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Florida Tech (aka Florida Institute of Technology) Online - High Level Info

2019.06.20 09:01 mrstackz Florida Tech (aka Florida Institute of Technology) Online - High Level Info

FSA School Code: 001469

Florida Tech came up on my radar back in 2015 when I was seeking another school to transfer away from WGU due to moral disagreements with the way they handled the student experience. The below is based on that experience, and some of the information may no longer be correct if they've since changed things. Most of the information is from their website though.

Here's what I observed, and mind you I never got past the Admissions process myself.

Contacts and followups

In a complete 180 from other schools, I found that Florida Tech (in stark irony to its name) didn't allow students to do very much online themselves. Everything was done via email or phone call to move things forward. There was no portal to immediately get into and look around. Again, this may have changed since, but at the time they were very archaic in terms of self-service.

Unfortunately, you will be added to a callback list, and they will monitor (what I assume is) NSLDS and other sources; if they detect that you've enrolled at another school, they will call you to get you to enroll with them. I was getting daily calls years after the original research and had to eventually tell the gal to take me off the list because it was getting ridiculous.

Email Service

Unknown/undetermined at this time.


Florida Tech has two online variants: hybrid and online. The pricing only refers to "online", so I make the assumption that any other pricing is fair game for the hybrid and that the hybrid isn't hybrid physical/online, but rather a sort of remote physical location hybrid.
For online, the charge is $510/credit hour as of the date of this post. That's lower than Brandman University, which surprised me considering the higher notoriety of Florida Tech. However, against the grain of the current competency-based education pricing, Florida Tech does not offer flat term tuition of any kind as far as I can tell, as of the date of this post. That means a potential of over $50k in tuition when all said and done.

They are also eligible for Title IV Federal Funds, and support military funded education. Full GI Bill support and Military Services staff are available.

Website experience

Unknown/undetermined, as I didn't get that far.

Application process

The vast majority of what they referred to "application" was done over email and phone. I again caveat that this may have changed since, but as of the date of this post, the "Apply" button still makes reference to the fact that a human has to contact you to complete it. For a Tech university, this should be considered a bit illogical. Make a website rewrite a Capstone student project and get it done,.


They are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) which is one of the better regional agencies. (Don't fall for people saying "it can only be Agency X or they're not credible!!" it's not true.)

How soon can you get started?

Florida Tech works on traditional semester segments with fixed start dates throughout the year. There's a deadline for applying that determines the actual start date. The schedule is located HERE.
In summary, so long as you get your application in before the app date, they claim that you can start two weeks after. That's quite fast and aggressive, and it makes me wonder if by application deadline they are not considering financial aid OR they have a fast process for getting aid done (likely the former). If they're not considering financial aid they may allow you to start before aid is disbursed or contigent on the Student Aid Report (which generally doesn't take that long). Other schools do the same thing, but are often hesitant to do so without a payment arrangement.

Caveat here: this information is speculation based on what their website says and my knowledge of having worked in the federal student loan industry for years.

Degree program variety

Florida Tech appears to prioritize Masters degrees for online. The number of programs is a fraction of what's available to the B&M students.

Business YES
Information Technology YES 1
Marketing YES 2
Nursing YES 3
Education/Teaching NO
Arts and Sciences (Communication, Art, Criminal Justice, Legal Studies, Psychology, Humanities, Leadership, Paralegal, etc.) YES 4
Doctorate (Any) YES 5
Masters (Any) YES
Associates (Any) YES 6
1 = Computer Information Systems is the only offering for Bachelors. Others are available only for Masters. They do not have a Computer Science program.
2 = MBA only.
3 = Healthcare Management only, not regular nursing.
4 = behavioral studies and liberal arts are only available as certs or Associates degrees.
5 = Doctor of Aviation (!) only.
6 = Primarily for Arts degrees, but Computer Information Systems offers an Associates of Science degree.

Key Differentiator(s)

Key Detractor(s)

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