Ryan Kelley partner

Ryan Kelley is Co-Founder & Partner at Shore Capital Partners LLC. View Ryan Kelley’s professional profile on Relationship Science, the database of decision makers. Ryan Kelley Partner Contact: Phone: (312) 348-7577 Fax: (312) 348-7669 Portfolio Company Involvement Benefit Plan Administrators Nova Health Navia Benefit Solutions BrightView SouthStar Urgent Care Nevertheless, speculations over whether Ryan Kelley is gay or not are still present in certain corners of the tabloids and on various websites, once again without any solid foundation. Although Ryan Kelley has never said to be gay, being a famous actor and homosexual is something understood as normal by the society. Ryan Kelley Partner at Shore Capital Partners Greater Chicago Area 500+ connections. Join to Connect. Shore Capital Partners. Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management. Ryan Kelley has more than 15 years of experience in retirement plan record keeping, system development, asset management, and investment management. He is Principal of Atlas Financial Partners, which administers hedges for more than $3 billion in market-based tax-deferred plan obligations for large corporations in multiple industries. View Ryan Kelley’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Ryan has 2 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Ryan’s ... “Live with Kelly and Ryan” Entrepreneur, host, actress and producer, Kelly Ripa, is one of the most powerful voices in media, with a diverse body of work both on and off camera. A household name for nearly two decades, Ripa has anchored the award-winning top morning talk show “Live” franchise for 16 years. RYAN KELLY. Ryan comes from The Moy in Co. Tyrone in Northern Ireland. Although he studied accountancy at Queens University, Belfast and is a qualified Chartered Accountant by trade, music and theater have always been Ryan’s true passion. He first began singing in public at the age of seven and has won many accolades and awards for his ... Ryan Kelley’s Girlfriend. Ryan Kelley is single. He is not dating anyone currently. Ryan had at least 1 relationship in the past. Ryan Kelley has not been previously engaged. He was born and raised in Glen Ellyn, Chicago, Illinois and is the 5th oldest of 15 siblings, including 9 girls and 6 boys in total. According to our records, he has no ... View Ryan Kelley's business profile as Partner at Shore Capital Partners. Find contact's direct phone number, email address, work history, and more.

Repost of /u/IDreamtIWokeUp and his post on Biden with A LOT of his policy positions

2020.04.25 06:38 Inuma Repost of /u/IDreamtIWokeUp and his post on Biden with A LOT of his policy positions

I take no credit for this. It's just me copying and pasting from a certain hostile sub that shall remain nameless.
Anyway, enjoy the work of idreamtiwokeup and his hard work pointing out Biden's policies from a few months back:













Special thanks to Weston David Pagano for many of these nuggets.
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2020.03.12 02:34 IDreamtIwokeUp 100+ reasons to vote for Tulsi over Joe Biden

The Bloomberg candidacy was disastrous for progressives. Regressives like Amy/Pete/Joe/Tom attacked Michael as did the progressive media in the critical time period leading up to Super Tuesday. This allowed the regressive block to NOT fracture over infighting and to unite behind Joe Biden who was never critically attacked or analyzed.
It may now be too late...but I thought it would be fun to critically analyze Joe's positions in contrast to Tulsi's.













Special thanks to Weston David Pagano for many of these nuggets.
If you enjoyed these Tulsi vs Biden bullet breakdown...consider checking out my other breakdowns.
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2019.12.13 16:45 GrahamCracker00 A few months ago, I made a Challenge leaderboard by changing the payout structure for finals. Here is the updated leaderboard through War of the Worlds 2!

If you want a little more background into why I did this, see the original post here. If you don’t want to spend time reading all that, then here’s the gist: What if each format of the show had the same pay structure every time it occured? That way we’d have a better idea of who’s the GOAT by looking at the money earners list. That’s what this list is trying to accomplish. Example:
There are two key differences between this list and the previous list:
You might also notice a change from my previous three-team format, altering the 2nd and 3rd place money by $10K each. Anyway, this is what the new payout structure looks like:
Format Payout Structure Applies to
Literally just a season of Road Rules, lol $15,000 per participant for completing each task. Road Rules All Stars
Six vs. Six, no elimination $25,000 per winner, nothing for losers. RW/RR Challenge, Challenge 2000, Extreme Challenge
Elimination down to a predetermined number of players per team $50,000 per winner. $12,500 per loser in the final. (Note that this means Cara, Natalie D, Paulie, and Zach are the only Team US members paid in WOTW 2 final.) Battle of the Seasons 2002, Battle of the Sexes, Battle of the Sexes 2, The Island, War of the Worlds 2
Team A vs. Team B, potential for an uneven final $300,000 divided amongst the winners. Each loser in the final receives an amount equivalent to 25% of the winner’s share. The Gauntlet, The Inferno, The Inferno II, The Gauntlet 2, The Inferno 3, The Gauntlet III, The Ruins
Pairs, usually in the guy/girl variety, competing in one competition 1st: $100,000 per player. 2nd: $35,000 per player. 3rd: $15,000 per player. 4th(if present): $0. There is no money-stealing from partners under this structure. Fresh Meat, Fresh Meat II, Battle of the Exes, Battle of the Exes II, Battle of the Bloodlines, Rivals III, Final Reckoning
Individual 1st Female and Male: $100,000 each. 2nd Female and Male: $35,000 each. 3rd Female and Male: $15,000 each. 4th Female and Male(if present): $0. (Note that only four players ran the final in The Duel, however both CT and Aneesa are paid under this structure. This also means that Zach is rewarded a win for Vendettas, as is Natalie D. for WOTW.) The Duel, The Duel II, Free Agents, Invasion of the Champions, XXX: Dirty 30, Vendettas, War of the Worlds
Multi-team challenges 1st: $200,000 split amongst team members. 2nd: $70,000 split amongst team members. 3rd: $30,000 split amongst team members. Cutthroat, Battle of the Seasons 2012
Pairs competing in separate competitions divided by gender 1st Female and Male Pairs: $50,000 per player. 2nd Female and Male Pairs: $17,500 per player. 3rd Female and Male Pairs: $7,500 per player. Rivals, Rivals II
And with that, here’s the standings! If you have any confusion or corrections to offer, feel free to comment below!
Place Challenger (Original Season) Weighted Prize Winnings Cash Breakdown
1 John Devenanzio (RW: Key West) $490,000 1st: The Island, The Ruins, Rivals, Battle of the Exes, Free Agents, Rivals III. 2nd: The Inferno 3, Rivals II
2 Cara Maria Sorbello (Fresh Meat II) $331,500 1st: Battle of the Bloodlines, Vendettas. 2nd: Cutthroat, Rivals, Rivals II, XXX: Dirty 30, War of the Worlds, War of the Worlds 2
3 Chris Tamburello (RW: Paris) $305,625 1st: Rivals II, Invasion of the Champions, War of the Worlds 2. 2nd: The Inferno, The Inferno II, The Gauntlet III, Battle of the Exes. 3rd: The Duel, XXX: Dirty 30
4 Kenny Santucci (Fresh Meat) $260,000 1st: The Inferno 3, The Island, The Ruins. 2nd: Fresh Meat, The Gauntlet III, Fresh Meat II, Rivals
5 Jordan Wiseley (RW: Portland) $257,500 1st: Battle of the Exes II, XXX: Dirty 30, War of the Worlds 2. 3rd: Rivals II
6 Darrell Taylor (RR: Campus Crawl) $245,833 1st: The Gauntlet, The Inferno, The Inferno II, Fresh Meat
7 Camila Nakagawa (Spring Break Challenge) $242,500 1st: Battle of the Exes, XXX: Dirty 30. 2nd: Invasion of the Champions. 3rd: Rivals II
8 Sarah Rice (RW: Brooklyn) $236,500 1st: Battle of the Exes II, Rivals III. 2nd: The Ruins, Cutthroat. 3rd: Battle of the Seasons 2012
9 Derrick Kosinski (RR: X-Treme) $213,750 1st: The Inferno 3, The Island, The Ruins. 2nd: The Inferno II, XXX: Dirty 30
10 Landon Lueck (RW: Philadelphia) $208,333 1st: The Inferno II, The Gauntlet 2, Fresh Meat II
11 Ashley Mitchell (RW: Ex-Plosion) $200,000 1st: Invasion of the Champions, Final Reckoning
12 Wes Bergmann (RW: Austin) $197,500 1st: The Duel, Rivals II. 2nd: Rivals. 3rd: Fresh Meat, War of the Worlds
13 Zach Nichols (RW: San Diego 2011) $177,500 1st: Battle of the Seasons 2012, Vendettas. 2nd: War of the Worlds 2. 3rd: Free Agents
14 Evan Starkman (Fresh Meat) $172,500 1st: The Duel II, The Ruins. 2nd: The Gauntlet III
15 Laurel Stucky (Fresh Meat II) $166,500 1st: Free Agents. 2nd: Fresh Meat II, Cutthroat, Rivals
16 Evelyn Smith (Fresh Meat) $162,500 1st: The Inferno 3, The Island, Rivals. 2nd: The Gauntlet III
17 Rachel Robinson (RR: Campus Crawl) $152,083 1st: The Gauntlet, The Duel II. 2nd: The Inferno II
18 Mike Mizanin (RW: Back to New York) $142,708 1st: Battle of the Seasons 2002, The Inferno II. 2nd: The Gauntlet, The Inferno
19 Paula Beckert (RW: Key West) $137,500 1st: Rivals, Rivals II. 2nd: The Inferno 3, The Gauntlet III, The Island
20 Jodi Weatherton (RR: X-Treme) $133,333 1st: The Gauntlet 2, The Duel
21 Brad Fiorenza (RW: San Diego 2004) $132,500 1st: Cutthroat. 2nd: The Duel, The Gauntlet III, The Duel II
22 Abram Boise (RR: South Pacific) $120,250 1st: The Inferno, The Inferno 3. 2nd: The Inferno II, Cutthroat
23 Veronica Portillo (RR: Semester at Sea) $114,583 1st: Challenge 2000, The Gauntlet, The Inferno. 2nd: The Inferno II
24 Natalie Duran (American Ninja Warrior) $112,500 1st: War of the Worlds. 2nd: War of the Worlds 2
25 Jamie Murray (RW: New Orleans 2000) $108,333 1st: Extreme Challenge, Battle of the Sexes, The Gauntlet 2
26 Susie Meister (RR: Down Under) $105,833 1st: The Gauntlet 2, The Ruins. 2nd: The Inferno 3
27 Aviv Melmed (Fresh Meat) $100,000 1st: Fresh Meat
27 Carley Johnson (Fresh Meat II) $100,000 1st: Fresh Meat II
27 Tori Hall (RR: Viewers' Revenge) $100,000 1st: The Gauntlet III, Cutthroat
27 Tyler Duckworth (RW: Key West) $100,000 1st: Cutthroat, Rivals
27 Jamie Banks (Battle of the Bloodlines) $100,000 1st: Battle of the Bloodlines
27 Hunter Barfield (AYTO? 3) $100,000 1st: Final Reckoning
27 Turabi Çamkıran (Survivor Turkey) $100,000 1st: War of the Worlds
34 Mark Long (RR: The First Adventure) $98,333 1st: RW/RR Challenge, Battle of the Sexes. 2nd: The Gauntlet 2. 3rd: The Duel II
35 Theo Von (RR: Maximum Velocity Tour) $95,833 1st: The Gauntlet, Battle of the Sexes II. 2nd: Battle of the Seasons 2002
36 Dan Setzler (RR: Northern Trail) $87,500 1st: Challenge 2000, Battle of the Sexes 2. 2nd: Battle of the Seasons 2002
37 Coral Smith (RW: Back to New York) $80,208 1st: Battle of the Seasons 2002. 2nd: The Gauntlet, The Inferno, Battle of the Sexes 2
38 Emily Schromm (RW: D.C.) $80,000 1st: Rivals II. 3rd: Cutthroat, Battle of the Exes
39 Jamie Chung (RW: San Diego 2004) $75,000 1st: The Inferno II
40 Tonya Cooley (RW: Chicago) $68,750 1st: The Inferno 3. 2nd: The Inferno II
41 Frank Sweeney (RW: San Diego 2011) $67,500 1st: Battle of the Seasons 2012. 2nd: Rivals II
42 Sean Duffy (RW: Boston) $65,000 1st: Road Rules All Stars, Battle of the Seasons 2002
42 Eric Nies (RW: New York) $65,000 1st: Road Rules All Stars, Battle of the Sexes 2
42 Jillian Zoboroski (RR: X-Treme) $65,000 1st: The Gauntlet III. 3rd: Fresh Meat II
42 Jenna Compono (RW: Ex-Plosion) $65,000 2nd: Rivals III. 3rd: Battle of the Exes II, Battle of the Bloodlines
46 Holly Shand (RR: Latin America) $62,500 1st: Challenge 2000, The Inferno
47 Roni Martin (RR: Northern Trail) $58,333 1st: RW/RR Challenge, The Gauntlet
47 Timmy Beggy (RR: The Second Adventure) $58,333 1st: The Inferno. 2nd: Battle of the Seasons 2002, The Gauntlet 2
49 Leroy Garrett (RW: Las Vegas 2011) $57,500 2nd: Battle of the Exes II. 3rd: Rivals, Vendettas
50 Alton Williams (RW: Las Vegas 2002) $54,166 1st: The Gauntlet 2. 2nd: The Gauntlet, The Inferno 3
51 Tina Barta (RR: South Pacific) $53,750 2nd: The Inferno II, Fresh Meat
52 Danny Roberts (RW: New Orleans 2000) $50,000 1st: Battle of the Seasons 2002
52 Elka Walker (RW: Boston) $50,000 1st: Battle of the Seasons 2002
52 Kelley Limp (RW: New Orleans 2000) $50,000 1st: Battle of the Seasons 2002
52 Colin Mortensen (RW: Hawaii) $50,000 1st: Battle of the Sexes
52 Janelle Casanave (RW: Key West) $50,000 1st: The Inferno 3
52 Frank Roessler (RW: Las Vegas 2002) $50,000 1st: The Gauntlet III
52 Johanna Botta (RW: Austin) $50,000 1st: The Gauntlet III
52 Nehemiah Clark (RW: Austin) $50,000 1st: The Gauntlet III
52 Rachel Moyal (RW: Austin) $50,000 1st: The Gauntlet III
52 Dunbar Merrill (RW: Sydney) $50,000 1st: Cutthroat
52 Ashley Kelsey (RW: San Diego 2011) $50,000 1st: Battle of the Seasons 2012
52 Sam McGinn (RW: San Diego 2011) $50,000 1st: Battle of the Seasons 2012
52 Cory Wharton (RW: Ex-Plosion) $50,000 2nd: Battle of the Bloodlines. 3rd: Invasion of the Champions
52 Dee Nguyen (Geordie Shore 17) $50,000 1st: War of the Worlds 2
52 Rogan O’Connor (Ex on the Beach UK 2) $50,000 1st: War of the Worlds 2
67 Diem Brown (Fresh Meat) $47,500 2nd: The Gauntlet III, Battle of the Exes
68 Katie Cooley (RR: The Quest) $45,833 1st: The Inferno. 2nd: The Gauntlet 2
68 Cara Zavaleta (RR: South Pacific) $45,833 1st: The Gauntlet. 2nd: The Inferno 3
70 Aneesa Ferreira (RW: Chicago) $38,333 2nd: The Gauntlet 2. 3rd: The Duel, The Duel II
71 Christena Pyle (RR: South Pacific) $37,500 1st: The Inferno
71 Kendal Sheppard (RR: Campus Crawl) $37,500 1st: The Inferno
73 Svetlana Shusterman (RW: Key West) $35,000 2nd: The Duel
73 Brittini Sherrod (RW: Hollywood) $35,000 2nd: The Duel II
73 Jenn Grijalva (RW: Denver) $35,000 2nd: The Island. 3rd: Cutthroat, Rivals
73 Dustin Zito (RW: Las Vegas 2011) $35,000 2nd: Battle of the Seasons 2012
73 Trishelle Cannatella (RW: Las Vegas 2002) $35,000 2nd: Battle of the Seasons 2012
73 Johnny Reilly (RW: Portland) $35,000 2nd: Free Agents
73 Nany Gonzalez (RW: Las Vegas 2011) $35,000 2nd: Free Agents
73 Theresa Jones (Fresh Meat II) $35,000 2nd: Battle of the Exes II
73 Mitch Reid (Battle of the Bloodlines) $35,000 2nd: Battle of the Bloodlines
73 Vince Gliatta (Battle of the Bloodlines) $35,000 2nd: Rivals III
73 Nelson Thomas (AYTO? 3) $35,000 2nd: Invasion of the Champions
73 Kailah Casillas (RW: Go Big or Go Home) $35,000 2nd: Vendettas
73 Kyle Christie (Geordie Shore 8) $35,000 2nd: Vendettas
73 Joss Mooney (Ex on the Beach UK 1) $35,000 2nd: Final Reckoning
73 Sylvia Elsrode (RW: Skeletons) $35,000 2nd: Final Reckoning
73 Theo Campbell (Love Island UK 3) $35,000 2nd: War of the Worlds
89 Syrus Yarbrough (RW: Boston) $34,375 1st: Extreme Challenge. 2nd: The Inferno
90 Adam Larson (RR: The Quest) $33,333 1st: The Gauntlet
90 Dave Giuntoli (RR: South Pacific) $33,333 1st: The Gauntlet
90 Sarah Greyson (RR: Campus Crawl) $33,333 1st: The Gauntlet
90 Ibis Nieves (RR: X-Treme) $33,333 1st: The Gauntlet 2
90 Kina Dean (RR: X-Treme) $33,333 1st: The Gauntlet 2
90 MJ Garrett (RW: Philadelphia) $33,333 1st: The Gauntlet 2
90 Randy Barry (RW: San Diego 2004) $33,333 1st: The Gauntlet 2
90 Julie Stoffer (RW: New Orleans 2000) $33,333 1st: Extreme Challenge. 2nd: The Gauntlet 2
90 Robin Hibbard (RW: San Diego 2004) $33,333 2nd: The Gauntlet 2, The Gauntlet III, The Island
99 Paulie Calafiore (Big Brother 18) $27,500 2nd: War of the Worlds 2. 3rd: Final Reckoning
100 Anne Wharton (RR: Northern Trail) $25,000 1st: RW/RR Challenge
100 Kalle Dedolph (RR: Islands) $25,000 1st: RW/RR Challenge
100 Kefla Hare (RR: Down Under) $25,000 1st: RW/RR Challenge
100 Noah Rickun (RR: Northern Trail) $25,000 1st: RW/RR Challenge
100 Carlos Jackson (RR: The First Adventure) $25,000 1st: Challenge 2000
100 Piggy Thomas (RR: Down Under) $25,000 1st: Challenge 2000
100 Yes Duffy (RR: Semester at Sea) $25,000 1st: Challenge 2000
100 Dan Renzi (RW: Miami) $25,000 1st: Extreme Challenge
100 Kameelah Phillips (RW: Boston) $25,000 1st: Extreme Challenge
100 Rebecca Lord (RW: Seattle) $25,000 1st: Extreme Challenge
110 Devyn Simone (RW: Brooklyn) $22,500 3rd: Battle of the Seasons 2012, Free Agents
111 Heather Cooke (RW: Las Vegas 2011) $17,500 2nd: Rivals II
112 Cynthia Roberts (RW: Miami) $15,000 1st: Road Rules All Stars
112 Jon Brennan (RW: Los Angeles) $15,000 1st: Road Rules All Stars
112 Rachel Campos (RW: San Francisco) $15,000 1st: Road Rules All Stars
112 Casey Cooper (Fresh Meat) $15,000 3rd: Fresh Meat
112 KellyAnne Judd (RW: Sydney) $15,000 2nd: The Ruins
112 Pete Connolly (Fresh Meat II) $15,000 3rd: Fresh Meat II
112 Ty Ruff (RW: D.C.) $15,000 3rd: Battle of the Exes
112 Jay Gotti (RW: Ex-Plosion) $15,000 3rd: Battle of the Exes II
112 Brianna Julig (Battle of the Bloodlines) $15,000 3rd: Battle of the Bloodlines
112 Cheyenne Floyd (AYTO? 3) $15,000 3rd: Rivals III
112 Devin Walker-Molaghan (AYTO? 3) $15,000 3rd: Rivals III
112 Nicole Zannata (RW: Skeletons) $15,000 3rd: Invasion of the Champions
112 Tori Deal (AYTO? 4) $15,000 3rd: XXX: Dirty 30
112 Kam Williams (AYTO? 5) $15,000 3rd: Vendettas
112 Natalie Negrotti (Big Brother 18) $15,000 3rd: Final Reckoning
112 Mattie Lynn Breaux (Party Down South) $15,000 3rd: War of the Worlds
128 Luke Wolfe (Fresh Meat II) $14,000 2nd: Cutthroat
129 Emily Bailey (RR: The Second Adventure) $12,500 2nd: Battle of the Seasons 2002
129 Holly Brenston (RR: Maximum Velocity Tour) $12,500 2nd: Battle of the Seasons 2002
129 Tara McDaniel (RR: Northern Trail) $12,500 2nd: Battle of the Seasons 2002
129 Ellen Cho (RR: The Quest) $12,500 2nd: Battle of the Sexes
129 Lori Trespicio (RW: Back to New York) $12,500 2nd: Battle of the Sexes
129 Ruthie Alcaide (RW: Hawaii) $12,500 2nd: Battle of the Sexes
129 Arissa Hill (RW: Las Vegas 2002) $12,500 2nd: Battle of the Sexes 2
129 Sophia Pasquis (RR: The Quest) $12,500 2nd: Battle of the Sexes 2
129 Ace Amerson (RW: Paris) $12,500 2nd: The Inferno 3
129 Adam King (RW: Paris) $12,500 2nd: The Gauntlet III
129 Eric Banks (Fresh Meat) $12,500 2nd: The Gauntlet III
129 Ryan Kehoe (Fresh Meat) $12,500 2nd: The Island
141 Nathan Blackburn (RW: Seattle) $8,333 2nd: The Gauntlet
141 Norman Korpi (RW: New York) $8,333 2nd: The Gauntlet
141 David Burns (RW: Seattle) $8,333 2nd: The Gauntlet 2
144 Mandi Moyer (Fresh Meat II) $7,500 3rd: Rivals
144 Michael Ross (RW: Las Vegas 2011) $7,500 3rd: Rivals
144 Chet Cannon (RW: Brooklyn) $7,500 3rd: Battle of the Seasons 2012
144 JD Ordoñez (RW: Brooklyn) $7,500 3rd: Battle of the Seasons 2012
144 Jemmye Carroll (RW: New Orleans 2010) $7,500 3rd: Rivals II
144 Marlon Williams (RW: Portland) $7,500 3rd: Rivals II
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2019.11.04 04:02 JustMeInBigD Things to Do - Week of November 4-10

