always remain a loser like he's pointed out?
(I'm struggling with my mom's health issues and my own career probs now, please don't be unkind if you can't help).
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2020.09.29 14:53 Needstohavemyname Im so confused about my attraction

I've (25 cisF) always had a weird relationship with sex. I had a trauma as a child and then a bad first boyfriend and eventually fell in love with someone(H)(24 AMAB) that I met online, this led me to figure out I was demisexual. ( I couldn't remember any big crushes ever or interest in anyone I didn't know closely, sex has always been difficult for me and I fell in love with H long before I saw them, the pieces fit)
I have chronic pain and take a lot of meds and with all the past history I wasn't surprised my sexual hangups were still an issue, Im in therapy and working through it and figured in time I would be totally comfortable having sex with my partner. Sometimes my head wouldn't match my body's feelings or sometimes my body's feelings wouldn't match my head but we still had sex at least once a month.
My partner H came out as wanting to transition this spring. Now they're on track to hormones and have regular support meetings, Im so happy for them. And I have a lot of weird feelings too. I've been seeing posts on here about cis partners who find themselves more attracted to their partner since transitioning and it makes me feel odd. The most recent was a lady who thought she was asexual until her husband became her wife, it hit a nerve with me.
I'm confused, I guess because I wonder, or think that's kind of how I feel... Like Im so excited for a wedding with 2 dresses/brides, I keep picturing how they will look as they transition and I find myself just looking forward to my future with them even more now... and now Im looking back at my childhood and all my crushes were cartoon girls and all my art was feminine form and all the people I stared at in public were women ... and now I think I was just so anxious and scared of people and awkward at making friends I confused crushes for girls with wanting to be their friends.
We were intimate the other night and H tried their new voice and it hit such a spot. I feel like Ive spent years asking my male partners to be more vocal when all I wanted to hear was a female partner. I feel confused and dumb and like I don't know myself. And I don't feel very demisexual anymore...
Now I wonder if I actually have all the issues with sex I thought I did or if I was just pushing myself to be with a gendebodytype I wasn't fully interested in. Because lately the issues just don't seem to be there.
I don't really know why I posted, I dont have anyone irl to talk to besides my partner and therapist(both of whom I have) but I guess I wanted to share with people who might relate.
Ofcourse we have a lot of other stuff we're dealing with related and unrelated to the transition and this may not necessarily be the most important thing but its been on my mind a lot.
Thanks for taking the time to read, I hope everyone's having a good day. :)
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2020.09.29 14:50 Nerdy_Soldier Life long friends (Multi-Part)

First time reddit user
This was a some time ago ( roughly 12y ) so details are a little fuzzy. In middle school I was a fairly weird kid. Not so much where I was a social outcast ( though it felt like it ATT ). I was always the target of bullying. You see I have vitiligo on my head, which leads to a distinct white patch of skin/hair. This detail lead to the obvious nicknames of skunk, freak, and (pardon my language) cum/ jizz head (homophobia was a fairly strong thing in my smaller town). The bullying got so bad I went from a fairly out-spoken person (always wanted to make friends), into a more quiet, withdrawn, and guarded individual. I also went as far as to dye my hair black as to not have my white spot. I even started to getting into fights ( don't know how I won them, I was a small kid ).
Fast forward to about half way through my second year in middle school. I met two girls who were always nice to me. The first girl ( Tall Nice Girl or TNG for short) was always taller then me when we were younger by about 3-4 inches. She was fairly attractive and usually had 2 or 3 boys follow her during recess. One morning, before school had started, I was standing in a circle with my friends/ fellow rejects (about 5 in total) talking about Halo 3 or something. She walks up to us, joins our circle, and starts talking to another boy. I fall silent as not to draw attention to myself. She turned to me, gave a friendly smile and a short wave and said hello and asked how I was. I had learned to ignore strangers as most just acted nice in order to be cruel/ funny in front of friends. Thus I put my head down and didn't say another word. She turned to another boy ( I presume she knew ) and began a conversation with him.
Later that same day we were coming in from recess and I sat my usually table. Most of the time I sat alone and ate my food. Other times kids would sit with me but they would ignore my presence and I theirs. I had just sat down and began eating when TNG put her tray next to mine ( we had circular tables w/ seats attached ) and sat down. I glanced up, met her eyes, and immediately looked back down, waiting for her friends to join her and to be ignored. Instead she greeted me, asked how I was and sat down ( left and empty seat between us ). I picked my head up and told he I was fine, and went back to my meal. She picked up on my bitter attitude an began to talk to her friends that had begun to join us.
After her talking to her friends for about 10 minutes she says something about her llama ( I tend to eavesdrop so I can learn more about people ). This threw me off because 1) we lived in the North East US where you NEVER see those. 2) The property my father was renting out, ( I lived with my dad, parents separated ) the land lord had a small llama farm or about 7-9 llamas ( some states give you a tax reduction for owning these animals ). I half chocked as I tried to swallow my mouth full of meatloaf, and asked her if she really had a llama. She said yes and went on a short rant on how awesome it was. I grinned and mentioned how I lived on a small llama farm. Her face lit up and she started bouncing on her seat, asking if I was serious and if she could come over and see it. I described it to her and I said she could come by whenever she wanted.
TLD I was out casted when I was young for my white patch of hair and was picked on a lot. Nice girl joins my table and talks to friends. Mentions her llama. I tell her I live on a llama farm and we instantly form a bond.
Let me know what you think and if you would like a part 2.
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2020.09.29 14:49 Caramel64 [Trigger Warning] Does the concept of "privilege/oppression" have any objective meaning?

While this isn't directly about nihilism, I would like some thoughts from a non-anthropocentric, unbiased, and objective standpoint. The concept of "privilege/oppression" has also been used a lot by the political world to discuss a variety of things, but it is not my intention to start a political conversation. It does dismay me how far people take the "privilege/oppression" concept, such as to the point of judging and treating individuals unequally/unfairly and believing in it to the point it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Does the concept of "privilege/oppression" have any objective meaning? Can it ever be universally true, or at least almost?
Or is the concept of "privilege/oppression" a purely subjective interpretation and/or opinion of external stimuli? Even though there might be some correlation between who feels oppressed/privileged and the demographic to which they belong, could it still vary among individuals? Could it be that these feelings aren't universal within any demographic? Could it be that an individual may feel oppressed for being within a demographic regardless of their demographic or public opinion about said individual or demographic?
Here's why I'm asking. For reasons unknown, when I (M) was little and started to socialise and observe, I just felt that women were more privileged than men and men consequentially more oppressed, and I strived to be equal to women in every way, such as to grow up and try to be like them in many ways. I had this thought based on my own observations; I had no influence from friends, family, or the media (the Internet wasn't even really a thing back then), and even if I heard anything at all, they wouldn't echo my sentiment. To my surprise, I learned that society generally thought the opposite of what I did. No amount of education on social issues could change my opinion. I could not understand why. I had always disliked being treated as a boy and liked being treated as a girl, even till today. It just seems my brain was wired differently to everyone else for some reason, like I was the only one who thinks this way. Am I a defect?
Trigger Warning: sexual assault, conscription, slavery. Only click the spoiler if you're ready and willing to read. When I learned that men were conscripted and I would have to go through it, it only confirmed my pre-existing beliefs. I felt I was not listened to. I began to feel the ramifications on my health as I cursed at and cried over my gender for nights, plunged into depression, practised self-harm, and contemplated suicide. I now have PTSD over this. Some time later, I was a slave to an emotionally-abusive woman, and some time after that I was also sexually assaulted by a different woman about twice my age. And I started to think, if society thinks men are more privileged and women more oppressed, perhaps I was just so damn unlucky that my brain was wired to think otherwise and that I experienced all these things.
But something would change. After reading on the Internet about gender issues and thinking about it, I realised that my belief that "women more privileged, men more oppressed" is just as wrong as society's belief that "men more privileged, women more oppressed." I am beginning to think that it has always been a matter of opinion, but for some reason it gained so much traction that almost everyone happens to agree and disseminate it like a meme. I don't think society's opinion is a universal experience, as I'm a boy who has felt oppressed for his gender his entire life, even if I could be 1 in almost 8 billion people. Society's opinion cannot answer why I felt so oppressed that I wanted to kill myself.
That's my take on these things anyway. What do you think? Does the concept of "privilege/oppression" have any objective meaning? Is my brain just wired differently? I would like to hear from everyone (women, men, non-binary, aliens from Zeta Reticuli, cats, dogs, tardigrades, who/whatever; I literally don't care, just be non-anthropocentric and non-political).
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2020.09.29 14:46 kittykat131963 Feeling so guilty, I can’t do this

