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Irish News. Coronavirus. News. Coronavirus Ireland: Hilarious Covid-19 memes to keep you smiling. It's important to stay positive and have a laugh at this testing time. ... A great Simpsons meme Subtly, too, the meme hints that the Irish overcame their oppression and therefore African Americans should as well. The descendants of Irish Catholics in fact blend in to American society, coming out to drink and parade for St. Patrick’s Day but otherwise living in ways that are indistinguishable from most white Americans. The Irish slave trade began when James VI sold 30,000 Irish prisoners as slaves to the New World. His Proclamation of 1625 required Irish political prisoners be sent overseas and sold to English ... Luck Of The Irish. Luck Of The Irish Meanwhile In Ireland. Oh You’re Part Irish. So Then I Said No. St. Patricks Day Is The Only Day Of The Year I Get Drunk. St Patricks Day Talks About How He’s Black And Irish And A Goon. Thug Life Welcome To Ireland. Won The Irish Lottery. Don’t forget to share your favorite Irish meme on social media! Memes rule the internet and when you see a quality Irish meme – it just makes them even better! Check out these funny Irish memes and see if you can stop yourself from laughing. Guaranteed. Guaranteed to make you laugh with our funny pictures, images, and these 50 epic Irish memes. The Best Irish Memes Sep 16, 2020 - Explore Sammi O'Leary's board 'Irish Memes' on Pinterest. See more ideas about Irish memes, Irish, Irish funny. Claims that Irish people were enslaved in British North America are a longstanding myth and online meme sometimes associated with neo-Confederates and white nationalists. The claim, which experts ... This ‘Irish slaves’ meme was created and published on Facebook by the self-published author and conspiracy theorist Michael John Melton. This photo however does not show ‘Irish slaves’ nor ... A lengthy post relating to Irish people and slavery has been widely reposted and shared on Facebook. The text is from a widely discredited 2008 article. Fact check: ‘Irish slaves’ meme repeats ... Your meme was successfully uploaded and it is now in moderation. ... Ireland Irish Four Leaf Clovers Leprechauns Flag Parody. better than the new ones. By kingcobra1207 2019-07-01 09:30. 75% (701) Tom Clancy Rainbow six Irish Ira Ireland. Flush the toilet . By MemeLife666 2019-04-14 16:00. 48% (932)

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2020.10.01 16:59 Clxrk97 [Xbox] [H] List of boosts [W] Credit offers 🎈


I'd prefer an offer over 'wyw' thanks have a good one. As the meme guy here's some movie quotes, GGs if you notice any that you actually know🎈
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Purple PCC
Unpainted GG19/IMP
Unpainted paragon IMP

Quote - This is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules. The big Lebowski

Saffron IMP
Fractal fire
Unpainted X3 Velo
Saffron GP19
Unpainted X3
Unpainted GK / guardian
Unpainted X2 fero
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Quote - I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate. Spaceballs

Titanium White aviator
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Magic missile
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Unpainted acrobat aviator sniper X2 GL
Unpainted playmaker victor GG19
Saffron playmaker GL
Black striker GL
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Quote - McLovin? What kind of stupid name is that, Fogell? What, are you trying to be an Irish R&B singer? Superbad

Ninja star
Unpainted playmaker victor Vind
Pixel fire
Unpainted show off CC2
Unpainted acrobat CC2
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Forest green goalkeeper

Quote - I Eat Pieces Of S*** Like You For Breakfast! Happy Gilmore

Springtime flowers
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Grey goalkeeper paragon
Lime show off
Sky-blue tactician
Burnt sienna
Forest green X3
Lime X3
Orange X2
Titanium White

Quote - On a daily basis I consume enough drugs to sedate Manhattan, Long Island, and Queens for a month. I take Quaaludes 10-15 times a day for my "back pain", Adderall to stay focused, Xanax to take the edge off, pot to mellow me out, cocaine to wake me back up again, and morphine... Well, because it's awesome. Wolf of Wall Street

Unpainted aviator elev
Lime GE19
Unpainted turbo
Unpainted juggler show off GE19
Unpainted show off turbo
Crimson goalkeeper
Saffron tactician
Burnt sienna
Forest green
Titanium White

Quote - I'm going upstairs. Cause I'm gonna put my nutsack on your drum set! Okay!? Step brothers

Forest green goalkeeper RLBB
Unpainted C1
Tsunami beam
Unpainted GE19
Unpainted X2 Vic
Unpainted guardian GL
Orange sniper Vic
Virtual wave
Crimson GG19
Lime zeph
Winter storm
Scorer striker GG18
Tactician SSC

Quote - See there are three kinds of people: di-ks, pu--ies, and a--holes. Team America

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2020.09.30 23:43 FrontpageWatch2020 [#164+45908216] Irish guacamole [r/memes]

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2020.09.30 20:45 lyonsy1 [r/memes] Irish guacamole

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2020.09.29 23:34 WWEandPokemon 10 free indie matches on YouTube I HIGHLY recommend

Hey guys! I'm sure I'm not the only one still looking for something to keep myself occupied during COVID and I figured this could be a fun little thread to help out with that! In this day and age wrestling has never been more accessible. Even with all the incredible streaming services out there we've still got an abundance of great free matches on YouTube. So I decided to take a little bit of time to suggest 10 matches from various independent promotions that I thought were especially must watch affairs. In no particular order, here you go and I hope you find something here to enjoy!
And there you have it! 10 matches I can't recommend enough to people similarly bored and into independent wrestling as I am. Hope you found something worth watching from the matches I listed
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2020.09.29 23:07 MKPMagikoopaRedit A simple meme with an Irish template!