Other Lists of Things to Do:
Dallas News Events (Formerly GuideLive, pre-formerly Pegasus News, LOL) Editor’s Picks
Do214 Top Picks
Concerts Happening in Dallas from ConcertLane.com
This Week’s Beer Events from BeerInBigD.com

Ongoing Exhibits/Activities

Gordon Parks Early Work at Amon Carter Museom of American Art, Fort Worth until Dec 22
Transparent Universe at the Museum of Geometric and MADI Art - starts Nov 1 until 1/26/20
Renoir: The Body, The Senses at Kimbell ARt Museum, Fort Worth until 1/26/20
Robyn O’Neil: WE, THE MASSES at The Modern, Fort Worth until 2/9/20
Dinosaurs Live! at Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary,McKinney until 2/17/20
MUMENTOUS: The Upsizing of a Texas Tradition at Arlington Museum of Art until Nov 24
The Fabric of Opera: Winspear World Premieres at NorthPark Center until November 6
Sheila Hicks: Secret Structures, Looming Presence at the Dallas Museum of Art until 1/12/20
El Greco, Goya, and a Taste for Spain at Meadows Museum SMU until January 2020
40 For 40: Forty Artifacts for 40 Years at Denton County Courthouse-on-the Square Museum in Denton until Apr 4, 2020
A Fortune in Oils: Sid Richardson’s Personal Collection at Sid Richardson Museum in Fort Worth until March 2020
Stories of Survival: Object. Image. Memory.at the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum (ongoing special exhibit)
Hands and Earth: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics at Crow Museum of Asian Art until January 2020
Museum of Memories interactive art exhibit at 4428 Main Street, Dallas until December 2019
Discotech at Sweet Tooth Hotel in Victory Park until December 31

Ongoing - Theatre

The Lifespan of a Fact at Stage West Theatre starting Nov 7 until Dec 8
Cats at Fair Park Music Hall starting Nov 5 until Nov 17
A Comedy of Tenors at Rover Dramawerks, Plano starting Nov 7 until Nov 23
The Thanksgiving Play at Undermain Theatre starting November 6 until Dec 1
Annie at Casa Manana, Fort Worth - November 2 until November 10
Razz at Ochre House Theater until November 16
Over the River and Through the Woods at The Core Theatre, Richardson until Nov 10
Ann (Portrait of Texas Governor Ann Richards) at Kalita Humphreys Theater until Nov 10
Sister Act at Water Tower Theater, Addison until Nov 10
Werewolf of London (melodrama) at Pocket Sandwich Theatre until November 16
The Hunchback of Notre Dame at Artisan Theater, Hurst until November 9
Menopause The Musical at W. E. Scott Theatre, Fort Worth starting Oct 24 until Nov 16
She-Wolf at Amphibian Stage in Fort Worth until Nov 10

Festivals & Multi-Day Events This Weekend

North Texas Beer Week continues this week. Dozens of events all around DFW.
American Heroes: A Salute to Veterans Nov 8-9 FREE Five Star Complex, The Colony Northwest Suburbs Patriotic, Music, Fireworks, Kid Friendly
Neath the Wreath Holiday Gift Market 2019 Nov 7-10 $15 Plano Event Center Northeast Suburbs Holiday, Shopping
Fort Worth Greek Festival Nov 8-10 Admission $1 St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, Fort Worth Fort worth Food, Music, Cultural, Kid Friendly
Lakewood Home Festival Nov 9-10 Tickets start at $20 Various Locations in the Lakewood Neighborhood East Dallas Architecture and Design, Charity Benefiting local public schools

Daily Things to Do

Monday, 11/4
Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants (away at MetLife Stadium)
Special Screening of David Byrne’s True Stories at Sweet Pass Sculpture Park***
Michael Franti & Spearhead at House of Blues, Dallas
Lil Tecca at Granada Theater
The Semicentenial Roast of Scott Beggs (free) at Trees
Harry Potter Trivia Series (week 1 of 7) at Trinity Cider
10th Annual OysterFest at Fish City Grill, Frankford, Dallas (through Nov 24) (Facebook link)
DMA Arts & Letters Live: Lori Gottlieb at the Dallas Museum of Art
Galleria Dallas Christmas Tree Raising/Decoration at Galleria Dallas (through Wednesday)
Stop Making Sense Movie Party at Drafthouse Cinema, Las Colinas
13th Annual Russian Documentary Showcase (free) at Trimble hall, UTA campus, Arlington
Trisha Yearwood at Bass Hall, Fort Worth
***Organizers asked me to add “Please bring your own blanket or lawn seating”

Tuesday, 11/5
Dallas Stars vs. Colorado Avalanche at American Airlines Center
ScHoolboy Q: CrasH Tour at South Side Ballroom
Full Steam Ahead benefit concert at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center
Big Thief at Trees
Pour Yourself into History at Ozona Bar and Grill
Coffee & Kindness at White Rock Coffee
Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound at Texas Theatre
Ximena Sarinana at House of Blues
Titus Andronicus, Partner at Club Dada
SMU vs. McNeese St. at Moody Coliseum

Wednesday, 11/6
Dallas Mavericks vs. Orlando Magic at American Airlines Center
An Intimate Evening with SANTANA Greatest Hits Live at House of Blues
Nightmare Before Christmas free Rooftop Movie at Sundown at Granada
The Story Collider at The Wild Detectives
Brews and Bites at Katy Trail Ice House
Party on the Plaza: Maya Piata at Toyota Music Factory
Melanie Martinez at The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
The Great Love Debate at Hyena’s Fort Worth
Matt Nestor free concert at Troy’s Arlington, Texas Live! Arlington
Jeff Kinney, author of Diary of A Wimpy Kid at Barnes and Noble, Frisco
Today is National Nachos Day - check your news and social media sources for specials!

Thursday, 11/7
Vintage Trouble with special guest Kyle Daniel at The Kessler
Reel Rock at Texas Theatre
CJ Starr (free comedy show) at Hyena’s Dallas
DL Hughley at Addison Improv (through Saturday)
Opening Reception for Motely ( Robin Ewing solo show ) at Maestri Gallery
Wish me (the listmaker u/justmeinbigd) a Happy Birthday by reading a story on my blog
Everywhere and Nowhere: American Indians in the United States at Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum
World of Dance at The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
Veteran’s Day Ceremony at Mountain View College
Zane Williams - Texas Music Series at Courtyard Theater, Downtown Plano
Bash on the Boardwalk! A Cape Day Celebration! At Granite Park, Plano

Friday, 11/8
Dallas Mavericks vs. New York Knicks at American Airlines Center
Henry the Archer,Joel Wells Jr & The Revelers Hall Band, and Margaret Chavez at The Kessler
Chelsea Wolf at Texas Theatre
50 Shades of Slay at Lofty Spaces
Fisher: You Little Beauty Tour at Stereo Live Dallas
Nora En Pure at Lizard Lounge
Tyrone Wells at Sons of Hermann Hall
The Gold Brothers at The Rustic
Party on the Plaza DJ Ryan Kelley(FREE) at Toyota Music Factory
Dueling Pianos at Live! Arena, Texas Live! Arlington
Jo Koy - Just Kidding Tour at Will Rogers Memorial Center, Fort Worth
Shea Abshier & The Nighthowlers at Sundown at Granada
Today is National Cappuccino Day - check your news and social media sources for specials!

Saturday, 11/9
Maná at American Airlines Center
Etsy Dallas Jingle Bash at Gilley’s
How the Southwest Was Won featuring Snoop Dogg and Master P at Dos Equis Pavilion
EDGE: The Texas Monthly Festiva with Leon Bridges at The Bomb Factory
Joshua Ray Walker (Homecoming Show) at The Kessler
Oliver Francis at Ruins
Dallas Taco & Margarita Festival at Ferris Wheeler’s
Veterans Harvest at F.A.R.M (Good Latimer)
ArtROCKS! at NorthPark Center
Texas Beer & Peanuts Tasting at Dallas Farmers Market
Galaxy Quest Movie Party at Alamo Drafthouse, Cedars
Rock Rebellion Tribute Festival at The Pavilion, Toyota Music Factory, Irving
Urban Movement Festival at McCall Plaza, downtown Plano (Facebook link)
Snow Queen Ballet at Eisemann Center, Richardson (through Sunday)
Grapevine Veterans Day Parade at Historic Downtown Grapevine
Veterans Day Ceremony iat Veterans Memorial Park, McKinney

Sunday, 11/10
Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings at AT&T Stadium
Polo & Pan at Canton Hall
2019 Oneus ‘fly With Us’ Tour at Granada Theater
The Church: Aurelio Voltaire at Lizard Lounge
Straight No Chaser at McFarlin Auditorium
Joshua Allen and The Show Me Saints at Adair’s
Comedy with Coffee! at Opening Bell Coffee
Jaye Jayle at Double Wide
Danny Brown uknowhatimsayin¿ at House of Blues
Sundown Veterans Day Ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park, McKinney
Have a great week, y'all!
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2019.08.20 19:10 matthewbarby The delicate balance of building an online community business

Hey /Entrepreneur 👋
Just under two years ago I launched an online community business called Traffic Think Tank with two other co-founders, Nick Eubanks and Ian Howells.
As a Traffic Think Tank customer you (currently) pay $119 a month to get access to our online community, which is run through Slack.
The community is focused on helping you learn various aspects of marketing, with a particular focus on search engine optimization (SEO). Alongside access to the Slack community, we publish new educational video content from outside experts every week that all customers have access to.
At the time of writing, Traffic Think Tank has around 650 members spanning across 17 of the 24 different global time zones.
I was on a business trip over in Sydney recently, and during my time there I met up with some of our Australia-based community members. During dinner I was asked by several of them how the idea for Traffic Think Tank came about and what steps we took to validate that the idea was worth pursuing.
This is what I told them…

How it all began

It all started with a personal need. Nick, an already successful entrepreneur and owner of a marketing agency, had tested out an early version Traffic Think Tank in early 2017. He offered real-time consulting for around ten customers that he ran from Slack. He would publish some educational videos and offer his advice on projects that the members were running.
The initial test went well, but it was tough to maintain on his own and he had to charge a fairly high price to make it worth his time. That’s when he spoke to me and Ian about turning this idea into something much bigger.
Both Ian and I offered something slightly different to Nick. We’ve both spent time in senior positions at marketing agencies, but currently hold senior director positions in 2,000+ public employee companies (HubSpot and LendingTree). Alongside this, as a trio we could really ramp up the quality and quantity of content within the community, spread out the administrative workload and just generally have more resources to throw at getting this thing off the ground.
Admittedly, Nick was much more optimistic about the potential of Traffic Think Tank – something I’m very thankful for now – whereas Ian and I were in the camp of “you’re out of your mind if you think hundreds of people are going to pay us to be a part of a Slack channel”.
To validate the idea at scale, we decided that we’d get an initial MVP of the community up and running with a goal of reaching 100 paying customers in the first six months. If we achieved that, we’d validated that it was a viable business and we would continue to pursue it. If not, we’d kill it.
We spent the next month building out the initial tech stack that enabled us to accept payments, do basic user management to the Slack channel, and get a one-page website up and running with information on what Traffic Think Tank was all about.
After this was ready, we doubled down on getting some initial content created for members – I mean, we couldn’t have people just land in an empty Slack channel, could we?
We created around ten initial videos, 20 or so articles and then some long threads full of useful information within the Slack channel so that members would have some content to pour into right from the beginning.
Then, it was time to go live.

The first 100 customers

Fortunately, both Nick and I had built a somewhat substantial following in the SEO space over the previous 5-10 years, so we at least had a large email list to tap into (a total of around 40,000 people). We queued up some launch emails, set an initial price of $99 per month and pressed send.
[LINK] The launch email I sent to my subscribers announcing Traffic Think Tank
What we didn’t expect was to sell all of the initial 100 membership spots in the first 72 hours.
“Shit. What do we do now? Are we ready for this many people? Are we providing them with enough value? What if something breaks in our tech stack? What if they don’t like the content? What if everyone hates Slack?”
All of these were thoughts running through my head.
This brings me to the first great decision we made: we closed down new membership intake for 3 months so that we could focus completely on adding value to the first cohort of users.

The right thing at the right time

SEO is somewhat of a dark art to many people that are trying to learn about it for the first time. There’s hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of articles and videos online that talk about how to do SEO.
Some of it’s good advice; a lot of it is very bad advice.
Add to this that the barrier to entry of claiming to be an “expert” in SEO is practically non-existent and you have a recipe for disaster.
This is why, for a long time, individuals involved in SEO have flocked in their masses to online communities for information and to bounce ideas off of others in the space. Forums like SEObook, Black Hat World, WickedFire, Inbound.org, /BigSEO, and many more have, at one time, been called home by many SEOs.
In recent times, these communities have either been closed down or just simply haven’t adapted to the changing needs of the community – one of those needs being real-time feedback on real-world problems.
The other big need that we all spotted and personally had was the ability to openly share the things that are working – and the things that aren’t – in SEO within a private forum. Not everyone wanted to share their secret sauce with the world.
One of the main reasons we chose Slack as the platform to run our community on was the fact that it solved these two core needs. It gave the ability to communicate in real-time across multiple devices, and all of the information shared within it was outside of the public domain.
The other problem that plagued a lot of these early communities was spam. Most of them were web-based forums that were free to access. That meant they became a breeding ground for people trying to either sell their services or promote their own content – neither of which is conducive to building a thriving community. This was our main motivation for charging a monthly fee to access Traffic Think Tank.
We spent a lot of time thinking through pricing. It needed to be enough money that people would be motivated to really make use of their membership and act in a way that’s beneficial to the community, but not too much money that it became cost prohibitive to the people that would benefit from it the most. Considering that most of our members would typically spend between $200-800 per month on SEO software, $99 initially felt like the perfect balance.

Growing pains

The first three months of running the community went by without any major hiccups. Members were incredibly patient with us, gave us great feedback and were incredibly helpful and accommodating to other members.
Messages were being posted every day, with Nick, Ian and myself seeding most of the engagement at this stage.
With everything going smoothly, we decided that it was time to open the doors to another intake of new members.
At this point we’d accumulated a backlog of people on our waiting list, so we knew that simply opening our doors would result in another large intake.
Adding more members to a community has a direct impact on the value that each member receives. For Traffic Think Tank in particular, the value for members comes from three areas:
  1. The ability to have your questions answered by me, Nick and Ian, as well as other members of the community.
  2. The access to a large library of exclusive content.
  3. The ability to build connections with the wider community.
In the early stages of membership growth, there was a big emphasis on the first of those three points. We didn’t have an enormous content library, nor did we have a particularly large community of members, so a lot of the value came from getting a lot of one-to-one time with the community founders.
[IMAGE] Screenshot of engagement within the Traffic Think Tank Slack community
The good thing about having 100 members was that it was just about feasible to give each and every member some one-to-one time within the month, which really helped us to deliver those moments of delight that the community needed early on.
Two-and-a-half months after we launched Traffic Think Tank, we opened the doors to another 250 people, taking our total number of members to 350.
This is where we experienced our first growing pains.
Our original members had become used to being able to drop us direct messages and expect an almost instant response, but this wasn’t feasible anymore. There were too many people, and we needed to create a shift in behavior. We needed more value to come from the community engaging with one another or we’d never be able to scale beyond this level.
We started to really pay attention to engagement metrics; how many people were logging in every day, and of those, how many were actually posting messages within public channels.
We asked members that were logging in a lot but weren’t posting (the “lurkers”) why that was the case. We also asked the members that engaged in the community the most what motivated them to post regularly.
We learned a lot from doing this. We found that the large majority of highly-engaged members had much more experience in SEO, whereas most of the “lurkers” were beginners. This meant that most of the information being shared in the community was very advanced, with a lot of feedback from the beginners in the group being that they “didn’t want to ask a stupid question”.
As managers of the community, we needed to facilitate conversations that catered to all of our members, not just those at a certain level of skill.
To tackle this problem, we created a number of new channels that had a much deeper focus on beginner topics so novice members had a safe place to ask questions without judgment.
We also started running live video Q&As each month where we’d answer questions submitted by the community. This gave our members one-on-one time with me, Nick and Ian, but spread the value of these conversations across the whole community rather than them being hidden within private messages.
As a result of these changes, we found that the more experienced members in the community were really enjoying sharing their knowledge with those with less experience. The number of replies within each question thread was really starting to increase, and the community started to shift away from just being a bunch of threads created by me, Nick and Ian to a thriving forum of diverse topics compiled by a diverse set of individuals.
This is what we’d always wanted. A true community. It was starting to happen.
[IMAGE] Chart showing community engagement vs individual member value
At the same time, we started to realize that we’ll eventually reach a tipping point where there’ll be too much content for us to manage and our members to engage with. When we reach this point, the community will be tough to follow and the quality of any given post will go down. Not only that, but the community will become increasingly difficult to moderate. We’re not there yet, but we recognize that this will come, and we’ll have to adjust our model again.