I’m going to tell summarize this story as much as I can.
Please someone read and reply. Because I can’t do this this anymore.
I’m friends with my ex from 8th grade. He now has a boyfriend, does makeup, and is bi sexual if you were wondering lol. He has had this boyfriend for like 2 and a half years and I’m so happy for them. Anyways, I’m also in a relationship of 4 and a half years. God I love my boyfriend so much. This is why this is killing me even feeling the way that I do. My ocd is telling and making me feel like I have feelings for my ex. These feelings feel real. Just a side note, I have obsessed about this before, but then it went away and my HOCD came back. I was just obsessing if I liked girls 2 days ago.
Yesterday I called my ex because his mom asked me to (before my ocd latched on to this, I used to just call him my friend because we dated in middle school) while I was at the fair with my boyfriend and his brother. She said he was having a panic attack. This “ex” is also pretty toxic in his romantic relationships, that’s why we broke up in the first place. He yells, hits walls, has major anger issues. He said he was doing his makeup and messed up and started having a breakdown, banging on his wall, screaming, crying, and then telling me he wanted to die because he was so anxious and tired. I was literally at the fair but I called him because he’s my friend and I care. He asked me to comeover and that it is an emergency. Mind you, this isn’t out of the norm, we are really good friends and had just hung out Saturday) and I told him I didn’t have my car and I couldn’t. So he got our other friend to comeover.
Ocd is making me feel like because I took his call, and because I felt a bit of a yearning to comeover I have feelings for him. I keep thinking of the past with him, and I legit got love feelings, but thinking of him now I really don’t. But then ocd is making me question that. Idk if this is even ocd because for those 2 seconds on that call, the feelings I got felt genuine. This SCARES me. Makes me panic. Makes me cry. Makes me feel so guilty.
I also think about on Saturday night, when him and the girls all did our makeup and went to a birthday party, I was taking pictures in the ring light and he was like “you look so sexy!” But it wasn’t super weird of him to say that because he’s just a friend and I don’t think he meant it like that. But I got feelings when he said that. (I was obsessing about having feelings for him earlier that day as well) but before ocd I wouldn’t have had a second thought about that comment. Like wtf. We have been friends for YEARS.
My boyfriend and I got into an argument last night, and my ex came up because we were talking about who I would call when I was in distress. Instead of calling my ex a friend like I normally do (because before this I really didn’t consider him a real “ex”) I kept calling him my “ex boyfriend”. My boyfriend kind of got upset at this. I told him I’m sorry, and that I will never have romantic feelings for him, just platonic friend love. WAS THAT A LIE? I know I don’t want to be with him but I feel like I do have feelings for him so did I lie?
Guys I know my ex IS NOT good for me. He is toxic, he smokes every single day, he has really no aspirations besides moving out to L.A, and he’s also TAKEN! But these feelings are eating me alive. I woke up from a dream of wanting to kiss my ex, but didn’t because I had a boyfriend. But in this dream I wanted to kiss him. This scares me. I’m sitting here shaking writing this. I woke up panicking, sitting here cuddling my boyfriend because I feel so guilty. Do I need to tell him? Is this even ocd anymore? What is going on.
I love my boyfriend so much. I think about our memories together and how he has stuck by my side no matter what and I just cry because he’s the love of my life. But I feel so so guilty. I DO NOT want to be with my ex AT ALL.
I’ve obsessed about this before, but it feels so so much more real. I need advice. Thinking about telling him makes me panic, because I don’t know if these feelings are real, or if it’s ocd, I DONT KNOW ANYMORE. Someone please help
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2020.09.29 14:45 Illustrious_Ad2057 AITA for not wanting to interfere?

I (mid 50's) have a older sisted (late 50's). Both her and me have childs in ours late 20's, i have twin girls (25) and she have a son (27).
My sister is the focus of the story.
My was a distanta parent, cold and resentfull of her son, because she blamed him for the fact that her husband had an affair and abandoned her for the lover, he paid child suport, but moved out of state with the lover after the divorce.
My sister treated his own son like he was a guest that overstayed his welcome, in his own home, she never did enything for him, only called by his first name, maked him get a job and pay rent, grocries and utilities, again, IN HIS OWN HOME and to top it all maked him be responsable to keep the entire house clean.
I helped the boy as best as i could, i take him to to my house once or twice a week, taked hin to teraphy, helped with scholl, etc. I also tried to make his mother come to her senses and even proposed therapy, but the bitterness and resentment she fellt was too much for her to even see the boy as her son instead of a younger version of his father (and also stoped her from start dating again) and one day during a family gathering (our familys are just me, her and our childs) were again she was treating his son as a maid i looked dead in the eyes and said "if you continue treting him like this, he will cut you out of his life on the frist chance he get"
Many, many things happened and lo and behold she kicked him out of the house at 17, i was mortified when hi came to my house in tears, i taked him in, tried to contact my sister, but aparently she decided to go low contact with me iwas heartbroken with her, so i decided to take care o him till college.
The years passed, the kids grown and lo and behold they graduate in college, leave home and buil their lives, my nephew after years of therapy (money well spend), and no contact with his mother make himself a very sucessfull child free man (he told that he decide to not take a chence of screwing possible childs and got a vasectomy) living and working from home in a big city.
After years of no contact with his own son, my sister, after survivng a car accident and being confronted with her own mortality decide to try get in contact with her son, the only problem is that she don't knhow his number, she asked me for thenumber, i asked my nephew if hi wanted to speak to my sister, he said no, i said her no, she brake in tears.
That was three years ago, because the current situation moved with me and my daughters, my nephew calls me twice a week to know if i am okay or if i need something, one of this days my sister snatched the phone of my hands, but her son hunged up the exactly moment he heard her voice and again she started crying and begged me to help her, i told her NO.
I would be lying if i said i don't enjoy to be right, but watch my sister in this state brakes my heart, but i don't want to interfere.
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2020.09.29 14:44 parxie How long to message before arranging a first date?

So I (F20) matched with a guy (M20) on Hinge on Friday night, it's now Tuesday. We've been talking on the app every day about the normal stuff, how are you, what you up to, work, games etc all that stuff. But I've never actually started talking to anyone online before (I've had one previous relationship and we never even really dated before getting in a serious relationship) so I'm new to the whole dating thing, I've never even been on a proper date before. I thought he would've asked me by now if I wanted to meet up like next weekend or something, but I don't know if maybe I'm being overeager? Do guys like when girls take the initiative? Or how long should I wait before I assume he's not actually that interested?
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2020.09.29 14:42 im-the-wart How can you not seriously consider your paranormal or otherworldly experience as delusion or mental illness?

I don’t seem to be able to meet any other skeptics in my random encounters, but I sure do meet believers of all stripes. Whether it’s meeting someone new who I really like yet she believes aligning my Chi will solve all my problems, or going on a date with a girl who reveals that she believes people are targeting her. I just can’t help but feel like these people are insane after spending some time with them. When I met the targeted girl, we went back to her house and she claimed there were men who lived in her basement and in her attic. I told her we could go up to the attic with a gun and capture whoever it was, call the police, and solve the problem right here right now. She did what most people do when they believe something Ludacris or outrageous, she made it unfalsifiable. She said that if we went up there, they would know where we were going to look and would be somewhere else. I asked her if you can’t see them because they are always one step ahead of you, how do you know they are actually there. She made me ask the question three times, I could tell she had never thought of that before. She ended up letting out a sigh and saying, ”You don’t understand, there are higher powers at play here.”
I’m 32 years old and a skeptic. I’m an agnostic atheist but I’m obsessed with both the paranormal and religion. I have been going out of my way for about 10 years now to have a “paranormal experience” and before that I was a believer of Christianity seeking to be filled with the “Holy Spirit“. I’ve come up with nothing. I don’t hold the position that there is no paranormal, or that there is no god but I absolutely don’t believe it either right now and if I had to say which side I am closer to; it would be the side of reality observed being the reality we live in. Perhaps everything is just as it seems, maybe when we die and our brains can no longer function, that’s just it. Maybe all those ghost videos are faked along with the videos of aliens, Bigfoot and other legends, spirits, angels, etc. The reason science has revealed so much to us is because what we learn to be true ends up having predictive value. If a ghost really lived in some house, and you could invoke it, we would’ve already done it. We would have a channel to the ghost world, or whatever we are going to call it. Science wouldn’t ignore something so blatantly true.
EDIT: I’m going to give aliens a slight pass on this. I’m pretty sure the government has caught UFOs on video, which doesn’t mean they are aliens but I think that is more likely to be true than not. The UFOs could be technology that, although came from this earth, we think it doesn’t. Still, I don’t rule out intelligent extraterrestrial life given the likelihood it exists.
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2020.09.29 14:42 SkyAir457 Flourish: Sequence 4, The Wild