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2020.09.29 21:10 FrontpageWatch2020 [#156+21782499] half the Irish could beat both countries combined easy [r/memes]

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2020.09.29 20:54 Kalajasavakuy [REQUEST] I saw the other guy post this, but some meme took it a step further. How much would the IRISH have to drink to match up with the Americans?

[REQUEST] I saw the other guy post this, but some meme took it a step further. How much would the IRISH have to drink to match up with the Americans? submitted by Kalajasavakuy to theydidthemath [link] [comments]

2020.09.29 19:47 lyonsy1 [r/memes] half the Irish could beat both countries combined easy

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2020.09.29 15:21 FletchableYT Irish partially dark mode friendly meme comin' at ya.

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2020.09.28 23:59 uniqueandweird 7 years ago a shout out from Felix made more than his day. I'm not a gamer but I enjoy some of his gaming content. I love Meme Time. He makes me LAUGH!! Thanks from a fellow Irish person. Well done Jack.

7 years ago a shout out from Felix made more than his day. I'm not a gamer but I enjoy some of his gaming content. I love Meme Time. He makes me LAUGH!! Thanks from a fellow Irish person. Well done Jack. submitted by uniqueandweird to jacksepticeye [link] [comments]

2020.09.28 15:51 CaledonianinSurrey Remember that Observer article about how the British Army fired on peaceful Greek protesters in Athens in 1944? Turns out a 'clarification' was published a few months later by the same paper.

In November 2014 the Observer Magazine published an article headlined 'Athens 1944: Britain’s dirty secret'. The article has, at the time of writing, been shared 30,833 times. The essay includes the explosive claim of the British Army firing on Greek protesters:

This was the day, those 70 years ago this week, when the British army, still at war with Germany, opened fire upon – and gave locals who had collaborated with the Nazis the guns to fire upon – a civilian crowd demonstrating in support of the partisans with whom Britain had been allied for three years.

This actually provides a good example of how anti-Churchill memes spread. For this article was hyperlinked to by Shashi Tharoor in his own dreadful Washington Post essay with the summary:
To the Iraqis whom Churchill advocated gassing, the Greek protesters on the streets of Athens who were mowed down on Churchill’s orders in 1944, sundry Pashtuns and Irish, as well as to Indians like myself, it will always be a mystery why a few bombastic speeches have been enough to wash the bloodstains off Churchill’s racist hands.
This has been cited by a plethora of idiots of Twitter (for example this guy, or this genius).
In fact a few months later a clarification was published on the same website that showed that the original piece had made some serious mistakes. At the time of writing this correction has been shared a paltry 59 times.
Seven Greek historians protested. They said the British had not fired on the crowd***,*** but that Greek police certainly had, and that to present the December confrontation as one fought between the British alongside supporters of the Nazis against the partisans was “a gross misrepresentation”. They claimed that the security battalions and special security branch of the Greek police were never integrated into the German SS, as the article had said. They also attacked the reported recollections of 92-year-old former resistance fighter Manolis Glezos and his account of attempts to blow up the British HQ.
He goes on:

He wrote: “Did the British open fire on the demonstrators on 3 December 1944? The answer is no, but that reality is filtered through perceptions clouded by a day filled with violence and considerable confusion.
The British did make an effort to peacefully disperse part of the crowd. One explanation is that some protesters easily mistook the use of tracer shells by British armoured units, fired over the heads of the demonstrators, as being directed at them. Another issue that further complicated matters was that the Greek soldiers wore British battledress, as did the Greek gendarmerie. Furthermore, there were American and British soldiers on the roof of the Grand Bretagne Hotel, observing the spectacle. For those on the ground it could have appeared that the gunfire from the police could have been mistaken as originating from the soldiers on the roof of the hotel. Although the police wore grey, they were in concealed positions on the balcony, roof, windows, and behind a wall in front of the police headquarters, making it difficult for the demonstrators to identify whether they were police or soldiers.”
In other words, the British did not fire on protesters, but in the confusion participants might have mistook Greek police firing at protesters for British soldiers.Since the participants are now 90+ years old they can get a pass for making a mistake. No such courtesy should be extended to the Observer, who should be fact checking articles before they are published.
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2020.09.28 12:12 MansA28Sepl What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)4

What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)4
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2020.09.27 00:20 em_mpleter Our attitude towards Death is wrong.

We have all seen the same image.
Imagine the opening scene from Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal . A terrified dude, watching a scary individual wearing a black cape, claimed to be Death, admitting he is there to claim him. So we should avoid him. Maybe if we run? No, I am good at chess, I should challenge him!
Death is always illustrated as someone terrifying, someone everybody should avoid. I once bought a crappy novel, one of those you find in the supermarkets. I read it, I can't even remember the title of that book, and I lost it somewhere while I was moving from my apartment. The only thing that I remember is that our attitude towards Death is wrong. He is not the scary, black dressed person we all fear. But he is the most innocent person, a young girl with a white dress we should all embrace and give a wholesome hug.
We all have lost someone we love, grandparent, father, mother, sister, brother, wife, husband, friend, etc. "He/She is in a better place now" we find ourselves to admit. But why do we cry if we truly believe that? Yes, we will miss him/her, that is true. But why are those tears never happy tears? Yes, even when his/her death is unfair, shouldn't we still be happy?
Have you seen that meme in a funeral in Ghana, where people dance carrying one person's coffin? Why do we find it so extraordinary that we have to make a meme out of it. Why funerals are not parties?
Also, that video on YouTube, where an Irish man leaves a funny recording on his funeral, knocking his coffin wanting to get out? So freaking funny. Why don't all funerals leave the relatives with a smile on their face?
What about Phyllis Shacter's Tedx speech, about a man, wanting to attend at his own funeral?
To be honest, I am not afraid of my Death, I can comfortably admit it. The thing I am afraid, and I crap myself thinking about it, is that I may cease to exist right after. Then I find myself to admit I won't exist, so I wouldn't care for not existing, and I find some comfort in that thought.
Anyways, I am not trying to be melodramatic, people come and go everyday. We will eventually lose someone we love and care, why can't this be a party though? Why do we wear black clothes and not white?
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2020.09.25 20:08 DaiserKai Irish equivalents to "The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell"