Advocating advocacy

As we started to feel more comfortable about the value that members were receiving, we made the decision to indefinitely open for new members. At the same time, we increased the price of membership (from $99 a month to $119) in a bid to strike the right balance between profitability as a business and to slow down the rate at which we were reaching the tipping point of community size.
We also made the decision to repay all of our early adopters by grandfathering them in to the original pricing – and committing to always do this in the future.
Despite the price increase, we saw a continued flow of new members come into the community. The craziest part about this was that we were doing practically no marketing activities to encourage new members– this was all coming from word of mouth. Our members were getting enough value from the community that they were recommending it to their friends, colleagues and business partners.
The scale at which this was happening really took us by surprise and it told us one thing very clearly: delivering more value to members resulted in more value being delivered to the business.
This is a wonderful dynamic to have because it perfectly aligns the incentives on both sides. We’d said from the start that we wouldn’t sacrifice value to members for more revenue – this is something that all three of us felt very strongly about. First and foremost, we wanted to create a community that delivered value to its members and was run in a way that aligned with our values as people.
If we could find a way to stimulate brand advocacy, while also tightening the bonds between all of our individual community members, we’d be boosting both customer retention and customer acquisition in the same motion.
This became our next big focus.
[TWEET] Adam, one of our members wore his Traffic Think Tank t-shirt in the Sahara desert
We started with some simple things:
In particular, we saw that as members started to meet in person or via calls the community itself was feeling more and more like a family. It became much closer knit and some members started to build up a really positive reputation for being particularly helpful to other members, or for having really strong knowledge in a specific area.
[TWEET] Dinner with some of the Traffic Think Tank members in Brighton, UK
Nick, Ian and I would go out of our way to try and meet with members in real life wherever we could. I was taken aback by how appreciative people were for us doing this, and it also served as an invaluable way to gain honest feedback from members.
There was another trend that we’d observed that we didn’t really expect to happen. More and more members were doing business with each another. We’ve had people find new jobs through the community, sell businesses to other members, launch joint ventures together and bring members in as consultants to their business. This has probably been the most rewarding thing to watch, and it was clear that the deeper relationships that our members were forming were resulting in an increased level of trust to work with each other.
We wanted to harness this and take it to a new level. This brought us to arguably the best decision we’ve made so far running Traffic Think Tank… we were going to run a big live event for our members.

I have no idea what I’m doing

It’s the first week of January 2019 and we’re less than three weeks away from Traffic Think Tank LIVE, our first ever in-person event hosting 150 people, most of which are Traffic Think Tank members.
It's like an ongoing nightmare I can’t wake up from.
That was Nick’s response in our private admin channel to myself and Ian when I asked if they were finding the run-up to the event as stressful as I was.
I think that all three of us were riding on such a high from how the community was growing that we felt like we could do anything. Running an event? How hard can it be?
Well, turns out it’s really hard.
We had seven different speakers flying over from around the world to speak at the event, there was a pre- and after event party, and we’d planned a charity dinner where we would take ten attendees (picked at random via a raffle) out for a fancy meal. Oh, and Nick, Ian and I were hosting a live Q&A session on stage.
It wasn’t until precisely 48 hours before the event that we’d realized we didn’t have any microphones, nor had a large amount of the swag we’d ordered arrived. Plus, a giant storm had hit Philly causing a TON of flight cancellations. Perfect. Just perfect.
This was honestly the tip of the iceberg.
We hadn’t thought about who was going to run the registration desk, who would be taking photos during the event and who would actually field questions from the audience while all three of us sat on stage for our live Q&A panel. Turns out that the answer to all of those questions were my wife, Laura, and Nick’s wife, Kelley. Thankfully, they were on hand to save our asses.
The weeks running up to the event were honestly some of the most stressful of my life. We sold around 50% of our ticket allocation within the final two weeks before the event. All of the event organizers told us this would happen, but did we believe them? Hell no!
Imagine having two weeks until the big day and as it stood half of the room would be completely empty. I was ready to fly most of my extended family over just to make it look remotely busy.
[IMAGE] One of our speakers, Ryan Stewart, presenting at Traffic Think Tank LIVE
Thankfully, if all came together. We managed to acquire some microphones, the swag arrived on the morning of the event, all of our speakers were able to make it on time and the weather just about held up so that our entire allocation of ticket holders was able to make it to the event. We pooled together and I’m proud to say that the event was a huge success.
While we made a substantial financial loss on the event itself, January saw a huge spike in new members, which more than recouped our losses. Not only that, but we got to hang out with a load of our members all day while they said really nice things about the thing we’d built. It was both exhausting and incredibly rewarding.
Bring on Traffic Think Tank LIVE 2020! (This time we’re hiring an event manager...)

The road ahead

Fast forward to today (August 2019) and Traffic Think Tank has over 650 members. The biggest challenges that we’re tackling right now include making sure the most interesting conversations and best content surfaces to the top of the community, making Slack more searchable (this is ultimately one of its flaws as a platform) and giving members a quicker way to find the exclusive content that we create. You’ll notice there’s a pretty clear theme here.
In the past 30 days, 4,566 messages were posted in public channels inside Traffic Think Tank. If you add on any messages posted inside private direct messages, this number rises to 21,612. That’s a lot of messages.
To solve these challenges and enable further scale in the future, we’ve invested a bunch of cash and our time into building out a full learning management system (LMS) that all members will get access to alongside the Slack community. The LMS will be a web-based portal that houses all of the video content we produce. It will also provide an account admin section where users can update or change their billing information (they have to email us to do this right now, which isn’t ideal), a list of membership perks and discounts with our partners, and a list of links to some of the best threads within Slack – when clicked, these will drop you directly into Slack.
[IMAGE] Designs for the new learning management system (LMS)
It’s not been easy, but we’re 95% of the way through this and I’m certain that it will have a hugely positive impact on the experience for our members.
Alongside this we hired a community manager, Liz, who supports with any questions that our members have, coordinates with external experts to arrange webinars for the community, helps with new member onboarding, and has tightened up some of our processes around billing and general accounts admin. This was a great decision.
Finally, we’ve started planning next year’s live event, which we plan to more than double in size to 350 attendees, and we decided to pick a slightly warmer location in Miami this time out. Stay tuned for me to have a complete meltdown 3 weeks from the event.

Final thoughts

When I look back on the journey we’ve had so far building Traffic Think Tank, there’s one very important piece to this puzzle that’s made all of this work that I’ve failed to mention so far: co-founder alignment.
Building a community is a balancing act that relies heavily on those in charge being completely aligned. Nick, Ian and I completely trust each other and more importantly, are philosophically aligned on how we want to run and grow the community. If we didn’t have this, the friction between us could tear apart the entire community.
Picking the right people to work with is important in any company, but when your business is literally about bringing people together, there’s no margin for error here.
While I’m sure there will be many more challenges ahead, knowing that we all trust each other to make decisions that fall in line with each of our core values makes these challenges dramatically easier to overcome.
Finally, I’d like to thank all of our members for making the community what it is today – it’d be nothing without you and I promise that we’ll never take that for granted.

I originally posted this on my blog here. Welcoming all of your thoughts, comments, questions and I'll do my best to answer them :)
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2019.07.19 00:12 aerlenbach I turned the latest episode of “Some More News” into an essay format with citations (How Trump’s Friends and Family Rebranded The Swamp)

Hello all.
I know we’re all big fans of Cody Johnston and his Youtube channel, Some More News. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should. Cody and Katy Stoll do an amazing job researching writing, and filming each episode.
But I’ve noticed that some people seem put off by the tone and demeanor in the videos, causing them to not pay enough attention to the content. For that reason, I created an essay-style version of their latest episode, How Trump’s Friends and Family Rebranded The Swamp with in-line citations to the sources. I also (shamefully) removed many of the jokes and sarcasms to make it less opinionated and more fact-focused. I tried to only change the text when absolutely necessary.
I hope you all copy and share this whenever anyone questions if Trump and his cronies are illegally profiting off their governmental positions.
Please let me know your honest opinion of it. I’m not too great at formatting things for Reddit, so I may edit it later to make it more legible. Okay, enough jabbering...

How President Trump’s Friends and Family Rebranded the Swamp

The Trump Organization consists of 500 business entities primarily devoted to property management and resorts. US President Donald Trump has has refused to divest himself from these organizations [1], though he claims he is no longer involved in them, even though we can only take his word for it and have no proof [2]. These organizations are run by Trump’s two sons, Eric and Don Jr.. They’ve sworn to stay out of politics.[3] However, according to President Trump, they are also really into politics.[4] These organizations are not doing very well.[5] According to his 2018 financial disclosure, Trump’s company saw a loss since he became president.[6]
Some might argue that such a downturn in business is unsurprising given the actions of the president. The company’s losses may be used as evidence to show President Trump is not using the power of the president to make extra money. He’s sacrificing his wealth for the good of the country.
His company has even claimed to donate any of the profits from foreign (and only foreign) interests, giving $151,470.[7] This figure was internally calculated with no 3rd-party oversight. This and other actions have caused ethics lawyer to file suit.[8]
Even if Trump Organization is honest in reporting this loss, it isn’t for a lack of trying. Trump is absolutely using the presidency to boost his business, both directly and indirectly:
  • The RNC and his own campaign committee are paying Trump Hotels for fundraising, because the location and brand is obviously now associated with the Republican party, and will continue to be long after his presidency.[9]
  • The Trump Victory and Trump Make America Great Again Committee have spent over $1 million at Trump’s properties since he became president.[10]
  • His business saw a 26% rise in profit from dignitaries, embassies, and other foreign government spending in the last year.[11]
  • Scores of Republicans, lobbyists, and CEOs vying for access have expensive memberships to golf clubs Trump owns.[12][13]
  • Trump charges his own secret service to operate at these clubs.[14]
Despite the business itself going downhill, Trump himself is absolutely using his presidency to make money from his private business [15], who he remains the sole beneficiary of. This is absolutely unconstitutional. [16]
It appears that ultimately, the president’s plan to abuse and profit from being the leader of the free world is centered completely around real estate and online merchandise[17], such as Witch Hunt Beer Cozies[18] and a $55 Trump swimsuit[19].
But who else is profiting even more off of Trump’s presidency? Specifically, who in Trump’s orbit is using their position to gain power and make profit?
Eric & Don Jr.
Eric and Don Jr., are the ones officially running the Trump Organization while also doing unrelated family activities like dining with the Queen while owning resorts in the UK. [20]
Overall their shadiness is pretty unsurprising and exactly what you’d expect [21]. And it seems like the public is catching on to this and taking the appropriate actions [22].
Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump
Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have collectively made somewhere between $28 million and $135 million last year [23]; other estimates saying at least $82 million [24]. This was seemingly from various investments, Ivanka’s personal brand, stake in Trump Hotels, and Kushner’s family real estate company.
Jared Kushner has been tasked by the president to, amongst many projects, bring peace to the Middle East, apparently via this real estate brochure.[25] Mr. Kushner owns a $25 million dollar stake in the real estate investment firm, Cadre,[26] a company he was the co-founder of, but failed to publicly disclose.[27] Cadre received $90 million from anonymous offshore investors since 2017 via Goldman Sachs.[28] Some definitely from Saudi Arabia. The person hired by the White House to oversee foreign policies tried to hide his stake in a company receiving mystery millions from various foreign interests.[29]
The company recently took advantage of Opportunity Zones, which is a tax incentive to develop in low-income communities. This was part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Ivanka Trump, Jared’s wife and Trump’s daughter, was extremely and actively supportive of these incentives.[30]
Elaine Chao & Mitch McConnell
Elaine Chao, The United States Secretary of Transportation, is the wife of Senate Leader Mitch McConnell.[31] Elaine served as US Secretary of Labor for the entirety of the George W. Bush administration. While there, she neglected to regulate workplace safety and wage law, often siding with businesses over workers.[32]
Elaine made recent headlines when it came to light that she had failed to cut her ties from Vulcan Materials, a construction company directly affected by Chao’s decisions as head of the Department of Transportation.[33] Having previously served two years on the board of directors, Chao was given $151,000 in stock options that she had agreed to receive a cash payout for as part of her ethics agreement from when she was hired.[34] However, she did not take the cash payout and took the stocks instead. During her time as Transportation Secretary under Trump, Vulcan Materials’ stock has risen by 20%.
Chao directed grants of at least $78 million through a special liaison given to the state of Kentucky and no other state.[35] This was given during her husband, Mitch McConnell’s, re-election. Mitch McConnell is the senator of Kentucky. McConnell also blocked a larger infrastructure plan earlier in the year because it was too expensive.[36] It also didn’t personally help his political goals.
Gordon Hartogensis is the husband of Eliane Chao’s sister and was recently confirmed as the Director of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation,[37][38] an agency that handles roughly $100 billion in assets.[39] According to his Linkedin page, before being put in charge of nearly 1,000 employees he managed the family trust.
Elaine’s father, James Chao, runs a large shipping company out of New York City.[40][41] She has received $26 million in gifts from her family’s company,[42] which builds its ships in state-owned shipyards in China using a state-owned steel maker, primarily does business with China, and has generally close ties to China since the 1980s.[43] China being the place that is currently expanding its maritime presence,[44] as opposed to the dying shipping industry here in the US.[45] An industry that Mrs. Chao’s Department Of Transportation has been cutting the budget of, eliminating grants to small commercial shipyards and scaling back training for American crew members.
Meanwhile, her family has paid for scholarships and training programs in China. This is all according to a piece by the New York Times, the main story being that Chao used the Department of Transportation to make travel arrangements for her family members to attend business meetings in China. But after ethics concerns were brought up regarding the fact that her family was not, in fact, part of the Department of Transportation, Chao canceled the trip.[46]
Here she is doing interviews with her father about his business while Department of Transportation flags hang in the background, which, again, he is not a part of, and is in fact a businessman whose company is directly affected by the Department of Transportation.[47][48]
Who else can we talk about? There’s a lot of them, most of which involve personal favors or misuse of taxpayer money and refusal to divest from their conflict of interest.[49]
Wilbur Ross
Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross accidentally left off stock holdings from his 2018 financial disclosure form. These were holdings he had agreed to sell. Specifically, 100 shares of BankUnited stock.[50] He also hosted a meeting with Chevron executives despite his wife owning a $250,000 stake in the company. He also met with the CEO of Boeing, a company his wife owns a $2 million stake in.[51] And also many, many more,[52] including possible insider trading.[53]
Betsy DeVos
The millionaire[54] Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, began her job with over 100 potential conflicts of interest,[55] including ties to a student debt collection agency,[56] which coincidentally was later given a big contract with the Education Department after she took the job.[57] DeVos also refused to give up the millions she and her husband have invested in a brain pill company called Neurocore,[58] which specifically targets kids with ADHD.[59]
DeVos was also listed for over a decade as the VP of the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation, an organization that gave millions of dollars to anti-LGBT causes.[60] When confronted about this 13-year position, DeVos insisted that it was merely a 13-year clerical error. [61]
Scott Pruitt
Scott Pruitt, former EPA Head, spent $4.6 million in taxpayer money just on personal security.[62] He also used aides like personal assistants, spent $100,000 on a trip to Morocco just because he wanted to go there,[63] soundproofed his office,[64] racked up $100,000 in first class travel, used top EPA officials to help with a personal dispute with a landlord,[65] and made a subordinate help his wife find a job at Chick-fil-A.[66]
Steven Mnuchin
The Treasury secretary is involved in the film industry,[68] successfully producing countless movies you’ve probably seen.[69][70] Interestingly, Mnuchin is one of the lead trade negotiators with China and currently pushing the country to give the American film industry greater access to their markets, something that would directly profit him.[71]
Assuming he doesn’t go to jail or anything first,[72] Mnuchin is working to better an occupation unrelated to the success of Trump.
Rex Tillerson:
The former Secretary of State walked away from the White House with a massive tax break[73]
Carl Icahn:
Icahn was a special advisor to Trump who wasn’t given an official federal job[74] and then used his ethically-loose position to try and push the EPA to change specific policies to help his business[75] before quitting when people started asking too many questions.[76] But not before selling a bunch of steel-related shares mere days before Trump announced steel tariffs.[77] Perhaps he got information from...the inside....
Ryan Zinke:
Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke used taxpayer resources to secure a personal land deal before leaving the position[78] just as the inquiries got started,[79] claiming that he just couldn’t justify spending money to defend himself against these false allegations.[80] Just like an innocent person worth several million dollars would do.[81]
David Bernhardt:
Replacing Zinke was Deputy Secretary of the Interior, David Bernhardt, a former oil and gas lobbyist whose firm had donated nearly $1 million to the senators who voted on his confirmation.[82]
While acting as Deputy, Bernhardt made at least 15 policy changes that directly benefited his former clients.[83] We say “former” clients, because it turns out that Bernhardt lied about stopping his lobbying work after Trump picked him for the job.[84] This makes sense, because it’s clear he never representing his clients. For example, he spent his lobbying years representing farmers attempting to weaken the Endangered Species Act before becoming Deputy Secretary and personally finishing the job,[85] going so far as to block a report about the dangers that certain heavily-used pesticides have on wildlife.[86]
He has so many conflicts of interest that he apparently keeps a list of them in his pocket to remember.[86]
It’s possible these are all innocent coincidences and he’s not getting any money from his former clients. Which is why his office regularly omits meetings from his schedule.[87]
John Kelly
The former Secretary of Homeland Security turned into White House Chief of Staff. Before he became Secretary of Homeland Security and then Chief of Staff for Trump, he was on the board of DC Capital Partners, owner of Caliburn International,[88] which runs the Homestead facility, the largest and only for-profit child detention centers.[89] As Secretary of Homeland Security, he proposed separating undocumented children from their parents as a form of deterrent against immigration, effectively filling up the camps run by the company whose board he used to sit on.[90] Upon leaving the White House, John Kelly, joined the board for Caliburn, the company that profits off packing for-profit detention centers with migrant children forcibly separated from their families, a policy which John Kelly proposed.[91]
Mike Pence
In terms of illegal accumulation of wealth, the Vice President isn’t on the top of the list.
However, one of Pence’s biggest supporters and personal hometown friends is a guy named Antony Moravec, owner of a pharmaceutical company called Blairex Laboratories[92] who immediately had lunch with Pence after the VP pick.[93] Moravec has also donated a quarter of a million dollars to Pence’s campaign.[94] Perhaps that has something to do with his administration suddenly dropping their vow to lower drug prices?[95]
This 2017 New Yorker article[96] features an interview with the VP’s brother, Gregory Pence, who says this about the election: * ”If he lost, he had no money, and he had three kids in college. He took out student loans for the kids.” * “He’s got a retirement account, but I was afraid he’d run out of money in just a couple of weeks. He’d have to get a job. He was rolling the dice.”
This is just one guy, albeit a family member, saying this. However, you can look up Pence’s financial disclosures from 2016 and see that not only did he only have only one bank account, but less than $15,000 in it, as well as seven student loans for each of his kids.[97] This makes a lot of sense when you look into his background, and the fact that he once lost an election after using campaign funds to pay off his mortgage.[98]
After that, he hosted a political talk show[99] where he shared conservative talking points: “We spent a good amount of time this week talking about the case of the Air Force versus Kelley Flinn. We did so touching on a variety of issues. Early in the week we talked about whether or not it was time to rethink this whole business of women in the military.”[100][101]
When Trump picked him as VP, Mike Pence was in trouble. He was a broke politician and former conservative radio host. It makes a lot more sense why he would go along with the nomination when it was his only hope for a job at the time. And since then, his net worth has risen to $2 million.[102]


