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And in Puerto Rico, suffragists like Luisa Capetillo worked to attain women’s voting rights, which were first given to literate women in 1929 and all Puerto Rican women in 1935. She was a labor organizer, here and abroad, who fought for the rights of workers. She was also one of the first prominent suffragists who battled to get women the right to vote. It was not for another ten years, in 1929, that the dream of Capetillo, and all Puerto Rican women, came to pass. But still, it only applied to literate. The suffrage movement had been flourishing with the increase of ladies laborers, the emergence of ladies activists in the labor motion, the enlargement of girls intellectuals and the activities of suffragists. Courting a Puerto Rican bride is not difficult at all. You just have to maintain a few things in mind to win them over. Puerto Rican suffragists — with wealthy wives and middle-class teachers organized separately from Socialist workers — mobilized in the 1910s to change legislators’ minds. But a 1919 bill for ... Luisa Capetillo was a Puerto Rican feminist, advocate for worker’s rights, unión activitist, and writer who believed in the power of education to advance the rights of women and workers. ... You can learn more about Luisa Capetillo, the workers movement, and feminist and suffragists leaders in Puerto Rico by visiting the Hispanic Reading Room! This is the only feminist organization dedicated to the rights of Puerto Rican women at the time. And by 1921 women’s voting rights became the organization’s primary focus. But over time, political views within the organization changed and Ana and her followers founded the Association of Women Suffragists in 1924. Sylvia Rivera (1951 – 2002, Puerto Rican American) Born and raised in New York City with Puerto Rican and Venezuelan roots, Sylvia Rivera was a pioneer for trans women and drag queens of color. Struggling with addiction, homelessness, jail time, and abuse because of her identity, Rivera spent her lifetime championing intersectional awareness ...

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This is an NHD 2017 group documentary in the Senior division, representing Antilles High School, about how the women in P.R. took a stand in their efforts to win universal suffrage in the 1930's ... Puerto Rico Håkan Wallin. Loading... Unsubscribe from Håkan Wallin? ... Women's suffrage movement used cookbooks as recipe for change USA TODAY - Duration: 2:28. Government of Puerto Rico, how the territory is politically divided, who is its head of state, representation before the congress and some information about suffrage in the territory. Number 13. Skip navigation Sign in. Search Look around, check out my videos. Give me feedback and subscribe.