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Translation of nice (long) interview with Evgenia from last week

2020.08.30 07:32 RexArcadia Translation of nice (long) interview with Evgenia from last week

I really enjoyed reading this interview, and I thought I'd share it here to make it easier to read. You can watch the original interview here. Translation by [email protected] on Twitter.
Evgenia, what motivates you, what obstacles have you encountered, and how have you found the strength to overcome them?
I'll start by saying that for years I've been answering the question about the secret of success. Very briefly: there is no secret. You're not born as a leader, you become one. I didn't have any high achievements until I was 14-15. Let's say 15 because I'm not counting junior achievements, even though back then they were huge for me. I started skating when I was 3 and for 12 years my mom woke me to go training. And only at 15 did the results of that titanic work start to appear.
Lots of people invested their patience, attention, love, and persistence into me. It's impossible to count how many people to whom I'm very grateful for investing something into me. Sometimes it was very hard, but the main quality of every leader is the ability to get up and go forward after every failure. It doesn't matter if you see the light in your destiny or not. And the main power of every person is the ability to overcome yourself in situations when you think it's impossible to fix anything.
You said there are lots of people around you. Is it your coach, your friends?
My main motivation is my family, my mom. Recently I started thinking - I started to skate at 3 and didn't show any serious results for 12 years. I started to think if I would be able to wake up so early every day for many years to drive my daughter to the ice without any idea what it would lead to. For sports, I had to sacrifice lots of school friends and school itself because the schedule was completely different. But we still continued our journey for many many years to come to the result we've achieved. There's one very important quality I stubbornly developed in myself - the ability to limit the social circle. I had to sit and ask myself: "Does this person motivate you, make you better?" Many times I had to cut off friendly ties with people who were dragging me down. It's one of the qualities I'm proud of developing in myself because sometimes it's very hard for me to say "no" to people.
What's the perfect age to start skating, and how to understand if it suits your child?
I very often think about this. I started skating at 3 and learned to stand in the skates at 2.5 years, which is too early. But the usual age is from 3 to 5 years, and then it's too late. I know skaters who started to skate at 8 years but these are more like exceptions. All the people who compete at the highest level started to skate from 3 to 4 years.
When did you understand it's your sport and you enjoy skating?
I was 11. The age limit wasn't as strict back then and I somehow got to the senior RusNats. There I saw athletes who had achieved something already, I saw how differently they prepared for the competition, how different they looked and the energy they radiated. At that moment I understood it was something I wanted to do and I set a goal to be like them. Before 11 I didn't quite understand what I was doing. A child is a child.
How to control the desire to make a champion out of your child and stop on time?
One of the ways is once again limiting the social circle. Family also plays a big role. In sports you often want to give up after an unexpected injury or when the equipment suddenly breaks or after foolish mistakes you don't expect at all. Of course after this your spirit is down, you don't know what to do, and you question what the point of everything is. At that moment it's very important to have a person who will explain why you are doing this, why you need to get up and go forward. For me, the most important thing is to have such people around. Because I'm a pretty impulsive person and sometimes do things without thinking at all. I can say something inappropriate abruptly. Such a character sometimes helps me in sports because sometimes it's nessecary to make yourself do something by kicking yourself. But sometimes it also makes everything difficult. That's why it's important for me to have people who'll calmly explain things to me and open my eyes to the fact that everything is not as bad as it seems to me.
Is it true that until a skater steps on the ice nobody knows how their costume looks?
Yeah, we really try to keep the intrigue until the last moment. Some skaters share some details about the costume via social media. They can either reveal the color or show a piece of the costume. Not me though. I try to keep the intrigue alive until the first official skate. Very often skaters end up having costumes of the same color or style. So every coaching team tries to keep their ideas secret just so everybody know that all the coincidences are accidental.
So coincidences, for example two girls having red dresses, happen?
Yes, there are absolutely absurd coincidences. It happens rarely, but for example in one warm-up of six people there can be three Carmens with similar costumes. It happens and it's absolutely accidental.
Is it true that athletes can offer music themselves or it's only the coach and the coaching team to decide?
Not only the coaching team. The main rule is for the skater to love what they're skating to. Maybe it'll require some time to understand the music. Maybe it'll be necessary to see the costume to see the full image. Sometimes love for a program doesn't come right away. But for me it's important for the music to touch you to the core while you listen to it, not just on the ice but also laying in bed in headphones. I love classics very much. I love dramatic images and enjoy them the most. Sometimes I want to experiment, so we are always searching. And even if new programs are ready I try to find a few options for the next year during the season. My fantasy is wild. If someone asks "Zhenya, what will you skate to next year?", I'll already have so many options and I need to choose only two compositions. So sometimes I get confused about what exactly I want.
What music you skated to do you like the most?
All the programs I skated were wonderful or I wouldn't skate them if I didn't like them. But one of my favorites is "Memoirs of a Geisha", in which I put a lot of my heart. For me this program is some sort of a breaking point in my personal creativity and personal growth.
Does friendship between athletes exist?
Yes, athletes are friends with each other. I have friends with whom I've been in wonderful relationship for many years. The skating world is actually very friendly, especially international skating. For example there are two girls, two of my very good friends with whom we are inseparable for 4-5 years. Yeah, sometimes we are in different ends of the world but thankfully the Internet exists and we stay together for a long time. I have many friends from various countries: Korea, Japan, USA, Canada, Italy, France.
And what about our girls?
Well, I told about our girls already. I'm a very international person, living in two countries. I also communicate a lot with the Russia National Team, we see each other mainly at competitions. But right now I meet up with girls who are in Moscow during day offs. We're often very surprised by the stories about rivals who can rip each others throat out. It doesn't happen in reality for a long time and I doubt that it actually ever happened. I understand all the intrigues are interesting, but everything is mush more boring in reality.
What do you like to do in your free time?
I draw a lot. And I've progressed a lot in the past year. I always have an iPad and Apple pencil with me and constantly draw in my free time. Mainly I'm inspired by people, so I draw portraits of people who inspire me.
How do you see the future of figure skating in Russia?
It's very promising.
Well brevity is the sister of talent. But we spoke with Tatiana Tarasova las year and she said as long as we have girls like Adelina Sotnikova, Lipnitskaya, Medvedeva, Zagitova, we won't lose our leading positions both in ladies and men. It's the opinion of a professional coach. Do you agree as an athlete?
I agree especially about ladies figure skating. I can say for 5-6 years there is no need to worry about ladies figure skating in Russia.
What advice can you give to skaters who are only in the beginning of their journey?
If right now it seems hard, believe me, it's not. In the future it'll be even harder, but you'll find strength to take a few more steps to reach your goal. The most important thing is to love what you are doing.
Who would you become if not a figure skater?
I can’t imagine my life without skating. It’s hard because I didn’t even have other options. Little kids usually try a few sports: skating, tennis, swimming. I had only skating. I can’t imagine myself in biathlon because I’ve never skied, I learned to swim at 13, only learned to ride a bike this summer. So my life consists of skating and it’s hard to imagine what I’d do. But I’m 100% sure it would be something as creative as figure skating - if not, I wouldn’t be able to do it for long.
How modern technologies helped you to stay in shape in quarantine?
I’m very lucky to have my team. We’re very friendly and used to train in a company of 10-12 people over video chat. We trained like this once a week for an hour just to keep in touch with each other. It was very funny, but a bit sad because we couldn’t physically train together at our base. But it’s better than nothing. In the training process, I use many gadgets that help me keep my body in shape. For example, pulse monitors connected to the phone via Bluetooth, or massagers that help to keep muscles in shape or relaxed.
Everybody knows Evgenia Medvedeva, but who else is in your team and how does the team work?
My current team, as with most FS teams consists of a coach - we have two: Brian Orser and Tracy Wilson. Also there are lots of people who help achieve results: choreographers who help to develop dancing skills, off ice physical trainers. Off ice means doing cardio and lifting weights in the gym to build up your muscles. Also there are masseurs, doctors, and many many other people, far more than everyone thinks. Yeah, we skate alone and during Worlds broadcast millions of people see a single person who skates for a few minutes. But in reality a skater is not alone, a huge team of people behind them.
How do you communicate with fans?
Mainly via social media. I’m not very active - even though I have lots of followers on Instagram, I don’t wake up and post something like “Hi guys! What are you up to? How is your mood?”. I’m a pretty private person when it comes to such things. I see how happy it makes my fans when I post a new pic - when they see me they get very happy. This our main communication. Of course I try to communicate with my fans through my programs, through the feelings I put into my performances. And the greatest feedback for me is when I finish my skate and the audience stands up. That's the most important communication.
What do you prefer to post: your thoughts, pics?
I try not to post my thoughts and keep them to myself. But mainly I try to post happy warm pictures. Lately I started to post a lot of my dog. Her name is Jerry, she’s 5, girl, French bulldog, who is loved by my audience very much. I think my fans are equally happy to see her. I try to post only things that can cheer people up.
I’d like to end our conversation by reminding you that if there are some difficulties on your way, please listen to your close ones, listen to people on your side and believe me everything will be good if the right people are with you.
submitted by RexArcadia to FigureSkating [link] [comments]

2020.08.22 12:19 EnclavedMicrostate Tartaria: The Supposed Mega-Empire of Inner Eurasia


For those not in the know, the Tartaria conspiracy theory is one of the most bizarre pieces of pseudo history out there. Its core notion is that the region known as ‘Tartaria’ or ‘Grand Tartary’ in Early Modern European maps was not simply a vague geographical designate, but in fact a vast, centralised empire. Said empire emerged… at some point, and it disappeared… at some point, but for… some reason, its existence has been covered up to suit… some narrative or another. As you can tell, there’s a lot of diverse ideas here, and the fact that there hasn’t been the equivalent of a Christological schism every time a controversial thread goes up is really quite impressive. While this post will primarily address one particular piece of writing that is at the core of Tartaria conspiracy theorising, I’ll include a few tidbits to show you just how much madness its adherents have come up with. But first, some background.

State of Play, and why I’m doing this

The Tartaria theory has a small but active following on subreddits such as Tartaria, tartarianarchitecture, and CulturalLayer, which as of writing have around 5,300, 2,400 and 23,000 subscribers, respectively, but it’s clear from the 8 questions on the topic asked at AskHistorians since January 2019 and this debunk request from June that it’s a theory that has somewhat broad appeal and can reach beyond its core niche. This is unsurprising given how little education most people in the West receive about basically anything east of Greece: simply put, the reality of Eurasian history is just not something most of us are taught. And if we don’t know the reality of Eurasian history to begin with, or if we do then it's all in bits and pieces where we might not even know a basic set of dates and names, then what seems to be a pretty developed narrative about a lost empire actually turns out rather plausible.
Unfortunately, many debunks of the Tartaria narrative come from people pushing competing conspiracy theories, like this guy claiming that there’s a global Jewish Phoenecian conspiracy and that Tartaria is simply rehashing the notion that Khazars were Jews in order to distract from the real Phoenecian threat at the heart of global society or some nonsense like that. (I don’t really care, I died of laughter after page 3.) Now, there are those coming from serious perspectives, but they focus largely on the problems with Tartaria as a concept rather than addressing the more specific claims being made. This is of course valuable in its own right (shoutout to Kochevnik81 for their responses to the AskHistorians threads), but we can go deeper by really striking at the roots of this ‘theory’ – what is the ‘evidence’ they’re presenting? But to do that, we need to find out what the origins of the ‘theory' are, and thus what its linchpins are. Incidentally, it is because of some recent events regarding those origins that I’ve been finally prompted to write this post.

Where does it come from?

My attempts to find the exact origins of the Tartaria conspiracy have been not entirely fruitful, as the connections I’ve found have been relatively circumstantial at best. But as far as I can tell, it at least partially originates with that Russian pseudohistorian we all know and love, Anatoly Fomenko. Fomenko is perhaps best known in the English-speaking world for his 7-volume ‘epic’ from 2002, History: Fiction or Science?, but in fact he’s been pushing a complete ‘New Chronology’ since the publication of Novaia khronologia in Russian in 1995. While the New Chronology is best known for its attempt to explain away most of the Middle Ages as a hoax created by the Papacy on the basis of bad astronomy, it also asserts a number of things about Russian history from the Kievan Rus’ to the Romanovs. Key to the Tartaria theory is its claim that there was a vast Slavo-Turkic ‘Russian Horde’ based out of ‘Tartaria’ which dominated Eurasia until the last ‘Horde’ ruler, Boris Godunov, was overthrown by the European Mikhail Romanov. This, of course, is a clear attempt at countering the notion of a ‘Tatar Yoke’ over Russia, as you can’t have a ‘Tatar Yoke’ if the Tatars were Russians all along. Much as I’d like to explain that in more detail here, I don’t have to: in 2004, Konstantin Sheiko at the University of Wollongong wrote an entire PhD thesis looking at the claims of Fomenko’s New Chronology and contextualising them within currents of Russian nationalism, which can be accessed online.
But I personally suspect that if there are Fomenko connections as far as Tartaria specifically is concerned, they are limited. For one, at one stage users on the Tartaria subreddit seemed unfamiliar with Fomenko, and there are those arguing that Fomenko had ‘rewritten’ Tartarian history to be pro-Russian. This is why I said that the evidence was circumstantial. The only other link to Fomenko is indirect: the CulturalLayer sidebar lists the ‘New Chronology Resource Collection’ and the audiobook of History: Fiction or Science? under ‘Essential Resources’, and Tartaria in its ‘Related Subs’.
As far as I can tell, the ultimate origin of its developed form on the Anglophone web traces back to this post on the StolenHistory forums, posted on 17 April 2018. This makes some chronological sense: only one post on CulturalLayer that mentions Tartaria predates this. Moreover, KorbenDallas, the OP of the thread, was also the forum’s chief admin, and given that StolenHistory is still (as of writing) the top resource on CulturalLayer’s sidebar, that suggests significant influence. However, using the search function on, it was mentioned at least 9 times before then, with the first mention, on 10 January 2018, mentioning that the ‘theory’ had been doing the rounds on the Russian web for at least 5 years. Nevertheless, as the detail in these early comments is sparse and generally refers only to speculation about maps, it is probably fair to say that the first in-depth English-language formulation of the Tartaria ‘theory’ was thus the April 2018 forum post. Funnily enough, it is not cited often on Tartaria, but that subreddit was created on 27 December, long after discussion had been taking place on places like CulturalLayer, and combined with the ‘mudflood’ ‘theory’ and the notion of giant humans, which are not significant features of the StolenHistory thread. This more convoluted and multifaceted version of the Tartaria theory doesn’t really have a single-document articulation, hence me not covering it here.
It is this StolenHistory thread which I will be looking at here today. Not just because it seems to be at the heart of it all, but also because it got shut down around 36 hours ago as of writing this post, based on the timestamps of panicked ‘what happened to StolenHistory’ posts on CulturalLayer and Tartaria. So what better occasion to go back to the Wayback Machine’s version, seeing as it’s now quite literally impossible to brigade the source? Now as I’ve said, this is not the most batshit insane it gets for the Tartaria crowd, in fact it’s incredibly tame. But by the end of it, I bet you’ll be thinking ‘if this is mild, how much more worse is the modern stuff!?’ And the best part is, I can debunk most of it without recourse to any other sources at all, because so much of it involves them posting sources out of context or expecting them to be read tendentiously.
But that’s enough background. Let us begin.