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2018.12.20 07:30 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: The Cowardly Ryan by Priyanka Aribindi, Brian Beutler & Crooked Media (12/19/18)

"I’m not one of these big-ego legacy guys"—Paul Ryan, the star of his own six-part taxpayer-funded docuseries on this tax plan, which is currently destroying the economy

The Road Out of Damascus

President Trump caught his national security team and all of his allies in Congress by surprise by abruptly ordering the immediate withdrawal of all 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria.
The substance of the decision is defensible. It’s never been completely clear what U.S. troops were doing in Syria to begin with, and without a well defined mission, an orderly withdrawal makes sense. Furthermore, he’s the commander-in-chief and these decisions are his call.
But immediate withdrawal is not orderly withdrawal. And the timing has confused, well, everyone! Just days ago, Brett McGurk, the U.S. envoy to the anti-ISIS coalition, told reporters the deployment would continue for “some time.” “We know that once the physical space is defeated, we can’t just pick up and leave. So we’re prepared to make sure that we do all we can to ensure this is enduring,” he said. And Trump reportedly did not inform the Pentagon in advance that he would order the withdrawal.
Trump justified his decision by claiming, falsely, that he ordered the withdrawal because ISIS has been defeated. As Republican Congressman and Air National Guardsman Adam Kinzinger tweeted, “This is simply not true.” If you don’t believe him, New York Times reporter and ISIS expert Rukmini Callimachi noted that three separate reports, including one by the Pentagon’s Inspector General, estimate that ISIS still has between 20,000 and 30,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria alone.
Trump’s announcement comes just days after Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey will launch a military operation against Kurdish forces in northern Syria. Kurdish forces have proven to be the most effective fighters against ISIS and are a key U.S. ally in the region. But, as with all things Syria, it’s complicated as the Turks have been fighting against Kurdish separatists in Turkey for a long time.
This is by no means an easy decision, but it’s clear that the process was flawed and nearly everyone involved worries that ISIS will immediately regain strength.
Trump’s top congressional allies are furious.
“If Obama had done this, all of us would be furious,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who has made a habit of explaining how he and his fellow Republican senators have no principles beyond rank partisanship. “If Obama had done this, we’d be going nuts right now: ‘How weak, how dangerous.’”
In his toughest passive voice, Liddle Marco Rubio (R-FL) chastised an unnamed person for ordering the withdrawal. “The decision to pull out of Syria was made despite overwhelming military advice against it. It is a major blunder. It it isn’t reversed it will haunt this administration & America for years to come.”
From Brian: When any president does a good thing, it’s reassuring to be able to assume it’s the product of a serious deliberative process, and didn’t stem from some corrupt ulterior motive. Trump poisons everything he does with doubt, but hopefully this decision is for the best anyhow.

What Else

The Senate has overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan criminal justice bill which will, among other things, relax mandatory minimum sentences, reduce “three strike” sentences, require inmates to be located within 500 miles of their families, and expand programming to reduce recidivism rates. It will also release 6,000-7,000 federal inmates early, but because Congress only has direct jurisdiction over the federal criminal justice system, only about 8.6 percent of incarcerated people nationwide will be affected.
Facebook gave Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, and other large tech companies extraordinary access to its users’ personal data, including, in some cases, the contents of private messages. Only Facebook could transform “delete your account” from an insult into a public service announcement. More like DataFarmVille, amiright? You feel me, #teens?
In October 2015, then-candidate Donald Trump signed a non-binding letter of intent to begin negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. You’ll be shocked to learn that just last weekend, Trump’s criminal-defense lawyer Rudy Giuliani insisted that Trump did not sign the document. When called for comment about this discrepancy, Giuliani drooled on himself and farted in a crowded elevator and several other things a dotty old man who shouldn’t be allowed on TV would do.
Mitch McConnell introduced a short-term funding bill to avoid a government shutdown, and fund operations until February 8, but efforts to pass it stalled after senators working to force through a package of 120 bills to protect public lands objected to an immediate vote. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said she supports the short-term bill. Question: when was the last time Trump won a negotiation?
A new report from the Illinois attorney general accuses the Roman Catholic Church of withholding the names of over 500 priests who were accused of sexual abuse, and failing their victims by not investigating their allegations.
The Senate unanimously passed legislation to make lynching a federal hate crime. Irony alert, Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Public Hangings) was presiding over the Senate at the time.
Bucking pressure from President Trump, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 0.25 percent today, but indicated that instead of three interest rate hikes next year, it now only anticipates two. For those keeping score at home, the stock market is on track to have its worst December since the Great Depression.
A federal panel of judges has dismissed scores of “serious” ethics complaints against Brett Kavanaugh now that he’s a Supreme Court justice because lower courts don’t have the authority to investigate or discipline Supreme Court justices. Cool, thanks John Roberts.
Nearly 8.5 million people in 39 states signed up for 2019 health plans during the Affordable Care Act’s open enrollment. That represents a four percent decline from last year, which is lower than the 10 percent decline experts anticipated based on the Trump administration’s efforts to sabotage the law.
Three Republican women in the in Kansas state legislature joined the Democratic party because they say Kansas’s Republican Party has become too conservative.

Look No Further Than The Crooked Media

On Keep It: “F-ck it! Let’s Do Keep It Live!” Ira, Kara, and Louis run down all the shit they forgot happened in 2018, revisit the good and bad of #MeToo a year late, and discuss their favorite things of the year. Plus, #1 Keep It fan Tommy Vietor tests his knowledge of the show live on stage in Los Angeles.

Be Smarter

Most Senate Republicans will insist that they support Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and want to preserve protections for people with pre-existing conditions. They are lying.
And that was just Wednesday! They think you’re not paying attention.

Under the Radar

The Trump administration plans to ease requirements for sponsors of migrant children, which may allow the thousands of children who have been detained in shelters for months to be released into the custody of relatives and other sponsors much sooner. The policy previously required all members of households where children might be released to to be fingerprinted—information ICE then used to track down and deport undocumented immigrants. Now that requirement will only apply to adults sponsoring children. The federal government is currently detaining over 14,000 migrant minors in overcrowded facilities.

What A Sponsor!

Ever think to yourself, “Everyone is so smart and I’m not and it makes me sad?” Just me? Wow, guess none of you have insecurities. That’s great for you. You know what else is great? Skillshare! Skillshare is an online learning community with more than 25,000 classes that make it easier to get smarter. More than 7 million members use it to spark their curiosity, develop new skills, and pursue work they love.
Intrigued? The first 500 people to use this link will get their first 2 months free to try Skillshare out, risk-free. What are you waiting for? Be smarter-er →

Did You Read That Thing?

“I took a job and, because I did not want to be harassed, I was fired.”
—Actress Eliza Dushku, speaking out about the harassment she endured on the set of CBS’s Bull, specifically at the hands of the show’s stadirtbag Michael Weatherly.

On Trump's TiVo

Shawn "Seven Swans a Swimming" Kelley on Twitter: "Holy Hell, it really happened."


Ken Tremendous on Twitter: "If I were a waiter and Paul Ryan sat at my table, I would screw up his order, spill water on him, overcharge him on the bill, and just when he was about to complain, I'd resign from the job, tell him My Season of Service Has Ended, and demand he applaud me."
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Solved Case Analysis: Congestion Charging in London A&B By Jose Gomez Ibanez
Solved Case Analysis: Continental Airlines 1992 By Stuart C. Gilson Sam J. Karam
Solved Case Analysis: Continuing Transformation of Asahi Glass Implementing EVA By Mihir A. Desai Masako Egawa Yanjun Wang
Solved Case Analysis: ConvenientMD By H. Irving Grousbeck Ryan Kissick
Solved Case Analysis: Cooper Industries Inc. By Thomas R. Piper
Solved Case Analysis: Coppersea Emergence of the Microdistillery Movement By Glenn Carroll Davina Drabkin
Solved Case Analysis: Corporate Financial Management Options Exercises By Timothy A. Luehrman
Solved Case Analysis: Corporate Social Engagement How Aramex Crosses Boundaries by Luk Van Wassenhove Lea Stadtler of INSEAD Business School of the World
Solved Case Analysis: Corruption The International Evolution of New Management Challenges By David W. Conklin
Solved Case Analysis: Cost of Capital at Ameritrade By Mark Mitchell Erik Stafford
Solved Case Analysis: Costco Wholesale Corp. Financial Statement Analysis A By Maureen McNichols Brian Tayan
Solved Case Analysis: Country Risk and the Cost of Equity By Wei Li
Solved Case Analysis: Creative Capital Georges Doriot and the Birth of Venture Capital By Spencer E. Ante
Solved Case Analysis: Cross Country Group A Piece of the Rock By Robert L. Simons Indra A. Reinbergs
Solved Case Analysis: Crossing Borders MTCs Journey through Africa Tarun Khanna Ayesha Khan
Solved Case Analysis: Crystal Meadows of Tahoe Inc. William J. Bruns Jr.
Solved Case Analysis: Culture and Leadership at IBM by John R. Weeks of INSEAD Business School of the World
Solved Case Analysis: Cumberland Entertainment A Expanding with Private Equity by Christoph Zott Abigail Leland of INSEAD Business School of the World
Solved Case Analysis: Cumberland Entertainment B The Revised Offer by Christoph Zott Abigail Leland of INSEAD Business School of the World
Solved Case Analysis: Cumberland Metal Industries Engineered Products Division 1980 By Benson P. Shapiro Jeffrey J. Sherman
Solved Case Analysis: Cutting Costs Without Drawing Blood By Tom Copeland
Solved Case Analysis: Dakota Office Products By Robert S. Kaplan
Solved Case Analysis: Danshui Plant No. 2 By William J. Bruns Jr. Julie H. Hertenstein Kelvin Liu
Solved Case Analysis: Data Monetization and Consumer Tracking By Harikesh Nair Allan Thygesen Jaclyn Foroughi
Solved Case Analysis: DaVita A Community First A Company Second By Charles OReilly Jeffrey Pfeffer David Hoyt Davina Drabkin
Solved Case Analysis: Dawn Lepore By Mark Leslie Sara Rosenthal
Solved Case Analysis: Debbie Sterling By David Dodson Matthew Saucedo
Solved Case Analysis: Dells Working Capital By Richard S. Ruback Aldo Sesia
Solved Case Analysis: Depreciation at Delta Air Lines The Fresh Start By William J. Bruns Jr.
Solved Case Analysis: Depreciation at Deutsche Lufthansa AG By Anne Beyer Jaclyn Foroughi
Solved Case Analysis: Destin Brass Products Co. By William J. Bruns Jr.
Solved Case Analysis: Deutsche Bank Discussing the Equity Risk Premium By George Chacko Peter Hecht Vincent Dessain Anders Sjoman
Solved Case Analysis: Diamond Chemicals PLC A The Merseyside Project By Robert F. Bruner
Solved Case Analysis: Diamond Foods Inc. By Suraj Srinivasan Noah Fisher
Solved Case Analysis: Dice K The Hundred By Randolph B. Cohen Michael Barry F. Mark DAnnolfo
Solved Case Analysis: Diesel for Successful Living Branding Strategies for an Up market Line Extension in the Fashion Industry by Vadim Grigorian Pierre Chandon of INSEAD Business School of the World
Solved Case Analysis: Dimensional Fund Advisors 2002 By Randolph B. Cohen
Solved Case Analysis: Disney Losing Magic in the Middle Kingdom By Ali Farhoomand Penelope Chan
Solved Case Analysis: Ditto By Fern Mandelbaum Julieta Duek Jessica Morgan
Solved Case Analysis: Diva Shoes Inc. By Susan Chaplinsky
Solved Case Analysis: Dividend Policy at FPL Group Inc. A By Benjamin C. Esty Craig F. Schreiber
Solved Case Analysis: Dividend Policy at FPL Group Inc. B By Benjamin C. Esty Craig F. Schreiber By Sunil Gupta Emir Hrnjic
Solved Case Analysis: Dividend Policy at FPL Group Inc. B By Benjamin C. Esty Craig F. Schreiber
Solved Case Analysis: Dividend Policy at Linear Technology By Malcolm P. Baker Alison Berkley Wagonfeld
Solved Case Analysis: Divisive Reorganizations By Henry B. Reiling Kevin F. Wall
Solved Case Analysis: Dogfight over Europe Ryanair A B C By Jan W. Rivkin
Solved Case Analysis: Dogs of the Dow By Malcolm P. Baker Samuel G. Hanson James Weber
Solved Case Analysis: Dollar General Going Private By Sharon Katz
Solved Case Analysis: Dominos Pizza By David E. Bell Phillip Andrews Mary Shelman
Solved Case Analysis: Donatella LLC By David Dodson
Solved Case Analysis: Donna Dubinsky and Apple Computer Inc. A B C By Todd D. JickMary Gentile
Solved Case Analysis: DonorsChoose.org How Technology Facilitated a New Funding Model By Laura Arrillaga Andreessen Sarah Murray
Solved Case Analysis: Dow Chemicals Bid for the Privatization of PBB in Argentina By Mihir A. Desai Alexandra De Royere
Solved Case Analysis: Dows Bid for Rohm and Haas By Benjamin C. Esty David Lane
Solved Case Analysis: Dragonfly Developing a Proposal for an Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle UAV By Christoph Loch Arnoud De Meyer Stylianos Kavadias of INSEAD Business School of the World
Solved Case Analysis: Drivers of Industry Financial Structure By Dwight B. Crane Indra A. Reinbergs
Solved Case Analysis: Dropbox Series B Financing By Ilya A. Strebulaev Jaclyn Foroughi Theresia Gouw
Solved Case Analysis: Dropbox By Jim Lattin Peter Levine Justin Randolph
Solved Case Analysis: E Duction Inc. By Peter Tufano Daniel Schneider
Solved Case Analysis: Eagle Finance Corp. A By Susan Chaplinsky
Solved Case Analysis: Earnings Management Exercise By Malcolm P. Baker
Solved Case Analysis: East Cameron Partners The Sukuk Bond By Stephen Sapp Brooke Harley
Solved Case Analysis: Eastman Kodak Co Managing Information Systems Through Strategic Alliances Lynda M. Applegate Ramiro Montealegre
Solved Case Analysis: Eastman Kodak Co. Funtime Film By Robert J. Dolan
Solved Case Analysis: eBays Connected Technologies Innovating Customer Engagement in the Retail Industry By Harikesh Nair David Hoyt
Solved Case Analysis: Economy Shipping Co. By Thomas R. Piper
Solved Case Analysis: Effective Oversight A Guide for Nonprofit Directors By Regina E. Herzlinger
Solved Case Analysis: Eldeco Playing in the Big League By Arthur I Segel Nicolas P. Retsinas Siddharth Yog
Solved Case Analysis: EMI and the CT Scanner A By Christopher A. Bartlett
Solved Case Analysis: Energy Gel A New Product Introduction By Artur Raviv Jan M. Henrich Gero K. Steinroeder
Solved Case Analysis: Epilogue The IPO of Neopost By Michel Regenwetter Maurizio Zollo Oliver Gottschalg
Solved Case Analysis: Equal Opportunities Schools Finding the Missing Students By William F. Meehan Davina Drabkin
Solved Case Analysis: Eric Weston By Michael J. Roberts James M. Sharpe
Solved Case Analysis: Erik Peterson A B C By John J. Gabarro
Solved Case Analysis: eSourcing Strategy at Sun Microsystems By Chuck Holloway Andrea Higuera
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Solved Case Analysis: Euro Disney The First 100 Days By Gary W. Loveman Leonard A. Schlesinger Robert T. Anthony
Solved Case Analysis: European Monetary Union By Richard H.K. Vietor Sabina Ciminero
Solved Case Analysis: Eventbrite Market Sizing Competitive Analysis and Fundraising By Jonathan Levav Joshua Rauh Jason Luther
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Solved Case Analysis: Evernote Growth Options in January 2011 By Haim Mendelson
Solved Case Analysis: Everything is Connected A New Era of Sustainability at Li & Fung By Hau Lee Sheila Melvin
Solved Case Analysis: Exits in Emerging Markets Actis Investment in Umeme By Mark Hartmann William F. Meehan Meaghan Conway
Solved Case Analysis: Experian MicroAnalytics Accelerating the Development of Mobile Financial Services in Developing Markets By Hau Lee Christopher Tang
Solved Case Analysis: Eyewitness Surveillance By David Dodson
Solved Case Analysis: Factor Investing The Reference Portfolio and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board By Andrew Ang
Solved Case Analysis: Fairstar Heavy Transport A&B By Guhan Subramanian Rhea Ghosh
Solved Case Analysis: Farmstar Goes Global Corporate Entrepreneurship Bringing Sustainable Value Innovation to Agribusiness by Benjamin Warr Anne Marie Carrick of INSEAD Business School of the World
Solved Case Analysis: FedEx and Pension Accounting By Elizabeth Blankespoor Jaclyn Foroughi
Solved Case Analysis: Financial Reporting Discussions and Debates A Series of Review Tasks By Mark E. Haskins
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2018.04.27 05:12 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: Morning D'oh by Priyanka Aribindi, Brian Beutler & Crooked Media (4/26/18)

"You know, I'm very busy to be running out looking for presents, ok?"—Trump, when asked about Melania’s birthday


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has crossed the border between North and South Korea for a summit with South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in today. This is the first time a North Korean leader has crossed the border since 1953.

D.T. Phone Home

President Trump is stuck between political and legal woes. He can't claim a close legal relationship with his probably-going-to-jail fixer Michael Cohen, for political reasons, but distancing himself from Cohen increases his legal jeopardy, because it means more of their correspondence over the years won’t be privileged attorney-client material.
Case in point: Trump phoned in to Fox & Friends this morning and claimed Cohen did only a tiny amount of legal work for him. It took New York prosecutors overseeing the Cohen investigation about two hours to cite that claim in court as evidence that most of the material the FBI seized from Cohen won't be privileged at all.
Trump went on to tell Fox & Friends that he might eventually begin ordering the Justice Department to investigate his enemies and drop investigations affecting him and his friends. Testifying on Capitol Hill today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said of Mueller’s investigation: “This thing needs to conclude.”
Not entirely unrelated: The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 14-7 to advance legislation protecting Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Republican Senators Thom Tillis (NC), Lindsey Graham (SC), Jeff Flake (AZ), and Chuck Grassley (IA), the committee chairman, joined all Democrats to clear the bill. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has vowed to never let the full Senate vote on it (because he is fully captured by Trump and it never stops being pathetic).
Also not unrelated: If you need a good laugh/cry, read this story about all the desperate things Cohen has done to suck up to Trump over the years, and all the predictable ways Trump has embarrassed him in return. One spoiler: Trump showed up late to Cohen’s son’s bar mitzvah then gave a ridiculous speech about how Cohen had begged him to be there. Heartwarming stuff.

Pruitt In The ($52,000 And Bulletproof?) Hot Seat

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt faced two different congressional committees today, which provided him an opportunity to remind everyone just how sleazy he is.
Pruitt told the House Energy and Commerce Committee that he did, in fact, give his chief of staff permission to give enormous raises to two of his lackeys, in defiance of the White House. This directly contradicts his recent claim to Fox News that he didn't know anything about the raises. It’s totally damning stuff, so presumably nothing will be done.
Pruitt also misrepresented himself when he said the EPA inspector general confirmed he’d received a disproportionate number of threats, prompting an unusual rebuke from the IG’s office. Anyway, he should be fired. But that’s been true for a while! What a time to be alive.

