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25/F/EST Hoping to find some new friends

2020.07.24 12:25 hiyaworld 25/F/EST Hoping to find some new friends

First off don’t message me just cause the tag says F. I’m not interested in any type of sexual relationship so don’t even try. Also contrary to my voice I am black. My parents are both from Ethiopia. So if you’re any type of racist please just leave this post now. ✌🏾
Hey everyone! I’m trying to find some new friends on PS4. As much as I love my friends it gets tiring being with guys all the time. So if you’re a gamer girl and we play some of the same games feel free to add me! My PSN is Injera95. Right now I mainly play Apex and Rocket League. I normally only play the regular modes but recently I’ve been playing ranked for both and surprisingly have been doing pretty well. (I’m warning you now I’m competitive AF.) I haven’t played in a bit but I have Final Fantasy 14 and I’m on the Zalera server. My main is a white mage but I also have a ninja that’s lvl 80 and I think my dragoon is maybe somewhere between 70-80? Idk it’s been a minute since I’ve been on. If you’re ever in the mood to end a friendship I have Monopoly and Uno. I don’t play it anymore but I can download Dead By Daylight, Overwatch, or Destiny. I don’t play COD, Rainbow Six Siege, Tom Clancy, Fortnite, Smite, 2K anything, or Minecraft so please don’t ask me.
Now about me as a person. I’m pretty quiet so it takes me awhile to warm up to people. I love anime/manga I’ve been watching/reading it since I was a kid. I also read Webtoons as well. I mainly watch action or horror movies. Haunted houses and the amusement park are always fun. I enjoy watching Korean/Taiwanese/Japanese dramas. If you watch any especially Running Man just add me. I would love to have a friend to talk with about those shows we don’t even have to play the same game. We can just talk in chat about those shows lol. I listen to all kinds of music. 🎶 Pop, rock, screamo, rap, alternative, EDM, indie, r&b, kpop, jpop/jrock, classical/instrumental music, Ethiopian music etc. Sorry I don’t do country. There are like 5 country songs I like but I don’t really vibe with country music otherwise. I don’t watch tv much. I’m currently trying to finish How To Get Away With Murder and waiting for the next season of Blacklist to be added to Netflix. I like reading books. 🤓 I just finished rereading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I also finished Not Even Bones and Only Ashes Remain both by Rebecca Schaeffer (can’t wait for the third book) last month.
I wrote way too much but I hope you read it all. 🥺 For an ice breaker tell me your favorite fictional character. I have too many to choose from and can’t pick one favorite but one of my favorites is Spider-Man. I‘ve only seen the movies but I just love his character so much. He’s your average person and is relatable. And is just trying to do the right thing and figure out himself as a person and also as a superhero.
⚠️ Just a warning I sing. Like a lot. And sometimes I’m jamming out like it’s my own private concert or I sing bad on purpose to annoy people. ⚠️
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2020.07.22 19:47 maybe-drunk [UStoUS][Sell/Swap][Perfume/HG] Tons of BPAL imps and HG Decants, Alpha Musk, S92 samples/decants, Solstice Scents, NAVA, NCD, etc.

Most samples are $2, LEs etc will be more. Feel free to ask questions, make offers, etc. Shipping starts at $4 to US (only at this time). I smoke and have cats so if you're allergic or anything, we can't play. Some labels might be oil stained.
Let me know if you need scent notes or honest opinions on anything!
Feel free to comment here, send a PM or chat. Also, I have duplicates of plenty of these so just because someone grabbed it, I might have another one or three. Thanks for looking!
4ml $6
Andromeda's Curse
Black Baccara Rose, Oud, Ylang-ylang, Black pepper, Vanilla, Tree bark, Embers, Soil.
BPAL $2-3 (if you're looking for something not here, I might have it!)
• Champagne and Maraschino Cherries
• Depraved
• Imp (5ml bottle)
BPTP 5ml spray decants $5 (remaining bottle available, just ask for price/fill)
Blooddrop samples
Death and Floral samples
Poesie samples
Fantome Baba Yaga: Black and red musk, a smoldering cauldron, cracked bone, cardamom, warm wood, hanging animal skins, burning mugwort 1ml oil $3
Possets samples $3 (take all for $20 shipped)
Decants By Me $6/1ml LIMITED
samples $3
Smelly Yeti
Solstice Scents
2.5ml edps $4
1ml oils
Sugar and Spite Blackstar: Mourning, longing, the void. Ethereal shades of pale ginger, baby’s breath, white amber, bone white driftwood, somber sandalwood, and warm milk swirled with vodka $6
Drams $5
Wicked Good perfume oil 10ml roller $16
Juliette Has a Gun (2ml spray, all around 50%) $2.5
-Sunny Side Up
Hilary Duff With Love (1.2ml spray sample) I have like 10 of them for some reason.
Try Me on any Arcana, Darling Clandestine, Future Primitive, Moonalisa!
Astrid - She is Flame
Cocoa Pink - Death's Head Moth
Conjure Oils try me on Lupertines (song names) or FSs
Haus of Gloi Peach/Strawberry Mama FS, anything with incense or patchoui
NAVA Scarlet Bat or any bats any size, The Raven, The Crow
Nui Cobalt Grey Wolf
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