You always see the yanks meme-ing "The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell" because it was bet into them in school and I was wondering about some Irish equivalents.
Any other good ones lads?
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2020.09.23 21:34 agoldenzebra r/SubredditAdoption Directory

Below are the the posts that are available for adoption right now. This post is updated every morning (PST), so it may be a bit out of date!
For more details on what SubredditAdoption is, please check out the announcement post.
Available Subreddits
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2020.09.23 19:11 herdsheep Hombrew I've Played: Subclasses Edition, Part 2(Paladin to Wizard) - An extensive list of over a hundred subclasses I've playtested, what I still allow, and a brief summary of each and my experience with it.

For Homebrew Classes, See This Post.
For Homebrew Subclasses (Part 1), See This Post with Barbarian to Monk.
So I was supposed to post this uh... 16 days ago, so I'll tell you what, you get a 16% discount off what you paid for it. That's right, 16% of $0 so I don't want to hear any complaints.
For my methodology and defense of Homebrew and why I use it, feel free to read the opening of my original posts ) where I go to greater length on the subject... don't had the word count to spare every post. Suffice to say that my experience is that the main problem that faces Homebrew is that it can be exceedingly difficult to sort through the vast selection and find stuff you might actually want to use. My groups and I have playtested hundreds of hours of the content out there, so I'm just trying to share that time and effort with you.
The purpose of this list is to give a brief outline of each thing I've playtested, and give people some guidance if they want to look further into it. I'm not telling you what to allow, just what might be worth taking a look at if it strikes your fancy. I can give a more in-depth thought on anything on the list, just feel free to ask, though I may get overwhelmed with those sort of requests in my limited reddit time and slow typing.

Balance Criteria

Note: What I think is balanced is not guaranteed to be what you think is balanced. Here is the main considerations I have (in order of importance to me):

Rules for inclusion:

Additionally, I weigh overhead against new options - I am fairly tolerant of complicated mechanics or options, but I dislike things that force saves every turn, or allow for excessive rerolling of dice, or introduce floating modifiers. These are all things that unnecessarily slow down combat, and require extra justification for their presence (which is possible, just that the bar is higher).


Subclass Creator Description Playtest Feedback I Allow Notes
Oath of Avarice COFSA GenuineBelieverer A Paladin that believes bling is justice. Balanced. It is actually pretty solid, and one of my favorite things from COFSA. I like alternative Paladin Oaths that are unique, and it's unique, and actually pretty balanced. It also does a much better job of having an adaptably flavor that is not tied to lore or strange mechanics. All around solid.
Oath of Anaracy POP BunnygeonMaster A Paladin the believes freedom of movement is a right. Balanced. It mostly just gives a lot of tools for moving about. Limitless power has a line that might break your game about ignoring creature's immunity, so you may want to play your BBEG accordingly or tweak that feature, but that's 20th level.
Oath of the Grim Hunt SethBlackwood A Paladin with a Warlock's amount of edge. Somewhat too much. d12 smites with rerolls, even as your channel divinity, is a lot in practice; we are talking a first level slot for 3d12 with rerolls vs. a Fiend or something. X I think this is probably the Paladin where I started adopting the principle to stop playtesting Paladins that have a feature that reads, essentially, "Smite harder", as that is really the last thing Paladins need in life even if it is what they end to want.
Oath of the Midnight Hour the_singular_anyone(walrock) A Paladin that stalks the night and shanks their foes. Mostly balanced. I find Shadowblade to be a bit much early on, especially due to it's fairly high chance to interact with criticals. I allow it because I want a Paladin that is like this, but I would like it better if Shadowblade wasn't as strong (or was at least harder to use). I may nerf that feature if someone wanted to play it in a campaign again.
Oath of Power POP BunnygeonMaster A Paladin that is a superhero. It is a little too meme-like for me, but mechanically balanced. X I should have been more suspecious of anything that has an anime quote, but I didn't recognize such things on first pass. Your mileage will vary based on the tone of your game.
Oath of Sanity KibblesTasty A blantantly misnamed Oath for making an insane Paladin. Balanced, if perhaps on the somewhat more specific/undertuned side. This oath bats way over par in making characters that very entertaining. It's like if a Call of Cthulu investigator found their way into D&D but still had their old insticts that everything was going to kill them.
Oath of Zeal CaelReader A Paladin that thinks Vengeance Paladins are soft on heretics. Giving Paladins more smite can be a little over the top. X I'm not sure giving up 10 points of lay on hands is overpowered, but it did feel imbalanced (as in just not in balance), in that it turned the Paladin into a very one note thing (more smites, all the time, which I believe is the intention of it). I also think Stern Gaze should probably just be intimidation, as it makes little sense for Persuasion checks.