Part 1: The Existence

Exhibit 1: The Encylcopædia Britannica, 1771

”Tartary, a vast country in the northern parts of Asia, bounded by Siberia on the north and west: this is called Great Tartary. The Tartars who lie south of Muscovy and Siberia, are those of Astracan, Circassia, and Dagistan, situated north-west of the Caspian-sea; the Calmuc Tartars, who lie between Siberia and the Caspian-sea; the Usbec Tartars and Moguls, who lie north of Persia and India; and lastly, those of Tibet, who lie north-west of China.” - Encyclopædia Britannica, Vol. III, Edinburgh, 1771, p. 887.
Starting a post about the ‘hidden’ history of Central Asia with an encyclopædia entry from Scotland is really getting off to a good start, isn’t it? Anyone with a sense of basic geography can tell you that Tibet lies due west of China, not northwest. But more importantly, this shows you how single-minded the Tartaria advocates are and how tendentiously they read things. ‘Country’ need not actually refer to a state entity, it can just be a geographical space, especially in more archaic contexts such as this. Moreover, the ethnographic division of the ‘Tartars’ into Astrakhanis, Circassians, Dagestanis, Kalmuks, Uzbeks, and, for whatever reason, Tibetans, pretty clearly goes against the notion of a unified Tartary.
Now compare to the description given by Wikipedia, ”Tartary (Latin: Tartaria) or Great Tartary (Latin: Tartaria Magna) was a name used from the Middle Ages until the twentieth century to designate the great tract of northern and central Asia stretching from the Caspian Sea and the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, settled mostly by Turko-Mongol peoples after the Mongol invasion and the subsequent Turkic migrations.”
Obviously, Wikipedia is not a good source for… anything, really, but the fact that they’re giving a 349-year-old encyclopaedia primacy over the summary sentence of a wiki article is demonstrative of how much dishonesty is behind this. And it only gets worse from here.

Exhibit 2: Hermann Moll’s A System of Geography, 1701

THE Country of Tartary, call'd Great Tartary, to distinguish it from the Lesser, in Europe, has for its Boundaries, on the West, the Caspian Sea, and Moscovitick Tartary; on the North, the Scythian, or Tartarian Sea; on the East, the Sea of the Kalmachites, and the Straight of Jesso; and on the South, China, India, or the Dominions of the great Mogul and Persia : So that it is apparently the largest Region of the whole Continent of Asia, extending it self [sic] farthest, both towards the North and East: In the modern Maps, it is plac'd within the 70th and 170th Degree of Longitude, excluding Muscovitick Tartary; as also between the 40 and 72 Degree of Northern Latitude.
Immediately underneath the scan of this text is the statement, clearly highlighted, that
Tartary was not a tract. It was a country.
Hmm, very emphatic there. Except wait no, the same semantic problem recurs. ‘Country’ need not mean ‘state’. Moreover, in the very same paragraph, Moll (or rather his translator) refers to Tartary as a ‘Region’, which very much disambiguates the idea. Aside from that, it is telling that Moll refers to three distinct ‘Tartaries’: ’Great Tartary’ in Asia, ‘Lesser Tartary’ in Europe, and ‘Muscovite Tartary’ – that is, the eastern territories of the Russian Tsardom. If, as they are saying, ‘Great Tartary’ was a coherent entity, whatever happened to ‘Lesser Tartary’?

Exhibit 3: A 1957 report by the CIA on ‘National Cultural Development Under Communism’

Is a conspiracy theorist… actually believing a CIA document? Yep. I’ll add some context later that further complicates the issue.
Or let us take the matter of history, which, along with religion, language and literature, constitute the core of a people’s cultural heritage. Here again the Communists have interfered in a shameless manner. For example, on 9 August 1944, the Central Committee of the Communist Party, sitting in Moscow, issued a directive ordering the party’s Tartar Provincial Committee “to proceed to a scientific revolution of the history of Tartaria, to liquidate serious shortcomings and mistakes of a nationalistic character committed by individual writers and historians in dealing with Tartar history.” In other words, Tartar history was to be rewritten—let its be frank, was to be falsified—in order to eliminate references to Great Russian aggressions and to hide the facts of the real course of Tartar-Russian relations.
[similar judgement on Soviet rewriting of histories of Muslim areas to suit a pro-Russian agenda]
What’s fascinating about the inclusion of this document is that it is apparently often invoked as a piece of anti-Fomenko evidence, by tying New Chronology in with older Russian-nationalist Soviet revisionism. So not only is it ironic that they’re citing a CIA document, of all things, but a CIA document often used to undermine the spiritual founder of the whole Tartaria ‘theory’ in the first place! But to return to the point, the fundamental issue is that it’s tendentious. This document from 1957 obviously is not going to be that informed on the dynamics of Central Asian ethnicity and history in the way that a modern scholar would be.
In a broader sense, what this document is supposed to prove is that Soviet coverups are why we don’t know about Tartaria. But if most of the evidence came from Western Europe to begin with, why would a Soviet coverup matter? Why wasn’t Tartarian history deployed as a counter-narrative during the Cold War?

Exhibit 4: ‘An 1855 Source’

This is from a footnote in Sir George Cornwalle Lewis’ An Inquiry into the Credibility of the Early Roman History, citing a travelogue by Evariste Huc that had been published in French in 1850 and was soon translated into English. From the digitised version of of Huc’s book on Project Gutenberg (emphasis copied over from the thread):
Such remains of ancient cities are of no unfrequent occurrence in the deserts of Mongolia; but everything connected with their origin and history is buried in darkness. Oh, with what sadness does such a spectacle fill the soul! The ruins of Greece, the superb remains of Egypt,—all these, it is true, tell of death; all belong to the past; yet when you gaze upon them, you know what they are; you can retrace, in memory, the revolutions which have occasioned the ruins and the decay of the country around them. Descend into the tomb, wherein was buried alive the city of Herculaneum,—you find there, it is true, a gigantic skeleton, but you have within you historical associations wherewith to galvanize it. But of these old abandoned cities of Tartary, not a tradition remains; they are tombs without an epitaph, amid solitude and silence, uninterrupted except when the wandering Tartars halt, for a while, within the ruined enclosures, because there the pastures are richer and more abundant.
There’s a paraphrase from Lewis as well, but you can just read it on the thread. The key thing here is that yes, there were abandoned settlements in the steppe. Why must this be indicative of a lost sedentary civilisation, and not instead the remnants of political capitals of steppe federations which were abandoned following those federations’ collapse? Places like Karakorum, Kubak Zar, Almaliq and Sarai were principally built around political functions, being centres for concentration of religious and ritual authority (especially monasteries) and stores of non-movable (or difficult to move) wealth. But individual examples of abandoned settlements are not evidence of broad patterns of settlement that came to be abandoned en masse. Indeed, the very fact that the cited shepherd calls the abandoned location ‘The Old Town’ in the singular implies just how uncommon such sites were – for any given region, there might really only be one of note.

Exhibit 5: Ethnic characteristics in artistic depictions of Chinggis and Timur

I… don’t quite know what to make of these.
Today, we have certain appearance related stereotypes. I think we are very much off there. It looks like Tartary was multi-religious, and multi-cultural. One of the reasons I think so is the tremendous disparity between what leaders like Genghis Khan, Batu Khan, Timur aka Tamerlane looked like to the contemporary artists vs. the appearance attributed to them today.
Ummm, what?
These are apparently what they look like today. These are ‘contemporary’ depictions of Chinggis:
Except, as the guy posting the thread says, these are 15th-18th century depictions… so NOT CONTEMPORARY.
As for Timur, we have:
In what bizzaro world are these contemporary?
We’ll get to Batur Khan in a moment because that’s its own kettle of worms. But can this user not recognise that artists tend to depict things in ways that are familiar? Of course white European depictions of Chinggis and Timur will tend to make them look like white Europeans, while East Asian depictions of Chinggis will tend to make him look Asian, and Middle Eastern depictions of Chinggis and Timur will make them look Middle Eastern. This doesn’t prove that ‘Tartaria’ was multicultural, in fact it you’d have an easier time using this ‘evidence’ to argue that Chinggis and Timur were shapeshifters who could change ethnicities at will!

Exhibit 6: Turkish sculptures

Why this person thinks modern Turkish sculptures are of any use to anyone baffles me. The seven sculptures shown are of Batu Khan (founder of the ‘Golden Horde’/Jochid khanates), Timur, Bumin (founder of the First Turkic Khaganate), Ertugrul (father of Osman, the founder of the Ottoman empire), Babur (founder of the Mughal Empire), Attila the Hun, and Kutlug Bilge Khagan (founder of the Uyghur Khaganate). They are accompanied (except in the case of Ertugrul) by the dates of the empires/confederations that they founded – hence, for instance, Babur’s dates being 1526 to 1858, the lifespan of the Mughal Empire, or Timur’s being 1368 (which seems arbitrary) to 1507 (the fall of Herat to the Shaybanids). To quote the thread:
A few of them I do not know, but the ones I do look nothing like what I was taught at school. Also dates are super bizarre on those plaques.
Again, Turkish sculptors make Turkic people look like Turks. Big surprise. And the dates are comprehensible if you just take a moment to think.
Do Turks know something we don't?
Turkish, evidently.

Exhibit 7: A map from 1652 that the user can’t even read

The other reason why I think Tartary had to be multi-religious, and multi-cultural is its vastness during various moments in time. For example in 1652 Tartary appears to have control over the North America.
This speaks for itself.
The thread was later edited to include a link to a post on ‘Tartarians’ in North America made on 7 August 2018, but that’s beside the point here, read at your own leisure (if you can call it ‘leisure’). Except for the part where at one point he admits he can’t read Latin, and so his entire theory in that post is based on the appearance of the word ‘Tartarorum’ in an unspecified context on a map of North America.

Part 2: The Coverup

The official history is hiding a major world power which existed as late as the 19th century. Tartary was a country with its own flag, its own government and its own place on the map. Its territory was huge, but somehow quietly incorporated into Russia, and some other countries. This country you can find on the maps predating the second half of the 19th century.
…Okay then.

Exhibit 8: Google Ngrams
This screenshot shows that the use of ‘Tartary’ and ‘Tartaria’ declined significantly over time. This is apparently supposed to surprise us. Or maybe it shows that we actually understand the region better…

Part 1a: Back to the existence

You know, a common theme with historical conspiracy theories is how badly they’re laid out, in the literal sense of the layout of their documents and video content. Don’t make a header called ‘The Coverup’ and then only have one thing before jumping back to the evidence for the existence again.

Exhibit 9: A Table

Yet, some time in the 18th century Tartary Muskovite was the biggest country in the world: 3,050,000 square miles.
I do not have enough palms to slap into my face. Do they not understand that this is saying how much of Tartary was owned… by foreign powers?

Exhibit 10: Book covers

You can look at the images on the thread itself but here’s a few highlights:
Histories of the Qing conquest of China, because as far as Europeans were concerned the Manchus were Tartars. Proof of Tartaria because…?
An ambassador who never set foot in ‘Tartary’ itself, cool cool, very good evidence there.
There’s also three screenshots from books that aren’t even specifically named, so impossible to follow up. Clearly this is all we need.

Exhibit 11: Maps

The maps are the key think the Tartaria pushers use. All these maps showing ‘Grand Tartary’ or ‘Tartaria’ or what have you. There’s 20 of these here and you can look for yourselves, but the key thing is: why do these people assume that this referred to a single state entity? Because any of these maps that include the world more generally will also present large parts of Africa in generic terms, irrespective of actual political organisation in these regions. And many of the later maps clearly show the tripartite division of the region into ‘Chinese Tartary’, ‘Russian Tartary’, and ‘Independent Tartary’, which you think would be clear evidence that most of this region was controlled by, well, the Chinese (really, the Manchus) and the Russians. And many of these maps aren’t even maps of political organisation, but geographical space. See how many lump all of mainland Southeast Asia into ‘India’. Moreover, the poor quality of the mapping should give things away. This one for instance is very clear on the Black Sea coast, but the Caspian is a blob, and moreover, a blob that’s elongated along the wrong axis! They’re using Western European maps as an indicator of Central Asian realities in the most inept way possible, and it would be sad if it weren’t so hilarious. The fact that the depictions of the size of Tartaria are incredibly inconsistent also seems not to matter.

