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Partner Sites. Here we list some of the sites of most interest to a Secular Buddhist audience, covering Buddhism, Science, Critical Thinking, Skepticism, and a variety of other resources complementary to this teaching and practice. Secular Buddhist Partners. Find over 1215 Buddhist groups with 583155 members near you and meet people in your local community who share your interests. Why is it then that Buddhist monks and nuns have traditionally refrained from sexual activity? Sex is the ever-sweet and ever-present distraction. It’s understandable why diminishing one’s attachment to sex is helpful to keep Buddhist initiates focused on self-development. Monks and nuns have always had strict limitations on physical ... Buddhism, religion and philosophy that developed from the doctrines of the Buddha, a teacher who lived in northern India between the mid-6th and mid-4th centuries BCE. Buddhism has played a central role in the spiritual, cultural, and social life of Asia, and, beginning in the 20th century, it spread to the West. Tara has been a dedicated Buddhist practitioner since 1986. In 1997 she received encouragement from her Buddhist teachers to teach meditation. Tara is the author of several self-help books. Find a Partner to Help You Find Your Way at Buddhist Dating. The path to enlightenment can often be a long one so wouldn't it be nice to have a partner to walk beside you on your journey to liberation? If you said 'yes,' you're not alone in thinking that way. In fact, all of the great women and men you'll find here at Buddhist Dating agree! Buddhism encourages practitioners to let go of the idea of a perfect partner and accept their romantic partner, faults, and all. While there isn’t much in Buddhist about organized marriage, Buddha’s teachings do include some salient advice on romantic relationships. Buddhist Views on Marriage In Buddhism, marriage is regarded as entirely a personal, individual concern and not as a religious duty. M arriage is a social convention, an institution created by man for the well-being and happiness of man, to differentiate human society from animal life and to maintain order and harmony in the process of procreation. Buddhist Dating Site is part of the dating network, which includes many other general and buddhist dating sites. As a member of Buddhist Dating Site, your profile will automatically be shown on related buddhist dating sites or to related users in the network at no additional charge. For more information on how this works, click here. Support ... But I chose to go a different way and it’s worked out extravagantly well for me. Here are the top five reasons I enjoy being married to a non-Buddhist: 1. She’s on the outside. If I were hitched to a fellow Buddhist, we’d both be trapped in the same bubble. It’d be hard to maintain an objective view of what we’re doing.

Thirties and suicidal because never had a girlfriend.

2020.04.28 21:03 throwmeaway124467 Thirties and suicidal because never had a girlfriend.

I know, I'm another one of those people. But please hear me out.
I've never had a girlfriend at the age of 32. I've had sex a few times in my 20s, but no one has ever wanted to be with me.
I am very comfortable in my own skin. I have been able to lead a life of adventure while being single. I have jumped out of planes, traveled the world, taught ex budist monks to dance, wrote a novel, performed songs to hundreds of people, almost died twice from risky vehicle related stunts. I've lived, visited tribes in the jungle while almost eating dog paw (I didn't eat it in the end!)
I'm not in pain because of rejection. I can take rejection and know it's not because of who I am. I'm in pain because I've never had a girlfriend. Being single for a year is hard, but not too bad. Being single for two years is hard, but again not too bad.
To have not ever have one person ever look at me and see someone who is is more than just a friend to drink with, a colleague to work with, a person to pass the time with, changes how I feel about myself and other people.
I can't relate to anyone anymore because I don't have that fundamental human connection. All my family and friends feel bland and empty. I can't relate to them and their experiences because they're mediated through having a life partner.
I can never have children, I can never share a moment with someone who only wants to share it with me. I've never had the feeling that I was seen... properly seen, not just for a utility, like fun or some work related utility, but because I am who I am.
The longer I live like this the emptier everything else feels.
I've tried online dating, speed dating, meeting people through friends. No one has ever seen anything special in me. I no longer feel like I matter to me, when I don't matter to anyone else. I feel dead inside already.
I want to die because the effort of being alive, when I don't matter, is just not worth it anymore.
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2020.03.07 22:16 BundleOfShae I tried it for the first time. Righteous.

I tried DMT last night. I have tried many drugs over the course of my life for various reasons; to cope, to seek elightenment, to fuck, to dance, to merely have fun, to forget.