Subclass Creator Description Playtest Feedback I Allow Notes
Beast Master (Revised) KibblesTasty Be more than just a graveyard manager for your menagrie of dead pets. A functional beastmaster. Balanced. A good balance between "your pet cannot attack" and "you have two actions" WotC has struggled a lot with pet classes, but I find it a good balance. Your pet can occasionally attack and frequently help you out.
Dragon Apprentice Ranger TheArenaGuy For when being raised by wolves just doesn't cut it. A ranger themed around emulating a dragon. Balanced, generally fits the Ranger template well, even if that template is kicking you right in the bonus actions. Some players are disappointed they don't get a dragon till 15th level. I don't use the cosmic dragons, so cannot speak to anything related to them here, but the rest should be fine.
Shooting Star ATLAS aeyana A Ranger that shoots for the stars (cosmic ranger). Balanced. It's fine, and generally obeys the Ranger rule that your bonus action will be a cluterfuck. I find their resource system (motes) sort of a pain in the ass and they generally have too much of it, but it's mostly fine.
Witch Hunter YAG Yorviing A Ranger that hunters Witches... and potentially other spell casters too. More or less balanced, but somewhat too specialized. If there aren't Witches to hunt, their feature pool is a little shallow. It's generally okay, though I may warn against it for a new player that may overestimate how many spell casting enemies they will fight (and I tend to run more than usual).
Witchguard RSquared A Ranger that fights off the Witch Hunters (above)... Bond with a spell caster and protect them. It is overpowered in a way, but I still allow it. It really comes down to how worried you are about a Ranger being somewhat too good at being a team player. It is overpowered in the sense that it is too strong when compared to what a Ranger subclass should be, but I don't find that it does it in a way that causes issues in my game. Your mileage may vary. Sort of requires buy in from another player, so a little unusual that way.


Subclass Creator Description Playtest Feedback I Allow Notes
Acrobat Mage Hand Press Tumble and leap your way to victory. As written, Parting Toss makes no sense. If it is balanced depends on how you modify that feature. RAW, Parting Toss does nothing. If you read it to mean it's a free action, it's busted. I replaced that feature entirely.
Assassin(Revised) KibblesTasty Gives assassin new ways of dealing death. Balanced. The original assassin does one thing very well, this does a few things pretty well. Some will miss the old Assassinate, but it rarely played nice with a party, and we could go weeks without getting a single use of it, while this has a good mix of solo assassination and party play.
The Brotherhood Mage Hand Press Assassin's creed rogue. Partially balanced. Death From Above has a reasonable drawback until 13th level, and there it costs your reaction, so isn't too bad. Goes from near useless to very strong depending on how much vertical space is on your battlemaps.
Divine Agent KibblesTasty The black ops wing of any organized crime religion. Balanced, perhaps a little undertuned due to how late rogue subclass features come in. A Divine Rogue that isn't a 1/3 caster, but has limited casting from their features. Would prefer a little early casting.
Ruffian Jaekbad A Rogue that fights dirty dirter than usual. Balanced. The general idea is well implemented and works well, none of the features are crazy. The rare pleasent example of something on the /UA curated list that belongs there. Quite like the idea and its a unique take on a Rogue subclass while still being archetypically a rogue. Should be noted it doesn't specialize in strength (though can technically use it) despite the name.
Surgeon KibblesTasty A walking revoked medical license. Balanced. It provides a good balance of support and rogue template features. I run the Intelligence variant, as I prefer my surgeons to be smart rather than cunning.
Shinobi Mage Hand Press The ninja rogue everyone wants to be. Balanced, their ki is pretty limited and does reasonable things for the most part. I make Kaginawa part of Cunning Action rather than a free action; your mileage will vary based on how vertical your maps tend to be.
Spidertouched COFSA GenuineBelieverer A Spider themed rogue that shoots webs and poisons things. Balanced, if a little strong in the hands of a clever player, particularly when combined with CBE. There is a semi common synergy between nets and CBE, and this sort of amplifies that. In fact, it makes nets incredibly strong in general. It also scales extremely well with haste. They are limited in their special net requiring a bonus action (which conflicts with CBE), which is sort of its saving grace.