Exhibit 12: The Tartarian Language

There’s an 1849 American newspaper article referring to the ‘Tartarian’ language, which is very useful thank you, and definitely not more reflective of American ignorance than actual linguistic reality.
The next one is more interesting, because it’s from a translation of some writing by a French Jesuit, referring to the writing of Manchu, and who asserted (with very little clear evidence) that it could be read in any direction. In April last year, Tartaria users [claimed to have stumbled on a dictionary of Tartarian and French]( called the Dictionnaire Tartare-Mantchou-François. What they failed to realise is that the French generally called the Manchus ‘Tartare-Mantchou’, and this was in fact a Manchu-French dictionary. In other words, a [Tartare-Mantchou]-[François] dictionary, not a [Tartare]-[Mantchou]-[François] dictionary. It is quite plausible, in fact probable, that the ‘Tartarian’ referred to in the newspaper article was Manchu.

Exhibit 13: Genealogies of Tartarian Kings

Descended From Genghiscan
Reads the comment above this French chart. How the actual hell did OP not recognise that ‘Genghiscan’ is, erm, Genghis Khan? Is it that hard to understand that maybe, just maybe, ‘Tartars’ was what they called Mongols back in the day, and ‘Tartaria’ the Mongol empire and its remnants?

Exhibit 14: Ethnographic drawings

These prove that there were people called Tartars, not that there was a state of Tartaria. NEXT

Exhibit 15: Tartaria’s alleged flag

Images they provide include
Except there’s one problem. As any EU4 player will tell you, that’s the flag of the Khanate of Kazan. And while they can trot out a few 18th and 19th century charts showing the apparent existence of a Tartarian naval flag, the inconvenient fact that Tartaria would have been landlocked seems not to get in the way. To be sure, their consistent inclusion is odd, given the non-existence of Tartary as a country, and moreover its landlocked status. It seems plausible that the consistent similarity of the designs is just a result of constant copying and poor checking, but on its own it means relatively little.

Exhibit 16: 19th-century racism
That I think speaks for itself.

Exhibit 17: Flags of Moscow on one particular chart

It is also worth mentioning that in the British Flag Table of 1783, there are three different flags listed as a flag of the Tsar of Moscow. There is also an Imperial Flag of Russia as well as multiple naval flags. And all of them are proceeded by a flag of the Viceroy of Russia.
By that logic, the Royal Navy ran Britain because the Royal Navy ensigns precede the Union Jack. It’s simply a conscious decision to show the flags of individuals before the flags of states. The ‘Viceroy’ (unsure what the original Russian title would be) and ‘Czar’ of Muscovy would presumably be, well, the Emperor of Russia anyway, so as with the British section where the Royal Standard and the flags of naval officers came first, the same seems true of Russia. Also, as a side note, the placement of the USA at the end, after the Persians, the Mughals and ‘Tartarians’, is a fun touch.
Significance of the Viceroy is in the definition of the term. A viceroy is a regal official who runs a country, colony, city, province, or sub-national state, in the name of and as the representative of the monarch of the territory. Our official history will probably say that it was the Tsar of Russia who would appoint a viceroy of Moscow. I have reasons to doubt that.
Why is the flag of the Viceroy of Moscow positioned prior to any other Russian flag? Could it be that the Viceroy of Moscow was superior to its Czar, and was "supervising" how this Tartarian possession was being run?

Part 3: 1812

This, this is where it gets really bonkers. A key part of this post is arguing that Napoleon’s invasion of Russia was a cover story for a joint invasion against Tartaria gone horrendously wrong. All the stops are being pulled out here.
There is a growing opinion in Russia that French invasion of Russia played out according to a different scenario. The one where Tsar Alexander I, and Napoleon were on the same side. Together they fought against Tartary. Essentially France and Saint Petersburg against Moscow (Tartary). And there is a strong circumstantial evidence to support such a theory.
Oh yes, we’re going there.
Questions to Answer:
1. Saint Petersburg was the capitol of Russia. Yet Napoleon chose to attack Moscow. Why?
He didn’t, he was trying to attack the Russian army. (credit to dandan_noodles).
2. It appears that in 1912 there was a totally different recollection of the events of 1812. How else could you explain commemorative 1912 medals honoring Napoleon?
Because it’s a bit of an in-your-face to Napoleon for losing so badly?
And specifically the one with Alexander I, and Napoleon on the same medal. The below medal says something similar to, "Strength is in the unity: will of God, firmness of royalty, love for homeland and people"
Yeah, it’s showing Alexander I beating Napoleon, and a triumphant double-headed Russian eagle above captured French standards. Also, notice how Alexander is in full regalia, while Napoleon’s is covered up by his greatcoat?
3. Similarity between Russian and French uniforms. There are more different uniforms involved, but the idea remains, they were ridiculously similar.
Ah yes, because fashions in different countries always develop separately, and never get influenced by each other.
How did they fight each other in the dark?
With difficulty, presumably.
Basically, he’s saying that this:
Is too similar to this:
To be coincidental.
OK, whatever. Here’s where it gets interesting:
There was one additional combat asset officially available to Russians in the war of 1812. And that was the Militia. It does appear that this so-called Militia, was in reality the army of Tartary fighting against Napoleon and Alexander I.
Russian VolunteeMilitia Units... Tartarians?
Clearly this man has never encountered the concept of a cossack, an opelchenie, or, erm, a GREATCOAT.
4. Russian nobility in Saint Petersburg spoke French well into the second half of the 19th century. The general explanation was, that it was the trend of time and fashion. Google contains multiple opinions on the matter. * Following the same logic, USA, Britain and Russia should've picked up German after the victory in WW2.
Clearly never heard of the term lingua franca then.
5. This one I just ran into: 19th-century fans were totally into a Napoleon/Alexander romance
It is true that after the Treaty of Tilsit, Napoleon wrote to his wife, Josephine, that
I am pleased with [Emperor] Alexander; he ought to be with me. If he were a woman, I think I should make him my mistress.
But Napoleon’s ‘honeymoon period’ with Russia following the Treaty of Tilsit should not be seen as indicative of a permanent Napoleonic affection for Russia. Notably, Napoleon’s war with Russia didn’t just end in 1812. How are the Tartaria conspiracists going to explain the War of the Sixth Coalition, when Russian, Prussian and Austrian troops drove the French out of Germany? Did the bromance suddenly stop because of 1812? Or, is it more reasonable to see 1812 as the end result of the bromance falling apart?


So there you have it, Tartaria in all its glorious nonsensicalness. Words cannot capture how massively bonkers this entire thing is. And best of all, I hardly needed my own sources because so much of it is just a demonstration of terrible reading comprehension. Still, if you want to actually learn about some of the history of Inner Eurasia, see below:


submitted by EnclavedMicrostate to badhistory [link] [comments]

2020.08.07 20:05 artificialinelegance Russia starts with around 4x as much artillery as the rest of the world combined.

Starting numbers of artillery for the major nations:
Germany - 336
France - 349
Canada - 204
Austria - 120
Japan - 288
UoB - 12
USA - 36
Ottomans - 60
Russia - 5316
Lol wut?
This is obviously because Russia starts with 75 divisions of 7-2 infantry, which no other nation starts with (besides, weirdly, Argentina). Can this be changed please? It's both unfair and unrealistic. I know 7-2 is the meta but I doubt that a single divsion in history has been organised that way. Considering the AI for some reason these days prefers to churn out hundreds of crappy divisions with little upgrading (why is this? is it vanilla?), it's even more of a massive advantage for Russia.
While i've got you, can we also dial down the USA's ridiculous airplane advantage? They currently start with about as many planes as Russia, Canada, Germany, France and UoB combined:
RUS - 175
UOB - 486
FRA - 375
GER - 472
CAN - 215
USA - 1620
All the ACW factions will spawn with equivalent size air forces, so whoever wins that war will end up with an insane number of planes. I guess this is done because the ACW is such an expansive conflict, but I think dialling the numbers back to a sensible level will make the ACW air war a bit more interesting.
Edit - Thanks for the interesting discussion. I've amended the post to reflect the consensus that 7-2 divisions aren't necessarily more powerful than basic ones. I guess that means even less of a reason for Russia to have enough guns to blow up the world if it doesn't really help them anyway.
submitted by artificialinelegance to Kaiserreich [link] [comments]

2020.06.19 22:41 F1-Editorial The Losers of the Red Bull Junior Team - Part 2 - /r/Formula1 Editorial Team

The Losers of the Red Bull Junior Team - Part 2: Birth of a Dream (2005-2006)

by TheStateOfIt
Hey y’all, welcome to Part Two of the Losers of the Red Bull Junior Team. If you aren’t up to speed on what this series is about, check out the first post in the series here..
The next part in covering the losers begins in 2005. The first fruits of the programme have found their way into Formula One, drivers like Christian Klien, Patrick Friesacher and... Narain Karthikeyan? Okay, the last two were technically dropped by Red Bull before going into F1, but they still made it. Mateschitz had just bought out Jaguar and Red Bull, and the lovable Minardi is about to morph into the youthful Toro Rosso.
In response, the Red Bull Junior Team is expanding its borders, taking in drivers from across the world, from Hong Kong to Argentina, Russia to Ireland, and everywhere in between. With the brand taking off and with two Formula One teams, the Red Bull Junior Team sees a rapid expansion, as a whole host of drivers enter the team. Some go into F1. Some find success elsewhere.
Most get kicked out after a year or two. Time to focus on them.

The Suspect Years (2005-2006)