Sequence 4: The Wild
On our travel across the grassy hills, we started getting closer to a jungle. I wasn’t ready to go inside it, not after that fight. I just wanted to sit down, the Goombas were a struggle enough. My father was right, I’m not ready to be a gamer if I can't handle goombas. Christ…what I’m I even doing here?
Copper: Man I’m starving. Did you have any of that mushroom left?
Wun: No, pretty sure I dropped it.
Copper: If I don’t find something to eat I don’t know if I’m gonna make it.
Wun: be a soldier, or at least pretend to be one since you have that outfit on.
Copper: outfit? This isn’t just an outfit, this is a proudly made World War 2 uniform. Honoring those that died many, many years ago.
Wun: pretty sure that’s not a World War 2 uniform. That’s World War 1.
Copper: wha…ok history teacher…
As we approach the forest red cape in front of everyone, he stops and turns around, lifting his sword as it shines from the sun.
Red cape player: Everyone stop!
Everyone stops
Red cape: Make sure you're prepared and your head is in the game before we head into this forest. Remember The deeper we travel the harder it gets. You’ve seen what happened to our fellow allies, don’t be duped like them, we’re NOT playing an easy mode.
Copper: I’ll get my head straight when I find something to eat…
We took a few minutes to get ourselves ready, going into the supply wagons, and taking time to fully catch our breaths. Copper started grabbing extra supplies and putting them in his bag.
Copper: This is some good stuff, we might be ready to handle things alone.
Red cape: alright everyone let’s move out. Everyone started moving. But copper stopped me.
Copper: You see that sign? It says shortcut
Wun: yeah? But it also says danger.
Copper: I know that but don’t you wanna take that chance how getting to where we need to be quicker?
Wun: NO
Copper: Wun come on it’ll be fine, we ranked up after all that fight, and we’re loaded on supplies again.
Wun: I’m NOT getting murdered with you
Copper: What happened to stick together till the end? You owe me anyway I helped save you life.
Wun: ...If I go in there with you better have my back the whole time
Copper: dealeo
Random player: can I come?
I and Copper jumped a little and looked at this player, he wore a brown hat, had a particular colored, checkered jacket on him, a green shirt, baggy brown pants, a tannish brown bag on his head with a straw coming out of it, He carried a metal baton and a wooden shield. His body looked completely stitched together.
Copper: curious and you are?
Random player: I’m Scrow. I saw how you and your friend were fighting off those goombas and Petey plants. I want to join your clan!
Copper: clan? Ugh, yeah right, clan.
Scrow: So can I join?
Copper: what do you say Wun?
Wun: ...sure...
Copper: welcome aboard Scrow! Alright fellas let’s go before anyone notices
We started to walk into the “shortcut” direction. as usual, we weren’t sure what there will be to bring. I just hope Copper is right about this and this isn’t some clever trap. The things I’ll do to be a good person for someone…someone I hardly even know. I looked around making sure. I’m nothing was out of the ordinary; suddenly Copper sparked.
Wun: You know Scrow you sound kinda young,
Scrow: I’m thirteen
Copper: Really? Didn’t think little kids could join
I was wondering why he looked so young, We should watch out for him, He doesn't look like he knows much.
Copper: look fellas, wumpa fruit! Oh, I never had ken before. Man, it’s high up thought. Guess I’ll have to cli-
Scrow: I’ll get it!
he stretches out his arm grabbing the wumpa fruit. Me and Copper both looked puzzled and in amazement. Scrow hands Copper the fruit.
Copper: Wow Scrow thanks! How did you do that?
Scrow: I have a stretchability, kinda useful isn’t it?
Copper: if you don’t mind me asking scrow… what are you?
Scrow: proudly I’m a scarecrow, I think they’re kinda cool so I made my avatar one.
Wun: oh, so I guess your name is just scare and crow combined?
Scrow: No, I just liked the name.
Copper: well let's get a move ooooow.
We all stopped because of a big hole that laid in front of us. A Deeper look showed a deep dark abyss of nothing. Weren’t sure how to get around that. Then, Scrow jumped over it. Waiting for me and copper to do the same thing. Instead I and Copper just went around it.
We all kept onto the path until we were meant with more holes, sharp rocks swaying left and right into the dirt. Turtles with circle blades on their back, and blue armadillo?
Copper: ok now what?
Wun: WHAT? I don’t know you’re the one who wanted to go out there.
Copper: Well I didn’t know it would be this Wild
Scrow stepped in, I can probably stop the rocks.
Wun: really?
Scrow: sure
I paused for a minute to think…
Wun: Ok, well walk around the holes, you stop the rocks, I and Copper will shoot turtles and armadillos.
Copper: what possible threat can an armadillo hold?... you know what I don’t care I’m gonna shoot them
Copper fires a shit but the bullets just bounce right off the armadillo, nearly hitting the scrow.
Copper, Ok that’s not gonna work, let’s just walk around the hole and worry about thaaaaaa-
A metal spike trap pops out of a tree and starts spinning before we could walk around the hole
Wun: Guess we can’t go around it Anymore. We’re gonna have to jump.
Copper: Goddammit.
Scrow jumped first, I jumped second, just making it. Copper moved back a little to get some momentum
Copper: make room
He jumped like an Olympian diver soaring into the air like a bird…then he started to drop like a rock. He grabs into the ledge with just the tips of his fingers.
I and Scrow grabbed him, pulling him up when suddenly an armadillo nipped my ankle.
Wun: Ouch!
I accidentally let go of Copper's hand leaving poor Scrow to pull him up. Scrow looks at me.
Scrow: don’t worry I got him
I turned my head to face the little creature. I grabbed my heart sword and swung at it full force causing it to go flying up and over the trees. Scrow pulls Copper up,
Copper: thanks for the help Scrow.
Copper looks at me with disgust. I don’t hesitate to talk about
Wun: I was taking out an enemy that was trying to rip my foot off. Maybe if you weren’t so heavy you’d make it.
I turn around to the next obstacle
Copper: for your information, I’m not heavy. I have a lot of stuff on me to carry. Including a pair of big nuts.
I got a look at the next obstacle, the swaying rock big rock that could easily knock us dead. I turned to Scrow
Wun: you said you can stop that right?
Scrow: sure, he stretched his arms out and gently touched the rock. Then, the rock started to turn red
Scrow: wow
Copper: let’s go Scrow!
Scrow let's go just in time as the rock then caught on fire.
Scrow I don’t do good with fires guys.
Copper: impatient fuck it…
Copper proceeds to throw an explosive at the rock. Copper told us to duck and as we did the rock exploded but not without throwing shrapnel and burning debris at us; Some of it hitting us.
Wun: ouch, ouch, ow!
Copper: Phew, good thing I have a helmet on
Scrow: Guys I think I’m on fire...MY ARMS ON FIRE.
Copper raced over to help get the fire out on Scrow, I got up after to come help aid him but then I felt something...wrapping around my leg.
Wun: What the he-aaAAAAAA-
Copper finishing up with stopping Scrows burn. He turns around to investigate the noise Wun made, Only to watch in terror as his partner is pulled away through the remaining obstacles and past the trees.
Copper: Shit, WUN!
Scrow: What happened? What about Wun?
Copper: Wuns in trouble, we gotta get out of here now
Scrow: We have to save Wun!
Scrow: I’ll stretch my body out, you walk across me, will get past these obstacles quicker
Copper: Just don’t fall…
Wun passed out after getting knocked hitting a tree stump while being pulled fast by the unknown monstrous creature, but soon after woke up.
Wun: disorganized …Wha- Where I’m, I?...on… on top of a temple?
Stanger: softly speak isn’t beautiful up here darling?
Wun: Gaaaaaaah! Who are you?
Stranger: I’m Bella,
Inspecting the girl, there was something off about her, the sides of her face were scaly, she had a fang coming out of her mouth, her ears pointed out like cylinder cones, Dark red hair, yellow eyes, slit-shaped pupils. Looking down she had no necklace on, this wasn’t a player…looking more down she had a tight yellow shirt on with, well, questionable breast size...a tight waist, and a light green skirt on. Then I noticed something...she doesn’t have legs, she has a- a tail?
Wun: What are you?
Bella: I'm a Lamia, and you Are my precious flower. Hey, is that a blue necklace for me?
This girl is some type of demi-human; Putting her left hand on my face slowly stroking it, she looked like she was getting ready to kiss me.
Wun: Now hold on a minute
Suddenly a voice rang out, two more snake girls, one with green and the other with blue hair.
Blue girl: I see you found a man
Green Girl: giggling yeah
Bella: furiously BACK OFF LEIA HE’S MINE!
Green girl: Common Bella don’t be selfish,
Bella: defensive You want to fight over him, Ady?
The girl pulled me up fast with and leaving me to hang upside down, Her tails was wrapped around me with no intentions of letting me go, I couldn’t grab my weapon still holstered to me, at this point all I could try to do is talk myself out of this and see what happens
“Copper and Scrow managed to get passed most of the obstacles “
Copper: Phew! I’m getting tired of all these obstacles, that last one nearly blew me up.
Scrow: Do you ever wonder what these mystery boxes are full of?
Copper: Pretty sure it’s more wumpa fruit but who knows…
Scrow: ...Do you think will find Wun
Copper: I’d hope so Scrow...I'd hope so…
“Suddenly Pikmin comes out of the forest and surrounds the two players.”
Scrow: Copper...
Copper: I don't know…
“The Pikmin stand there for a second to inspect Copper’s rifle and a handgun, They look at Scrows Baton and wooden shield, and then from the sound of a whistle they attack them.”
The Pikmin jump all of them like ticks, biting, scratching, and punching them
Copper: OW, HAHA, OW, OW, AH. it tickles OW, so- so bad it hurts HAAA!
“The three Lamias have a standoff over Wun, as he watches in terror trying to figure a way out”
Wun: nervous Listen, lady could you at least loosen up a little? my arms hurt.
Leia: You heard him, Bella, you’re hurting him.
Bella: Oh no,
The girl lays me down and loosens her tight grip on me, I start to pull my arms out, maybe I can reach for my weapons…
Bella: sorrowful Are you alright darling?
Wun: nervous Uh, yeah...I’m good, listen I have to go so if you don’t mind
I felt warm hands massaging the back of my shoulders and something soft press against my back
Leia: lustfully tone Why? Don’t you wanna have a little fun~
The green girl moves close to my right ear and whispers
Ady: Softly Yeah, don’t you wanna try something new with us?
She then starts to lick my ear. I don’t know if she is planning to eat me or what, but I'm about to freak out. The Redheaded girl realizes submits to letting them touch me all over beside my low area
Bella: Perhaps we can share him, what do you say, girls
Leia: Yeah
Ady: We’ve never done this before...so this should be fun…
I hope my Copper and Scrow are coming to save, dammit Copper! I knew this was a bad idea.
“Copper and Scrow are still trying their best to remove the relentless Pikmin “
Scrow: Copper they’re bouncing around I can’t get them all.
“They start running in the trail and Pikmin starts to give chase. Copper tries to focus to avoid falling for any traps and then sees a lake.”
“Both run into the lake causing the Pikmin to stop and any clinging to them to drown. Copper climbs on top of a moving stone, and throws a grenade at them.”
“When the grenade goes off it kills the majority of the Pikmi and the rest start to run off into the woods.”
Copper: Christ, you alright scrooo-
Copper falls off the stone into the water
Scrow: Yeah I’m alright.
“Copper lifting his head out of the water annoyed”
Copper: cool…
Scrow: Hey stones are falling done from that waterfall, wait a minute, is that a temple?
“Copper looks, facing the massive ancient structure”
Copper: huh, yeah, I believe so…
“Scrow looks up and sees a blue kangaroo jumping around on top of the ledge of the monument and then throws something down”
Scrow: LOOK OUT!
Copper: What the fuc-
A box of nitro near misses Copper causing a small wave that knocks him and Scrow off their feet. They attempt to get back up but the kangaroo keeps throwing explosives at them. The kangaroo starts jumping around and laughing, giving enough time Copper to climb back onto a stone.
Copper: Stay low Scrow!
“Copper retaliates by shooting at the kangaroo but it keeps jumping and dancing around like a mad man. It then proceeds to throw TNT at them. Taking longer to explode but just as effective. Scrow tries throwing them back at the kangaroo but fails to throw it far enough. Copper then thought of a brilliant (and obvious) idea”
Copper: I’m aiming for the dynamite
“Just as the kangaroo was about to throw his next explosive Copper shot it. Causing the Blue kangaroo to fall down the temple's waterfall; headfirst into a rocking, defeated…”
Copper: We do not have time for this...