Bill Cosby

A Pennsylvania jury convicted Bill Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004. Dozens of women have credibly accused Cosby of similar crimes. He is the first prominent abuser to face criminal consequences for his actions in the #MeToo era.
Cosby, who championed “respectability politics” before becoming one of the world’s most famous sexual predators, took the news in stride, calling the prosecutor in the case an asshole soon after the verdict was delivered while both were still in the courtroom.

What Else

An estimated 40,000 people marched on Arizona’s Capitol protesting low teacher pay and education funding. Thousands in Colorado did the same. Hear Arizona teacher Kelley Fisher talk to Lovett about what teachers in Arizona are protesting for in Tuesday’s Pod Save America
Ronny Jackson withdrew his nomination to run the Department of Veterans Affairs today after allegations surfaced that he drank on the job, improperly dispensed drugs, and created a toxic work environment.
Secretary of Defense James Mattis aired differences with President Trump by saying the Iran nuclear deal includes "robust" verification. Mattis’ views on the Iran deal are well known, but his vocal support for it is notable coming days before Trump is expected to terminate the agreement.
The Senate voted 57-42 to confirm Mike Pompeo as the new Secretary of State with seven Democrats and every Republican voting for him. Senators also confirmed Twitter troll Richard Grenell to be America’s ambassador to Germany.
In what amounts to a special exemption for Michael Cohen and Donald Trump, a federal judge in New York has appointed an outside lawyer to sift through seized materials to determine which of them is privileged. That attorney is a senior partner at Bracewell—until recently the law firm of Trump’s new counsel Rudy Giuliani. So that’s disconcerting. From Brian: People in positions of authority are apparently never going to learn that appeasing Trump to head off bad faith right-wing attacks won’t work out well in the end. Just ask James Comey.
Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani met with Special Counsel Robert Mueller yesterday to discuss a potential Trump-Mueller interview. Game meet game!
The parents of Otto Warmbier, the 22-year-old college student who died after being held in captivity by North Korea for 17 months, is suing North Korea in federal court for “brutally torturing and murdering” their son. Trump called the leader of the regime honorable this week.
New Hampshire's GOP-led legislature voted to repeal the death penalty, but GOP Governor Chris Sununu has said he'll veto it. Note: No one’s been executed in the state in 80 years.
House Speaker Paul Ryan, who passively allows Devin Nunes to chip away at the rule of law every single day, pushed out the House chaplain because, according to lawmakers, the chaplain’s prayer about corporate tax cuts wasn’t supply-sidey enough for some people. It all trickles down from the Big Guy, after all.
Pitbull is touring with Tony Robbins because we live in hell.

Look No Further than the Crooked Media

On Crooked Conversations: Why are Republicans beating Democrats at the Internet?
Crooked Contributor Symone Sanders talks to the chairman of Priorities USA, Guy Cecil, about how Democratic Super PACs are investing in digital ads and pulling out of TV, and what this means for the midterms.

Be Smarter

According to Pew, Democratic voters have long been more amenable to compromise than Republicans. But that gap has closed rapidly since Trump became president.
From Dan Pfeiffer: This polling tidbit will undoubtedly be used to do "pox on both your houses" punditry about the party bases, when this movement is a rational response by the Dem base to the corrupt Machiavellian actions of Trump and McConnell.
The Public, the Political System and American Democracy Most say ‘design and structure’ of government need big changes The Pew Research Center

Did You See That Thing?

Kanye West and John Legend have agreed to disagree about West’s support for Donald Trump, but West’s tweets aren’t keeping Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian from their dinner plans later this week. I wonder where they’ll go. Some place fancy? Low-key? Fun to think about. From Brian: I am so bored by this story that everyone on staff has to wait until I finish editing the draft to sneak more Kanye shit in here.
Kim Kardashian West on Twitter: "Yes but maybe no phones 🤣📵📵📵📵😂"


Barstool Sports on Twitter: "What was more ice cold: LeBron’s shot or this kid calling it?"
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2018.04.15 18:53 Chef_BoyarDevo Write up for Redskins Mock Draft

Not too long ago I posted a short blip of a mock draft myself and a few other guys from the sub participated in with the picks we decided would best help the team moving forward. I mentioned that I would have a more in depth write up to give specific reasoning behind each and every pick, as well as each trade. I hope this can clear up any thoughts as to why we made certain picks.
Washington Redskins 2018 Mock Draft
Pre-Draft Plan:
Entering the draft there were a few clear cut positions that needed to be addressed in the draft - DT, G, RB, CB, S. Aside from addressing positions of need it was also my top priority as GM to find a way to recover a 3rd round pick after trading it as part of the deal to bring in Alex Smith. In what round we wanted to take specific prospects for these positions of need was never established because if there were guys that we really liked we would have definitely taken them if they fell to our pick. For example, Derwin James was a player all our assistants as well as myself would have absolutely taken if he fell to 13; but he didn’t so that made our decision a little easier in the 1st round to select Vita Vea to address our need at DT with a great prospect. Never did we consider just drafting by BPA because you’ll never fill the holes you need to make your team better, especially in later rounds when guys usually aren’t talented enough to make an immediate impact. Overall, the plan and positions we needed to address were clear cut. With that being said, let’s get to the picks!
Round 1(13): Vita Vea, DT, Washington
For years the Skins have tried to address the NT position and failed one free agent signing at a time. From Terrance Knighton to Ziggy Hood, the Redskins run defense has remained porous no matter who they plug in at the position. While the defensive line did have flashes last year with Jon Allen, Matt Ioannidis (better know as “Matty Greek”), and Anthony Lanier all showing potential, injuries hampered the defense into submission by the end of the season.
Enter Vita Vea. The mammoth 6’ 4 347 pound defensive tackle from Washington is the nose tackle the Washington Redskins have been yearning for years. Widely considered the best interior defensive lineman this draft, he would give the Skins the instant boost they need to improve their last-ranked run defense from 2017. Still considered a raw prospect and needing some improvement on his technique, I believe Jim Tomsula will be an amazing defensive line coach to mentor him. While he may not be providing a lot of pressure on passing downs, Vea is still great at collapsing the pocket and his brute strength and ability to clogs holes in the run game will be of great value. Not to mention if Vea is able to draw double teams he will give a lot more room for guys like Jon Allen, Ryan, Kerrigan, Preston Smith, and Matty Greek to rush the passer and stop the run.
Round 2(63) traded down with NE from 44 for 63, 95, and 201 Austin Corbett, G, Nevada
This pick in the 2nd round was the toughest pick of the draft by far for me as the acting GM. Finding a way to get back into the 3rd round was a high on the priority list and this was the last round to do so without forfeiting any picks in this years draft or next years. Being able to find a draft partner before the draft even began was a huge asset and definitely helped in this situation. New England was looking to trade up for Lauletta and offered their 63, 95 (getting us back into the 3rd round), and 201 picks to move up to 44. Initially they only offered the 63 and 95 picks but since there were players we liked on the board we asked for an additional 6th round pick (201) to sweeten the deal. When it came down to picking a player it was between Corbett and Nick Chubb; both of whom play positions we need to improve upon. Now as GM I have to think about what players fill voids that are of need on the roster and who I think can have a prosperous career in the NFL. In my opinion, I think getting a new starting left guard that can have an impact on the Washington Redskins was a lot more important than a running back that would essentially be thrust into a RBBC (running back by committee) role with Samaje Perine, Chris Thompson, and Rob Kelley all still on the roster.
That being said, over the past couple seasons the Redskins offensive line has generally been one of, if not their strongest unit as a whole. After the 2017 when the starters missed a combined 24 games and guys like Spencer Long and Shawn Lauvao entering free agency, it’s clear the Skins will be needing fresh legs to step in at left guard. Corbett played left tackle at Nevada (this could be useful experience for him if Trent WIlliams or Morgan Moses were to get banged up) but he is projected to be moved inside to the guard position and his high level of football IQ could even see him be used at center. Across the board Corbett checks all the boxes as an O lineman. He’s effective in run and pass blocking and has excellent footwork that prevents him from getting beaten by quick, edge rushers. Corbett’s biggest concern heading into the NFL will be his conversion from tackle to guard and how he will be able to handle stronger interior defensive lineman. If this mock were to come true he’d be getting plenty of practice with his first round counterpart Vita Vea in OTA’s and training camp to get him ready. Overall, Corbett would be an immediate starter on the Skins offensive line that includes perennial all-pros Trent Williams and Brandon Scherff as well as stud right tackle Morgan Moses and newcomer Chase Roullier at center.
Round 3(95): Armani Watts, S, Texas A&M
Montae Nicholson could very well be the safety of the future for the Redskins, but he hasn’t shown that he’s been able to stay healthy with his aggressive style of play. Both DJ Swearinger and Nicholson are physical safeties that like to make the big hit and are capable of supporting the run defense, however both had their moments struggling with pass defense. I think Watts has amazing potential to be a great safety in the NFL if he can improve his tackling and to not play for the “big play” so much which can get him in trouble. There’s no doubt he has the athletic ability to play in the NFL, but he I don’t see him covering tight ends particularly well. However, I do think he has the ability to cover slot guys as well as covering receivers in the middle and deep down the field due to his great leaping ability, pedal, and twitchy reflexes. Watts also has amazing football instincts and ball skills which can contribute to himself getting in trouble at times since he likes to gamble in coverage. This was a relatively wasn’t a hard pick because I truly thought he was the best player on the board and he filled a need in getting a playmaking, ball-hawking safety that has great coverage abilities.
Round 4(109): John Kelly, RB, Tennessee
Kelly has an undeniable ability to make guys miss and breaking tackles despite standing only 5’ 9. The Tennessee product also has upside as a running back that can be utilized on passing downs with his crisp route running and reliable hands that could be a matchup nightmare for linebackers that can’t be relied upon in coverage. With Chris Thompson being injury prone, Kelly could be a relied upon on third downs and passing sets if Thompson were to be injured or to create a mismatch coming out of the backfield for linebackers. Apart from Kelly’s ability to catch the ball, it’s also a treat to watch him run with the ball which gives him to chance to become the starting running back for the Redskins if he were to impress in the training camp in the preseason. Kelly’s tape will show that he’s a tough, physical runner that is capable to shed arm tackles and is not afraid to try and run over a defender to gain an extra few yards after contact. While he doesn’t have the “home run” speed to breakaway from the second level defenders he often uses a great cutback move that can make defenders miss. Ultimately I wouldn’t see him taking up a large percentage of the carries and if he were to be named the starter I would think the Redskins would establish a RBBC and utilize their backs on specific downs and situations to create match up problems out of the backfield. 
Round 5(142): Parry Nickerson
With the Redskins packaging Kendall Fuller in the trade to get Alex Smith, the Skins will be needing a new slot corner. We hope that Orlando Scandrick can fill the void, inking a 2 year deal worth up to $10 million., but there’s no chance our front office should be considering him as a long term solution at the position. 
After missing out on Duke Dawson in the 4th round, I was ecstatic that our next cornerback on the board fell to us in the 5th round. Though he doesn’t play to quite the competition that some of the other cornerbacks that went before him in the class do, Nickerson arguably has the best ball skills out of any cornerback this class. In addition, he tied for the fastest 40 yard dash time, running a 4.32. Nickerson has a wiry frame so he could struggle with bigger, more physical receivers, this will likely result in him moving inside to cover the slot position. Despite his frame, Nickerson has many attributes you look for in a great cornerback at the next level. Those include being able to play without over the top help due to his speed and high pointing ability, top notch ball skills, loose hips that allow him to mirror receivers, can play both off-man and press, and great football instincts that allow him to react accordingly to passes. I really think this was a steal at this spot in the draft and can’t wait to see how Nickerson can impact a team in the NFL.
Round 5(163): Keke Coutee, WR, Texas Tech
With Jamison Crowder’s rookie deal coming to a close after the 2018 season, the Redskins could be looking for anew slot receiver to fill his role. I’m a huge Crowder fan, but after taking a step back last year and coughing the ball up a total of 6 times there needs to be some competition in place for him to strive to be the slot receiver we Redskins fans know he can be. That being said, Coutee could easily step in as the new return man for the Skins so Crowder doesn’t have to handle return duties as well as stepping in as the WR4 on the depth chart. Coutee has the potential to be a unique slot receiver that has the speed to blow the top off of defenses. In order for him to do that he’ll need to improve is route running instead of relying solely on his speed. He’ll also need to get stronger and tougher both mentally and physically if he wants to thrive with the rigors of playing in the NFL. The talent is there and he has the athleticism and speed to become a lethal weapon on the football field, being 5’ 11, running a 4.43, and having a 34.5 vertical, Coutee has the attributes to be a highlight reel type of receiver. If Crowder and him were to be on the field at the same time - along with speed demon Paul Richardson attracting safety help - Josh Doctson’s production could reach the potential Redskins fans have been waiting for and have seen flashes of last season.
Trading picks 201, 205, 231, and 241 to Miami for a 2019 4th and 7th round pick. I really feel as if this trade was a steal for us. I understand that as a mock draft we should explore player in each and every round, and even though the trades were hypothetical, that if this trade were to present itself than it would be impossible to pass up. Once you’re looking at the later round picks, you’re really looking at depth guys and special teams players; if they’re lucky. To get a 4th round picks means we could potentially add another starter or eventual starter to our roster for the 2019 season. With as many compensation picks that we’re receiving next year we could always parlay those picks we added into moving up in the draft to better our position for players we believe are worth trading up for. This was essentially my thought process behind the whole trade; one in which we believe we came out on top of.
Conclusion All in all, I had a really fun time being the GM of my favorite team. I think that each and every pick would have the chance to step in and be a starter for this team the moment they walked in the door. I can genuinely see Vita Vea and Austin Corbett making a great impact on the Redskins roster and helping us win games off the bat. To make things better, we fulfilled a goal of ours for our pre-draft plan by adding a 3rd round pick without having to trade, or trade away any future picks. In addition we were able to gather a future 4th and 7th round pick to increase our draft capital in 2019. Overall, it was a great experience and I learned a lot about what it means to not only operate as a general manager (in the smallest of sample sizes) but also what it takes to analyze and breakdown film of future draft prospects looking to enter the National Football League.
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2017.11.14 09:31 Lachie07 A Statistical breakdown of who gave the most confessionals from each seasons!