Jim Ka To (HKG) - 2005 - Formula Renault Asian Challenge
The second Asian driver for Red Bull’s juniors after one Narain Karthikeyan, Jim was supposed to make the big move to Formula Renault in Europe, but the Hongkonger apparently had ‘health issues’ that prevented his big break. After one season in Asian Formula Renault, Wikipedia says he was dropped from the programme the following year, yet DriverDB says he stuck it out for another year with Red Bull in International Formula Challenge, a championship so unheard of that it appears to be purged from the internet.
What isn’t purged from the internet, though, is his criminal record. He was arrested in 2008 for assault, and in the middle of his bail period, he went on to become Asian Formula Renault Champion. I want to know if there’s any other driver who won a championship while on bail pending trial.
It seems that Jim was released on appeal after three months. Lucky him, his initial sentence was for 15 months. It didn’t take long for his second arrest in 2010, charged with reckless driving and crashing into a taxi, proving the age-old adage that racing drivers shouldn’t ply their trade on city streets. Apparently there’s another drug-related charge to his name, but that really shouldn’t count as the drug in question was Viagra.
For god’s sake, Chinese police, give Jim a break.
Run-ins with the police aside, Jim Ka To still races to this day, competing in the Chinese Touring Car Cup. I wish I could give you more info, but the CTCC, unlike the rest of China, doesn’t keep track of their events well, so I can’t tell you much apart from his 14th place in last year’s championship. I can tell you he was dreadful as a wildcard entry in the WTCC in 2019 and that he represented Hong Kong in the FIA Motorsport Games, which is like the Olympics but all the events are motorsport and there’s no hype surrounding it, but that’s about it. It’s not a good look when your criminal record is more relevant than your racing career.
Matias Milla (ARG) - 2005 - Formula Renault 2.0
Matias Milla’s career started with tragedy, as an accident in his debut in single seaters took the life of fellow competitor Matias Rico. Milla was also severely injured in the wreck, but managed to recover well enough to finish joint-runner up in Formula Renault Argentina the next season. It seems his date is also mislabeled, as his European career starting in 2004 seems to have been under Red Bull, as this video of him wrecking the Red Bull brand would indicate.
Regardless, Milla didn’t do himself any favours for Red Bull in 2005, lasting just two races in Formula Renault Germany before leaving Red Bull and heading home to Argentina. He shifted his career well into reverse, though, sticking to karting for the next six years, though he did reap tons of rewards on-track. In his first season back out of karts, though, he won the TC2000 championship on his first try. To avoid confusion, this is just the regular TC2000 championship, the second tier in the royal hierarchy of Argentine touring cars. In the premier division, Super TC2000, Milla took his time to get acclimatised, but did win an event last year, so all props to him.
Teemu Nyman (FIN) - 2005 - Formula Renault 2.0
I know Finns like to keep a low profile. Teemu is the embodiment of that. In his single season with Red Bull, he failed to score any podiums in Formula Renault Germany and the less said about his journey in the Eurocup, the better. A huge let-down from his promising karting career, Teemu effectively left single-seaters and hasn’t shown up since. Seriously, nothing. My Facebook hunting skills may have uncovered him as a proud dad, but that’s literally all I have been able to gather about this mysterious man.
John Edwards (USA) - 2005-2007 - Formula Renault 2.0 / Atlantic Championship
John Edwards was taken in by Red Bull at just 14 years of age, and unlike most other drivers of that age who would be karting, Edwards was automatically given the boost to Formula Renault. Obviously, at such a young age, he wasn’t going to be the top draw, but he still held his own for a couple of years, winning a race at Anderstorp, but for some reason Marko didn’t stick with the adolescent talent. Maybe his move back to the United States put some dampers on his relationship with Red Bull, but I have no clue.
Then he won the Star Mazda and Atlantic Championship back-to-back. He then transitioned to Grand-Am and GT Racing, where he’s a multiple-time race winner in both Grand-Am and IMSA. He guided his team to win their class in the Daytona 24 Hours. Most importantly, as a BMW factory driver, he got to pilot the B I G M8.
He’s on the threshold of what is defined here as a “loser”. Anything lower than him is considered unsuccessful, which just goes to show how brutal motorsport is.
Stefano Coletti (MON) - 2005-2008 - Formula BMW / Formula Renault 2.0 / Formula 3**
Oh dear.
Stefano baby what happened to you.
It did take him quite a while and a lot of effort for the Monegasque driver to get to GP2, including getting accepted and then rejected from Red Bull’s Junior team. It didn’t help that he was erratic and inconsistent in Formula Three and Formula Renault. Not just in terms of on-track results, but also behaviour, when he socked Jules Bianchi in the face after one F3 race in 2009. Once he got his conduct sorted and results moving along, though, he made it to GP2 in the end. He was a mainstay of the series for a while, always in the midfield but never a contender for the title.
That changed in 2013. Three wins and six podiums in the first eight races of the season saw him lead the championship by 24 points. He even won in Monaco, the first Monegasque to win on home soil since Louis Chiron in 1931. People were beginning to question which F1 team he would move to next.
Then his talent disappeared. Outside of a podium at the Nürburgring, he didn’t score a SINGLE POINT after that. Some due to bad luck, like getting punted from fourth at Silverstone, but his other dreadful results were inexplicable. He had a more consistent season the following year, but nowhere near the successes he had in early 2013.
He then surprised everyone by joining Indycar in 2015, surprised some people as he was hyped as KV Racing’s top young talent, then surprised nobody by failing to live up to those expectations. I forgot he even existed in Indycar until I started writing this. Many others did too, and soon the effect took hold on Coletti, who stopped racing altogether and has now delved into the niche market of Monegasque real estate.
Sergey Afanasyev (RUS) - 2006 - Formula Renault 2.0
Afanasyev burst onto the scene with a Formula RUS trophy in his hand and Lukoil sponsorship backing him up, earning him a spot alongside fellow Russian Mikhail Aleshin in Red Bull’s Junior Team. However, he only entered two feeder series to the feeder series of a feeder series, the Northern European and Swiss Formula Renault 2.0 Championships. Despite a race win in the Northern Europe championship and finishing second in the Swiss category, Marko got rid of him rather quickly at season’s end.
He swung around the three near-meaningless feeder categories at the time - International Formula Master, (Palmer) Formula 2 and AutoGP - before finally settling on a career in GT cars and Touring Cars. Though his touring car career was filled with commentators encouraging others to wreck him, he found more success in the middle categories of sportscar racing, taking championship in the Pro-Am class of the FIA GT series and winning the one-make Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe last year.
Nathan Antunes (AUS) - 2006 - Formula Renault 2.0 / Formula 3
Anybody paying attention to Australian GT racing would’ve heard of Antunes’ name. Heck, classifying him as a ‘loser’ may be harsh, but for a programme specifically geared to manufacture top-tier stars, Nathan lags behind. Not that he was in the programme for long, barely getting half a chance in German F3 and Formula Renault before being given the boot.
He did take quite the hiatus from racing in general following that, focusing primarily on the Toyota Racing Series, but now he’s living the good life. He won in his class in the 2016 Bathurst 12 Hours, has found some success elsewhere in the Australian GT scene, got a side gig as a Mercedes-AMG performance driver in his current hiatus from full-time racing and is married to an Instagram model. What’s so bad about that?
Yoshitaka Kuroda (JPN) - 2006 - Formula BMW
Kuroda Yoshitaka is a Japanese daimyo who served as a chief strategist of the great unifiers of Japan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. He was one of a select group of daimyos that converted to Christianity, which caused some religious kerfuffle when Hideyoshi gave an edict that expelled all Christians from Japan. Yoshitaka said “fuck that Christianity shit” once he realized that he would be threatened with death, but is still portrayed in contemporary Japan as a general feared by Hideyoshi.
This Yoshitaka Kuroda couldn’t even muster a top-8 finish in Formula BMW in his single season under Red Bull. Absolutely no relation to the other Kuroda, apart from being expelled from a dynasty. His career highlight is appearing in a few AutoGP races, where the ”website” in his AutoGP profile now links to a site providing tips for the nursing industry. I don’t think Kuroda runs that site anymore and, as far as I can tell, Kuroda doesn’t race nowadays as well.
Niall Quinn (IRE) - 2006 - Formula BMW
Yes, the name’s the same as that Irish footballing legend. His old Wordpress blog is even called ‘The Other Niall Quinn’. All similarities with surprisingly competent goalkeepers aside, Quinn was labelled by Red Bull as the next big thing when he won a karting shoot-out to earn his place in their Junior Team, giving him a drive in Formula BMW UK for the next season. Third place in the rookie’s cup wasn’t so bad for someone’s first season out of karts.
So Red Bull went batshit crazy and dropped him instantly. Ouch.
Quinn never stepped up beyond Formula Three after that, regardless of being awarded Young Irish Driver of the Year, his Formula Palmer Audi successes and test driver role for the championship-winning Irish A1GP team. A surprise appearance in Indy Lights, which wasn’t half bad, couldn’t land him a role Stateside, and by 2015 was stuck racing in the Irish Seat Supercup. This was enough for Quinn and motor racing, and settled on taking on a regular job as a software engineer for Verizon.
Or so you think. Outside of software stuff, he picked up some simracing equipment and got back to the grind. I don’t know how much simracing played a role, but he ended up back in the driver’s seat for Team HARD at the final GT Open round at Snetterton. After a few years away, his first weekend back saw him clinch a race win. Even now, with racing cancelled, Quinn is still getting his name out there, no thanks to being teammates with one Robert Kubica in his simracing exploits. If he isn’t yet, this guy’s about to be Poland’s favourite Irishman.
Oliver Oakes (GBR) - 2006-2007 - Formula BMW / Formula Renault 2.0
Oakes was a no-brainer for Red Bull, having just won the World Karting Championship. His first impression also made waves as he won his first ever race in single-seaters in Formula BMW. However, after one decent season in Formula Renault, Red Bull did their usual disposal of drivers who didn’t instantly pick up the slack, Oakes included. His next decision took him to British F3, where he struggled with minnows Eurotek in 2008. After promising performances, though, he joined the renowned Carlin outfit, pairing up with Daniel Ricciardo and Max Chilton. This little web gem of a young Oakes, Ricciardo & Chilton (and a former Lord) seemed to show off good times in the Carlin camp.
However, after two races, Oakes was done with Carlin for reasons only termed as a ”dispute”, and a last-ditch effort to save his racing career in GP3 went nowhere. But Oakes was by no means done with motorsport. Heck, he’s now one of the biggest names in junior motorsport, having taken the Christian Horner route and becoming team principal of HitechGP.
Oakes didn’t just take over HitechGP either. He rebranded the whole damn team, changing their name from Hitech Racing and starting everything from scratch. Since Oakes’ takeover, they’ve had their fair share of talent walk through their doors, from Alexander Sims to Rinus VeeKay to George Russell, operated teams in Formula 2 and Formula 3 and provided all the operations for the W Series and the F4 component in the Motorsport Games.
When Red Bull’s Junior Programme failed you, I guess the best way to take revenge is to start your own.
Edoardo Piscopo (ITA) - 2006-2007 - Formula Renault 2.0 / Toyota Racing Series / Formula 3 / A1GP
Most of Piscopo’s story in motorsport comes after he left the Red Bull Junior Team, which terminated following a disappointing Formula 3 Euro Series campaign. However, he was still seen as a golden boy in the eyes of one Formula One reject: perennial backmarker Piercarlo Ghinzani.
Luckily, Ghinzani was no longer at the back of the Formula One pack with Osella, but had now started his own racing team which, as of 2007, had become the operator of A1 Team Italy. After impressing in practice in Sepang, Ghinzani handed Italy’s honour to Piscopo for the rest of the season. Edoardo went on to misrepresent Italy in the World Cup of Motorsport, with only a best finish of 7th and sinking Team Italy to 18th and 16th in the two years he was with the team. Despite his failures in A1GP, though, he found success with Ghinzani’s team in Italian Formula Three, and came in 2nd in a race for the Italian F3 championship with Mirko Bortolotti. This gave Piscopo his only taste of Formula One, testing the Ferrari F2008 as his prize.
His career only blossomed from there, nearly becoming AutoGP Champion in 2010 behind Romain Grosjean despite winning zero races, having zero pole positions and only one fastest lap. After more success in Blancpain and in the Porsche Carrera Cup, Piscopo found his true calling at Lamborghini. He won the Lamborghini Super Trofeo in Europe in 2014, the North American series in 2017 and the World Final in both of those years. All this success saw him signed up to Lamborghini as the official test driver for the Huracan GT3, a role that he still holds to this day (I think).
That’s all for Part Two. To anyone still reading, thank you for your collective interest in the ‘losers’ of the Red Bull Junior Team. The next part starts in 2007, the time when Sebastian Vettel entered F1 and really made everyone sit up and take note of Marko’s child army.
Not everyone post-Vettel has been that good, though. Sure, we have Brazilian talk-show guests, a Ferrari lap record holder and a hands-free Lebanese, but none of them found F1 success. Want to know how they got on? Check out the next part :--)
submitted by F1-Editorial to formula1 [link] [comments]

2020.06.18 18:08 WatchRaffleMod5 [GIVEAWAY] April-May Participants ONLY Giveaway

Details: April-May Participants ONLY Giveaway
Spot limit per person? MAX TWO PER PERSON, SEE RULES BELOW
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Can reraffle? You may not re-raffle without taking possession of item, unless it’s another giveaway. Main/Gold level re-raffle rules apply (see Rule 14)
We are happy to present our giveaway for April-May:
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2020.06.08 23:47 Pianodude89 Countering Destruction Decks

Hey guys - recently got my way into the Officers Club and all the way up to #175 before running into some tough decks. Quick question - what would be the best way to counter Japan aggro decks with blitz and destruction effects? I could barely blink with my USA/RUS deck before they had me down in single digit HQ points.
submitted by Pianodude89 to kards [link] [comments]

2020.05.24 17:35 Flamefang92 Hotfix 0.12.1 is out!

We hope you enjoyed the release of 0.12, we certainly did; it was one of the smoothest releases we have ever had with not a single CTD found. This has meant we’ve been able to take a little bit longer with this patch and get more fixes in than we otherwise would. One small downside you should be aware of is that some bug fixes required mapping changes, so sadly this hotfix won’t be save game compatible. We hope you don’t mind and enjoy the most polished Kaiserreich experience yet.
Notable Additions
New Events
New Decisions
New Custom Country Paths

Notable Fixes
Other Fixes
We hope you enjoy playing Kaiserreich as much as we did making it!
- The KR4 Team: Alpinia, Arvidus, Augenis, Blackfalcon501, DSFDarker, Carmain, Dr. Njitram, Drozdovite, Edouard Saladier, Eragaxshim, Fbruchmueller, Flamefang, Fort, Gideones, JazzyHugh, Jeankedezeehond, Jonjon428, Jonny BL, Krco, Liegnitz, Maltesefalcon, OperationsManagementDecisions, PPsyrius, Pietrus, Rei VL, Rinbro, Roniius, Rylock, Starguard, Telcontar101, The Alpha Dog, Thomahawk2k, Vidyaország, WordZero, Yard1, Zankoas and Zimbabwe Salt Co.
submitted by Flamefang92 to Kaiserreich [link] [comments]

2020.05.06 21:28 GPnWhiskey Beta 19 Release Notes

New Systems
Game Modes
Infantry Gameplay
Vehicle Gameplay
Commander Gameplay
Deployables Gameplay
User Interface
Maps Al Basrah
Fool’s Road
Jensen’s Range
Interactive Comparison
Manic-5 (CAF)
Nanisivik (CAF)
Tallil Outskirts
Infantry Tutorial
submitted by GPnWhiskey to joinsquad [link] [comments]

2020.04.18 18:56 frankdatank_004 With the Space Race Event pretty much over I have created a list for which vehicles should be the reward vehicles for the Operation Summer Event. Thoughts are always welcomed.

These are what I think should be the premium event vehicles for the next non-crafting event. This such event would probably be the summer event that I have coined and named Operation B.E.A.C.H. These selections are unique but probably not “main tree worthy” (at least not in my books). They also provide transparency of lack of event vehicles for a select tree to hype or meme factor to being a test platform and everything in between.
In order to get the low rank event vehicle you have to complete specific tasks to get 5 Beach Balls. In order to get the higher ranked event vehicle you have to complete specific tasks to get 11 Beach Balls. The helicopters on the other hand if you acquire 15/36 Beach Balls during this event you get the low rank one (20/36 Beach Balls for its alternate skin). If you acquire 25/36 event vehicles you get the high rank one (30/36 Beach Balls for its alternate skin).
All event vehicles will be premium and be coupons. Unfortunately I can see Gaijin making some of these non-premium event vehicles which I think is complete BS.

Low Rank Aircraft:

G.59 (ITA) (Rank III/BR 4.0): Either the Syrian one or not (actually its “sixth beach ball” skin could be a Syrian trainer one). Italy does not have a single event plane yet and I think this would be a perfect one. It would fit the Italian turning play style while looking like the hybrid of a G.55 and a Spitfire but with worse performance. It does however have four Hispano Mk.Vs so keep that in the back of your mind.
SAI-Ambrosini SS.4 (ITA) (Rank III/BR 3.7): This would also fit the bill for a nice event plane for Italy and very well could be their first. Only one prototype of this pusher prop mono-plane was produced with sexy Italian curves. There is a bit of a snag on its armaments though. Was it 2 x 12.7mms and 1 x 20mm? Or was it 2 x 20mms and 1 x 30mm?