Wun: What are those sounds? Explosions?
Bella: ...Probably wild animals fighting, it doesn’t matter...
The girls then start to move their tails around in excitement with the desired look on their faces. The redheaded girl is starting to tighten up on me again. I DON’T WANNA DIE HERE! I attempt to reach for my heart sword on my back with my right arm
Wun: Gah! I grabbed firmly onto something long, small, and scaly, that's not the handle to my sword. I heard a small gasp from the redhead girl. I turned my head and saw I grabbed the tip of her tail. Looking back at her without letting go of her tail.
Bella: Blushing That’s a-a very sensitive area, please let go.
Is this here a weak spot? I pulled it into of me and started to move my fingers on it a little
Bella: charmed No, please...
I think she's starting to loosen up. Perhaps If I keep rubbing it…
Bella: *Panting *
That’s it! This is her weak spot I started running harder and I looked at the other girls. They had enthusiasm on their faces and started touching themselves. I started getting anxious and my face got warm and started getting red, my arm felt like it started to strain, this isn’t right, none of this is right, I can feel her letting go of me though so I’m gonna rub harder.
Bella: mixed up I losing control
Wun: Rage LET GO OF ME-
Leo’s: that’s enough
The Blue-headed girl grabs my arm tighly, stunning it, I looked in shock as her eyes and mouth are wide open, breathing heavily, and smiling at me. The Green-headed girl blushed looking at me with a psychotic smile and then grabbed my other left arm with both her hands. The Redheaded girl looked at me, drooling and joyful, she let me go but then quickly dropped her weight onto me, pushing me onto a pillar.
Bella: panted You don’t need this,
She took my weapons off me, ripped off my bulletproof vest, and started unbuttoning my red shirt.
Wun: uncomfortable I’m not cool with this…
The blue-headed girl lets go of my hand and the green-headed girl follows afterwords. My arms are still too sore to move.
Leia: content Then perhaps you want this!
I looked towards the headed girl as she ripped off her shirt exposing her large breast in my face, rubbing them on me, I felt like I was gonna pass out. Suddenly the green-headed girl took off my shoes and socks, and tried pulling off my pants but failed because of the armor wrapped around it. So she went for my belt and zipper
My arms started to come back to life and I grabbed her hands before she could fully pull down my pants.
Ady: joyful Playing hard huh? I like it!
The redheaded girl finished taking off my shirt, half-naked and afraid I wanted to freak out but I tried to keep cool, freaking out will just get me killed faster by these succubuses.
Bella: excited Before we get the main course I want you to play with my tail again
Leia: Me too
Ady: and Three
Wun: Breathing heavily Listen, Ladys, I have to goOOAAHAHA
The redhead girl lifts me, what is she planning? I’m having a panic attack, Then the blue girl puts her tail onto my right hand, the green girl on the left, the red-headed girl points her tail to my mouth
Wun: What are you doing with tha-
Bella puts her tail into Wun's mouth, rubbing it inside. Leia lays and rubbed her breast on his head and wraps the tip of her tail on his right hand, Ady plays with his feet while keeping her tail wrapped on his left hand. This doesn’t look too good for the player…
Scrow: Do you hear that?
Copper: Yeah...sounds like...moaning.
Scrow: It could be Wun
Copper: That doesn’t sound like Wun...but you never no, let’s go inspect it.
“Copper and escrow walk farther into the jungle and the sounds of the moaning gets louder”
Copper: I don’t see a damn thing…Scrow, help me up that tree.
“Scrow helps lift Copper up onto the branch of the tree and he looks with his binoculars”
Copper: Now let's see… I don’t see much...oh no, I see another temple close by here...huh?...WOW!
Scrow: WHAT? What do you see?
Copper: It’s Wun...
Scrow: Is he alright
Copper: uh, you could say that…
Scrow: let’s go get him
Copper: Hold on a minute Scrow we can’t just go yet!
Scrow: Why?
Copper: It’s uh...complicated
Stanger: Looks like your friend is in a lot of trouble.
Copper: AH! Who are you?
Stranger: a team member but that's not important right now
“The stranger had a blue diamond necklace, a white robe with a red built on him, pure white eyes with no pupils, golden hair, darker boots, and leather bracelets that held knives.”
Copper: Do you know what those things are?
Stranger: Lamias, something you wouldn’t want to attract.
Copper: huh...wait Scrow where are you going?
Scrow: furious and determined I’M GONNA GO SAVE WUN
Copper: WAIT! HOLD ON!
Stanger: Let’s go
Bella: painting, I think...I’m gonna…
Suddenly a gun sound rings and then the stranger who breaks into the lovers' den kicks Bella in the head causing her to let go of Wun.
Wun: Gasp
The stranger then pulls out his hand and shoots a ball of yellow plasma at Leia, Causing her to let go of Wuns arm. Ady let’s go of Wun in an attempt to save her friend and then, Scrow joins into the fight grabbing Ady and hitting her in the stomach with his baton. Bella gets ready to strike the Stranger but then from a distance Copper comes into the fight strikes bullets into Bella's tail. Wun, after finally catching his breath, ran for his weapons, shield, and bag; joining into the fight and going after Leia. He started slicing at her body with his heart sword. Ady throws Scrow to the side and then goes after Copper, who was distracted by shooting at Bella.
“Ady grabs Copper with her tail, causing him to drop his rifle and she starts punching him in his face, The stranger see’s that Copper is in trouble and throws a couple of his knives at her right arm, Causing Ady to let go and treat her wound. With Ady down, The stranger goes to pick up Copper and gives him his weapon back. Scrow gets back into the fight, helping Wun fight Leia, Leia side sweeps Wun and then tries to grab onto his neck, Scrow throws his baton at Leia’s head, and then Wun grabs his Double barrel revolver and fires a bullet into Leia's stomach. Leia now collapses onto the ground. Wun and Scrow go to to help Copper and the stranger, who is fighting Bella. The stranger goes for another kick but fails as Bella grabs him and throws him at Copper.”
“Scrow stretches out his arm to grab Bella but with Bella's powerful strength she grabs Scrows arms. With Bella distracted, Wun jumps into the air ready to strike Bella and Goes for the head.”
Wun: Sorry about this darling
Suddenly a snake tail grabs Wun, and slams him to the ground. It was Ady, Ady goes in to slam her tail on Wun but he grabs his gong shield and blocks her tail, causing her to shake violently. She recovers quickly, she goes in to bite Wun, But the Stranger Shoots plasma at her which slows her down. Copper Goes to aid Scrow and aims for Bella's head but then Leia (who has now recovered) grabs his gun. Copper grabs his secondary gun and tries firing shots but misses as Leia smacks Copper across the face with her tail. Copper grabs his Machete and cuts a part of her tail off.
Leia shrikes in pain and then rushes in and grabs Copper throwing down the temple. The stranger grabs Coppers stuff and then jumps down to go check on Copper. Scrow still fighting Bella is about to give out. Wun goes in to save Scrow, Jumping over Leia's tail after she “tried to trip him. Wun goes in and stabs Bella in her side. Bella let’s go and then Ady comes back into the fight. She launches at Wun and Scrow but both dodge and Ady lands on Bella who tries to sneak attack the two. Both run down the Tomb and then jump, where they found the Stranger helping Copper back on his knees.
Wun: Are you alright?
Copper: exhausted Should be asking the same
Stranger: Will all be alright once we get out of here-
Suddenly the three girls all come down Tomb, Wun grabs his sword, Copper points his gun, Scrow pulls out his baton, The stranger gets into a fight stance ready for another fight. Then suddenly the three girls stopped...and ran off. The boys all looked at each puzzled.
Scrow: WE DID IT!
Wun: weird...
Copper and Score were jumping joy and victory. but something wasn’t right about that. Why is the ground vibrating?
The stranger turns around
Stranger: that’s not why they ran…
The vibration of the ground got louder and then stomping could be heard. We all got in position and got ready for what was coming. And then it suddenly popped out of the trees.
Scrow: what is that thing?
Stranger: that’s a behemoth….
It gave out a roar that shook us all to our core. Then it charged right at us. Everyone but Scrow, jumped for cover. Scrow (paralyzed in fear) snapped out of it and stretched his arms grabbing the behemoths horns, slowing it down. I got back up and went for the monster's legs, The stranger started shooting his plasma at its upper side, And Copper started firing randomly into the beast. Scrow looked in fear, face to face with the monster as it snarled at him.
I had to help him so I climbed on top of it and shot a few rounds into its lower spine. The behemoth lifted itself on its hind legs causing me to fall off it and Scrow to let go. It then landed back on its forearms nearly hitting the Scrow. The behemoth turns, hitting with its tail, I was hurt but unbroken.
Copper started firing shots at its face, which caused the behemoth to give all the attention to him.
Copper: I’m going for your eyes you son of a bitch
The behemoth charged, swinging its right paw at him, Copper ducked right under the behemoth. And started shooting under it. Scrow joined back into the fight and he grabbed his baton swinging with full force into its left hind leg. The stranger went for a punch into its right arm. The behemoth fell, stunned, but still alive.
We all jumped in and attacked the injured beast. Scrow started breaking its claws with his baton, Copper, shooting at its chest, the stranger punched his face, fast as a whip. I went for its horns; cutting one of them off. Copper then shot one of his eyes which then cussed the behemoth scream in pain. It got back up with extreme rage and went after Scrow.
The behemoth nite Scrows left arm pulling at it. Scrow looked only in terror. The Stranger jumped and with a powerful blow punched a few of its teeth out, allow Scrow to be set free. I grabbed my revolver to use the knife on it. I then jumped in and went for its other eye. I held onto its face and stabbed its other eye out blinding it.
Now the behemoth couldn’t see, it started to panic and ran towards boxes of TNT. Copper took his chance and threw a grenade at it. The grenade went off, blowing up the TNT and the right side of the behemoth’s legs. We all finally went for the final blow. I landed for its neck, cutting it open.
The behemoth died and the golden flow of XP landed in all of us.
Copper: Haha leveling up
The stranger: It’s finished.
Scrow: Yeah
Wun: Thank goodness that’s over with.
I sat down for a minute, man that was hard. My father never struggled as much, especially with snakes. Usually, he always managed to take them down with or without me. I guess he does have more experience, and I’ve never seen creatures like that before. The stranger starts cutting into the dead behemoth
Copper: what are you doing it’s dead
The Stranger: I know, but the monster has some good meat on him. Might as well take it and cook it for later.
Copper: huh, never thought of that, cool.
Copper starts walking over to Wun with a smirk on his face
Copper: Looks like you lost some of your clothes there friend, huh, also I would’ve never guessed you’d have abs.
Wun: …
Copper: So how was it?
Wun: What?
Copper: You know the boob snakes-
Wun: annoyed Shut up
Copper: What I wa-
Wun: Jus
Copper: I-
Wun: irritated Jus- JUST PLEASE, shut up.
Wun walks off furiously
Copper: ...You’re not the only one having a bad day. I need a heal potion; I’m hurting after all that fighting. Hey Scrow, stranger do you guys need one?
Scrow: Yeah
Stranger: I’m fine
“Copper looks at the stranger”
Copper: I never asked, but what's your name?
Stranger: Determined, but you can just call me D.
Copper: Ok, D.
The players continue to walk through the jungle until they finally see an opening.
Scrow: Hey I think we made it to the end of the trail.
Copper: All right- AHHHH
Copper get’s unexpectedly sprayed by a skunk.
Copper: stiff Goddamnit
D: Unlucky…
Wun: Chuckles
Copper: Oh it’s funny? Hey Wun, how about a hug buddy? I think you need it after today?
Wun: No, don’t touch
Copper: come here
Wun: No, backup
“Wun starts to run and Copper starts chasing out of the juggle back onto the open field”
Copper: I just wanna embrace you...hold on a minute? Is that the team all the way over there? Huh, I guess taking that shortcut did work out.
Wun:...We should stop here and wait for them…
D: Hmm, After what you've been through I agree.
Scrow: Would be nice to take a quick break
“A roar echoed from behind them, they all turned around and looked silently at the trails that lead to mountains.”
Copper: This gonna be interesting...
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2020.09.29 14:41 finny-bo-binny got rejected today (yes another one of these posts)