Subclass Creator Description Playtest Feedback I Allow Notes
Ashen Lineage COFSA GenuineBelieverer The kid of an Ashen Wolf Warlock. Balanced, more or less. The first level feature is mostly useless - produce flame mostly a worse firebolt, the claws are niche. It's okay, but some players were a little frustrated that it doesn't quite seem to do what it wants to do. It is hard to effectively actually use the Born of Ember feature, as Sorcerers are not natural gishes, and if you multiclass, you'd probably to actually attack for scaling reasons... it's like the Ashen Wolf Warlock, but lacks the invocations to make it actually work.
Aether Heart KibblesTasty A Sorcerer's whose true power is that of their heart. Because it's a magical power source. Balanced, if slightly undertuned at lower levels. It is sort of metamagic specialist, which I think is a good niche for a Sorcerer subclass, but doesn't quite go far enough and I already give extra metamagic.
Deathtouched DarkArts Jonoman3000 A Sorcerer that gets the power from a connection with death Balanced, generally powerful if dim light is commonly available, but may suffer a bit if your party likes it light sources. It doesn't have a bonus spell list, so I give it one, which sort of conflicts with the 6th level feature as there's just not that many necromany spells to go around, but it works out.
Imperial Birthright IrishBandit A Sorcerer with the bluest of blood that commands things. Mostly balanced. The 18th level feature is a little much relative to other Sorcerer 18th level features. I still allow it for specail cases, but have mostly retired it to just use Noble Warlord as that's usually a better for what my players are looking for, but they are different concepts.
Nymph Bloodline Mage Hand Press An alluring Sorcerer that specializes in charming. Not even vaguely balanced. Not suitable for most games. X Almost every feature is ill advised, but bypassing immunity to charm and bypassing legendary resistance and removing the drawbacks of charm magic is a combination that is guarenteed to a derail any game. Do not recommend.
Pheonix Spark(Revised) ElementalOrigins KibblesTasty A revision of the pheonix Sorcerer, a Sorcerer all about bursting into flames. Mostly balanced, and pretty good at feeling like the theme. When I playtested it the cap on restored hit points wasn't there and it was a bit much, but I see it's been updated. I used the UA version up until switching to this reversion recently, as pheonix sorcerers are popular in my groups (all of those UA elemental sorcerers are)
Seasonal TheArenaGuy If 5e Eladrin was a Sorcerer subclass. Balanced, if perhaps somewhat undertuned overall. X It's first level feature is to give you spells, which is cool, but I already give that to all Sorcerers, so it doesn't offer them enough. Conflict of Homebrew. Summer and Spring are also almost always better than Autumn or Winter.
Sea Soul (Revised) ElementalOrigins KibblesTasty A revision of the Sea Sorcerer from UA. Balanced, though a I felt it was a bit finicky at times. I have always struggled with the theme of this one as I feel its a little too close to Storm (both in the UA and this revision) but people want to play it, so I allow it. It's fine... this is a little more polished and balanced than the UA version was, but I allowed that one previously.
Stoneheart (Revised) ElementalOrigins KibblesTasty Kibbles' version of Stone Sorcerer, a more gish like Sorcerer. Balanced. It does not make the Sorcerer suddenly a tank, but gives them an interesting playstyle I like this one a good bit more than the UA version, it's power set is a little more grounded and coherent, while still making the Sorcerer a more viable gish-like thing. Has been quite popular. I did eventually drop the UA Stone Sorcerer awhile ago, so this was a good replacement.


Subclass Creator Description Playtest Feedback I Allow Notes
The Acursed Archive COFSA GenuineBelieverer The world's evilest librarians. I had a big issue their ability to essentially planeshift 10 people into the library as an action. X I don't know if I would call it broken, but your mileage will vary. Read tainted knowledge carefully and decide how comfortable you are with that feature being abused. It's in some ways a better time stop at level 1. You and whole whole party can precast any non concentration spells you want (fire shield, mirror image, sanctuary, there's actually quite a few and trust me munchkins will find them)... and there is little hundreds more little things (non-healing potions, etc).
The Ashen Wolf COFSA GenuineBelieverer Warlock who made a pact with fire doggo. It's not really stronger than hexblade most of the time. Feels pretty geared toward Pact of the Blade though, and very invocation hungry. The 14th level feature isn't really balanced, but is also one of the few class features I've seen kill its player (and this happened in fact twice) due to the exhaustion backlash. I generally don't like features that give players more power in exchange for killing themselves. Depending on how you rule exhaustion and death, there are additional problems (if death removes all exhaustion, that can be exploited, if it doesn't, this subclass can permanently kill you).
The Archlich DarkArts Jonoman3000 A Warlock that made a deal with an Archlich. Somewhat subpar. The 1st level feature requires concentration, which will generally always be a deal breaker for a Warlock as they are so dependent on concentration. X The 6th level feature depends on the 1st level feature, which requires concentration, meaning if you use any Warlock spell like Hex or Darkness, you essentially have no subclass features until 10.
The Archmage Mage Hand Press An apprentice that's taken a massive short cut to the whole being a Wizard thing. Balanced, perhaps somewhat undertuned. Arcane Storage is better at some levels than others, but Ubreakable Spell and Spell Resistance are quite good.
The Blackthorn Grove COFSA GenuineBelieverer A warlock with an evil plant for a heart. Balanced? It's fine... the 1st level feature is niche, and the 6th level feature is strangely only really applicable to Pact of the Blade. The 6th level feature only really making sense for Pact of the Blade is sort of a problem, as generally speaking other Warlocks don't really want to hold a ranged weapon all the time (the only option that'd make sense for them to use that feature with).
The Blind Justicar COFSA GenuineBelieverer A Warlock that made a deal with a Warrior Saint to become a Paladin. I don't know what the math on the 1st level feature was supposed to be, but in my experience it doesn't really work out. X The first level feature lets you replace 2d20 with 3d12 drop the lowest, but best I can tell this makes you virtually always hit (or save, but you rarely have advantage on saves, while you usually have advantage on attacks). I'm not a deep math guy, so perhaps it was just absurd luck on the playtest, but 3d12 drop 1 does not seem like a reasonable way to roll attacks in my testing against fairly standard ACs (14-18).
The Currency Conspiracy COFSA GenuineBelieverer A typical merchant. Balanced, but more focused on social pillar and exploitation than combat. It's not necessarily suitable for all games, and depending on your intrepretation of the lore may be exclusively evil due to it's habit turning parts of people's souls into cash-money and all of its class features depending on doing so.
The Divine Beast TheArenaGuy Pact of the Beast Master More or less balanced. Due to the ability to resummon it with a pact slot, it tended to be an unlimited pool of hit points; there is a limiter based on time, but I never saw that really matter. You can fix this just by not attacking it, but your mileage will vary based on how run monster intelligence. X It is to Pact of the Chain what Hexblade is Pact of the Blade in a way that it's a subclass clearly designed for one Pact to fix that play style, and is just a little weird for other Pacts.
The Dreamer Mage Hand Press A Warlock for manipulating sleep and dreams. Has issues. Doubling the power of sleep at level 1 is truly broken. Sleep is a spell that has to fall off due to how powerful it can be. X Their School of Sonomancy Wizard does the same thing, and isn't on the list as I passed on it after trying this one. Doubling sleep's hit points at level 1-3 is ridiculous and will auto end most low level fights.
The Gelantinous Convocation COFSA GenuineBelieverer Befriend cheerful slimes. Balanced, though somewhat geared less toward combat. Their first level feature can make a murder mystery really boring, so read it before it allow it and decide if it'll work for the sort of game you run (allows you to eat a corpse and know what it knew once a day)
The Knowledge Keeper KibblesTasty A Warlock the knows everything there is to know. Your mileage may vary. Trades combat effectiveness for extreme utility. This one is very open ended, and I'm not sure I'd recommend it to anyone beside a veteran player. It's extremely flexible, but kept largely in check by Warlocks very limited slots.
The Lady of the Lake Xenoezen A Warlock that got their power from some aquatic ceremony with a watery tart. Mostly Balanced. It's generally balanced on its own. It is generally more balanced than Hexblade when it comes to Paladin multiclassing with it, though with less thematic dissonance. But if you don't allow Hexblade, don't allow this.
The Nebula ATLAS aeyana A very sparkly Warlock. Shimmering Cloud has an strange interaction with Armor of Agathys that is somewhere between nonfunctional and problematic. X You may read Armor of Agathys differnetly than I do and not count attacks that hit the Shimmer Cloud as proc'ing its damage, in which case you might be fine, but this is a lot if you don't (imagine a 3rd level AoA; each hit deals 15 to the attacker, but they have to deal 30 damage to break the shield, taking 15 damage each time they hit you); note them hitting the cloud procing AoA is probably not RAW though how I've always run abilities like that, so your mileage may vary.
The Saint Yorviing A Warlock blessed by a saint-like figure. Balanced. It's fine, though depends on how you do short rests you may be wary of Prayer of Healing on the Warlock list. The PDF is not the easiest thing to read, though that might just be an issue on my side due its non-standard formatting.
The Tempest KibblesTasty A Warlock that builds a storm around them. Balanced, though deals substantial mini-area of effect damage, making it highly effective sometimes. I like how the storm building mechanic extends the Warlocks effective power by making something out of it's limited uses of Pact Magic and giving it a bit more utility.
The Wild Hunt COFSA GenuineBelieverer The Warlock who made a pact with the bad guys from the Witcher Not balanced. Like many COFSA Warlocks it really depends on how you build it, but it gives a combination of things that can be really annoying to deal with, though seems pretty focused on Pact of the Blade. X Slayer's Armory is a little crazy as it makes Hunter's Mark add 2d6 damage, which when combined with a high hit-high attack build (like CBE) deals fairly ridiculous damage, and with Find Steed you can manipulate the hell out of range making them very difficult to deal with. Slayer's Armory technically does not scale with magic weapons, but that's not a great solution.