High Rank Aircraft:

I-270 (RUS) (Rank V/BR 7.7): This would give Russia its first rocket fighter in-game and be the 4th rocket-only propulsion fighter in the game. I was going to go with the Bi-1/3 predecessor here but that one would be harder to balance. This would have equal amount intrigue and meme potential while being effective in the right hands.
XP-72 Ultrabolt (USA) (Rank IV/BR 6.3-6.7): Does America already have enough Rank IV event planes? Yes but I don’t care, I want it and need it. This being basically the pinnacle of the P-47 bloodline with peak performance and would be a very hyped pick for an event vehicle. This plane would also be a good candidate for a normal premium.

Low Rank Tank:

Churchill NA75 (GBR) (Rank III/BR 4.3-4.7): Britain is quite lacking in the low rank premium department and especially event wise. Every one loves the Churchills and imagine if you could get your hands on a field modified one that now has the American 75mm M3 cannon. This would make the Churchill have a stronger mantlet (I have heard its mantlet would be stronger from way more people and sources than I have heard it actually making it weaker). It would also get access to all American 75mm rounds (meaning better HE (who cares?), rare for the Brits M61 APHE and APCR (?)). This would be a rock solid low-mid rank premium to pick up off the Market no matter what.
Type 5 To-Ku (JPN) (Rank II/BR 2.0-2.3): This very well could be Japan’s first event tank and I think it would have equal amounts of intrigue and meme to it. It is amphibious, has a case-mate 47mm cannon and a fully traversable 25mm auto-cannon. The 25mm could wreck enemy planes and tanks a like. If it is something a little heavier and is flanking you then you could give them a rude burst of 25mm rounds. Also ~1 prototype was ever made so it fits perfectly into the premium/event vehicle category.

High Rank Tank:

STA-3 (JPN) (Rank IV/BR 6.7-7.0): Being a prototype of the Type 61 but with an autoloader this would be a unique and quite competitive tank. It would be a rather bold addition for what could potentially be Japan’s first ever event tank. It is a prototype as well so it wouldn’t be too much of a problem having it be and event tank. Just imagine having a near rapid RoF 90mm gun firing M82 shot and/or HEAT-FS.
FV4401 Contentious (20 pounder) (GBR) (Rank IV/BR 6.0-6.3): This is my most wanted non-American tank that I want come to the game and it would be very fitting for it to come to the game as an event vehicle since Britain doesn’t have a single rank IV event tank and it was a prototype as well. Think of a mix between an ASU-85, Comet and Centurion and you get this. It also could get hull aiming (please get hull aiming right Gaijin!?), scouting and what not. A very unique “what if” tank.

Low Rank Naval:

S151 (GER) (Rank II/BR 2.0): The only category that Germany is lacking in premium/event vehicle wise is fast patrol boats. I think that this would be a nice addition with 2 x 20mms, up to 6 x 7.9mm MGs and 2 x torpedoes along with 6 x depth charges. Its alternate skin could either be a Dutch Navy one or an Bulgarian one.
CPIC1 Voyager (USA) (Rank II/BR 2.7-3.0): The one big thing that America is lacking in the game is modernized patrol crafts and vessels which Japan, Russia and Germany already have multiple of. This would be an excellent addition as a premium/event craft because of its low production prototype status. Which gives it a pass whereas it wouldn’t be a pass if the USS Pegasus or Cyclone-class were here. They deserve to be in the main tree for sure. The Voyager would not be OP either. It would only have 1 2 x 30mm turret with radar (here is more info on its turret). Its alternate skin could be a South Korean Navy skin as well.

High Rank Naval:

HMS Terror (I03) (GBR) (Rank III/BR 4.7-5.0)): I remember when the talk of adding larger vessels to the game first legitimately came about there were quite a few people who were asking for monitors but unfortunately it seems that this talk all died out. This addition would be a good way to test if the addition of monitors are a good idea or not. The refit that I am going with here is the 1939 one which its main armament would be 1 twin 15-inch gun turret, the auxiliary would be its 6 single 4-inch guns and its AA would be the 2 quadruple 0.50 MG mounts. It could dish out a huge punishment but with it being slow it will be an easy target to hit. Also its badass name would help its desirability factor out.
“Torpedo Cruiser" IJN Kitakami (1941) (JPN) (Rank IV/BR 5.0): All I can say if you are a fan of Japanese ship-borne torpedoes than this will be what you want the most out of anything in-game. It would have a very high skill ceiling but also a very low floor as well. 40 torpedoes at your disposal while also having 2 single 140mm naval gun turrets and 2 twin 25mm cannon mounts. If you are good with torps than you will shine with this beast. It however will be a sitting duck for naval CAS though. This is just such a quirky and odd cruiser that I cannot see it being implemented outside of an event.

Low Rank Helicopter:

SA 3164 Alouette “Canon” (FRA) (Rank V/BR 8.7): Your typical Alouette helicopter that is agile, delegate and slinging SS.11 ATGMs around everywhere but with one secret weapon under its sleeve. That secret weapon is a slightly traversable MG151 20mm cannon in its nose with 480 rounds at its disposal. This would make the Alouette much more versatile making it so it could ground pound in Heli EC easier, strafe lighter ground vehicles in Tank Battles and make enemy helicopters and planes second guess attacking this helicopter in a head on.
Hawkswing Lynx (GBR) (Rank V/BR 9.0): This prototype Lynx came out of the testing to see which ATGM would best fit the Lynx. The ATGMs tested were the Swingfires, TOWs and HOTs with the Swingfires being the ultimate loser. It could carry 3 canisters of Swingfires on each side of the helicopter (6 total). It is not clear if this prototype Lynx could actually fire the Swingfires but if I recall correctly they were fired from the Hawkswing Scout prior to being mounted on the Lynx. I am going an alternative route with this making it so this event Lynx’s only ATGM load out is the 6 x Swingfire ATGMs. It would still be able to carry all of its usual gun and rocket load outs as well.

High Rank Helicopter:

Mi-24 Super Hind (RUS) (Rank VI/BR 10.0): Its top load load outs would be 1 x 20mm chin gun, 16 x Ataka ATGMs and then two open pylons for the following: any Russian helicopter rocket pod, S-24 rockets, Russian helicopter bombs, any Russian helicopter gun pods. Its other top load out would be 1 x 20mm chin gun, 8 x Denel ZT3 Ingwe ATGMs then four pylons open and able to carry the following: any Russian helicopter rocket pod, S-24 rockets, Russian helicopter bombs, any Russian helicopter gun pods. It would not get any AAMs but its Anti-Ground potential is very high. Its alternate skin can be from a slew of nations as well.
XTP-1 BETA (FRA) (Rank VI/BR 10.0): This is a French Puma Transport Helicopter that was refitted by South Africa to become an attack helicopter with a 20mm chin/belly gun, 2 x AAMs and 8 x ZT3 Ingwe ATGMs as its top load out. It would be fairly versatile but it is pretty slow and a large target.
EDIT: Okay folks, I put too much time into this post that I thought the community would like for downvotes for no reason. I even specifically tried to make every nation at least a little happy. Unfortunately I fell short with China and Sweden but they are still very new. If you don’t like something please comment and let me know.
submitted by frankdatank_004 to Warthunder [link] [comments]

2020.03.25 00:36 BasqueMex ITSL - Did Someone Say Playoffs? – Part 1 (By Hasan Jamil)

ITSL - Did Someone Say Playoffs? – Part 1 (By Hasan Jamil)
Hello everyone! As the group stage of this fantastic tournament begins to wind down with over 75% of matches having already been played, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the different playoff possibilities in each division. I’m planning to roll this series out over the next little while. So without further ado, here are the first three divisions, with my personal predictions of who will make it at the end of each section. Enjoy!

Asia-Oceania Division
The Asia-Oceania division is one of the toughest in the league – the average winning percentage of 57% is tied for second highest in the tournament behind only the Poland division, and it will almost certainly go down to the final few games to determine a winner. The Australians in particular have plenty to be proud of, as they currently claim three of the division’s four playoff spots.
Ken C (AUS, #4 RotW) currently reigns at the top at 9-2 and controls his own destiny – he can guarantee himself the division (and a playoff bye to the quarterfinals) with an 8-1 record or better. However, he also sports a 29% average opponent winning percentage, which ranks dead last out of the 95 remaining players. He is yet to play against players such as Federico Troiani (ITL, #8 Europe), Michael Stryker (USA, #2 RotW), and Kris Wei (CHN, #11 RotW), among others – that’s 3 ITSL all-stars, for those of you keeping count. Ken certainly has the inside track, but it will take an impressive finish for him to maintain his lead. His game against Wei will be of the utmost importance – a win there would give Ken a three game lead over his nearest opponents with head-to-head tiebreakers over both Wei and John S (AUS, #13 RotW), meaning that 5-3 in his remaining games would still clinch the division.
Looking at the rest of the pack, Wei, John, and Jesse Marshall (AUS, #14 RotW) all also currently hold playoff spots, with Youngbae Park (KOR, #16 RotW), the tournament’s only remaining South Korean, hot on their heels. Marshall sits at the very edge of the playoff picture at 13-6 with a single game to go against Kris himself, which will likely end up determining his playoff fortune. Below them, Wayne Bonnett (AUS, #25 RotW) and Mikhail Gavrikov (KAZ, #30 RotW) are 8-8 and 8-9 respectively and will almost certainly qualify for the silver playoffs, although each would need miracles to make the main event. An interesting footnote is the disparity of Gavrikov’s record playing each side – he champions a 7-2 record playing the Soviets, yet just a 1-7 record as the Americans.

North America West Division
Next up is North America West. Going by average winning percentage, the division ranks 9th in that regard at 45%, and is currently poised to send just one member to the playoffs. However, it is also in line to send an additional seven(!) members to the silver playoffs, an indication of the division’s depth.
Tomas Tvaroh (USA, #5 RotW) currently sits at the top with a 13-5 record. His earlier victory over Michael Panettieri (USA, #17 RotW) means that a perfect finish in his remaining two matches clinches the division for him. That however is not guaranteed, as he is still to play against Sergey Kosarev (RUS, #5 Europe), who is the current leader of the Eastern Europe Division. Behind Tvaroh, Panettieri sits in second at 9-5, with a very reasonable chance to qualify for the playoffs with a strong finish – he boasts an average opponent winning percentage of 54%, indicating the strings of tough opponents he has had to face down thus far. The path to the division for Panettieri is much tougher however, as it would require a perfect 6-0 finish along with Tvaroh dropping at least one of his remaining games.
After Panettieri, Pedro Reguera (ESP, #20 RotW) and Jake Jenkins (USA, #21 RotW) are both 8-6 and still have realistic. albeit difficult. shots at playoff berths if they can finish strong. The path for John Kaulakis (USA, #24 RotW) and Tim Tow (USA, #27 RotW) is exponentially harder due to their seven losses apiece. Reguera, the sole Spaniard in a division full of Americans, is coming off of an impressive victory against Janusz Szulc (POL, #1 Europe), and his upcoming match against Panettieri will be crucial to both sides’ playoff hopes. Meanwhile Jenkins still has to take on the formidable Anthony Russo (USA, #6 RotW); a victory there would go a long way towards securing a playoff berth for Jenkins. Finally, Gavin Gregory (USA, #32 RotW) and Mike Turian (USA, #33 RotW) continue to hang around the edge of the silver playoff cutoff.

North America Central Division
The North America Central division is another deep group, currently sending two to the playoffs and six to the silver playoffs. The balance in the division is clear, with three players sitting at .500 and two more just a game off the mark. The average winning percentage of 47% is 8th out of the 10 divisions.
In the division lead, the ever-dangerous Michael Stryker (USA, #2 RotW) shows no signs of slowing down, with a loss to division-rival Patrick Coate (USA, #28 RotW) the only blemish on his 11-1 record. That places him four games clear of his nearest rival Tim Furrow (USA, #12 RotW), who at 12-5 has had a solid tournament, yet would still need Stryker to finish at best 4-4 to have any chance at the division. However Furrow remains in good position to make the playoffs – even if he drops his upcoming match against Stryker, 2-1 overall in his final three games should be enough to secure a spot.
Behind Furrow, Ned Lauber (USA, #23 RotW) is in an interesting spot at 5-4 where he still has the majority of his matches to go and thus theoretically could secure a playoff berth with a 9-2 or better finish. However, he has to date faced opponents with an average winning percentage of just 40%, which ranks 93rd out of remaining players, and still to play on his schedule are Stryker, Kris Wei (CHN #11 RotW), Janusz Szulc (POL, #1 Europe), and Hasan Jamil (CAN, #3 RotW). It will be a difficult road, yet highly impressive if he manages to pull it off.
After Lauber, Paul Sampson (USA, #26 RotW), Patrick Coate, and David DiCarlo (USA, #29 RotW) sit in a 3-way tie for 4th place with .500 records. Sampson and DiCarlo would require some luck to get in, as they have already collected seven losses apiece. Coate on the other hand has 10 games to play at 5-5, and boasts victories over both Stryker and Jason Leggett (USA, #10 RotW). Although his remaining schedule includes potent foes such as Youngbae Park (KOR, #16 RotW) and Wojciech Pietrzak (POL, #10 Europe), he does control his own destiny with arguably an easier schedule than Lauber, although playoffs will be just as difficult a task with little room for error. Perhaps playing all his games as the Soviets would make it easier, as he flashes perfectly symmetrical records of 5-0 as the USSR and 0-5 as the US. Behind these three, the tournament director himself Luis Rubio (MEX, #31 RotW) comes in at 7-8. As the only Mexican in a sea of Americans, he has little hope for the playoffs, but on the other hand has all but secured a spot in the silver playoffs. No matter the results, he is, of course, the real champion of this tournament. Finally, Ross Smith (USA, #36 RotW) will be hoping to use his remaining 6 games to cling on to his spot at the edge of the silver playoffs.
That’s all for now – feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. To those of you who I picked to do well, good luck. To those who I picked to miss out, prove me wrong! And keep an eye out for the next article in the series, which will be released shortly.
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2020.03.17 14:59 jakhol 30 Great Matches of the 2010s to get you through the summer (no spoilers)!