I have NEVER had the experience I was blessed with yesterday. Nothing comes close...
I am experienced with drugs that require "breaking through," a process of waiting in a space within your mind as whatever you've done invites you deeper. One has to choose. I have a huge interest in self awareness so I am used to letting go via mediation.
I've never been more interested in accepting the invite. My door was closed, my dog was next to my bed as I sat cross-legged atop it. It was dark but I closed my eyes. After a few deep breaths I pulled on my vape four times, holding my breath.
On the third pull, the dull, dark maroon behind the interior of my eyelids began to come alive. It began to throb, waves of red and black separating into other iterations of color, like unfocusing your eyes to a foreground. A kaleidescope performed in front of me, then beside me, then behind me... Then, all around.
The kaleidescope of colors and shapes spun and warped, taking me deeper. I needed to remember to breathe. I breathe, and the spinning colors turn into pillars. They were columns, statues of gods from many creeds all stacked upon each other's heads, like Cirque du Soleil. It looked as if it were a collosal DNA strand, spinning like a tornado, each figure a small piece of protein sewn together.
I saw Roman gods, African gods, Christ, Krishna...
I remember Krishna clearly. She was the the most almighty of my vision, her arms spinning these other figures around like a carousel. Infinite arms.
The world spun around her. The black space around me became an endless world in a state of limbo, not life, not death. Destroyed, but not yet created. It felt like the space I was taught the Christian God created all life in. But clearly Krishna was here.
Her arms were endless. I watched, and my head fell to the bed. My mouth gaped open, my body went weak, numb, powerless. I started crying and said, aloud,
"Is this god????"
I have never been floored like this. I have been Catholic, I have been Budist, I have been Hindu...
In the presence of this multi armed deity I was nothing. I wanted to be nothing. I am the earth and the sky and fire and water.
Pure ego death. I continued to cry, sobbing as drool fell onto the bed. I became aware of my surroundings but kept my eyes closed. I was here and I was there, with her.
My dog could be heard, pacing now, worried. He has never been worried like this. I called his name quietly and he sat by me, putting his paw on my palm. He licked it once and I told him it was OK.
But I was still there with god. I was crumpled in on myself now. Still in awe of the power in front of me, I hugged myself. And as I hugged myself so did she hug me, this deity. Arm after arm after arm embraced me.
...I have never felt pure joy like this, to be held by a god...
I was like an infant being caressed by it's mother. My body became so warm. My breasts were so soft and I could hear my heart beat behind them. Amazed, I was shocked that I could be aware of so much at once. My home, this heaven, I was in both of these places. I knew I could return home for good but this powerful woman in front of me was too precious to look away.
I thought of my partner K., as Krishna watched me. I wanted her, my lover, with me. I wanted her inside of me in front of god. Not because I felt lust, not because of my biological drives, but because I wanted to be one with her and god and the world.
We are here to love. We as humans are a single entity. We think we fight for ourselves, our greed, desires. But we are all just iterations of a greater existence.
I chose to open my eyes as I took a final, thankful gaze to the magnificent, then I went and held my partner, and cried more happy tears.

I choose to believe in the unexplained above. That said, as my interest in neuroscience, psychology, and self grows...
Ego Death is a real phenomenon. Nirvana and ego death go hand in hand. It is a separation from one's self. An understanding that we are nothing but a finite and miniscule fraction of existing.
Scientific study of DMT show brain activity extremely similar to moments before true death of the body. Your brain does not know how to process its own perception of reality. Much of our brain is dedicated to sensory processing. Perception.
But what happens when the brain stops perceiving the world, and starts perceiving itself? This is exactly why we as humankind have concepts of heaven, hell, and gods. We literally cannot process what we cannot perceive. When we close our eyes, we see the inside of our eyelids. But when we dream? Our bodies are resetting, fixing, growing, adapting, evolving constantly. Our mind is left to wander its own planes.
I saw a light. I saw god. I was moved. I am spiritual, not religious. I am educated in myth and science and art enough to believe in one reality in front of me.
But this, I can't explain. This was new information. I think I need to start meditating again.
Life altering, wow.
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2019.10.24 22:41 spongethesquid I was to be married this weekend, but now I'm free from a toxic relationship.