i asked a girl out on text today, at first she thought it was a joke cuz the guys in my grade are to afraid to ever ask her out fr, i wasn’t. then she realized it wasn’t and apologized, making it pretty apparent she didn’t like me back, then i asked if we could stay friends, and this is where it made me happy, she said “don’t get me wrong i think ur hot,i’m just not ready for a boyfriend” that made my week, thanks for reading lol
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2020.09.29 14:40 Level-Entertainer358 Not sure what I should do

So I've been talking this to girl from my office for almost an year. She already has a boyfriend and it initially just started as friendly banter. We would basically spend the whole day messaging each other, be it in home or office. I went out with her to eat, helped her find a house. Now, I want to clarify that when we went out we split the bill, and helping her find a place was something I did voluntarily because she was living in a shady area. So I don't want anyone to feel that she was just using me.
Now, it so happens that I came to develop very strong feelings for this girl. I confessed these feelings to her, and of course she said that she was helpless since she was already in a relationship. I know for a fact that her current relationship is not very stable, but she does harbor some hopes of marrying this guy. She also once mentioned in passing that if she had met me before her current relationship she would have considered dating me.
So. What the hell am I supposed to do here. I am literally going mad because I really feel like she gets me and could be the one. Should I wait or should I move on?
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2020.09.29 14:40 FormerFruit AITA for telling my mother and family that it is their fault our sister is such a horrible person?

My older sister, 30 is quite a toxic person and shows many narcissistic traits. Entitled, privileged, rude and looks down her nose at everyone. She gets away with her drama every single time, and I am convinced that my mother's enabling of her behavior is to blame. Mum does nothing with her except treat her like gods gift to the universe and refuses to see her for the nasty miserable person she is. Sister is never pulled up with her behavior and treats everyone in our family like they are shit, only unless they are doing everything for her and kissing her ass.
She has a "My way or the highway" attitude and wants to control everything. Everything and everything people do has to be her accord and liking.
We were having a family meal yesterday that mum went to a lot of time to put together for some family time together. Soon into the meal, sister started moaning and bitching about our brother's beard and that he still hasn't shaved. I quietly told her to shut up, we were trying to have a family meal without her drama and immaturity and bringing the atmosphere down. Instead of backing me up, mum immediately had a go at me to be quiet, and as usual, sister got away with it again.
I snapped and told my mum to open her eyes. "You know it's your fault she's this way don't you? I tell you over and over but by saying nothing you just enable her more and more. She acts like she's gods gift to the universe and none of you can see it. Maybe if you all stopped kissing her ass all the time and doing everything for her she wouldn't be the way she is. The girl is pure poison."
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2020.09.29 14:40 throwRA92939393 I (17m) found out my “ex” (24f) want to ge rid of our baby after its born because she’s female