A lot of you will have already seen most of them, but I doubt anyone has watched them all. Commentary language varies, it's written next to the match. Most are on FootballItalia, which requires you sign up, but it takes 10 seconds and it's free so that's hopefully no problem. Some matches are split in two parts, just press the forward arrow on the player when you get to the end.
If anyone has any copies of any of these matches in a different language, let me know so I can add them. If anyone has any more matches they want to share, reply in the comments and format it kind of like I do (link to the match and provide context).
1.Barcelona vs Inter Milan, Champions League Semi-Final 2nd leg 2009/2010 ESP
José Mourinho led his Inter Milan side to a historic 3-1 victory over Barcelona in the 1st leg of the Semi-Final. Will Pep Guardiola’s formidable Barcelona side pull it back in front of a packed crowd at the Nou Camp or will ‘The Special One’ finish the job?
2.Uruguay vs Ghana, World Cup Quarter-Final 2010 RUS
Ghana became only the third African nation to make the quarter-finals of the World Cup by beating USA in extra-time. They would become the highest finishing team ever in the continent in front of a friendly crowd of vuvuzelas if they can beat favourites Uruguay.
3.Netherlands vs Spain, World Cup Final 2010 ESP
Two legendary line-ups meet in the final of the 2010 World Cup. The reigning European Champions Spain and their famous possession football go up against a physical and immensely talent Dutch squad in what promises to be a fiery end to a fiery World Cup.
4.Barcelona vs Real Madrid, La Liga 2010/2011 CAT
Pep meets Mou again on the stage of El Classico. Barcelona have been victorious in their last four meetings, with a young Messi stealing the show against the new big money signing Ronaldo. Will it be business as usual for the back-to-back Spanish champions?
5.Newcastle vs Arsenal, Premier League 2010/2011 RUS
It’s February and Arsenal look like they have a shot at the title which has far eluded them since the glory days of the 2003/2004 invincibles. Can mid-table Newcastle stop them from closing the gap to leaders Manchester United?
6.Barcelona vs Manchester United, Champions League Final 2010/2011 CAT
Two of the greatest squads in footballing history meet in the Champions League Final once again, two years after Barcelona defeated Fergie’s men 2-0 in Rome. Will we see a repeat or can the Red Devils win it in Wembley?
7.Santos vs Flamengo, Campeonato Brasileiro 2011 PT
A legend of the game and an electric youngster collide. Ronaldinho was named as the best player in the world in consecutive years while Neymar, who was only recently promoted to the first team, was yet to hit his teenage years. Will youth or experience prevail?
8.Manchester United vs Arsenal, Premier League 2011/2012 RUS
A premier league classic, played only a couple of games into the season. The two managerial titans of the Premier League are both looking for a positive start to the season. Holders Manchester United are obvious favourites at home, but can Wenger work some magic?
9.Manchester United vs Manchester City, Premier League 2011/2012 RUS
The Manchester derby has really spiced up in recent years, with an injection of cash helping the visitors look like title contenders. It’s October, so it’s early days – but City could go five points clear at the top with a derby day win. Do they have what it takes?
10.Manchester City vs Queen’s Park Rangers, Premier League 2011/2012 SPA
It’s the final game of the season, and Manchester City know they just need a win to secure the title. Anything less and it’s out of their hands and firmly in the grasp of their Manchester rivals. QPR may need to win to survive another season, so City won’t earn their first PL title easily.
11.Barcelona vs Chelsea, Champions League Semi-Final 2nd leg 2011/2012 ENG
Chelsea lead 1-0 after a win at Stamford Bridge. A draw will do against European champions Barcelona, but they’ll have to do it the hard way – in the Nou Camp, facing Messi. Caretaker manager di Matteo has a lot on his hands if Chelsea want to make it to the final.
12.Bayern Munich vs Chelsea, Champions League Final 2011/2012 ENG
Bayern Munich have the perfect stage set – after disappointment two years ago they get another chance at European glory in their own stadium. Underdogs Chelsea will be looking to spoil the party in the Allianz, as captain John Terry looks to make up for his famous penalty slip four years ago.
13.Reading vs Arsenal, English League Cup Fourth Round 2012/2013 ENG
Newly promoted Reading have their work cut out against heavy favourites Arsenal in this League Cup tie. The Gunners are hoping to continue their challenge for a competition they haven’t won since 1993. Unlike the FA Cup, there are no replays here.
14.Borussia Dortmund vs Málaga CF, Champions League Quarter Final 2nd leg 2012/2013 ENG
Dortmund secured back-to-back BL titles last season, while Málaga finished 4th in La Liga. Both are looking hot in Europe, with neither side able to break the deadlock in the first leg. Dortmund will have their fans behind them, but can Málaga cause an upset yet again?
15.Watford vs Leicester, Championship Play-Off Semi-Final 2nd leg 2012/2013 RUS
Watford narrowly missed out on an automatic promotion place while Leicester scraped into the play-offs on goal difference. Despite this, Leicester hold a 1-0 lead heading into the second leg. Can Watford turn it around at home or will it be Leicester progressing? Note: No away goal rule.
16.Spain vs Italy, Euros Final 2012 ESP
Spain are both European Champions and World Champions, as well as big favourites to win in Kiev. Italy held them to a draw in their group, but can they reproduce it on the big stage? The Italians will hope for another Balotelli brace.
17.Crystal Palace vs Liverpool, Premier League 2013/2014 ENG (not FI, scroll down)
Liverpool have waited since 1990 to lift a Premier League title, but with two games left they might get their chance at another. Although they’re nine goals behind Manchester City on goal difference, they’re equal on points. Liverpool need a win, preferably a big one.
18.Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid, Champions League Final 2013/2014 ESP
It’s the Madrid derby on the biggest stage of European football. Real Madrid last became European Champions in 2002, while Atletico have only once, in the 70s, been to a European final. A win here would mean so much to both clubs – can the new La Liga champions Atletico produce another shock?
19.Spain vs Netherlands, World Cup Group Stage 2014 ESP
It’s been four years since the final of the last World Cup and now Spain and the Netherlands face each other in the Group of Death in Brazil. Both teams know the opening game is always important; with a strong Chile side lurking, a loss could endanger their tournament lives.
20.Brazil vs Germany, World Cup Semi-Final 2014 GER
Brazil, the most successful national team in football are at home and expectant. While as hosts they’re the favourites, they’ve been far from perfect this tournament – although the same can be said for Germany. Can Brazil make the home fans proud in Belo Horizonte?
21.Parma vs AC Milan, Serie A 2014/2015 ESP
Parma finished 6th last season but were denied European football due to their tax debt. AC Milan are missing their glory days and are hoping they can return to once again playing in Europe soon, starting with an away win here in September.
22.Chelsea vs Bradford City, FA Cup Fourth Round 2014/2015 ENG
Chelsea are massive favourites against League One side Bradford City. However, the visitors have a reputation for being giant-killers, defeating the likes of Arsenal to get to the League Cup final two years ago. Can the Premier League leaders dispatch them?
23.Liverpool vs Borussia Dortmund, Europa League Quarter-Final 2nd leg 2015/2016 ENG
Dortmund held Liverpool to a 1-1 draw in the 1st leg but now they face the Reds in Anfield. While the Europa League is not where either team would hope to be, both teams will be looking for some silverware this season. It’s a big occasion for Klopp, who faces his former club.
24.Chelsea vs Tottenham, Premier League 2015/2016 ESP
Leicester City have created the greatest underdog story in sport… almost. The 5000-1 outsiders just need a single win or second placed Tottenham to slip up to clinch a historic title. Chelsea, with their superstar Hazard will be hoping to ruin their London rivals chances at home.
25.Barcelona vs Paris Saint-Germain, Champions League Ro16 2nd leg 2016/2017 ESP
Barcelona were thrashed 4-0 in Paris in one of the most shocking results in their recent history. Now, in the 2nd leg, they want revenge. They didn’t manage a single away goal, so they would need to outscore PSG over two legs if they concede. A tough task, is there any life in the tie?
26.Real Madrid vs Barcelona, La Liga 2016/2017 ESP
It’s that time of the year again! The Bernabéu comes to life once again for the European Champions as they face the Spanish Champions. It’s April, so this match means everything for the title race – a win would send Barcelona top ahead of Real Madrid.
27.Borussia Dortmund vs Schalke 04, Bundesliga 2017/2018 ENG
The Ruhr derby is in town as fierce rivals Dortmund and Schalke go head to head. The famous home advantage should aid Dortmund well, as they look to try and mount a title challenge against the utterly dominant force of Bayern Munich.
28.River Plate vs Boca Juniors, Copa Liberatadores Final 2nd leg 2018 ESP
One of the fiercest rivalries in football, the Superclásico, is the final of South America’s biggest competition this year. The first leg ended 2-2, but the 2nd leg didn’t take place as planned after Boca’s team bus was bombed en route. River Plate now have to play their home tie in Madrid, will it be a disadvantage?
29.Liverpool vs Barcelona, Champions League Semi-Final 2nd leg 2018/2019 ENG
Barcelona produced another masterclass to beat Liverpool 3-0 at home, a score line that could have been even more decisive. Anfield awaits a seemingly hopeless prospect of a 2nd leg, with stars Salah and Firmino out injured. Is there more Istanbul-like magic yet to come?
30.Ajax vs Tottenham, Champions League Semi-Final 2nd leg 2018/2019 ENG
Ajax defeated Spurs by a goal to nil away from home, setting them up perfectly in the 2nd leg. Tottenham needed VAR to take a last minute winner away from Man City in the quarters and are hoping for things to go their way again against Europe’s surprise package.
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2020.02.01 22:51 CardellB [Rant? - GF] Why are most German teams apparently braindead?

TL;DR: German team seems to play the game like Team-Deathmatch. USA keeps steamrolling the objectives. Why are Germany players like that? :(
Edit: My issue is NOT with the tanks, it's with the players who most of the times simply neglect the objectives. Doesn't matter what tanks we use and what tanks we are facing, it's the behaviour that's the issue...
Edit 2: Oooscarrrr_Muffin actually had a great explanation for that. I think we can call this case closed :P
I'm mostly US and GER main (although I do play RUS and UK sometimes), but what the hell is wrong with the German teams?
My win-rate with GER GF is simply astonishingly low. The players not only seem not to bother playing the objective, they seem not to even use the map (in a match, a single Sherman managed to take out 8 of our guys because they would simply drive past him, even with me constantly marking it on the map and even saying on team chat...).
Meanwhile on US it seems like nearly the total opposite... I have been on a non-stop steamroll of victories lately...
Question is: Why the heck is it like that?
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2020.01.24 15:17 TheGhostOfNikeFed Discussion: 2020 Australian Open - Day 6 (Friday, January 24)

2020 Australian Open - Day 6 (Saturday, January 25th)
STREAMS ↑ Streams in the top bar don't really work but JokerLivestream does
AUSTRALIAN OPEN Schedule, Scoreboard, Draws (MS, WS, MD, WD, XD), Bracket Contest
CHAT #reddit-tennis, /tennis Discord
MATCHES (Men's Singles - Third Round)
[1] R. Nadal (ESP) v. P. Carreno Busta (ESP) [19] J. Isner (USA) v [13] S. Wawrinka (SUI)
[4] D. Medvedev (RUS) v. A. Popyrin (AUS) [29] T. Fritz (USA) v. [5] D. Thiem (AUS)
[7] A. Zverev (GER) v. F. Verdasco (ESP) [10] G. Monfils (FRN) v. E. Gulbis (LTV)
[23] N. Kyrgios (AUS) v. [16] K. Khachanov (RUS) [11] D. Goffin (BEL) v. [17] A. Rublev (RUS)
MATCHES (Women's Singles - Third Round)
[2] Ka. Pliskova (CZE) v. [30] A. Pavlyuchenkova (RUS) [4] S. Halep (ROM) v. Y. Putintseva (KAZ)
[5] E. Svitolina (UKR) v. G. Muguruza (ESP) [17] A. Kerber (GER) v. C. Giorgi (ITA)
[6] B. Bencic (SUI) v. [28] A. Kontaveit (EST) [9] K. Bertens (NDL) v. Z. Diyas (KAZ)
[16] E. Mertens (BEL) v. C. Bellis (USA) [19] D. Vekic (HRZ) v. I. Swiatek (POL)
Seeds Eliminated Today
Today's Order of Play
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2020.01.23 14:42 TheGhostOfNikeFed Discussion: 2020 Australian Open - Day 5 (Thursday, January 23)