So the overload of Ryan confessional's has got me a little worried but also intrigued about who gets given confessionals in any given season. So whilst we all love the 5 "I am the greatest of all time' confessionals from Russell each episode, I thought it would be interesting to analyse a little closer. Specifically who got the most confessionals in each season, how they are seen now, their Survivor legacy and whether they have returned! Sources for the below will vary!
Season 1 - Borneo - Richard Hatch - 91 Confessionals - Winner So Richard the very first winner of Survivor received 10 more confessionals then runner-up Kelly. He is known for being a funny character but also one of the first true strategic players. He is without doubt a legend, a member of the Survivor Hall of fame and has returned once.
Season 2 - Australian Outback - Colby Donaldson - 98 Confessionals - Runner-Up - Colby received 28 confessionals more then Keith (who had the second highest) and 29 more than Tina (The Winner). He is one of the first true Survivor Alpha males and was hugely popular in the early 2000s. His confessional game is strong with the famous scene with Jerri about Chocolate been number 1. Tina winning probably was a shock at the time given his air time but she is brilliant all the same. Colby like Richard is irrefutably a legend, who has returned twice.
Season 3 - Africa - Lex van den Berghe - 82 Confessionals - 3rd Place - Lex had 17 more then Ethan the winner and holder of the 2nd most confessionals. He is probably considered a legend (I'm trying not to be a Russell and argue who is and isn't a legend) or at least a highly popular early character, he has returned once!.
Season 4 - Marquesas - Kathy Vavrick O'Brien - 77 Confessionals - 3rd Place One of the first great strategic women, Kathy played a superb game in Marquesas but ultimately fell short. She received 28 more confessionals then Sean and double that of the Winner Vecepia. This was a surprising result and showed a tendency for the edit to follow the bigger strategic characters rather than just the winner. She is probably not considered a legend but is a very popular player and has returned once.
Season 5 - Thailand - Helen Glover - 60 Confessionals - 4th Place - Was seriously surprised she received 7 more confessionals then Brian. Probably one of the more surprising holders of this record. Not one of the most popular players and the first from the 5 seasons not to have returned (indicitive of Thailand's popularity).
Season 6 - Amazon - Rob Cesternino - 94 Confessionals - 3rd Place - Maybe the greatest confessional givers of all time, Rob received 37 more than Jenna the winner. From the Machete scene with Matt, the fire scene with Butch and the Heidi possibility Rob deserved each and every one of his confessionals. He is considered by most a legend, a Survivor Hall of Fame member and has returned once.
Season 7 - Pearl Islands - Rupert Boneham - 59 Confessionals - 8th Place - The King of over bearing TV personalities (with Russell) this is the only time I don't find Rupert unbearable. He had one more confessional then Johnny Fairplay and 5 more than the bad mouthed Queen. He is a legend, Survivor Hall of Famer and sadly (for me at least) returned 3 times.
Season 8 - All Stars - Rob Mariano - 68 Confessionals - Runner-up Boston Rob another of those who loves returning. Probst's favourite is a great confessional giver though in my opinion. His scene with Lex, relationship with Amber, mocking others and his coldblooded game play were the central themes of All-Stars. He is a legend, Survivor Hall of Famer and subsequently returned twice.
Season 9 - Vanuatu - Chris Daugherty - 75 Confessionals - Winner - If either of the Rob's isn't the King of confessionals Chris for me is. He is great and Funny115 illustrates this brilliantly. Super funny and a great strategist Chris is conducive for brilliant television. He probably isn't considered a legend but he is a great winner and Sadly has never returned (Thanks Probst).
Season 10 - Palau - Stephenie LaGrossa - 60 Confessionals - 7th place - Stephenie received one more than Tom (which kinda pissed me off tbh). Known for the fall of Ulong and being a fighter Stephenie was the first truly nationally popular female. She is probably seen as a legend and returned twice.
Season 11 - Guatemala - Stephenie LaGrossa - 62 Confessionals - Runner-Up - Truly one of the most popular players, Stephenie is the first to go back to back with this distinct honour. Probably seen in a darker light this season she still remained highly popular and returned once more.
Season 12 - Panama - Cirie Fields - 63 Confessionals - 4th Place - 7 more then Captain America, Cirie brokeout in Panama as one of the great strategic players. Overcoming her fear of leaves the woman who got of the couch had one of the great character arc and unlike some of the four timers her 3 returnee appearances were justified, she is a legend and a hall of famers!
Season 13 - Cook Islands - Ozzy Lusth - 46 Confessionals - Runner-Up Another one of the 4 timers who killed it on their first season. The jungle boy received one more than Yul. The challenge beast was one of the power players in the Aitu 4. He is a legend, Hall of famer and returned 4 times and fished his way to 4 losses.
Season 14 - Fiji - Earl Cole - 59 Confessionals - Winner - 7 more than the underrated Alex, the King of Cool was great at confessionals. His tribe early often failed, his relationship with Yau-Man and his brilliance post-merge were topics of discussion. He is considered by some to be a legend, by most a top-tiered winner and sadly he has not returned nor has he been included in the Survivor Hall of Fame.
Season 15 - China - Todd Herzog - 60 Confessionals - Winner One of the many characters on this great season. Todd gives a great confessional and worked brilliantly with Amanda and Courtney. He hasn't returned yet however (for external reasons) but is one of the very popular winners.
Season 16 - Micronesia - Cirie Fields - 52 Confessionals - 3rd Place - A notable achievement to be the top confessional giver in a season with Parvati, Amanda and Ozzy. She was great again and unlucky perhaps not to win, she has won twice again.
Season 17 - Gabon - Sugar Kiper - 51 Confessionals - 2nd Runner-Up - On a season as crazy as Gabon it is only right that someone like Sugar gets the most confessionals. Personally not a massive fan of her she has returned once however and was irrefutably a massive influence on her Season.
Season 18 - Tocantins - James 'JT' Thomas - 71 Confessionals - Winner One of the great winning performances JT dominated this season and with his partner in crime (Fishbach) provided great entertainment. He is surprisingly not in the Hall of Fame and has returned twice (with an incredible depreciation in performance).
Season 19 - Samoa - Russell Hantz - 108 Confessionals - Runner-UP(The game is Flawed!) - YUCK, YUCK, YUCK this guy just hogged screen time in Samoa and amazingly had 93 more confessionals then the winner Natalie White. He also reintroduced me to Survivor thanks to the not so subtle Aussie advertising and whilst not as heroic as my last seen player (Tom Westman) he was very compelling. He will convince anyone who will listen he is a Legend and I am prone to agree, he has returned twice and is a Hall of Famer.
Season 20 - Heroes vs Villains - Russell Hantz - 68 Confessionals - 2nd Runner-Up - See above...Slightly less exposure.
Season 21 - Nicaragua - NaOnka Mixon - 50 Confessionals - = 8th Place - WTF!!! This is more egregious then the spelling of her name. She was a emotional, dramatic princess that ate up screentime and then quit. Whilst the dichotomy between her an Kelly is homorous it is quite remarkable she received the most. She is not a legend and thankfully has never returned.
Season 22 - Rob's Island - Rob Mariano - 89 Confessionals - Winner - Double that of the next highest, WHO WAS FUCKING PHILLIP is the main reason this season sucks! Rob finally got his win and played a dominating game against poor competition. I still like his confessional game here (particularly the idol clue in the Volcano).
Season 23 - South Pacific - Benjamin 'Your name isn't Coach' Wade - 74 Confessionals - Runner-Up - The fact that he is the highest and the next highest is Cochran 1.0, is the main reason this season sucks. He was the leader of Upolu and is very entertaining in confessionals to be fair, except when he rams religious propoganda down your throat. His 3rd return, *he is a legend and in the Hall of Fame.(
Season 24 - Kim's World - Kim Spradlin - 55 Confessionals - Winner - Kim is widely seen as the greatest winner of all time and is my personal favourite player ever (with Tom). Kim Fucking ran shit in One World and was good at everything. She is seen as someone who isn't a great character but in a season with people like Kat, Christina, Tarzan etc it is refreshing not to see an over the top, emotional player. She was calm, measured and did her job and gave solid game confessionals highlighting her game play which involved maximising relationships, multiple options, blindsiding opponents and maintaining trust. Kim is seen as a Legend, is a Hall of Famer and for family reasons is yet to return.
Season 25 - Philippines - Malcolm Freberg - 64 Confessionals - 4th Place - Golden boy got the golden edit. The failure of Matsing, ridicule of Abby and his relationship with Denise are the reasons for him topping the list. Probably just not quite a legend but one of the most popular players ever and has returned twice (I'm reluctant to include the time production fucked him over).
Season 26 - Caramoan - John Cochran - 67 Confessionals - Winner - The second version of Cochran was much better strategically. He played a much better strategic game and I personally loved his self-depreciating humour. He is probably seen as a legend (see his constant appearances at finale's and the bullshit Game Changers twist) and is a Surivor Hall of Famer.
Season 27 - Blood vs Water - Tyson Apostol - 49 Confessionals - Winner - The most measured version of Tyson and some say the least funny, he still was the king of the roast and played a very good game. 4 more than the girl who voted off her mum Tyson proved he could narrate a season and maintain good gameplay on his 3rd appearance. He is probably not quite seen as a legend and is not yet in the Hall of Fame.
Season 28 - Cagayan - Tony Vlachos - 90 Confessionals - Winner - Probably my favourite character ever, Tony is so funny! A great player conducive to entertaining TV Tony is a great casting choice. There are so many great confessionals that made Tony a Legend, a Hall of Famer (and one time returnee).
Season 29 - San Juan Del Sur - Jon Misch - 54 Confessionals - 6th Place - One of the Stranger Edit, Jon was the apparent winner of the season. He was the narrator and got loads of Screen Time. One of the more obscure holders of this honour I would like to see Jon play again, yet he hasn't done so yet.
Season 30 - World's Apart - Mike Holloway - 73 Confessionals - Winner - Happy dancing his way to the win, Mike was a hard working winner that I personally really liked. He is a good character but certainly not considered a legend by most, yet to return but you have to imagine he will be out there sometime soon.
Season 31 - Cambodia - Spencer Bledsoe - 56 Confessionals - = Runner-UP - 12 more than both Jeremy and Kelley in a season full of gamebots Spencer was the perfect player to get this honour. I personally like him but am aware he isn't the most popular he is yet to return again but like Mike you would imagine it would have to happen one day soon.
Season 32 - Kaoh Rong - Tai Trang - 74 Confessionals - 2nd Runner-Up - Giving the most confessionals to a guy who speaks broken English may seem strange but he was very popular. The narrative with him Scot and Jason as well as with Aubry were central story lines. He has returned once but probably isn't quite seen as a legend despite his high ranking in both seasons.
Season 33 - Millennials vs Gen X - David Wright - 56 Confessionals - 4th Place - The nerdy bloke who turned into a great strategic mind fake idols and all. He will likely return someday and is a massive fan favourite. With 'scared of life' one of the most inspiring confessionals ever.
Season 34 - Game Changers - Sarah Lacina - 45 Confessionals - Winner - The 'Criminal' is the first women since Kim to get this record of most confessionals in a season. She was a bit dead pan but like Kim her game play was brilliant enough that it warranted all the attention she got.
Survivor Confessional Records
Winners (Not you Russell) - Richard Hatch, Chris Daugherty, Earl Cole, Todd Herzog, James 'JT' Thomas, Rob Mariano, Kim Spradlin, John Cochran, Tyson Apostol, Tony Vlachos, Mike Holloway, Sarah Lacina. (12/34)
Women record holders - 10
Men Record Holders - 24
Multiple Record Holders - Stephenie LaGrossa (2), Cirie Fields (2), Russell Hantz (2), Rob Mariano (2).
Hall of Famers - Rob Mariano, Russell Hantz, Richard Hatch, Cirie Fields, Ozzy Lusth, Rob Cesternino, Kim Spradlin, John Cochran, Coach Wade, Tony Vlachos, Rupert Boneham.
I have spent 40 minutes of my life better but here's the track record on confessionals for anyone interested.
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2017.10.09 16:50 autotldr Amazon reportedly passed on the chance to bid on The Handmaid’s Tale and Big Little Lies

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 25%. (I'm a bot)
In the great streaming wars, Netflix dominates, Hulu is ascendant thanks to The Handmaid's Tale, and Amazon is still trying to figure out what the heck it wants to do.
After the network decided to deemphasize its pilot season and Jeff Bezos pushed for the site to make its own Game of Thrones, a new piece from The Wall Street Journal paints a grim picture of the state of the company's entertainment division.
Amazon reportedly passed on the chance to bid on The Handmaid's Tale and Big Little Lies and has alienated many on the creative side.
David E. Kelley, who wrote Big Little Lies and left Amazon's Goliath because of creative differences with Billy Bob Thornton, described the creative division as "a bit of a gong show. They are in way over their heads." Shawn Ryan, of the canceled Mad Dogs, said the site's conflicting notes put "Everything in chaos" and weren't "Artist friendly."
People working with Amazon also told the WSJ that the site's executives pushed employees to include their friends and romantic partners in projects.
After a conflict-of-interest review, Amazon passed on the script.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Amazon#1 pushed#2 site#3 include#4 creative#5
Post found in /television.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2017.09.15 18:31 ZappaOMatic Race Sponsor Spotlight: Chicagoland

Let the playoffs begin (for the Cup Series). All three series are heading to Chicagoland Speedway this weekend, with the Cup Series running the Tales of the Turtles 400, Xfinity with the TheHouse.com 300, and the Trucks with the TheHouse.com 225.
Cup: Tales of the Turtles 400
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' network Nickelodeon has made sporadic appearances in NASCAR. At the 2003 Pepsi 400, Jimmie Johnson ran a SpongeBob SquarePants car, in which he finished 18th. A year later, to promote the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, Nickelodeon sponsored the Charlotte fall Busch race, naming it the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie 400. In the event, Johnson and Kyle Busch drove SpongeBob and Patrick cars, respectively; they finished 3rd and 5th. At the following day's Cup race, Casey Mears' #41 also promoted the movie (he finished 20th).
During the 2012 season, Jeff Gordon appeared in a commercial promoting the show Team Umizoomi. At the Bank of America 500, he drove the #24 TMNT car to an 18th-place finish, while Ryan Newman finished 20th in the #39 TMNT car. Two years later, in the Nationwide Series, Tomy Drissi promoted Michael Bay's TMNT movie at the Watkins Glen and Mid-Ohio races, while Chris Buescher promoted the TMNT show at Atlanta.
In 2015, Nickelodeon returned to NASCAR to sponsor the Kansas spring race, naming it the SpongeBob SquarePants 400. At the previous week's Talladega Xfinity race, Darrell Wallace Jr.'s paint scheme featured the familiar yellow sponge. For the SpongeBob SquarePants 400 weekend, Greg Biffle (12th), Casey Mears (19th), Ty Dillon (26th), David Ragan (33rd), Michael McDowell (36th), and even the Truck Series' Ben Kennedy (9th) sported character cars. To say the racing was full of shenanigans would be an understatement: with spongy SAFER barriers, Biffle possibly being traumatized by SpongeBob standing behind him at a press conference, a somewhat unsettling SpongeBob face as cars drove by the backstretch, Ragan promoting the show even as he wrecked, and Johnson winning one of the creepiest trophies ever, it was quite a weekend.
For the 2016 Chicagoland Cup race, Nickelodeon and TMNT came aboard as race sponsor, dubbing it the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 400. At Friday's Truck race, John Hunter Nemechek piloted a half-and-half TMNT truck and finished 14th. During the Xfinity race, Daniel Suárez and Wallace drove Michelangelo and Shredder cars to 4th- and 20th-place finishes, respectively. Danica Patrick (24th), Ty Dillon (in place of Regan Smith, finished 27th), Landon Cassill (29th), Ragan (35th), McDowell (37th), and Joey Gase (40th) all ran TMNT schemes in Sunday's race. The race was renamed the Tales of the Turtles 400 in 2017, for which the following drivers sported TMNT schemes: Matt DiBenedetto, Jeffrey Earnhardt, Matt Tifft, John Hunter Nemechek, and Jennifer Jo Cobb. While not a TMNT car, Wallace's #98 will feature a Nickelodeon Slime theme. Speaking of slime, the Cup race winner will get slimed in Victory Lane. Better than Gatorade baths, right?
Various NASCAR drivers have made cameos in Nick shows. In 2016, Johnson, Patrick, Chase Elliott, and Kasey Kahne guest starred in an episode of Blaze and the Monster Machines. Karsyn Elledge, the granddaughter of Dale Earnhardt and daughter of Kelley Earnhardt Miller, hosts the Nick series NASCAR Hammer Down. Ryan Blaney and Bubba are also detectives when they're on Nickelodeon, but that's a story for another time.
Nick's Kids' Choice Sports Awards have also seen NASCAR drivers. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Patrick were nominated for Best Male and Female Athletes in 2014; Patrick was once again a candidate for Best Female Athlete in 2015, while Joey Logano was nominated for Best Newcomer and Earnhardt was a nominee for the Don't Try This At Home Award; in 2016, Kyle Busch lost out to LeBron James for Best Male Athlete, while Jimmie Johnson lost to Usain Bolt for the Need for Speed Award. At the 2017 Sports Awards, Earnhardt was a finalist for Best Male Athlete, while Patrick was one for Queen of Swag. Earnhardt, Patrick, and Johnson were all nominees for Need for Speed, but the triple NASCAR threat still lost to Bolt. While NASCAR's luck at the Sports Awards hasn't been the greatest, Patrick is a three-time Favorite Female Athlete of the Kids' Choice Awards, winning in 2008, 2012, and 2013.
Xfinity: TheHouse.com 300/Truck: TheHouse.com 225
Both the Xfinity and the Truck race will be sponsored by TheHouse.com, with the Cup race at the track also receiving sponsorship in 2018. The company, whose chairman is Camping World's Marcus Lemonis, sells outdoor gear and other equipment like bikes and snowboards. The upcoming races marks the first times TheHouse.com has served as a sponsor in NASCAR.
"I am excited to bring the number #1 outdoor gear retailer, TheHouse.com, to the NASCAR family," Lemonis said. "The city of Chicago is dynamic and the opportunity to partner with the Chicagoland Speedway was simply too good to pass up. The ability to own the weekend in 2018 and 2019 presents tremendous opportunity for awareness and exposure for this great business."
Let's go racing.
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2017.07.07 16:21 tulsanewsbot What's happening around town (Fri, Jul 7th - Tue, Jul 11th)

Tulsa's event list.

Friday, Jul 7th

  • 5th Element Band (C. J. Moloney's - Broken Arrow) Start Time: 9:00pm
  • 7 Blue Jazz Trio (hey mambo - Tulsa) Start Time: 6:30pm
  • All Star Team Roping Finals presented by Montana Silversmiths (Expo Square: Built Ford Tough Livestock Complex - Tulsa) Thru Sun, Jul 9th Gather in the Ford Truck Arena at Tulsa Expo Square for a weekend spent watching the All Star Team Roping Finals. Team…
  • American Shorthorn Association Junior Nationals (Expo Square: Built Ford Tough Livestock Complex - Tulsa) 1 day left Head to Tulsa Expo Square for the American Shorthorn Association Junior Nationals. For the main event, watch as…
  • Daniel Jordan (The Hunt Club - Tulsa) Start Time: 10:00pm
  • Dermis by Waad Almujalli; TAC (Hardesty Arts Center (AHHA) - Tulsa) Thru Sun, Jul 9th Start Time: 10:00am
  • Tulsa Drillers versus Frisco (ONEOK Field - Tulsa) Last Day Start Time: 7:00pm
  • 🏆 Drillers vs RoughRiders (ONEOK Field - Tulsa) Last Day vs Frisco RoughRiders News on 6 Friday Night Fireworks
  • Eric Tessemer Band and Dane and the Soup (Mercury Lounge - Tulsa) Start Time: 10:00pm Mercury Lounge
    • Tulsa OK The Eric Tessmer Band Eric Tessemer Band, Dane and the Soup
  • Fair Meadows Live Racing (Expo Square: Fair Meadows Race Track - Tulsa) Thru Sun, Jul 9th
  • 🎨 First Friday Art Crawl Artist Kelsey Quick (Soundpony Lounge - Tulsa) Start Time: 8:00pm Stop by Philbrook Downtown and see what's new. Free admission 6-9pm. ABOUT FIRST FRIDAYS: Arrive early and stay late! Discover Tulsa's hidden gem of an Art Crawl experience, which is organically growing and changing every First Friday of the month. The historic streets are abuzz with all sorts of art activity. World-renowned neighborhood…
  • Identity & Inspiration and Game On! - Oklahoma superstar larger than life (Philbrook Downtown - Tulsa) Last Day Start Time: 11:00am
  • Jazz Under the Stars: Starlight Jazz Band (Guthrie Green - Tulsa) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Johnathan Rodriguez (Soundpony Lounge - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • LaFortune 1st Fri. Concert (The Gardens - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:00pm From May - September, enjoy great local talent outdoors in the Gardens on the first Friday of each month. A variety of family friendly Classic Rock, Swing and Blues. Bring a lawn chaiblanket. Sponsored by Tulsa County Parks, American Bank & Trust and the Oklahoma Arts Council. Free. Cherrie Lewallen (918) 496-6220 [email protected]
  • 😂 Mike Merryfield (Loony Bin - Tulsa) 1 day left
  • Pie Night (Antoinette Baking Co. - Tulsa) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 5:00pm
  • Rooted, Revived, Reinvented: Basketry in America (108Contemporary - Tulsa) Last Day Start Time: 12:00pm
  • Starlight Bands Summer Concert Series (Guthrie Green - Tulsa) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Stitch: Beyond Function (Hardesty Arts Center (AHHA) - Tulsa) 1 day left Start Time: 12:00pm

Saturday, Jul 8th

  • All Star Team Roping Finals presented by Montana Silversmiths (Expo Square: Built Ford Tough Livestock Complex - Tulsa) 1 day left Gather in the Ford Truck Arena at Tulsa Expo Square for a weekend spent watching the All Star Team Roping Finals. Team…
  • American Shorthorn Association Junior Nationals (Expo Square: Built Ford Tough Livestock Complex - Tulsa) Last Day Head to Tulsa Expo Square for the American Shorthorn Association Junior Nationals. For the main event, watch as…
  • Amped (The Hunt Club - Tulsa) Start Time: 10:00pm
  • 🏆 Tulsa Athletic vs Little Rock Rangers (LaFortune Stadium - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:30pm
  • Cherry Street Farmers Market (Tulsa) Thru Sun, Oct 22nd Start Time: 7:00am
  • Dermis by Waad Almujalli; TAC (Hardesty Arts Center (AHHA) - Tulsa) 1 day left Start Time: 10:00am
  • 🏃 The Diva Dash 5k (BOK Center - Tulsa) Start Time: 8:00am Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma has once again been chosen as The Charity Partner for the 2017 Diva Dash 5K. We would love to have council members either run or volunteer! The Diva Dash 5K & Lil' Princess Girls Run Tulsa will be Saturday, July 8 at 8 am at the BOK Center, Tulsa, OK. 5K participants receive a race shirt, custom bib, and finishers…
  • DJ Whynot (Soundpony Lounge - Tulsa) Start Time: 9:30pm
  • DJ WHYNOT (Soundpony Lounge - Tulsa) Start Time: 10:30pm
  • Tulsa Drillers versus Midland (ONEOK Field - Tulsa) Thru Mon, Jul 10th Start Time: 7:00pm
  • 🏆 Drillers vs RockHounds (ONEOK Field - Tulsa) Thru Mon, Jul 10th vs Midland RockHounds McElroy Make A Difference Monday & Mega Money Monday
  • Eric Strauss (Soundpony Lounge - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • Fair Meadows Live Racing (Expo Square: Fair Meadows Race Track - Tulsa) 1 day left
  • Fitness on the Green: Bootcamp (Guthrie Green - Tulsa) Start Time: 5:30pm
  • Tulsa Flea Market (Expo Square: River Spirit Expo - Tulsa)
  • FREE ADMISSION Identity & Inspiration and Game On! - Oklahoma superstar larger than life (Philbrook Downtown - Tulsa) Start Time: 11:00am
  • Free DaySecond Saturday (Philbrook Downtown - Tulsa) Start Time: 10:00am Free. Family. Fun. Bring the whole family for Philbrook Second Saturday. Free admission all day and a variety of hands-on activities (until 4pm). Don't miss it!
  • Kendall Whittier Mercado (Kendall-Whittier - Tulsa) Once a week, scope out handmade goods and pieces of art on display at the Kendall Whittier Mercado. Started in 2017,…
  • Midnight Moon Music: The Dark Side of Philbrook (SOLD OUT) (Philbrook Downtown - Tulsa) Start Time: 11:00pm THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT! To mark Pink Floyd’s 50th anniversary, 50 lucky guests will gather at Philbrook for an unforgettable experience. See the full moon over the the Philbrook Gardens through high-powered telescopes from our private balcony (not usually accessible to public), then listen to Dark Side of the Moon in it’s entirety under our…
  • 😂 Mike Merryfield (Loony Bin - Tulsa) Last Day
  • Miko The Artist (Blackbird On Pearl - Tulsa) Start Time: 9:00pm
  • Tulsa Our City (Guthrie Green - Tulsa) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Pie Night (Antoinette Baking Co. - Tulsa) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 5:00pm
  • RK Shows Inc. Gun & Knife Show (Expo Square: Central Park Hall - Tulsa) Day 1 of 2 For a high quality gun show with great prices and selection, visit the R.K. Gun & Knife Show in Tulsa. RK Shows…
  • Tulsa Rock, Mineral & Jewelry Show & Sale (Expo Square: Exchange Center - Tulsa) Day 1 of 2 Head to Tulsa Expo Square to join other gem & mineral enthusiasts in a two-day gathering. Head inside the Exchange…
  • Second Saturday Architecture Tour (Tulsa) Take a fun and educational walking tour through downtown Tulsa the second Saturday of each month with the Tulsa…
  • The South Austin Moonlighters (Mercury Lounge - Tulsa) Start Time: 10:00pm
  • Stitch: Beyond Function (Hardesty Arts Center (AHHA) - Tulsa) Last Day Start Time: 12:00pm
  • wellRED comedy tour: Trae Crowder (The Liberal Redneck), Drew Morgan, Corey Ryan Forrester (Cain's Ballroom - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:00pm OUTBACK CONCERTS PRESENTS wellRED comedy tour featuring Trae Crowder (The Liberal Redneck), Drew Morgan, Corey Ryan Forrester This event is all ages VIP Reserved $55 (Rows A - D, plus a post show Meet & Greet) Reserved $30 (Rows E - X) There is a $2 fee that applies to each ticket purchased at the Cain's Box Office. No re-entry! No smoking! No…