(In our state 16 is the age of consent and I am emancipated & living alone)
My ex and I have been dating not that long. We met in the end of January (I turned 17 a week before we met) and I ended up getting her pregnant on a date in February because she “forgot” that she was no longer on birth control. She is Indian and I am Hong Kongese. She told me that in her culture, having a son is very important and that she was sure we’d be having a boy. It’s similar in my culture but it’s not as bad. Parents pretty much only care about whether or not their kid will grow up to be some world renowned surgeon.
She is now 7 months pregnant. We learned the gender of our baby a couple of weeks ago and it turns out we’re having a girl. I did want it to be a boy but I wasn’t on the floor in tears or stomping around or anything- she was when she got outside. She told me she didn’t want a girl because they’re difficult, annoying, and grow up to be wh*res because this generation has lost its morality and doesn’t care to protect girls anymore. I didn’t know what to say but I told her a baby is a blessing either way and I didn’t like that she was reacting so terribly. She told me I was right and she apologized. Fast forward to three days ago- I woke up and heard her on the phone with her father. (I only stayed over because she is afraid of storms & asked me to sleep over.) She was telling him that when the baby is born she will drop her off somewhere or since that may be too risky, she could do something like fall down stairs and hope it gives her a miscarriage. I jumped out of the bed when I heard this and I immediately confronted her. She hung up quickly and she cut me off like a minute into my rant by shoving me back. She told me she’s the one carrying the baby so therefore she can decide what happens. I told her just let me take the baby then and she said no because I’m not “well put together.” I actually started crying because that’s how freaked ojt I was. I told her she’s not thinking straight and she’s just upset that she doesn’t have a son. When she meets our daughter she’ll change her mind. She told me her mind is set and that she will maybe settle for adoption.
I’ve been back home since then and haven’t spoken to her at all. I feel crushed and sad. She’s right, she’s the one carrying the baby so ultimately I can’t stop her from doing anything. I haven’t been able to eat or sleep. Im attached to our baby already. I had set up a crib in my room all alone because she was too upset about it being a girl. I don’t know how to convince her that I am able to take care of the baby on my own. I can do it. I’m broken right now and confused on why she would take such extremes like abandoning the baby or PURPOSEFULLY having a MISCARRIAGE just because the baby is a female
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2020.09.29 14:39 Confusedgent404 I’m so happy rn

Hi guys, I just thought I should ask for some advice regarding this girl I’ve been seeing.
Anyway, we have been talking for months like every day and we had our first kiss a couple of weeks ago. Things progressed nicely, but unfortunately she went away on Saturday last week and is coming back on Monday, but I can only see her on Wednesday. Anyway, we haven’t really talked about relationship stuff really seriously yet, but her fam loves me and like I think we’re in a really good place. We have been messaging obv and she has even called me a couple of times, but she goes to like the middle of nowhere on Thursday and we won’t be able to talk.
Anyway I was just wondering what I should do to make sure I don’t get ducking depressed over missing her even though it’s only like 7 days. Also I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what is going on so far in our relationship cause like sometimes I get fucking anxious that she gets fucking bored of me. Anyway lmk
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2020.09.29 14:37 JesseHang 30 [M4F] Any Delhi girls interested in a cute Northeast boy?

I am looking for someone that's as alone as I am. I am in Delhi right, do it would be nice to meet a girl from here itself.
It would be nice to have a female buddy to open up to and spend time together. I rather it not be strictly platonic but let's see where it goes once we connect.
About me I am easy going and chill to be around. I used to love going out for movies and play football during the weekends but those days are long gone. I am a north eastern guy, who is sweet and loyal. (I'll keep your secrets too if you like to share)
A big plus about me would be that I have my own place and stay alone. I have a car too so I can come pick you up and go places.
About you. A girl that's not illegally young, or married! Gets lonely and would like a buddy during these times (we go places or just talk all night) It doesn't matter to me if you are too shy or aggressive. Both have their own charms. You should be into cute guys 😉
Don't worry. Come say. It's not like us guys get a lot of DM's anyway!!
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2020.09.29 14:36 arcentinex Taking a readers advice, I have edited out the weak parts of my introduction. I am still trying to work on my fear of posting my book, but I need feedback. (Fantasy)