2020 Australian Open - Day 5 (Thursday, January 23nd)
STREAMS ↑ Streams in the top bar don't really work but JokerLivestream does
AUSTRALIAN OPEN Schedule, Scoreboard, Draws (MS, WS, MD, WD, XD), Bracket Contest
CHAT #reddit-tennis, /tennis Discord
MATCHES (Men's Singles - Third Round)
[2] N. Djokovic (SRB) v. Y. Nishioka (JPN) [3] R. Federer (SUI) v. J. Millman (AUS)
[14] D. Schwartzman (ARG) v. [24] D. Lajovic (SRB) T. Sandgren (USA) v. S. Querrey (USA)
[6] S. Tsitsipas (GRE) v. [32] M. Raonic (CAN) [9] R. Bautista Agut (SPN) v. M. Cilic (HRV)
[12] F. Fognini (SPN) v. [22] G. Pella (ARG) T. Paul (USA) v. M. Fucsovics (HUN)
MATCHES (Women's Singles - Third Round)
[1] A. Barty (AUS) v. [29] E. Rybakina (KAZ) [8] S. Williams (USA) v. [27] Q. Wang (CHN)
[3] N. Osaka (JPN) v. C. Gauff (USA) [7] P. Kvitova (CZE) v. [26] E. Alexandrova (RUS)
[5] M. Keys (USA) v. [22] M. Sakkari (GRE) [14] S. Kenin (USA) v. S. Zhang (CHN)
C. Wozniacki (DNK) v. O. Jabeur (TUN) [18] A. Riske (USA) v. J. Goerges (GER)
Seeds Eliminated Today
Today's Order of Play
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2020.01.22 21:25 TheGhostOfNikeFed Australian Open Day 4 Discussion (23 January)

2020 Australian Open - Day 3 (Wednesday, January 22nd)
STREAMS ↑ Streams in the top bar don't really work but JokerLivestream does
AUSTRALIAN OPEN Schedule, Scoreboard, Draws (MS, WS, MD, WD, XD), Bracket Contest
CHAT #reddit-tennis, /tennis Discord
MATCHES (Men's Singles - Second Round)
E. Gerasimov (BLR) v. [7] A. Zverev (GER) [1] R. Nadal (ESP) v. F. Delbonis (ARG)
[4] D. Medvedev (RUS) v. [Q] P. Martinez (ESP) A. Seppi (ITA) v. [15] S. Wawrinka (SUI)
[WC] A. Bolt (AUS) v. [5] D. Thiem (AUS) [23] N. Kyrgios (AUS) v. G. Simon (FRA)
[10] G. Monfils (GEMS) v. Dr. I. Karlovic (CRO) [29] T. Fritz (USA) v. K. Anderson (RSA)
M. Ymer (SWE) v. [16] K. Khachanov (RUS) [Q] P. Gojowczyk (GER) v. [27] P. Carreno Busta (ESP)
[11] D. Goffin (BEL) v. P. Herbert (FRA) [26] N. Basilashvili (GEO) v. F. Verdasco (ESP)
A. Bedene (SVN). v. [Q] E. Gulbis (LAT) Y. Sugita (JPN) v. [17] A. Rublev (RUS)
[19] J. Isner (USA) v. [Q] A. Tabilo (CHI) A. Popyrin (AUS) v. J. Munar (ESP)
MATCHES (Women's Singles - Second Round)
G. Muguruza (ESP) v. A. Tomjanovic (AUS) L. Siegemund (GER) v. K. Pliskova (CZE)
[Q] H. Dart (GBR) v. [4] S. Halep (ROU) [6] B. Bencic (SUI) v. J. Ostapenko (LAT)
[WC] P. Hon (AUS) v. [17] A. Kerber (GER) [5] E. Svitolina (GEMS) v. L. Davis (USA)
[19] D. Vekic (CRO) v. A. Cornet (FRA) [20] K. Muchova (CZE) v. C. Bellis (USA)
Z. Diyas (KAZ) v. A. Blinkova (RUS) S. Sorribes Tormo (ESP) v. [28] A. Kontaveit (EST)
[WC] A. Radionova (AUS) v. [9] K. Bertens (NED) [30] A. Pavlyuchenkova (RUS) vs. T. Townsend (USA)
I. Swiatek (POL) v. C. Suarez Navarro (ESP) [26] D. Collins (USA) v. Y. Putintseva (KAZ)
S. Kuznetsova (RUS) v. C. Giorgi (ITA) [16] E. Mertens (BEL) v. H. Watson (GBR)
Today's Order of Play
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2020.01.21 22:50 TheGhostOfNikeFed 2020 Australian Open - Day 3 (Wednesday, January 22nd)

2020 Australian Open - Day 3 (Wednesday, January 22nd)
STREAMS ↑ Streams in the top bar don't really work but JokerLivestream does
AUSTRALIAN OPEN Schedule, Scoreboard, Draws (MS, WS, MD, WD, XD), Bracket Contest
CHAT #reddit-tennis, /tennis Discord
MATCHES (Men's Singles - First Round)
MEN Result Result
[WC] T. Ito (JPN) vs. [2] N. Djokovic (SRB) [21] B. Paire (FRA) vs. M. Cilic (CRO)
F. Krajinovic (SRB) vs. [3] R. Federer (SUI) [WC] M. Polmans (AUS) vs. [24] D. Lajovic (SRB)
T. Paul (USA) vs. [18] G. Dimitrov (BUL) [14] D. Schwartzman (ARG) vs. A. Davidovich Fokina (ESP)
J. Thompson (AUS) vs. [12] F. Fognini (ITA) [22] G. Pella (ARG) vs. G. Barrere (FRA)
[6] S. Tsitsipas (GRE) vs. P. Kohlscreiber (GER) [30] D. Evans (GBR) vs. Y. Nishioka (JPN)
[31] H, Hurkacz (POL) vs. J. Millman (AUS) C. Garin (CHI) vs. [32] M. Raonic (CAN)
[8] M. Berrettini (ITA) vs. T. Sandgren (USA) R. Berankis (LTU) vs. S. Querrey (USA)
[WC] M. Mmoh (USA) vs. [9] R. Bautista Agut (ESP) M. Fucsovics (HUN) vs. J. Sinner (ITA)
MATCHES (Women's Singles - Second Round)
WOMEN Result Result
P. Badosa (ESP) vs. [7] P. Kvitova (CZE) C. Suarez Navarro (ESP) vs. [11] A. Sabalenka (BLR)
[1] A. Barty (AUS) vs. P. Hercog (SLO) [16] E. Mertens (BEL) vs. D. Kovinic (MNE)
T. Zidansek (SLO) vs. [8] S. Williams (USA) [Q] A. Li (USA) vs. [14] S. Kenin (USA)
[3] N. Osaka (JPN) vs. S. Zheng (CHN) [25] E. Alexandrova (RUS) vs. [Q] B. Krejicikova (CZE)
C. Wozniacki (DEN) vs. [23] D. Yastremska (UKR) T. Towsend (USA) vs. J. Pegula (USA)
[10] M. Keys (USA) vs. A. Rus (NED) O. Jabeur (TUN) vs. C. Garcia (FRA)
J. Goerges (GER) vs. [13] P. Martic (CRO) [WC] A. Sharma (AUS) vs. [28] A. Kontaveit (EST)
C. Gauff (USA) vs. S. Cirstea (ROU) [18] A. Riske (USA) vs. L. Zhu (CHN)
[Q] N. Hibino (JPN) vs. [22] M. Sakkari (GRE) Kri. Pliskova (CZE) v. H. Watson (GBR)
S. Zhang (CHN) vs. [Q] C. McNally (USA) I. Swiatek (POL) vs. T. Babos (HUN)
[Q] G. Minnen (BEL) vs. [29] E. Rybakina (KAZ) [30] A. Pavlyuchenkova (RUS) vs. N. Stojanovic (SRB)
S. Sorribes Tormo (ESP) vs. V. Kudermetova (RUS) 27] Q. Wang (CHN) vs. F. Ferro (FRA)
Seeds Eliminated Today
Today's Order of Play
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2020.01.20 20:02 TheGhostOfNikeFed Discussion: 2020 Australian Open Day 2 (Tuesday, January 21)

2020 Australian Open - Day 2 (Tuesday, January 21st)
STREAMS ↑ Streams in the top bar don't really work but JokerLivestream does
AUSTRALIAN OPEN Schedule, Scoreboard, Draws (MS, WS, MD, WD, XD), Bracket Contest
CHAT #reddit-tennis, /tennis Discord
MATCHES (Men's Singles - First Round)
MEN Result
[1] R. Nadal (ESP) v. H. Dellien (BOL) [4] D. Medvedev (RUS) v. F. Tiafoe (USA)
[5] D. Thiem (AUT) v. A. Mannarino (FRA) [7] A. Zverev (GER) v. M. Cecchinato (ITA)
[15] S. Wawawawrinka (SUI) v. D. Dzumhur (BIH) [28] J. Tsonga (FRA) v. A. Popyrin (AUS)
[23] N. Kyrgios (AUS) v. L. Sonego (ITA) [12] F. Fognini (ITA) v. R. Opelka (USA)
[Q] Our Lord and Savior E. Gulbis (LAT) v. [20] F. Auger-Aliassime (CAN) [10] G. Monfils (FRA) v. Y. Lu (TPE)
J. Millman (AUS) v. U. Humbert (FRA) J. Thompson (AUS) v. A. Bublik (KAZ)
[WC] T. Ito (JPN) v. [LL] P. Gunneswaran (IND) [Q] C. Eubanks (USA) v. [Q] P. Gojowczyk (GER)
[11] D. Goffin (BEL) v. J. Chardy (FRA) [Q] A. Tabilo (CHI) v.[Q] D. Galan (COL)
J. Sinner (ITA) v. [Q] M. Purcell (AUS) [WC] M. Polmans (AUS) v. M. Kukushkin (KAZ)
[WC] A. Bolt (AUS) v. A. Ramos-Vinolas (ESP) [14] D. Schwartzman (ARG) v. L. Harris (RSA)
J. Duckworth (AUS) v. A. Bedene (SVK) [19] J. Isner (USA) v. T. Monteiro (BRA)
M. Kecmanovic (SRB) v. A. Seppi (ITA) P. Andujar (ESP) v. M. Mmoh (USA)
[WC] H. Gaston (FRA) v. J. Munar (ESP) A. Davidvich Fokina (ESP) v. [Q] N. Gombos (SVK)
C. Garin (CHI) v. S. Travaglia (ITA) Y. Uchiyama (JPN) v. M. Ymer (SWE)
[Q] E. Benchetrit (FRA) v. Y. Sugita (JPN) L. Mayer (ARG) v. T. Paul (USA)
[26] N. Basilashvili (GEO) v. S. Kwon (KOR) F. Delbonis (ARG) v. J. Sousa (POR)
F. Lopez (ESP) v. [9] R. Bautista Agut (ESP) [LL] J. Kovalik (SVK) v. [27] P. Carreno Busta (ESP)
[29] T. Fritz (USA) v. [Q] T. Griekspoor (NED) C. Ruud (NOR) v. E. Gerasimov (BLR)
[31] H. Hurkacz (POL) v. [Q] D. Novak (AUS) [Q] M. Trungelliti (ARG) v. T. Sandgren (USA
F. Verdasco (ESP) v. [LL] E. Donskoy (RUS) [Q] P. Martinez (ESP) v. D. Koepfer (GER)
K. Edmund (GBR) v. [24] D. Lajovic (SRB) P. Herbert (FRA) vs. C. Norrie (GBR)
P. Cuevas (URU) v. G. Simon (FRA) M. Cilic (CRO) v. C. Moutet (FRA)
[LL] L. Giustino (ITA) v. [32] M. Raonic (CAN) [Q] M. Vilella MArtinez (ESP) v. [16] K. Khachanov (RUS)
C. O'Connell (AUS) v. [17] A. Rublev (RUS) [21] B. Paire (FRA) v. C. Stebe (GER)
[Q] Q. Halys (FRA) v. F. Krajinovic (SRB) I. Karlovic (CRO) v. V. Pospisil (CAN)
I. Ivashka (BLR) v. K. Anderson (RSA) x
MATCHES (Women's Singles - First Round)
WOMEN Result
[2] K. Pliskova (CZE) v. K. Mladenovic (FRA) [19] D. Vekic (CRO) v. [WC] M. Sharapova (RUS)
[Q] E. Cocciaretto (ITA) v. [17] A. Kerber (GER) [6] B. Bencic (SUI) v. A. Schmiedlova (SVK)
[31] A. Sevastova (LAT) v. A. Tomljanovic (AUS) J. Brady (USA) v. [4] S. Halep (ROU)
P. Hercog (SVK) v. R. Peterson(SWE) [10] M. Keys (USA) v. D. Kasatkina (RUS)
[12] J. Konta (GBR) v. O. Jabeur (TUN) [5] E. Svitolina (UKR) v. K. Boulter (GBR)
C. Suarez Navarro (ESP) v. [11] A. Sabalenka (BLR) G. Muguruza (ESP) v. [Q] S. Rogers (USA)
I. Begu (ROU) v. [9] K. Bertens (NED) [13] [16] E. Mertens (BEL) v. D. Kovinic (MNE)
M. Linette (POL) v. A. Rus (NED) [Q] L. Samsonova (RUS) v. J. Ostapenko (LAT)
[Q] L. Fernandez (CAN) v. L. Davis (USA) M. Gasparyan (RUS) v. [22] M. Sakkari (GRE)
[15] M. Vondrousova (CZE) v. S. Kuznetsova (RUS) S. Torribes Sormo (ESP) v. V. Kudermetova (RUS)
K. Kozlova (UKR) v. [WC] P. Hon (AUS) [18] A. Riske (USA) v. Y. Wang (CHN)
[WC] A. Rodionova (AUS) v. K. Bondarenko (UKR) [WC] A Sharma (AUS) v. [28] A. Kontaveit (EST)
[30] A. Pavlyuchenkova (RUS) v. N. Stojanovic (SRB) [Q] N. Hibino (JPN) v. S. Peng (CHN)
[27] Q. Wang (CHN) v. P. Parmentier (FRA) K. Pliskova (CZE) v. H. Watson (GBR)
A. Lottner (GER) v. C. Giorgi (ITA) [Q] H. Dart (GBR) v. M. Doi (JPN)
M. Brengle (USA) v. C. Garcia (FRA) [Q] M. Niculescu (ROU) v. A. Cornet (FRA)
T. Townsend (USA) v. J. Pegula (USA) [Q] K. Juvan (SVK) v. [23] D. Yastremska (UKR)
B. Pera (USA) v. [29] E. Rybakina (KAZ) [20] K. Muchova (CZE) v. K. Flipkens (BEL)
C. Bellis (USA) v. T. Maria (GER) J. Paolini (ITA) v. A. Blinkova (RUS)
F. Ferro (FRA) v. A. Van Uytvanck (BEL) [Q] G. Minnen (BEL) v. A. Sasnovich (BLR)
Y. Putintseva (KAZ) v. S. Hsieh (TPE) [21] A. Anisimova (USA) v. Z. Diyas (KAZ)
I. Swiatek (POL) v. T. Babos (HUN) [WC] C. Vandeweghe (USA) v. L. Siegemund (GER)
[26] D. Collins (USA) v. V. Diatchenko (RUS) x
Seeds Eliminated Today
Today's Order of Play
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2020.01.19 17:36 TheGhostOfNikeFed Discussion: 2020 Australian Open - Day 1 (Monday, January 20th)