Sunday, Jul 9th

Monday, Jul 10th

  • Dawn Patrol (Floor Show!)Holy Void and Disparity Gospel (The Vanguard - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:00pm Dawn Patrol (Floor Show!)Holy Void, Disparity GospelMon 7/10Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm This event is all ages
  • Tulsa Drillers versus Midland (ONEOK Field - Tulsa) Last Day Start Time: 7:00pm
  • 🏆 Drillers vs RockHounds (ONEOK Field - Tulsa) Last Day vs Midland RockHounds McElroy Make A Difference Monday & Mega Money Monday
  • Fitness on the Green: Defend Together (Guthrie Green - Tulsa) Start Time: 6:30pm
  • Fitness on the Green: YOGA (Guthrie Green - Tulsa) Start Time: 5:30pm
  • Rilla Askew: Notes From A Wounded Place (Tulsa Central Library - Zink Study Room - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:00pm Co-presented by Tulsa City-County Library. In her first nonfiction collection, award-winning novelist Rilla Askew casts an unflinching eye on American history, both past and present. As she traverses a line between memoir and social commentary, Askew places herself—and indeed all Americans—in the role of witness to uncomfortable truths…

Tuesday, Jul 11th

  • The Cairo Gang + CFM (Soundpony Lounge - Tulsa) Start Time: 9:00pm
  • Dermis by Waad Almujalli; TAC (Hardesty Arts Center (AHHA) - Tulsa) Thru Sun, Jul 16th Start Time: 10:00am
  • Night at the Movies with Starlight Band (Guthrie Green - Tulsa) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • Short Leash, Route (Floor Show!), Gold Route and Undervalued (The Vanguard - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:00pm The Vanguard and Bros. Houligan Presents...Short Leash, Gold Route (Floor Show!)UndervaluedTue 7/11Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm This event is all ages
  • Tuesday Night Open-Mic (Gypsy Coffee House & Cyber Cafe - Tulsa) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • Wink Burcham, Jacob Tovar (Mercury Lounge - Tulsa) Start Time: 10:00pm Mercury Lounge
    • Tulsa OK Wink Burcham & Jacob Tovar Wink Burcham, Jacob Tovar

See Also

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2017.07.02 18:26 feedreddit THE PRESIDENT posts a video of himself pummeling a man with CNN logo on his face -- CNN: ‘We will keep doing our jobs. He should start doing his’ -- SASSE punts on '20