The Storm Within
Book 1 of The Origin of Magic series
As I stirred, my head pounded painfully like a hammer was striking continually at the base of my skull. I coughed up a chunk of dirt and grass in my mouth and rolled onto my back, confused at why I was lying alone underneath a cloudless blue sky. The sun was high above, warm afternoon light washing over me but the air not as unusually hot and humid as it had been for May so far.
Flashes of a storm and speeding over a bridge pounded painfully in my mind, but I could not make sense of what happened next or where I was. I faintly remembered being upset about something, I was driving extremely fast and was drunk, and then – I gasped as a flash of memory hit me. I was trapped upside down in my car, water all around me. There was an intense ringing in my ears like I had just crashed. When I looked out the front window, I could see lighting tear across the sky and come straight for my car in the water.
Still choking as if reliving the scene for a moment, I bolted upright with surprisingly ease. There was no pain from a seat belt locking or anything else you would usually feel after wrecking a car. It was surprising I was even alive; I am pretty sure I was struck by lightning in addition to my own idiocy driving drunk and upset. I just wished I could remember why I had been stupid or upset enough to drive intoxicated.
Looking around, I realized I was sitting alone in a large field full of flowers, a dense tree line surrounding me on all sides. I tried to find something to focus on to ease my headache from hell, but everything around me felt just as surreal even the flowers in the field next to me. They were unlike anything I had seen before. It was all the same flower, but each pedal, each leaf, even the stems were different shapes and colors. It was almost like a rainbow, but genetically it didn’t make any sense.
It looked more like someone had mashed up every flower over the world and created this as the result. I started when someone suddenly coughed in front of me, and I looked up to find a strange creature standing before me. It had the naked upper body of a man, but from the waist down to where the hips should be he had the body of a horse. It tapped its hooves impatiently on the grass as it waited for me to recover from my dumbfounded shock.
“Greetings, Human. My name is Kefan, Sorter of the New,” it spoke in surprisingly good English.
I blinked a dozen times, unsure if I was dreaming or dead. “Uh, hi, Kefan. This may be a stupid question, but am I dead?”
This was all impossible, wasn’t it? I was just a banker from Pennsylvania, just up for a new promotion to manage my own branch after years of hard work. Centaurs weren’t real, people weren’t struck by lightning and teleported to some distant land.
He whinnied as he shook his head, “Gods, no. This is the Rainbow Garden, not the heavens. It may help you to think of it like a waypoint between the realms.” He leaned down to help pull me unsteadily to my feet.
“I’m sorry, Kefan, I don’t understand. You’re a Centaur, aren’t you? They aren’t real.”
He whinnied again, this time it sounded more like a snicker. “You Humans always think your world is the only one. Tell me, where do you think all the stories in your world originated from? You really think some wise Human one day woke up and was like, ‘hey, I think it would be great to write about a half-horse and half-human creature today, that might be fun. Oh, and let’s make up a Wyvern too, though I’ve never seen a lizard bigger than my own body’.”
I froze, “Wait, Dragons are real? That’s awesome!”
For a long moment I wondered just how hard I must have hit my head. Another flash hit me, I was at a bar with a girl I recognized but could not place, her mouth was moving but no words came, just a sinking feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach before I went into a full blown panic. The girl was beautiful, and I could feel that we had known each other a long time, but not much else. Why was my head so foggy?
He shook his head, “Great, now that blowing your mind is all out of the way, I need to get back to my job.”
Still confused, and fairly certain I was dreaming, I nodded. “Sorry, you said you are a sorter of the new or something?”
He nodded, flicking his tail impatiently. “Correct, Human. Hold still for a moment while I read you to see where your destination is.” I did as he commanded and waited patiently. Nothing happened for a long moment except his brown eyes flashing for a brief second. “Done, thank you… Ah, you are a magus, so off to Brenerra, Academy of the Arcane located in north Ralian with you.”
Now I knew I had to be dreaming, it was like nearly every dream I had as a kid. Before I went into the foster system at seven, when my parents died in a car accident, my dad had been obsessed with this book called The Storm Within. I had faint memories of him reading it to me every single night, and eventually I had inherited the book and developed my own obsession for it. I had even been named after the main character, Shar. In the Storm Within, Brenerra was the place where Shar started to learn magic in the very first book.
I blinked slowly and rubbed my eyes, trying to formulate a question specific enough to get out of this and wake myself up. When I opened my eyes Kefan and the field where gone though.
Instead I stood before a massive iron gate the size of two-story house, a giant lion’s head emblazoned onto its center. “Did he seriously just teleport me?” I didn’t even feel anything at all, I was just simply elsewhere.
Still trying to catch my bearings, I realized someone else was standing in front of the gate. The person was definitely female judging by her humanoid lithe form, but her head was shaped like a lizard’s. She had short, choppy black hair, caramel skin covered in scales and the most intense blue eyes I had ever seen.
Wearing a strangely normal shirt and jeans, I almost didn’t notice that she also had a caramel colored tail slightly larger than one of her legs. She smiled at me friendly, sizing me up and down for a moment. I couldn’t fully make sense of why, but for some reason I found her insanely attractive. Her voice was soft and breathy, “Hello, cutie. Can I have your name, age, and race, please.”
It was a struggle to get my mouth to move with my thoughts, fighting to stop thinking about seeing a human-dragon hybrid revealing a surprisingly large amount of cleavage. That was definitely something the books had always omitted when describing the hundreds of different races throughout the series. “Uh, hi, I’m Shar. I’m twenty-five, and a Human?”
Her smile widened in a pleasant way despite her bestial features, “Oh, we haven’t had a Human here in centuries, how marvelous. My name is Nypet, I have been assigned as your third-year chaperon. Now I know you are probably very confused about what is going on, but hang on a little while longer and all shall be explained during orientation, okay?”
I nodded, starting to question if I was even creative enough to dream all of this up. “Okay. Nice to meet you, Nypet.”
She winked, “Trust me, the pleasure’s mine. Now, if you would stick close to me I’ll show you to the testing room.” She spun around, tail swishing lightly and pushed opened the gate enough for us to both squeeze through before closing it again. Brenerra was an enormous castle, so large that standing in the garden leading up to the front archway I literally couldn’t see the end of the walls to either side of me. It had to be at least a mile long, with dozens of large towers and bridges connecting several of them, looking almost more like a fortress.
Nypet quickly led me through the arch and down a long veranda type corridor off to the left. There were so many questions I wanted to ask her but taking in everything around me was overwhelming as it was already. She suddenly stopped as we came to a room leading into the castle and spun around to face me. “Here we are. All you have to do is go inside and wait in line until they call your name.”
I nodded meekly, “What exactly are they testing for?”
Several passages of Shar’s first journey to Brenerra suddenly popped into my head: He suddenly found himself standing alone in a large chamber laden with dozens of strange apparatuses. Whirring and buzzing filled his ears, giving off the likeness of a thousand hornets swarming about. It was here, in the room of testing, unbeknownst to him that he would take the first leap into fulfilling his destiny.
I shook the thought to clear my head, between the headache and trying to desperately remember the start a series of books I felt like I was overloading my own mind.
Nypet shrugged slightly, “It’s hard to explain it accurately. All apprentices at Brenerra are assigned a rank based on the latent level of magic they have within them. Those with only lesser amounts of magic ability would naturally be assigned a rank, like I or H, whilst the few elite novices can be given a rank of A if they have quite a large amount of latent magic. Your rank isn’t permanent though, because naturally your abilities develop further over time. This process is only to place you correctly in a class relative to your power level, so you don’t accidentally kill yourself.”
I nodded, then this dream world really was the same Ralian as in the books. Shar, the character Shar that is, was one of only a handful of students who ever managed to obtain an S rank – literally the highest honor someone could achieve at Brenerra, it meant that you had a nearly unlimited amount of potential. “I understand. Thank you for your help, Nypet.”
She nodded with a grin, “I’ll be waiting out here for you to finish. Don’t worry, I think you’ll do great, Shar.”
I flashed her a smile and calmly stepped through the doorway. I don’t know why I had been fighting this dream so hard, I had wanted to come to Ralian for as long as I could remember, I should just enjoy it while it lasts instead.
The chamber I entered was nearly the size of an entire apartment, with most of the length of the walls filled with strange devices and machines flashing sporadically. The hum of the machines almost sounded like hornets buzzing about, but yet it wasn’t unpleasant. There was a strange, pink hued woman with see through wings standing near a desk on the left side of the room – where the most machines were clustered.
She was busily hooking up several wires to a terrifying tree-like creature with a humanistic face. Standing in line before the desk, there were a dozen or so other creatures, barely any of which looked even remotely human except for one girl who looked like a mixture of a Human and a cat. Several of them turned towards me as I walked in, all looking just as surprised to see a Human. I quietly took a spot behind the feline girl and waited for my name to be called like Nypet had instructed.
The dryad creature connected to all the wires suddenly let out a yelp as the device closest to him buzzed loudly. “Fair,” the pink hued woman exclaimed in an annoyingly high-pitched voice, “your magic level is two-hundred and ten. You are hereby a D-rank apprentice and will be allocated to Dormitory D respectively. Please report back to your assigned third year chaperon for further instructions.”
She quickly unhooked him, and he practically ran out of the room. “Next up, Raskul Klirjadarges.”
Another half-Dragon like Nypet stepped forward, but he resembled the lizard part much more than she did. His tongue darted out nervously as he stepped forward and the woman began connecting the wires to him. The feline girl glanced back at me with large yellowish green eyes, smiling shyly when I met her gaze.
A few more names were called as the lengthy line slowly moved forward, and I noticed the feline girl glance back at me several more times. Finally, I made a move, “Pardon me,” I said to her softly.
She flushed underneath the soft calico fur on her cheeks as she turned back to me, “Sorry I keep staring at you. You’re just the first Anthropoid I’ve ever seen outside of a textbook, err Human I mean.”
I shrugged, “It’s alright, this whole place is foreign to me. I have only ever seen other people like me before. You have a very cute tail, though.” Her face heated even more, as she eyed me in a curious way before facing forward again. I shrugged and breathed a sigh of relief as it finally boiled down to only two others ahead of us left in line.
Several more people had come in after me, and it felt like I had been waiting for over an hour at least. “Next up, Gijer, Crescent Moon,” the woman called. The feline girl ahead of me stepped forward with surprising coolness and was quickly hooked up with the various wires.
After a minute or two the device buzzed once again, “Excellent, Gijer, truly excellent! Your magic level is eight-hundred and fifty-six. That is the third highest we have seen today. You are hereby a B-rank apprentice and will be allocated to Dormitory B respectively. Please report back to your assigned third year chaperon for further instructions.”
Gijer purred softly as she was unhooked. She flashed one last glance over at me before heading back outside. It was probably just my imagination, but the room seemed to go almost silent as the pink hued woman turned her gaze to me. Whether this was just a dream, or I really was somehow literally in a different realm, I had been imagining this moment since I was old enough to dream of Ralian. I was literally about to follow in Shar’s footsteps, every fiber of my body was vibrating with anticipation.
“Next up, Shar Victor.” I nodded and stepped forward without a moment’s hesitation. The woman watched me warily as she placed two wires to my forehead with suction cups, and several on my arms and hands. Almost as soon as she finished attaching the last wire to my right hand, the device behind me gave off a painfully shrill beep.
The woman looked confused as she stepped closer to the monitor, trying to figure out what was going on. “This makes no sense, it never gives an answer that –”
She turned to me as her face paled visibly, “Your magic level is over a thousand and the counter is still rising impossibly fast. No normal body should be able to contain over nine-hundred and ninety-nine, with the exception of Elementals.” She continued watching the monitor as it made several shriller sounds before finally stopping after emitting a long, dull drone.
She was quiet for a long moment before speaking, “Shar, your magic level is beyond anything I have ever witnessed in the long, five hundred years I have walked this world… I will have to inform the High Magus of this at once, but for now you are hereby an S-rank apprentice. You will be assigned to Dormitory A, since there are scarcely ever enough seen of your rank to warrant their own dorms. Please report back to your assigned third year chaperon for further instructions and expect to be contacted soon regarding the correct estimate of your magic level.”
I was in a daze as she unhooked me, and I made my way towards the door past all the awe-struck stares being directed at me. My head throbbed worse than ever as I stepped back outside and nearly ran into Nypet. She smiled at me, totally unaware of the bizarre situation that just occurred.
My mind tried to connect something I had read about Shar that was eerily similar to it, but the headache was starting to win out over clear, conscious thought. “See, nice and easy, huh Shar? What dorm are you assigned?”
I blinked slowly, calming the pounding somewhat. “She said it’s Dormitory A.”
Her brow lifted in shock, “Woah. I could sense you had potential, but I would’ve never guessed. Anyway, congratulations! I’m only a B-rank myself, but I will show you how to get to your dorm. Orientation starts in about two hours.”