Hey, first time posting here. I'm very familiar with this subreddit and I need a place to vent.
To sum up my situation, I was in a relationship for over 3 years and my partner had an abusive, narcissistic parents.
We met online back in June of 2016. We both had a lot of similar interests and our first date went well. I didn't see this at the time, but first real red flag that came up was her wanting to immediately jump into a relationship. I didn't think much of it, and said yes.
About three months later I met her family. Her mother seemed fine, but her father was really strange and controlling. I went to church with them that Sunday. They are Russian Orthodox. My partner didn't have any religious beliefs but went along with it to avoid confrontation. I'm Baptist, so this session was different than anything I've ever seen before. Her mom, dad, and brothers were the only people who attended this church. It was small, dusty, and not well taken care of. I saw her father lose his temper at my partner's brother, who clearly seemed sheltered, over him not following instructions properly. It was really stressful. I later find out he also said negative things about me behind my back. Apparently I sat around and didn't do much. Some first impression!
I talk with my partner later about it. She explains she was abused all her life by this man. She couldn't have a Facebook without him stalking her. She went to college to study in substance abuse councelling. She made a B, and his response was could she raise it or has she fucked her life up. She never stayed in one school for long, because her family was always moving for religious reasons.
I felt really bad for her. I told her none of this was her fault and I would stand by her. I didn't like her father, but I liked her and tried to assure her I'd be there for her.
I have my own problems as well. I have terrible driving anxiety. I can't drive long distances without having a panic attack. It stems back to when I was a teenager. I never had a father to help me with driving, my mother was too anxious to get in a car with me, and when I mustered up the strength to drive by myself, I got into multiple accidents. Why I'm bringing this up, is because my partner was fine driving to see me and understood my fears. We lived about two hours away from eachother, and in return I paid her gas money when she needed it.
One of her passions was cosplay. We planned trips throughout the year. We had about five trips to cons we wanted to go to that year. It was really exciting to find someone who shared this interest with me. Then came our second trip that year. My partner received a text from her father. He said he was concerned she was wasting her time doing childish things when she should be focused on god and the church. She drove home crying that day. She told me nothing was ever good enough for him. I comforted her, and let know I'm here regardless. Our trips ended up being cut short. We would go on a Saturday, leave early to her parents place, and then stay all day for church that neither of us wanted to attend.
About half a year into our relationship she asks me when are we getting married. I'm taken aback by this. We got along great, but we weren't living together or anything when she asked this. I explained that this seemed too fast, and maybe we should wait a year before talking about that. She told me I needed to be sure that she's what I wanted. This is where I asked what she meant by this. Apparently because of her families beliefs, I would have to marry her before we could even move in. I was a bit choked up by this, but she assured me we should just power through it and it'll be okay. I also asked do I have to convert to Russian Orthodox if I marry her. She insists that wouldn't be the case, because her grandmother was married to a budist.
Another half a year passes. My partner is sick of her stressful job, and after some talking she decides she wants to move in with me and keep it from her family. She actually got accepted at a hospital here and called me saying she would be living here within the month. Of course, her family caught on and her father tore into her. Saying she couldn't live with me, she would have to find a different apartment, a church, and he felt she was throwing away a great job and being a "dumb millennial". I came home to her laying in bed crying her eyes out. I try to convince her not to listen to his words, and we can work around this. She called the hospital back and declined the job offer, and drove home. Our new plan was that I would have to move in with her whenever we were married.
A year and a half passes and my partner is noticeably growing impatient. We had a trip planned to Illnois to meet some of our online friends at a convention. (She also couldn't miss a day of church that whole year just so she could go that weekend). At the same time, she was driving us there and I was thankful to have someone do that for me. I ordered a ring off Etsy and I was planning to propose to her there. The ring never came and was lost in the mail. I was upset, but decided I would just replan the proposal for another time. My partner was still asking me about marriage a lot, and I hinted months prior that something might happen at the con. I let her know once I realized the ring was lost that I needed to replan. She was upset, but understood.