2020 Australian Open - Day 1 (Monday, January 20th)
STREAMS ↑ Streaming in the top bar
AUSTRALIAN OPEN Schedule, Scoreboard, Draws (MS, WS, MD, WD, XD), Bracket Contest
CHAT #reddit-tennis, /tennis Discord
MATCHES (Men's Singles - First Round)
MEN Result
[3] R. Federer (SUI) v. S. Johnson (USA) [2] N. Djokovic (SRB) v. J. Struff (GER)
[13] D. Shapovalov (CAN) v. M. Fucsovics (HUN) [6] S. Tsitsipas (GRC) v. S. Caruso (ITA)
[8] M. Berrettini (ITA) v. A. Harris (AUS) [18] G. Dimitrov (BGR) v. J. Londero (ARG)
[25] B. Coric (HRV) v. S. Querrey (USA) [12] F. Fognini (ITA) v. R. Opelka (USA)
J. Thompson (AUS) v. A. Bublik (KAZ) J. Millman (UKR) v. U. Humbert (FRA)
M. Cilic (HRV) v. C. Moutet (FRA) P. Kohlschreiber (GER) v. M. Giron (USA)
J. Sinner (USA) v. M. Purcell (AUS) [14] D. Schwartzman (ARG) v. L. Harris (ZAF)
[22] G. Pella (ARG) v. J. Smith (AUS) M. Polmans (USA) v. M. Kukushkin (KAZ)
M. Safwat (EGY) v. G. Barrere (FRA) A. Davidovich Fokina (ESP) v. N. Gombos (SVK)
C. Garin (CHL) v. S. Travaglia (ITA) L. Mayer (ARG) v. T. Paul (USA)
R. Carballes Baena (ESP) v. R. Berankis (LTU) T. Ito (JPN) v. P. Gunneswaran (IND)
[9] R. Bautista Agut (ESP) v. F. Lopez (ESP) P. Andujar (ESP) v. M. Mmoh (USA)
[30] D. Evans (GBR) v. M. McDonald (USA) T. Sandgren (USA) v. M. Trungelliti (ARG)
Y. Nishioka (JPN) v. L. Djere (SRB) K. Edmund (GBR) v. D. Lajovic (SRB)
[32] M. Raonic (CAN) v. "Our Boy" R. Albot (MDA) [31] H. Hurkacz (Pol) v. D. Novak (AUT)
Q. Halys (FRA) v. F. Krajinovic (SRB) [21] B. Paire (FRA) v. C. Stebe (GER)
MATCHES (Women's Singles - First Round)
WOMEN Result
[3] N. Osaka (JPN) v. M. Bouzkova (CZE) [8] S. Williams (USA) v. A. Potapova (RUS)
[1] A. Barty (AUS) v. L. Tsurenko (UKR) V. Williams (USA) v. C. Gauff (USA)
[24] S. Stephens (USA) v. S. Zhang (CHI) K. Ahn (USA) v. C. Wozniacki (DNK)
S. Stosur (USA) v. C. McNally (USA) [10] M. Keys (USA) v. D. Kasatkina (RUS)
[12] J. Konta (GBR) v. O. Jabeur (TUN) [14] S. Kenin (USA) v. M. Trevisan (ITA)
A. Li (USA) v. L. Cabrera (AUS) J. Goerges (GER) v. V. Kuzmova (SVK)
K. Kanepi (EST) v. B. Krejcikova (CZE) [13] P. Martic (HRV) v. C. McHale (USA)
[22] M. Sakkari (GRC) v. M. Gasparyan (RUS) [18] A. Riske (USA) v. Y. Wang (CHN)
[23] D. Yastremska (UKR) v. K. Juvan (SVN) Magda Linette (POL) v. Artanxa Rus (NLD)
S. Zheng (CHN) v. A. Kalinskaya (RUS) T. Zidansek (SVN) v. N. Han (KOR)
M. Brengle (USA) v. C. Garcia (FRA) V. Golubic (SUI) v. L. Zhu (CHN)
[29] E. Rybakina (KAZ) v. B. Pera (USA) F. Ferro (FRA) v. A. Van Uytvanck (BEL)
A. Sasnovich (BLR) v. G. Minnen (BEL) [25] E. Alexandrova (RUS) v. J. Teichmann (SUI)
[27] Q. Wang (CHN) v. P. Parmentier (FRA) N. Hibino (JPN) v. S. Peng (CHN)
P. Hercog (SLV) v. R. Peterson (SWE) P. Badosa (ESP) v. J. Larsson (SWE)
[32] B. Strycova (CZE) v. S. Cirstea (ROU) [7] P. Kvitova (CZE) v. K. Siniakova (CZE)
Seeds Eliminated Today
Today's Order of Play
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2020.01.12 12:59 Papaya-Strudel Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games Live Discussion, Day 3

Pairs' FS: 11:30am CET
Men's FS: 2:00pm CET
Current time in Central Europe
FS Results Protocols
Stream: YouTube Olympic Channel
Warm-Up Group 1
5 PITOT Francois FRA
Warm-Up Group 2
6 CHEN Yudong CHN
10 MEMOLA Nikolaj ITA
Warm-Up Group 3
11 RAKIC Aleksa CAN
12 CHA Younghyun KOR
FS Results Protocols
Day 1 discussion
Day 2 discussion
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2020.01.11 11:53 Papaya-Strudel Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games Live Discussion, Day 2

Ice Dance RD: 1:30pm CET
Ladies’ SP: 4:10pm CET
Current time in Central Europe
Stream: YouTube Olympic Channel
Starting OrdeResults
6 TUBA Giulia / TUBA Andrea ITA
10 ZEHNDER Gina / SIEBER Beda Leon SUI
12 WOLFKOSTIN Katarina / CHEN Jeffrey USA
RD Results Protocols
Stream: YouTube Olympic Channel
Starting OrdeResults
1 RYABOVA Ekaterina AZE
3 CARLE Catherine CAN
4 KIIBUS Eva-Lotta EST
11 YOU Young KOR
15 SHIN Audrey USA
16 WANG Kate USA
SP Results Protocols
Day 1 discussion
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2019.10.30 20:39 Jcbarona23 World Cup Predictions: Preliminaries

I will be attempting to predict the outcome of the World Cup preliminaries based on an image of the bracket that was found on the cow Discord server. I'd like to hear your own predictions and thoughts on my brakcet(s).

Group A

Match 1: New Zealand - Austria

A difficult match to predict, both teams struggled in their respective regions, being eliminated from their fundraising tournaments in the first round, without a single win. Given their experience,it seems likely that New Zealand will narrowly get the win

Match 2: AM1 (New Zealand) - Australia

No matter the match up, Australia against Austria or New Zealand, it was meant to be. In this prediction, however, it is the Oceanic Showdown, with Australia winning decisively.

Match 3: Denmark - Taiwan

The European Dark Horse against the Pacific Dark Horse. Unfortunately, one will not be able to advance in the tournament. Both countries are fielding similar rosters to last year, and both bost top Contenders talent (as well as OWL representatives). I am inclined to give the edge to Denmark, but they appear to have a history of choking.

Match 4: AM2 (Australia) - AM3 (Denmark)

A rematch from last year's Bangkok qualifier. Without a doubt another close match regardless of the outcome from Match 3. I expect the winner of said match, however, to be able to best the Aussies in what would be considered by most to be an upset.

Group B Seed 3: Denmark (or Taiwan).


Group B

Match 1: Iceland - Ireland

We might not have seen Ireland playing, but it can be said we saw the opposite from Iceland, who went on to win the Eurocup. An unfortunate match up for the underdogs, the Nordic country should have this in the bag.

Match 2: BM1 (Iceland) - United Kingdom

The 7 Lions have been trying to bring the gold home for years, and it seems like this game will be the first step in doing so. They should win this game, but there is high upset potential from Iceland.

Match 3: Norway - Spain

We may have been treated to this game once before in the Eurocup round of 16, where Norway beat Spain 3-0, however the Spanish roster was missing a certain Overwatch League duo. A probably close game, Norway should once again beat the Iberians.

Match 4: BM2 (United Kingdom) - BM3 (Norway)

Given the volatility of this grup, this match up might be completely incorrect. That said, The winner of BM2 will easily move on to dispose of the winner of BM3.

Group A Seed 4: United Kingdom (or Iceland).


Group C

Match 1: Colombia - Philippines

We have not seen significant footage from Colombia to predict their performance accurately. Said lack of experience, however, means the Philippines has the edge with their synergy.

Match 2: Italy - India

Like with Colombia, India has next to no footage of high end competition. Italy, on the other hand, has had significant Contenders and World Cup experience and placed 3rd in the Eurocup. This should be a smooth match for the Italians.

Match 3: Sweden - CM1 (Philippines)

With a completely new roster, Sweden is on the hunt for success, success they missed out on last year. The Philippines is, unfortunately, merely a minor inconvenience in their journey.

Match 4: Japan - CM2 (Italy)

Two top perfomers of their regional tournaments face off. It is nearly impossible to compare them, however, and an accurate prediction will be mostly the result of luck. This game will be one of the closest, but Japan should claim the victory.

Match 5: CM3 (Sweden) - CM4 (Japan)

The winner of CM4 will have gone through a gruelling effort to participate in this game, and CM5 will be no different. Unfortunately, this should be the end of their run, but there is decent upset potential.

Group A Seed 5: Sweden


Group D

Match 1: Latvia - Mexico

Both teams lost out on star players, but Latvia took the bigger hit. Mexico has had experience in Contenders, and this will help them exit this match victoriously.

Match 2: Hong Kong - Paraguay

An unfortunate debut for the Guaranís, anything short of a decisive win for Hong Kong should be worrying.

Match 3: Russia - DM1 (Mexico)

As a fan of both nations, my desires were clearly not meant to be. Russia will be glad that, for once, they will not meet the South Koreans in the qualifiers. An easy win for the Russians at the cost of a sad exit for the Aztecs.

Match 4: Germany - DM2 (Hong Kong)

Both touted as favorites for their local tournaments, they concluded their appearances in similar fashion - disappointingly. It is not unlikely that Hong Kong will, yet again, see themselves eliminated from the World Cup in an early exit.

Match 5: DM3 (Russia) - DM4 (Germany)

Only their second match of the day, Russia should easily top their group, should they face off against Germany. It might become difficult at times, but the familiar roster should not falter in this stage.

Group B Seed 4: Russia


Group E

Match 1: Singapore - South Afirca

This game features two early exits from the Eurocup and SEA Invitational. Likely a close game, Singapore should best the African representative early on. It is possible, however, that in a LAN environment South Africa can come out victorious.

Match 2: Portugal - Saudi Arabia

Though Portugal had a disappointing performance in the Eurocup while Saudi Arabia only lost to the finalists and favorites, it must be taken with a grain of salt. With 4 changes to the roster, including Contenders and League players, Portugal should flip their results in this close game.

Match 3: Finland - EM1 (Singapore)

Despite being plagued by a number of absent players, the Finns should emerge with a quick win over the tiny Asian nation.

Match 4: Netherlands - EM2 (Portugal)

The Dutch have always seen themselves barely miss out on glory, but the game against the Lusitanos (or Arabs) should be a simple victory for them.

Match 5: EM3 (Finland) - EM4 (Netherlands)

Without a doubt one of best games we could get in the World Cup. We will see the best backline of the group in Finland up against the best damage trio, and it may be, ultimately, that difference which can set the countries aside.

Group B Seed 5: Finland (or Netherlands?).

This would mean our groups in Blizzcon are:
Group A Group B
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2019.10.29 03:00 TheGhostOfNikeFed 2019 Paris Masters - Day 2 (Tuesday, October 29th)

2019 Paris Masters - Day 2 (Tuesday, October 29th)
STREAMS ↑ Streaming in the top bar
Paris Masters Schedule, Live Scoreboard, Results (MS, MD), Draw (MS, MD)
CHAT #reddit-tennis, /tennis Discord
MATCHES (1st and 2nd round)
MEN Result Result
F. Tiafoe (USA) vs F. Fritz (USA) D. Lajovic (SRB) vs C. Moutet (FRA)
[8] K. Khachanov (RUS) vs J. Struff (GER) L. Djere (SRB) vs A. De Minaur (AUS)
G. Simon (FRA) vs D. Shapovalov (CAN) K. Edmund (GBR) vs R. Berankis (LTU)
G. Dimitrov (BUL) vs U. Humbert (FRA) R. Albot (MDA) vs A. Seppi (ITA)
[4] D. Medvedev (RUS) vs J. Chardy (FRA) [6] A. Zverev (GER) vs F. Verdasco (ESP)
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