Nypet paused just before the opaline, gemstone path leading up to Dormitory A. She had shown me several dormitories along the way, all of which were impressive based on scale alone, but this building was something else entirely. Whomever had built it, had poured more grace and detail into it that any other part of Brenerra I had seen so far. The front doors were crystalline similar to the path leading up to it, the building itself looked like pure marble, and most of the upper level floors even had their own balconies.
Nypet turned to me with a dry smile, “This is the end of the line for me. As your third-year chaperone, I’m not allowed to go in with you.”
I nodded, “Thanks again, Nypet. It was nice talking with you.”
Her smile turned flirty, “You will have all first-year classes, so I won’t see you much from here sadly. If you ever want to grab lunch or something though, I’m usually in the courtyard around noon. See ya later, cutie.”
With another wink she turned and walked away. I couldn’t help but watch her for a moment, even though I was still getting used to seeing someone with a tail, her hips swayed perfectly in tune with her lithe form. She really was attractive, though scales instead of skin may be a bit too much to try to adjust to. I shook the thought from my head and began my ascent up the sloping path into the dorm.
As soon as I pushed through the glass-like doors, I was greeted by a fairly normal looking man in his early thirties. The only unusual quality about him was his long-pointed ears jutting a good inch or so out from his choppy, brown hair. He smiled in a friendly manner, “Greetings and welcome to Dormitory A. My name is Barmos Hunt, one of your dorm advisers. I just have a few quick things for you before you can join your classmates in the common room.”
I was handed a form that looked strangely similar to a questionnaire, and he shrugged away my quizzical expression. “Whether you are familiar with dormitories or not in your home world, our system here most likely works a little differently. This form contains a set of questions best suited to determining your malleability when it comes to the roommate or roommates you are to be paired with for the remainder of your first year.”
He paused from the prepared speech to take a breath, “when you have completed the form, you are to simply hold onto it and it shall be collected before the start of orientation this evening. Once you have finished, you may converse freely with your fellow students until orientation starts. If you have any questions, just grab either me or one of the other dorm advisers that will be walking around – noticeable by the D-A pin on our shirts. Any questions?”
I shook my head, trying to think if this was similar to the books, but strangely the headache seemed to be making me forget more and more of the books the longer I tried to think about them. “No, fill out the form and then wait for orientation,” I repeated softly.
He nodded, “Yep, that’s about it. You’ll find the common room down this hallway and on the right. There are restrooms located across from the common room as well, if you should need them.”
I nodded and slowly followed the dimly lit hall until I reached the room. It wasn’t quite the size of the room of testing, but it was well furnished with dozens of couches, chairs, tables all were made from the same striking maroon colored fabric. On the left of the room was a roaring fireplace with a large statue of a Gryphon mounted over the mantle. Dozens of students of varying races were scattered about the common room, some of the feline type, some the half-dragons, and so many others that I couldn’t even begin to compare to a creature I recognized.
None of them paid any particular attention to me as I walked in and sat down on an empty loveseat with a small table in front of it, across from a group of what I could only assume were some type of fish people. What was surprisingly stranger than being the only Human in a room full of monsters, was that the ballpoint pen and the form were so normal that they actually felt out of place here. I quickly answered the first few questions since they were all basic things, but some of the questions were oddly specific and personal like sexual orientation all the way to level of cleanliness, noise level, unpleasant habits, and etc.
I sat the paper and pen down on the table once I finished, trying to debate if I still thought this was a dream or not. It was all too weirdly specific to be a normal dream, especially since I had never been to an actual dorm before. For a moment I wished really hard that I had some kind of race compendium to at least understand what some of these creatures were, but unlike in a dream – where if you thought about something specific it would appear – nothing happened.
Settling for patience for a while, I began looking around at everyone else filling out their papers still or talking in small groups. After a while my gaze wandered towards someone I strangely hadn’t noticed before sitting alone farthest away from the fireplace.
He was definitely male, but he looked like a child no older than ten. His skin was so pale that it was almost translucent, and he was watching me intently with solid colored, lavender eyes lacking any pupils. I hesitated before meeting his gaze, but almost as soon as I did, I felt drawn into it. His eyes narrowed slightly as if he was in pain and he reached up and touched his temple as if soothing it like he also had a headache.
After a moment he slowly moved his hand back to his side as his eyes started widening considerably. The headache eased as he moved his arm, and by the time it was back on his lap, the headache was gone completely. I stared at him in shock for a moment before I realized that he had somehow just caused it to ease to a bearable level.
I stood and walked over to him, “Thank you, that was incredible.”
He nodded slightly, “Pain was loud. Mind is quiet now.” His manner of speaking was strange, it was slow, and each syllable over-enunciated as if it pained him to talk.
“I don’t mean to sound rude, but what are you? I’m Human, I’m not really used to this place yet.”
He nodded and met my gaze once more as if testing me for something. After he seemed placated by his answer he reached out and cautiously touched my forehead. I didn’t even have time to be confused before an onslaught of thoughts that were not mine suddenly overwhelmed my brain. It was like standing still as a giant wave of water suddenly crashed into me. The pain only lasted a split second, but I suddenly knew things I didn’t before.
He was a Faerie Child, a creature born of an entire world of magic that mostly resembles a Human child. I looked back over at the group of fish people across from where I had been sitting – Graillagian, an aquatic race that varied from people who looked like mermaids to giant leviathans. It was as if the Faerie had downloaded a giant dictionary of worlds and races into my brain. It was scary just how many hundreds there were.
He moved his hand away slowly, smiling innocently. “Gift. Human rare, only knows Humans. Now you see.”
I nodded slowly, my forehead still tingling with energy where he had touched. “I – wow. Thank you yet again. I’m Shar, what’s your name?”
“Comet,” he answered simply before turning abruptly. I clearly got the message he was done talking to me. Faeries were a race prone to drastic whims, for one to even talk to someone was incredibly rare – I surprised myself yet again as the knowledge surfaced without even thinking about it. It was quite possibly the most valuable gift I had ever received. I went back to my seat slowly, but with my headache dulled I was more confused than ever.
I could clearly remember growing up to Shar and the Storm Within books, but all memory of what happened in them was gone. I knew it wasn’t something the Faerie did, but something larger going on that I couldn’t quite fathom about the world of Ralian itself.
Ultimately, I quit trying to comprehend what was going on and just wasted time listening to the other students talk. Quite some time passed, orientation finally drawing near, when another new student came into the common room.
As soon as I saw her my breath caught in my throat as my heart took off at lightning speed. She was another Dusneoc – Human-Dragon Hybrid – like Nypet was, but she was so beautiful it was almost hard to believe. Straight, deep pink hair lightly grazed her shoulders, her skin a light peach hue with darker red spots on her neck and face similar to freckles. Her face was more humanoid, but with her nose and mouth extending outwards lightly like a lizard. Her ears were long and wide rising up in the way a cat’s ears look, and she had thin hide-like wings.
Her tail was long and similarly thin, with a red fin trailing down from her back to about mid-tail. Bright pink eyes met my gaze as she noticed me watching her, and for that infinitesimal moment I could almost feel her energy. She was definitely strong, but it was more than that - I could feel a deep hunger to prove herself.
A spark of curiosity flashed in her eyes before her face went passive and she walked by. I had to make a point not to watch her once she passed, because my gaze instantly trailed to watch how her tight shorts clung to her thick hips as she moved.
She sat down at the couch to my right, and my brain finally realized why some of the couches had a spot cut out behind the seat - it was specifically for tails. I snuck a glance when she started quickly filling out her questionnaire, trying to determine if I had enough courage to go talk to her or if it would be rude since she was doing something important.
She caught me watching her after a moment and I quickly turned my gaze to watch the fireplace instead. I could’ve sworn the corners of her mouth turned up in a smile slightly when she caught me staring, but I chalked it up to imagination, too nervous to glance back over in case she was still looking.
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2020.09.29 14:35 vaasglitch Dating in tunisia

I'm Tunisian and freshman student at university and thinking of dating a girl that she is my classmate.
I hear people talking about dating all the time and wanted to know what are the perks of dating? Is it just talking and sharing stories. Do you get into physical intimacy or this is rare? Is it sexual?
I know a girl (not Tunisian) that she was physically intimate with me and we were not in a relationship but now she is abroad.
So my question is how is dating in Tunisia like. What perks do I get. This girl I think of dating is from sousse and she said that she loves me but she doesn't want to be physically intimate. Like touching hands or kissing. Nevertheless she scrutinizes me if i don't ask how she is doing for one day.
I really hope i get good answers from you guys. And also looking forward to hear some of your experiences in the matter.
Thank you very much guys.
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2020.09.29 14:35 bloodsorbet Bullying, sensitivity and other necessities

Hello. I am a mother of a 10 yo boy. And in recent time we had a lot of issues.
First of all, in the beginning of summer my son was in 10 day camp. we took him home six days later because of the bullying that the camp staff did not address despite my calls. And I believe that was the beginning of problems of self-confidence, emotion management, communication.
After summer when kids get back to school this september I hear more and more bad things from him. He began attending swimming lessons, one child called him fat and that was very hurtful for him, because he gained a little extra weight (I can objectively say that it is not fat or obese, just a little plump) and that is stressing him out. So that comment was apparently so hurtful, that next day he lied about stomach ache in the morning and just after long talk he admited that he did not want to go swimming because of that comment and fear to hear more of that. We (my husband and I) worked really hard to convince him to tell teacher about it. He did, the situation got better.
We talked a lot, everything seemed fine. But one day he called me from his way home, and told me that some older girls made fun of him in the bus stop talking crap like 'ewww, the shadow of that fatty is on your leg!!" He called me sobbing and asking why other kids are so cruel to him. I cried to and tried to console him. It was hard.
Me and my husband talked with our son a lot again.
There were few other situations, but they did not have such hard impact on him like those few I told.
But after all these events, moreover, I guess with the onset of adolescence, he has become very sensitive lately and his emotions are changing rapidly. He gets angry or sad for even small things. He now reacts very intensively in any comment said about or to him.
I believe the problem also is that he do not have friends (I believe).
My heart is breaking everytime he has to deal with something like that, but I also know that I can't protect him from the whole world around us.
I feel helpless and angry and tired and I feel grief and sorrow. I can imagine that he feels that to.
I don't know if I have questions. I don't know if your answers would be relevant to me, as we live in different cultures and different environments. But I feel a little better as I wrote it.
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2020.09.29 14:35 dyegohotb [PC] [MID 2000'S] Really disturbing pixel horror anime game in hell?

So I was trying to remember a game I heard about in a video about disturbing games (don't remember what channel it was). It was pixelated, probably from the mid 2000's, really gore and disturbing with graphic death scenes, you play as a girl who's sometimes chased by a sort of butcheexecutioner, there's traps, there's a lot of red like the walls, floor are red and all... I only remember that it might be in hell and that there's a second game. For those who know this awful gif it kinda is in the style of that gif of a girl getting skinned by that laser machine.
Thanks in advance!
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Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls Lyrics MetroLyrics