Subclass Creator Description Playtest Feedback I Allow Notes
Generalist YAG Yorviing A Wizard that majored in GEs at Wizard school. More balanced than most generalist Wizards. It's no loremaster. I find Regenerative reservoir a bit much over the course of a day given how useful 1st level spell slots are, and how very powerful this is as you get later in the game, but this is largely a side effect of long adventuring days, so your mileage may vary.
School of Arithmetick Mage Hand Press A Wizard that's based on being good at math... ...but requires a DM bad at math to allow it. No comment and lesson learned. Not particulary balanced. X This whole subclass is pretty nonstandard. Accrual alone would disqualify from consideration for most people. As to what is broken, it's mostly using stats with Factorize, as a whole group of monsters will have the same value for a stat, and savvy player will know what that stat is often allowing somewhat absurd things.
School of Astronomy ATLAS aeyana A Wizard that's power comes from the alignment of the stars. Balanced, while the stars give you some flexibility (and some early damage) it's not generally too much. I read Spell Stars as that you still have to be able to see the target and you cannot see through the spell stars, so you still need line of sight. If you make different assumptions, balance might be different.
School of Blue Magic YAG Yorviing A Wizard based around stealing and copying their enemies spells. It's more or less balance, but completely dependent on your party and what you fight. X I don't have any real objection to it, but players generally didn't think it was what they thought of as a Blue Mage, but I don't really know enough the source material of the idea to comment there.
School of Hemomancy DarkArts Jonoman3000 A Wizard that specializes in the blood magic provided by the supplement. More or less balanced itself, but depends on the Hemomancy spell list, so your mileage may vary there. X I used it while I used those spells, but as I no longer use those spells, this wouldn't really work out as it's completely tied to those spells.
School of Innovation KibblesTasty A Wizard that lets you make your own spells. It's a good effort at balancing a ridiculous idea. X It's a good bit of fun, and I think could be used, but as with anything this open ended, some user caution is recommended. I do use it as a template for player created spells though.
School of Pathology KibblesTasty A current events Wizard. Somewhere between a plague doctor and a plague maker Mostly balanced. It will somewhat depend on the power and frequently of diseases in your game for their 14th level feature, but wasn't an issue for me. I am not personally a big fan of the spell contagion, I like the spell in principle, but it's in an awkward spot of being effectively "save three times or die". That's a gripe with the spell though, not this subclass.