A month passes after the convention and she's very anxious about a proposal. So much, that she texted me if I would marry her. I wanted this moment to be special, so I told her I had something planned and didn't want to do this through text. She comes over that evening and is in my bed, crying and won't get up. Guilted, and without a ring I go ahead and ask her to marry me. Her mood turned around completely. She calls her parents immediately after, and her father is pissed because I didn't ask for his blessing first. I break down on the floor in tears. I never imagined my proposal to someone would ever be like this, let alone this stressful. We had many ups and downs, but I convinced myself yet again to power through. I was putting her happiness above my own.
A couple weeks later my partner is calling me about an emergency. She's in tears and tells me she's putting a lot of faith in what she's about to ask me. Her father explained to her I had to join her join the church. Suddently, so did her grandmother's husband. It's like her father suddenly decided it so he could have more control over us. I was sobbing. I was led to believe I didn't have to do this, and yet again putting her feelings above my own I said I would go through with it.
We originally wanted to get married at an aquarium, but we were forced to plan the wedding at her family's small church. We had to wear crowns, and we needed a Russian Orthadox counselor. My stomach was in a knot because I never imagined my special day would ever be in the hands of someone else to plan. Trying to be strong, I told myself once I got through it that it would all be worth it once I'm living with my fiance.
Soon after I notice my health is on a decline. I had been passing a lot of blood in my stool and my stomach hurt all the time. I had a flexsig and endoscopy done. I was worried I had colon cancer, but thankfully I had hemmroidds. They found gastritus in my stomach, though. Likely brought on by stress. No medicine was helping and after more tests they discover my gall bladder needed to be removed.
I went through surgery back in March. My fiance was supportive and there for me through this. Unfortunately, I had racked up a load of expensive medical bills, about 20! It was starting to become impossible to save up for the wedding. We decide to push the date forward from July 7th to October 27th. Even then, saving money was hard. Stress was still getting to me and I wasn't getting any better. I wasn't talking to my fiance as much, as most of the time I was in bed sick.
My fiance's dog died back in July. She had never experienced loss in her family before, and was very torn up about it. I tried being there for her as much as I could through text. I was too sick to get out of bed, let alone build up the courage to drive. She felt really alone this summer.
Near the end of August I get a call from my fiance. She's crying and telling me that she hanging out with a friend from work and he tried kissing her and she pushed him back. She said she couldn't live the rest of her life not telling me this. I'm flabbergasted at this point. I'm upset she was hiding from me that she was hanging out with a guy, and I was really upset that this guy was trying to be a homewrecker.
Later that night she calls me and says she's not happy anymore. She tells me that I haven't given her the attention shes needed and if I loved her all along, I would been trying to drive to see her. That she felt alone when her dog died and I have been distant lately. She wanted to take a break and told me not to message her for a few days.
Panicking, I try to muster the strength and will power to drive and see her that weekend. I texted her once saying I'm sorry about all this. I've been sick and not myself lately, and I wanted to make it up to her. A few days later, around 12 at night she sends me a huge breakup text saying she's not built for a relationship, and that she's always felt like she's needed a man to be happy. She said she appreciated me trying to patch things up, but she just wanted time to herself.
I felt like a huge idiot, ya'know? I gave up my ideals, my plans, and my happiness just so I could make her happy. I unfortunately got chronically sick and suddenly nothing I did for her was good enough. I was blaming myself for a good two weeks.
That is until I found out what had happened. My suspicions were correct, she did leave me for this other man. Here is where things get crazy. My ex-fiance was a substance abuse therapist. The man she left me for was her client. He was 42, she was 29. He was an ex-drug addict and had been to prison. I was absolutely disgusted I was dumped for someone like this.
The reason I found out about all this? She called me and told me she was fired. Her job caught wind of what she was doing. She was asking me if I had told her job. I didn't even know how to reach out to where she worked. The man she was sleeping with had a girlfriend she didn't know about, and she ratted them both out. Ultimately, what my ex did was self destructive. After finding out about this, I dropped contact with her.
Looking back, I was willing to do anything for her because she accepted my fears of driving. Now, I'm really thankful I'm out of a toxic relationship and away from her parents. I'm going to therapy to work on my issues with driving that way I can never put anyone in that situation again, and above all else I'm learning to love myself. What I did for my ex was out of love, but was never fair to me. I will never put anyone's happiness above my own ever again, and I won't have anyone ever change my beliefs again, either.
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