Honorable Mentions

Compendiums & Sources

I've added a brief tag for how much content from compendiums I use for clarity. Limited generally means I don't use the spells or additional options, and may exclude up to half the character options. Most means I tend to use most of it. Some means I use less than limited, and it's usually case by case basis.
Please don't construe anything I say as saying that anything isn't worth anyone's time. Not all stuff works for me, but if it is on this list, I at least read it and thought it had some merit, and it probably would work fine for someone's game, even if it may have some balance issues. My balance issues might now by your (or the creator's) balance issues, you might just not care about balance issues. This is just my list that I am sharing because it might help people sort through the sea of stuff out there, and particularly if they find my balance criteria similar to theirs be extremely helpful.
*Ranger Footnote: I currently use the UA Class Variants Ranger with some exceptions. I use the Beastmaster from above, and I require the replacement options are taken in order (i.e. Tireless cannot be taken at level 1 for obvious reasons).
*Sorcerer Footnote: As discussed in my Classes post, I partially use the Sorcerer, Tweaked, but as I don't actually use most of those subclasses, I might be better to say I use the Sorcerer with Expanded Spell Lists, an extra metamagic, and no need for an arcane focus.

Next Steps

What would you like to see next in Homebrew I've Played? Races? Feats? Mechanics? Leave your suggestion and vote below if you'd like to see another part to the series with what you'd like to see, and if you'd like to be notified when the next part goes up.
I also have some updates on my classes post, so I may like do a list up every six months or year or so if people are interesting in that. I have gotten a lot of new subclasses since I started posting these as well, so there will be quite a bit of new stuff playtested in the future.
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2020.09.22 16:28 Torisaursky I wanted to capture a wholesome moment from the most recent Meme Time so have a smiling Irish lad :D

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2020.09.21 22:30 Nave-Enaur Making an Irish History meme every day (Day 6)

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2020.09.21 16:00 Angel466 [Bob the hobo] A Celestial Wars Spin-Off Part 0167

Angelo had never been a religious man. In his old neighbourhood, religious belief was like the Irish’s Catholic/Protestant line. Everyone was poor, and while most of the worn-down apartments had some manner of Crucifix or Virgin Mary displayed somewhere prominent, he always thought if he ever met God, he’d punch him in the nose for allowing people to live in such poverty.
His nonna believed in him, but she’d been old. She always used to say God had a plan, and it took everything Angelo and his two older brothers had to not roll their eyes at her. Mainly because like them, Nonna was Italian, and she could still bring the three of them into line with a look. Their mother was a crackhead who paid for her fixes on her back and knees right up until the day she died.
Angelo had been two when that happened.
And in that regard, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree where he was concerned. Not so with his brothers. Rocco was the oldest. Built like a linebacker, he was the one that kept the ugliness of the street away from their front door. There was fourteen years difference between him and Rocco, so as a kid, he hadn’t realised the reason he seemed to have an invisible barrier around him where trouble was concerned, was because his big brother had made a name for himself on the street as a professional leg-breaker (amongst other things). One who believed very much in killing the messenger.
Angelo had been nine when Rocco was finally put away for six counts of murder in the first degree. Twenty-five to life for each to be served consecutively because he refused to drop the dime on his boss. “Don’t ever be a rat, Angie,” Rocco had always said, whenever Nonna took Angelo to visit him in Attica. “Your name is all you had coming into this world, and it’s all you’ll have going out.”
Guess I should’ve listened, he mused to himself.
His name had been stripped from him in the last year. He went from being someone to being a common household appliance.
Gianni was seventeen when Rocco went away and died six months later trying to fill Rocco’s shoes. He was found in an alleyway with his throat slit, and no one gave a damn. No one, except him and Nonna. ( ... and Rocco. Word was, he went on a murderous rampage that got him locked in solitary confinement and another four years added to his a hundred and fifty year sentence.)
Nonna held it together for Angelo. He knew it, but he also knew he couldn’t stay in that neighbourhood. At first, he begged his grandmother to move into another suburb where they could start over, but she had adamantly refused. “My Dante, Gianni and Carina are all buried here, Angelo. If I leave, I will not be able to visit them every day, and they will get lonely.”
As it so happened (and Angelo still carried a lot of guilt over this) Nonna never lived to see the Christmas after he left home. They said she had a heart attack, but to this day, Angelo believed it was more from a broken heart. She’d had no one left in the world but him, and he’d moved away.
After burying her alongside Nonno, Angelo only came to their graves on New Year’s Eve. Every year. He’d sit at the foot of his mother's grave where he could see Nonna and Gianni's gravestones and tell them both about what he’d been up to that year. As he spoke, he would toast to all their memories over a full bottle of amaretto. (For the ladies, he’d bring flowers. His brother would be given his share of the amaretto directly from the bottle.) Then, to wipe the slate clean, he would go out and tie one on for New Years and start the cycle again at the end of the following year. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.
All except last year. Last year, he’d been working for Tony, and he didn’t get time off. Which in a way, was a blessing. He didn’t want to face the ghosts of his family after what he’d become.
Now, it looked like he was on his way to meet them anyway.
He knew what the tunnel of light represented. He was Italian. Of course, he knew. If anything, he was surprised to be heading in this direction. Not that he’d broken any of the ten commandments (that he knew of), but his lifestyle even before his enslavement hadn’t exactly been sterling.
As the light grew closer, he heard their harmonised voices. The light was too bright to see through, but he heard their welcoming tones.
Then, he drew slowly to a halt. The light didn’t fade, nor did it get any closer. “You are loved.” The masculine voice washed over him, somehow cocooning him in the strength of his words like a comforter. “However My Nephew still needs you, my son.”
And just like that, the tunnel, the light and all the voices vanished, and Angelo was thrust back into a world of pain.
He couldn’t breathe. It hurt to try. Like his lungs were on fire, but filling up with water at the same time. Someone was wiping his face with something cold and wet, and just when he didn’t think he could fight anymore, his lungs spasmed as if punched and another mouthful of fluids rushed to the back of his throat and poured out of his open mouth. Someone had their hand pressed into his forehead, holding his head at an uncomfortable angle, but somehow it made the fluid fall more easily from his lips.
“That’s it, buddy,” he heard Robbie say. “Get that spit out of your lungs.”
“Here,” he heard Lucas add, and the wet cloth was gently reapplied to his face. “My God, man. Look at me,” he commanded, still wiping the cloth around Angelo’s face.
I can’t! I can’t see!
“Don’t you let them win, Angie! You hang on!”
Another shiver. Another cough. Another mouthful of fluid fell out of his mouth. “Stay with us, man.”
I don’t think I have a choice, Angelo thought weakly.
The next few minutes were a blur as new voices sounded around him. Someone requested the fire brigade, which made him want to laugh. Was the building on fire on top of everything else? He saw a meme once of a town being flooded except for one house that was fully ablaze, with the caption, “Proof that things can always get worse”. Lately, that had been his motto, even though he couldn’t picture how.
Still on his side, he felt something slide between his teeth and bump against his throat, but his gag-reflex hadn’t existed in years and if anything, the pulsed suction that followed felt weird. Like he was throwing up … from his lungs.
In the gaps between the suction, he felt the cold touch of oxygen, that his lungs scrambled to get more of. From behind, he heard a ripping sound and his back suddenly goosebumped at the cold bite of air-conditioned air that went on to include his arms.
At first, he wanted to be annoyed about the destruction of his sweatshirt, until he remembered they belonged to the hospital and that he’d helped himself to it after escaping his room. Oh, shit! Did that constitute stealing? It did. It so did. But he did that before going into the light tunnel, so maybe that meant it didn’t count?
As he pondered this, he felt someone pushing something small and sticky against his chest. Then another … and another. All while the suction in his throat continued. By the end of it, he thought he felt at least half a dozen tiny things sticking to his chest, and even more on his arms and feet. And that didn’t count the two bigger ones the size of his palms. He was beginning to feel like a damned sticky noticeboard.
He didn’t even flinch as the large bore needle slid into his left arm and something forced its way into his veins. If anything, he wanted to mock them for using an alcohol swab first. Prissies, he wanted to say. No self-respecting drug addict used swabs before shooting up.
Only, he wasn’t a drug addict anymore. The weeks he’d been at the hospital had emptied most of his system, and no one seemed in a hurry to give him more. Not even sedatives. Lucas had tried to stop the doc from administering the sedative in case it worked against anything residual in his system, but the doc had over-ridden him and given him the shot.
Maybe Lucas should be a doctor. Maybe in a former life, he was.
Angelo had no interest in getting back onto the shit Tony had him on. God, no. That stuff was too much, even for him. But once this was all over, he was pretty sure he could handle the lesser stuff that he’d been on in his days before Tony. Things like special k or dust or maybe even a little bit of cotton candy from time to time if he was having enough fun.
Maybe he should see this as a giant fucking wakeup call and walk away from that life for good. That would certainly please Robbie, but taking fun by the horns and running with it as hard as he could was all he’d ever done since he left high school. Even before Tony, he’d used sex to pay for his partying lifestyle. He knew he wasn’t a ripped pretty boy like Robbie, but he could hold his own in a lineup, and the money was good.
Something else flooded his vein, which slowed the heavy pounding of his heart and brought his whole body into a state of relaxation. Dang … now that stuff I could use by the truckload, he thought hazily to himself.
He was then rolled onto his back. However, he didn’t feel the soft mattress roll that he’d been lying on. No, this was hard. Really hard. And it suddenly dawned on him that he still couldn’t see. Everything had different depths ranging from red to black, no matter where he looked.
The suction tube was pulled back into the mouth and a larger, breathing tube inserted. “He has no gag reflex,” he heard Robbie say, and he almost wanted to puff his chest in pride.
Damn right, I don’t.
He felt himself being lifted and carried feet first from the room.
“We’ll be right behind you, buddy!” he heard Robbie call.
Instead of calming him, that actually had him panicking. Where am I going that Robbie can’t come with me?
But he just couldn’t make himself move to find out.
He heard people barking orders and thought maybe he caught a glimpse of a bright light here and there through the red. For a few seconds, he thought he tasted the glorious smoggy air of New York City, and then he was enclosed in a small space that had a pair of doors banging around his feet.
Then the sirens started up. Oh, no…
The last place he ever wanted to go back to.
The hospital.
Well … crap.
* * *


((AUTHOR'S NOTE: I reached out to a fantastically wonderful person for details on how EMTs would handle this scene, and in what order things would happen. Many, many, MANY huge thanks to that anonymous NREMT for giving me the information I needed to make this as realistic as it was))
Previous Part 166
((All comments welcome))
I made a family tree/diagram of the Mystallian family that can be found here
For more of my work including previous parts or WPs: Angel466 or indexed here
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2020.09.20 22:39 Nave-Enaur Making an Irish History meme every day (Day 5)

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2020.09.20 10:39 wouldiwas-shookspear What's going on with among us?

The game came out a few years ago and there weren't many videos made about it.
As of recently it seems like almost everyone is making a video on it. Also every video title has something to do with IQ. Many youtuber have been collaborating in it such as vannos crew, peguiz0, pewdipies crew, the Irish lads, spiffing brit, jaiden, granday, plumbella. These were some unlikely collaborations. Also the memes came out of nowhere (I think).
Evidence summarized:
-tons of videos made
-every title includes "IQ"
-unlikely collaboration
-new memes
-sale on steam
My question is now: is among us running a massive sponsorship?
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2020.09.19 23:21 Nave-Enaur Making an Irish History meme every day (Day 4)

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Were There Irish Slaves in America, Too?