THE PRESIDENT posts a video of himself pummeling a man with CNN logo on his face -- CNN: ‘We will keep doing our jobs. He should start doing his’ -- SASSE punts on '20
by [email protected] (Daniel Lippman) via POLITICO - TOP Stories
URL: http://ift.tt/2tALnd9
THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES tweeted a 28-second video of himself punching someone whose face is covered by the CNN logo. The altered video is from one of his appearances 10 years ago on WWE.
THE TWEET -- THE PRESIDENT at 9:21 a.m.: “#FraudNewsCNN #FNN” http://bit.ly/2sfIASR
LET’S BE CLEAR -- The president has just sent his 33 million followers a video of himself pummeling a man covered by the CNN logo. CNN anchors and reporters -- indeed, anchors and reporters from many media outlets -- have been threatened and harassed. The president tweeted this message from the comfort of his summer golf home in New Jersey, surrounded by Secret Service. Meanwhile journalists are in the field, across the country and the world.
THE WHITE HOUSE keeps telling us the president wants to talk about policy, but the media doesn’t want to cover it. Since June 30, the president has tweeted once about health care -- and it was to suggest a new strategy for Republicans. He has tweeted eight times about the media.
CNN’s FIERY RESPONSE: “It is a sad day when the President of the United States encourages violence against reporters. Clearly, Sarah Huckabee Sanders lied when she said the President had never done so. Instead of preparing for his overseas trip, his first meeting with Vladimir Putin, dealing with North Korea and working on his health care bill, he is instead involved in juvenile behavior far below the dignity of his office. We will keep doing our jobs. He should start doing his.”
THE WHITE HOUSE did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the tweet.
FROM A D.C. REPUBLICAN: “Lord almighty. It seriously gets worse every day.”
-- @NancyPelosi: “Violence & violent imagery to bully the press must be rejected. This #July4th, celebrate freedom of the press, guardians to our democracy”.
TOM BOSSERT, the president’s homeland security adviser, walked onto Martha Raddatz’s set on ABC’s “This Week” just moments after the tweet posted. Jake showed him the video on his iPhone just as he was walking out of the green room. Raddatz asked him for his reaction on set. “There’s a lot of cable news shows that reach directly into hundreds of thousands of viewers that are really not very fair to the president. So I’m very proud of the president for developing a Twitter and social media platform where he can talk directly to the American people.” He said Trump is the most “genuine president” and “non-politician president” in our time. “No one would perceive that as a threat,” Bossert said.
BUZZFEED: “The edited version of the clip has circulated on Reddit’s The_Donald -- which has become a hub for followers of alt-right, far-right, and Trump supporters -- over the last few days prior to the President tweeting it. It is not clear how the president became aware of the clip.” http://bzfd.it/2uyuwVv
-- REMEMBER: A few weeks ago, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) was shot and he now lays in a Washington hospital recovering. The president, at that time, called for the country to unify. He was roundly praised. Republicans and Democrats said it was time to ratchet down the political rhetoric.
ANA NAVARRO, on “This Week”: “It is an incitement to violence. He is going to get somebody killed in the media. Maybe that will stop him.”
KEEP IN MIND -- Ben Jacobs, a reporter from The Guardian, was recently bodyslammed by a congressional candidate.
BY THE WAY … The man whose face is covered up appears to be Vince McMahon, the husband of Small Business Administrator Linda McMahon. See the original clip from 10 years agohttp://bit.ly/2t5V2Yx
-- BARACK OBAMA in Jakarta, Indonesia, per the AP: “‘I wasn’t worried about what was in the newspapers today,’ former President Barack Obama said Saturday during a nostalgic visit to Indonesia's capital, his childhood home. ‘What I was worried about was, ‘What are they going to write about me 20 years from now when I look back?’” http://bit.ly/2uxxI3E
-- MITCH MCCONNELL, per the AP, in Kentucky: “‘If Republican Senators are unable to pass what they are working on now, they should immediately REPEAL, and then REPLACE at a later date!’ Trump wrote early Friday. Later that day, McConnell told reporters after an event in his home state of Kentucky that the health bill was challenging but ‘we are going to stick with that path.’ He added: ‘It’s not easy making America great again, is it?’” http://bit.ly/2t5w6jF
PRESIDENT TRUMP at the “Celebrate Freedom” rally honoring veterans last night at the Kennedy Center: “My administration is transferring power outside of Washington and returning it to where it belongs, the people. The fake media is trying to silence us but we will not let them. The people know the truth. The fake media tried to stop us from going to the White House, but I’m president and they’re not. … “The fact is the press destroyed themselves because they went too far. Instead of being subtle and smart, they used the hatchet and the people saw it right from the beginning. ... The dishonest media will not stop us from accomplishing our objectives on behalf of the American people. Their agenda is not your agenda.”
-- DESPITE THE BLUSTER, we’d venture to say President Trump has given nearly as many interviews to the New York Times and Washington Post since winning the presidency in November than Barack Obama did in eight years. Right?
-- @maggieNYT: “POTUS used July 4 vets event to attack the press/first amendment: ‘The fact is the press destroyed themselves because they went too far.’”
-- QUICK NOTE: Imagine if Barack Obama used a veterans event to attack the press.
THE NEW WALL STREET JOURNAL -- SAM WALKER, the deputy enterprise editor at the WSJ (@samwalkers): “Are WH attacks on TV media ‘news’? I dunno... These @shaneharris scoops definitely are: http://on.wsj.com/2sfE2vThttp://on.wsj.com/2tyk4QM
FOR POSTERITY [email protected] at 3:41 p.m.: “My use of social media is not Presidential - it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL. Make America Great Again!”
IVANKA WATCH -- “When Dad’s the president -- a look inside Ivanka Trump’s complicated world,” by WaPo’s Monica Hesse and Krissah Thompson: “Ivanka Trump’s office: clean, white, quiet. A zone of punctual start times and promptly-offered water bottles, and a conference table at which she conducts meetings. A short, winding walk away from her father’s Oval Office downstairs. She does not necessarily appreciate daily schedules. Neither does her father. When Ivanka needs to see the president, she stops by. When he needs to see her, he calls. When he wants her opinion, he asks for it and she gives it, but without expectation that it will be followed.She sees her role as not to persuade, but to inform and support ...
“Anyone who has invested in her the ability to change her father clearly doesn’t understand the dynamic that has always governed their relationship and also the dynamic of a president and his staff. After all, she works for him. ... When she disagrees with her dad, she asks herself whether the issue was a campaign promise or not. If it was, she readily suppresses her own wishes. She believes that doing otherwise would undermine what the American people voted for. She asks herself why her opinion is more right than the 46 percent of the country who put her father in office.” http://wapo.st/2tzSAKq
NOTHING TO SEE HERE -- “With health bill looming, senators aren’t rushing into the July Fourth spotlight,” by WaPo’s Paul Kane: “Sen. Susan Collins will celebrate the Fourth of July within view of the Canadian border, at a remote northeastern Maine town’s annual parade. Sen. Lisa Murkowski will appear on the other end of the continent in an old timber town on an isolated Alaskan island. These two Republican senators, critical swing votes in the debate over health-care legislation, are not exactly rushing into the public spotlight to engage their constituents on the controversial plan and their own decision-making about the proposal.
“Then again, at least they have released information about where they will be. That’s more than most Senate Republicans have done at the start of a 10-day break wrapped around the nation’s Independence Day celebration. This creates the belief among liberal activists that Republicans are trying to hide, which in turn primes every public moment to become that much more confrontational.” http://wapo.st/2tzSYZ9
-- W.H. LEGISLATIVE DIRECTOR MARC SHORT ON TIMING, to JOHN ROBERTS on “Fox News Sunday”: “Well, look, we’ve gone through a long process in the House and got it completed and passed in the House. We now are in the Senate where there’s been obviously a lot of procedural delays in this process. We are at the point of scoring two separate bills throughout the course of this recess this week. So, we hope that we come back the week after recess, we'll have a vote.”
WHAT BRAD PARSCALE IS READING -- “Pro-Trump Twitter operatives market paid tweets,” by Shawn Musgrave: “From the moment he declared his candidacy, President Trump commanded legions of online followers. Now, having helped win the White House, factions of self-made social media operatives are redirecting their skills and infrastructure to promote other candidates nationwide. Some are even vying to spin their experiences from the presidential race into new business models, seeking to promote other candidates by paying pro-Trump Twitter users to tweet and retweet scripted messages. Pro-Trump tweeters say they deserve at least partial credit for defeating Hillary Clinton, as well as for the string of Republican victories in recent special elections. A handful are pursuing paid gigs from aspiring conservative politicians, pitching their organized -- and often secretive -- follower networks to ‘America First’ candidates willing to pay.
“It’s an unproven concept, one viewed with skepticism from established campaign veterans and with varying levels of disdain from those who tweet Trump’s virtues for free. After all, Twitter derives its power from authentic, grass-roots messaging. But pay-to-tweet enthusiasts say they’re selling the future of social media strategy, and that candidates won’t have any choice but to pay.” http://politi.co/2tEmwFV
MAUREEN DOWD in the NYT: “Cruella de Trump”: “The 71-year-old president’s pathological inability to let go of slights; his strongman reflex to be the aggressor and bite back like a cornered animal, without regard for societal norms; his lack of self-awareness about the power he commands and the proportionality of his responses; his grotesque hunger for flattery and taste for Tony Soprano tactics; his Pravda partnership with David Pecker, the head honcho at The National Enquirer, which has been giving Trump the Il Duce treatment while sliming his political opponents, the ‘Morning Joe’ anchors and Megyn Kelly -- these are all matters that should alarm men and women equally.
“Trump has moved his shallow kiddie wading pool of gossip and ridicule from Trump Tower to the White House, where it is so outlandishly out of place that it often feels like we have a Page Six reporter as our president. … Before he got to D.C., Trump was used to media that could be bought, sold and bartered with. He is not built for this hostile environment and it shows in his deteriorating psychological state. Even though he’s in the safest space of all, he’s not in a safe space.” http://nyti.ms/2tye4rz
THE WHITE HOUSE appears to be putting more of their aides on television to talk about the president’s agenda. They had Tom Bossert, the president’s homeland security adviser, on ABC and Marc Short, the president’s legislative affairs director, on Fox. The Trump administration has had no one on the Sunday shows on many occasions. A few weeks ago, Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow went on the shows.
SUNDAY BEST -- HHS SECRETARY TOM PRICE to NBC’S CHUCK TODD on “MEET THE PRESS” -- TODD: “I’m just asking you as a father. If your son tweeted about a woman like that, what would you say to him?” PRICE: “Chuck, you know, this is really remarkable. You’ve got incredible challenges across this nation, incredible challenges around the world. The challenge that I've been given is to address the health care issues. And your program, a program with the incredible history of Meet the Press, and that’s what you want to talk about?” TODD: “I don’t.” PRICE:“Let me suggest to you that the American people want to talk about the challenges.”
TODD: “Mr. Secretary, I don’t. Mr. Secretary, with all due respect, you’re blaming me for what the president of the United States has spent his entire week focused on?” PRICE: “No. Listen to me, with all due respect. The American people are concerned about a health care system that is not providing choices, where premiums are going up, where insurance companies are vacating markets all across this land. And that’s what they want us to concentrate on. And that’s what they want us to fix. And that’s what I and the president are working on.”
-- CANCEL AUGUST RECESS: “Let's bring everybody into the room. Let’s do this full-time 18 hours a day, six days a week. Let’s cancel the August state work period, and let’s do it in full public view and have hearings and get to work on something that works better than Obamacare. We pledged that, and the American people deserve that.”
-- NO ANSWER ABOUT A 2020 CHALLENGE TO TRUMP: TAPPER: “So, senator, you're not taking that advice. In fact, you’re going to be crossing the Missouri on Friday, going to Iowa and speaking at the Judge Joseph Story Dinner. Is there any chance that you will challenge President Trump for the Republican nomination in 2020?”
SASSE: “Well, first of all, let’s be clear why I’m going to be in Iowa this weekend. I don’t want to admit it anywhere, let alone on national TV, but Nebraska lost to Iowa last year in a football game, and I lost a bet. So, I have to drive Uber in Iowa next weekend. So, that’s the reason I’m going to be in Iowa. It’s about Hawkeyes and Huskers’ bloodletting on the football field and the aftermath of that. But I don’t know who that guy is in your segment, but here’s what I believe.
“I believe that, on the Fourth of July weekend, we ought to have every kid in America having their moms and dads and aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpas getting together and saying, we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women are created equal, that they’re endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
“That’s what America is about. It’s not about Republicans and Democrats who have important differences on policy screaming at each other that the other side wants to kill somebody. Politics are subordinate to the things that are supposed to unite Americans. And this is a weekend that we should be celebrating all that.”
JOHN ROBERTS talks with SEN. JOE MANCHIN (D-W.VA.) on “FOX NEWS SUNDAY” -- “Manchin: Dems want to work with Trump on health care,” by Connor O’Brien: “Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin on Sunday said members of his party are willing to work with Republicans and President Donald Trump to find a bipartisan solution on health care. ... ‘I want him to know there are Democrats that want to work with him,’ Manchin said. ‘But right now, they can’t even repeal it. They can’t get 50 votes to repeal it because somebody’s getting hurt more than what they’re willing to sign on to.’ ‘Look at some of us. Work with us Democrats who are willing to meet you in the middle, who have always been willing to meet you in the middle,’ Manchin said.” http://politi.co/2tF5tnp
JOHN DICKERSON talks with SEN. MIKE LEE (R-UTAH) on CBS's "FACE THE NATION: DICKERSON: "If Republicans can't agree on a replacement option at the moment why would they be able to agree on one in the future?" LEE: "Well, if we adopted a measure, if we passed a measure repealing Obamacare, and put a delayed implementation measure in there. With the understanding that at that point after passing the repeal measure we would undertake the step by step process of deciding what comes next. I think it's easier, sometimes when you lump too many things into one piece of legislation, you doom its likelihood of success and I fear that that might be where we are today and i think that explains a lot of what President Trump was talking about in his tweet the other day. What Senator Sasse mentioned in his series of communications on Friday and I think it’s very much worth considering, it’s consistent with what I thought would be better, a more likely to succeed legislative strategy over the last six months."
REMEMBER THIS GUY? -- “Christie adds government shutdown to his legacy: The move comes after New Jersey lawmakers failed to pass a budget by the annual deadline,” by New Jersey Playbooker Matt Friedman: “Chris Christie is heading into his final six months as governor presiding over New Jersey’s biggest government crisis in more than a decade: A shutdown that will literally turn the lights out in Trenton. New Jersey lawmakers failed to pass a budget by the annual deadline at midnight last night, and Christie promptly issued an order sparking the closure of government offices and services deemed non-essential. State parks and beaches will likely be closed this morning, just in time for the holiday, as will motor vehicle offices. Courts could be closed come Monday. Tens of thousands of state government employees will be furloughed. …
“‘It’s all going to come down to when folks get up tomorrow for the July 4th weekend and drive down to Island Beach State Park to spend the day and a sign says it’s closed,’ said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. ‘They’re going to blame Gov. Christie and nobody else.’” http://politi.co/2t56rb0 … Subscribe to New Jersey Playbookhttp://politi.co/1HLKltF
-- “Illinois blows budget deadline as threat of downgrade looms,”by Illinois Playbooker Natasha Korecki: “Illinois lawmakers blew their deadline for a budget agreement and instead entered their third fiscal year without a spending plan on Saturday, despite worries about the state facing an unprecedented downgrade to junk status.” http://politi.co/2tec3ht … Subscribe to Illinois Playbookhttp://politi.co/1N7u5sb
THE CABINET -- NYT A1, “E.P.A. Chief Voids Obama-Era Rules in Blazing Start,” by Coral Davenport (online headline: “Counseled by Industry, Not Staff, E.P.A. Chief Is Off to a Blazing Start”): “In the four months since he took office as the Environmental Protection Agency’s administrator, Scott Pruitt has moved to undo, delay or otherwise block more than 30 environmental rules, a regulatory rollback larger in scope than any other over so short a time in the agency’s 47-year history, according to experts in environmental law. Mr. Pruitt’s supporters, including President Trump, have hailed his moves as an uprooting of the administrative state and a clearing of onerous regulations that have stymied American business. Environmental advocates have watched in horror as Mr. Pruitt has worked to disable the authority of the agency charged with protecting the nation’s air, water and public health.” http://nyti.ms/2svjtzB
STEVEN BRILL in WaPo’s Outlook section, “Nine ways to really fix Obamacare”:http://wapo.st/2teHrwn
MEDIAWATCH -- “Wall Street Journal Said to Reduce Print Operations Outside U.S.,” by NYT’s Emily Steel and Prashant S. Rao: “The Wall Street Journal is scaling back its print operations in Europe and Asia, two people familiar with the plans said … [as] part of efforts by the news organization to cut costs and focus on its digital offerings. The latest move would involve greatly reducing publication of its print newspaper in Europe … That includes eliminating free copies and reducing hotel distribution deals that are not profitable. The Journal will continue to publish an Asian edition in Tokyo, but is exploring other ways to reduce print publishing elsewhere in Asia.” http://nyti.ms/2suL3x0
FUN READ – “Beach reading for a summer of scandal,” by Darren Samuelsohn: “Feeling overwhelmed by nonstop news about the Russia probe and desperate for some historical context? Do you work or live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? If you answered yes to either of those questions, POLITICO has some summer reading recommendations for you. We canvassed veterans of previous investigations and longtime Washington fixtures for suggestions beyond All the President’s Men. Our list covers everything from subpoenas to grand juries and how a White House can weather scandal. Ahead of the Fourth of July holiday, here’s some great material to pack in your beach bag:
“‘A Timeline: Russia and President Trump,’ by Steven Harper, recommended by Nick Akerman, former assistant Watergate prosecutor ... ‘All the King’s Men,’ by Robert Penn Warren, recommended by Jim Manley ... ‘The Breach,’ by Peter Baker, recommended by Don Goldberg, former crisis communications spokesman, Clinton White House.” With four more selectionshttp://politi.co/2sfRDDe
BONUS GREAT WEEKEND READS, curated by Daniel Lippman, filing from Great Barrington, Massachusetts:
--“The Rise of the Thought Leader: How the superrich have funded a new class of intellectual,” by David Sessions in TNR: “Interviewed for The Ideas Industry, [Niall] Ferguson is frank about his transformation from Oxford don to thought leader: ‘I did it all for the money.’ ... Thought leaders all share a core view that extreme wealth and the channels by which it was obtained are not only legitimate but heroic.” http://bit.ly/2urqqyi (h/t ALDaily.com)
--“Zohar’s Translation Unlocks the Secrets of Jewish Mysticism in an Age of Extremism,” by Newsweek’s Alexander Nazaryan: “Imagine the Old Testament as written by H.P. Lovecraft, Bible stories tripping on acid, rendered in difficult-to-decipher Aramaic, full of wisdom and beauty but shrouded in obscurity, a 1,900-page text written more than 700 years ago whose teachings have been embraced by celebrities like Madonna but not fully understood even by most scholars of Judaism.” http://bit.ly/2sfiVtB
--“How We Save Face--Researchers Crack the Brain’s Facial-Recognition Code,” by Knvul Sheikh in Scientific American: “A Caltech team has deciphered the way we identify faces, re-creating what the brain sees from its electrical activity.” http://bit.ly/2sZlQcN
--“Is the staggeringly profitable business of scientific publishing bad for science?” by Stephen Buranyi in the Guardian: “Despite the narrow audience, scientific publishing is a remarkably big business. With total global revenues of more than £19bn, it weighs in somewhere between the recording and the film industries in size, but it is far more profitable.” http://bit.ly/2ttXXKU
--“Retail giants enable trucker exploitation,” by Brett Murphy in USA Today: “Powerhouses such as Target, Costco benefit while drivers plunge into debt.” https://usat.ly/2ua2Dnm
--“Anxiety at the Gates,” by Edward Schwarzschild in Hazlitt: “[E]very morning, as part of my job [as a TSA screener], I was supposed to run my hands up and down the legs, torsos, and arms of my fellow citizens. I was supposed to do this in such a way that no one would feel groped. Our cheerful instructors offered guidance. Exert the same pressure you use to spread peanut butter on a sandwich. Say clearly what you’re going to do and then do it. We’d grow numb to it before long, they assured us.” http://bit.ly/2s9FPm9 (h/t TheBrowser.com)
--“The Killer in the Pool,” by Tim Zimmermann in the July 2010 issue of Outside magazine – per Longform.org’s description: “In February 2010, a killer whale named Tilikum dragged his SeaWorld trainer into the pool and drowned her. It was the third time the orca had been involved in a death during his 27 years in captivity. This is his story.” http://bit.ly/2sp7dAM
--“In the Light of the Conflict: Photographer Andrew Quilty’s experience in Afghanistan,” by Jelena Bjelica on Afghan Analysts Network: “I do not think of myself as a huge risk taker. A lot of planning goes into travel outside Kabul. We do not just jump in a taxi and head for the hills. I was inexperienced and a bit ignorant in Badakhshan, and probably pushed my luck more than I would these days. Now, working with colleagues, I’m often the one telling journalists to wrap up their interviews because it feels like we have been in one place too long.” http://bit.ly/2sZ4tZC ... 26 of his Afghan pix on one pagehttp://bit.ly/2u6ErCf
--“The Shah of Iran: An Interview with Mohammad Reza Pahlevi,” by Oriana Falaci in the Dec. 1, 1973 New Republic: “‘[A] monarchy is the only possible means to govern Iran. If I have been able to do something, a lot, in fact, for Iran, it is owing to the detail, slight as it may seem, that I’m its king. To get things done, one needs power, and to hold onto power one mustn’t ask anyone’s permission or advice.” http://bit.ly/2su5o0K
--“The Gay Men Who Fled Chechnya’s Purge,” by Masha Gessen in the New Yorker: “The stories of those who survived detention and torture and are now living undercover in Putin’s Russia.” http://bit.ly/2s9GbcA
--“The Future of Coal Country,” by Eliza Griswold in the New Yorker: “A local environmental activist fights to prepare her community for life beyond mining.” http://bit.ly/2su54z4
--“The Polaroids of the Cowboy Poet,” by Dan Zak in the Jan. 13, 2016 WaPo: “He captured a crumbling city and almost went down with it. Then one man saw his photos." http://wapo.st/2urjssX
SPOTTED IN NANTUCKET: Greta Van Susteren and John Coale walking on the island’s Straight Wharf dock on Friday night.
OUT AND ABOUT IN THE HAMPTONS -- LALLY WEYMOUTH held her annual summer party last night at her house in Southampton. There was a long gold carpet entrance from where the parking was to a big tent next to her house. She served champagne, rare filet, fried chicken, cornbread, a big chocolate cake, ice cream and cookies decorated as American flags. Brother Don Graham did a big tribute to toast Lally (whose birthday is tomorrow) and shouted out Steven Spielberg’s upcoming film about how Ben Bradlee and Katharine Graham challenged the government for the right to publish the Pentagon Papers in 1971 (Tom Hanks is playing Bradlee and Meryl Streep is playing Graham). Don made a big deal that Spielberg was there and jokingly conceived a Spielberg movie about Lally and described the cast (some actors and some in the room).
-- SPOTTED: Jared and Ivanka chatting with Joel Klein and Alan Patricof, Kellyanne Conway on the dance floor, Boyden Gray, Chris Ruddy, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and wife Iris, Katharine Weymouth, Mary Jordan, Richard Cohen, Margaret Carlson, Gillian Tett, Steven Spielberg chatting with Steve Clemons and Robert Hormats, Carl Icahn, Tom Lee (famous for doing a leveraged buyout of Snapple and now lives in Princess Radziwill’s house), Charles Koch, John Paulson, Dina Powell, Richard Edelman, George Soros and his wife Tamiko Bolton, former Florida Gov. and Sen. Bob Graham (Lally’s uncle), her cousin Gwen Graham (who is running for Florida governor), Maria Bartiromo, Ray Kelly, Bill Bratton, Alan Patricof, Jeff Rosen, William Drozdiak, Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.).
SPOTTED at a dinner Friday night in Aspen in honor of Fareed Zakaria hosted at the residence of Alexandra Munroe, senior curator at the Guggenheim and her husband Robert Rosenkranz, chairman of Intelligence Squared US: former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, K.R. Sridhar, Karen Brooks and Bob and Soledad Hurst. Pichttp://bit.ly/2tewafz
WEEKEND WEDDINGS – “Chrysovalantis Kefalas, Thomas Pavlick” – N.Y. Times: “Mr. Kefalas, 37, is a vice president for executive communications at the National Association of Manufacturers, an advocacy group based in Washington. He graduated from Loyola University Maryland and received a law degree from the University of Baltimore. ... Mr. Pavlick [Tommy McFly], 31, is the host of ‘The Tommy Show,’ a weekly talk show on CBS Radio’s 94.7 Fresh FM in Bethesda, Md., and a special-projects reporter for WUSA 9, a television station in Washington. He graduated from Luzerne County Community College. ... The couple were introduced through mutual friends in July 2013 at Lauriol Plaza, a restaurant in Washington.” With pichttp://nyti.ms/2sAPoKt
--POOL REPORT FROM KELLEY MCCORMICK: The ceremony was at “Sagamore Pendry Hotel in Baltimore on Saturday night, surrounded by family and friends. Officiated by Bob Madigan, serenaded by Erin Willett [of ‘The Voice’] and attended by Kelly Collis, Jen Richer, Samuel Ashner, and Zoe Shyn. Late night pizza and dancing was still going on when this report was filed [at 1:24 a.m.], with music being spun by DJ Neekola.” Picshttp://bit.ly/2tetrCT ... http://bit.ly/2teOtRB ... The autobiographical cake by Charm City Cakeshttp://bit.ly/2sviCin
SPOTTED: Ellie Schafer and Heather Rothenberg, Tammy Haddad, Kate Bennett, Kevin Baron, Cathy Merrill, Susanna Quinn, Matt Glassman (credited for first introducing the couple), Kelley and Brian McCormick, Jay Timmons and Rick Olson, Erin Streeter and Chris Israel, Wendy Gordon, Jill Collins, Elizabeth and Penelope Thorp, Jake Maccoby, Kris Van Cleve, Emily Miller, Peter Morris, Barbara and John Martin, Mike Drachkovitch and special guest Connor O’Donnell.
--“Eliese Lissner, Derek Callahan”: “The bride, 28 ... is the director of missions and an associate director of leadership at the Anti-Defamation League in New York. She develops international travel programs to engage lay leadership, and recently coordinated the league’s mission to Rome, where she met Pope Francis. She graduated from Drew University and received a master’s degree in integrated marketing from N.Y.U. ... The groom, 30, is a news producer in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., for CNBC’s ‘Mad Money,’ a financial investment program hosted by Jim Cramer, and is pursuing an M.B.A. through Syracuse. He graduated from Ithaca College.” With pichttp://nyti.ms/2sfCMcj
OBAMA ALUMNI -- “Nirupama Rao, Matthew Landy”: “The bride, 35, is an assistant professor of economics and public policy at N.Y.U. Next month, she is to join the faculty of the University of Michigan. She graduated from M.I.T., where she also received a Ph.D. in economics. From 2015 to 2016, she served as a senior economist at the Council of Economic Advisers in Washington. … The groom, 44, is a portfolio manager in New York for Lazard Asset Management. He also serves on the board of Friends of the Children New York, a nonprofit that mentors at-risk children. He graduated from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.” http://nyti.ms/2sfTCrm
--Former Obama White House intern and Navy officer Mark Jbeily married Helen Hansen, art historian and Courtauld alum, at Perkins Chapel in Dallas on Saturday. “Helen and Mark met in their first day of their first class of their first year at UT. Both just finished graduate school in the UK where Mark was a Marshall Scholar, and they are now off to Pensacola for Mark’s naval aviation training.” Picshttp://bit.ly/2sfHM0q ... http://bit.ly/2sfL2ss
TRANSITIONS: Chris Kelley has started on API’s federal relations team as a director focused on international and corporate issues. He most recently was deputy chief of staff for Rep. Brad Ashford (D-Neb.).
BIRTHWEEK (was Friday): Kristen Ellingboe, researcher for CAP Action
BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY: Jonathan Capehart, WaPo opinion writer and MSNBC contributor. How he’s celebrating: “I’ll be with my husband Nick with our friends Bryan Rafanelli and Mark Walsh at their home in Provincetown.” Read his Playbook Plus Q&A:http://politi.co/2udIRHv
BIRTHDAYS: Courtney Geduldig, EVP of public affairs of S&P Global ... Brad Todd, founding partner of On Message … David Lopez, director of special projects and advisor to the president and CEO at the Kaiser Family Foundation and an Obama WH alum ... Luci Baines Johnson is 7-0 -- she was recognized in a bipartisan Congressional Record tribute by Reps. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas) and Joe Barton (R-Texas): http://politi.co/2uykAv0 (hat tip: Lyndon Boozer) ... Katherine Lehr ... Politico’s Victoria Adeniji and Maria Rivero ... DCCC deputy research director Sammi McClain, an HFA alum … former White House chief of staff and former N.H. Gov John H. Sununu is 78 (h/t Ryan Williams) ... former Mexican President Vicente Fox is 75 (h/t Mexican Amb. to the U.S. Geronimo Gutiérrez, Fox’s former undersecretary of foreign affairs) ... Larry David is 7-0 (h/t Dick Keil) ... former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos is 88 ... Scott McGee of Kelley Drye & Warren ... Matthew Dybwad, senior sales account manager at Adobe ... Fenton CEO Ben Wyskida is 4-0 ... Gus Ericson is 27 … Kara Rowland, Fox News Capitol Hill producer ... CNN Politics’ Alysha Love ... Berrin Tunçel ... Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) is 33 (h/t Nala) ... Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-Calif.) is 56 ... Rep. Randy Weber (R-Tex.) is 64 ... former Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.) is 78 ... Collin Davenport is 31 ... RSLC’s Devon Gallagher ... WaPo’s Jessie Niewold ...
... Gina Woodworth, SVP of public policy and gov’t affairs at the Internet Association ... Derek Gianino, director of international policy at the U.S. Chamber … U.S. Army Captain Chuck Nadd, founder of nonprofit Operation American Dream ... Sara Roberts ... NFL’s Caroline Keyes ... Arkadi Gerney, executive director of the Hub Project and SVP of campaigns and strategies at CAP Action ... Ethan Oberman, co-founder and CEO of SpiderOak, is 41 ... Trevor Neilson ... Jean Cecil Frick ... Marie Formica, delivery manager at Benefitfocus and FamousDC alum ... Reuters’ Michele Gershberg ... Sam Nitz ... Jonathan Woods … Brooke Oberwetter Coon … Emily Stanitz … Lily Velasquez … Lyndsey (Hamilton) Fifield ... Hannah Rosenthal … Sam Hutchison … Michael Matthews … John Brown ... Susan Vilmain (h/ts Teresa Vilmain) ... Ali Chishti ... Ashley Zohn ... Mike Chapman ... Josh Cahan ... figure skater Johnny Weir is 33 ... Lindsay Lohan is 31 ... actress Margot Robbie is 27 (h/ts AP)
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2017.06.16 13:04 feedreddit N.Y. DAILY NEWS: Trump’s new NY HUD director planned Eric Trump’s wedding, has no housing experience -- DEMS drub GOP at baseball game -- A RECORD 24,959 tickets sold -- PENCE hires McGuireWoods’ Cullen -- B’DAY: Bres

N.Y. DAILY NEWS: Trump’s new NY HUD director planned Eric Trump’s wedding, has no housing experience -- DEMS drub GOP at baseball game -- A RECORD 24,959 tickets sold -- PENCE hires McGuireWoods’ Cullen -- B’DAY: Bres
by [email protected] (Daniel Lippman) via POLITICO - TOP Stories
URL: http://ift.tt/2rDeffR
Good Friday morning. THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: “President Trump chooses inexperienced woman who planned his son Eric’s wedding to run N.Y. federal housing programs,” by Greg Smith: “She’s arranged tournaments at Trump golf courses, served as the liaison to the Trump family during his presidential campaign, and even arranged Eric Trump’s wedding. Now President Trump has appointed longtime loyalist Lynne Patton -- who has zero housing experience and claims a law degree the school says she never earned -- to run the office that oversees federal housing programs in New York.
“Patton was appointed Wednesday to head up the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Region II, which includes New York and New Jersey, where she’ll oversee distribution of billions of taxpayer dollars. Patton’s tight relationship with the Trump clan dates back to 2009, when she began serving as the family’s ‘event planner.’ … She also claims on her LinkedIn page to have obtained a juris doctorate degree in 2000 from Quinnipiac University School of Law in Connecticut. Next to the J.D. notation is written (N/A) without explanation. On Thursday school registrar Jim Benson said Patton attended for two semesters but did not graduate. She also listed Yale University but HUD officials couldn’t explain why that was there. Patton, who begins her Region II job July 5, did not return calls seeking comment.
“As head of the biggest HUD regional office in the U.S., Patton will oversee distribution of billions in cash to public housing authorities -- including NYCHA -- as well as tens of thousands of rental vouchers and block grants that fund housing inspections and senior citizen programs.” http://nydn.us/2sikxU8
-- N.Y. DAILY NEWS COVER: “She planned Eric Trump’s nups & falsely touts law degree. Now Prez has decided new housing boss in N.Y. is ... THE WEDDING SCAMMER” http://nydn.us/2turnp6
-- LYNNE’S LinkedIn page says she has the following specialties: “Public Engagement, Community Outreach & Revitalization, Strategic Networking, High-Net Worth Fundraising, Client Ambassador, Celebrity Talent Acquisition, Event Planning, Promotions, Social Media Strategy, Philanthropic Auctions & Tournaments, Public & Media Relations.” http://bit.ly/2ryfdiE
THE U.S. is sending 4,000 more troops to Afghanistan, per the AP. http://apne.ws/2s88SsE Donald Trump ran for president saying he’d end foreign entanglements. PRESIDENT TRUMP is going to Miami today to announce changes to the U.S. policy toward Cuba.
FLASH -- AP at 5:09 a.m.: “Russia claims it has killed IS leader al-Baghdadi,” by Bassem Mroue in Beirut and Vladimir Isachenkov in Moscow: “The Russian Defense Ministry said Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in a Russian strike in late May along with other senior group commanders. There had been previous reports of al-Baghdadi being killed but they did not turn out to be true. The IS leader last released an audio on Nov. 3, urging his followers to keep up the fight for Mosul as they defend the city against a major offensive that began weeks earlier. The spokesman for the U.S.-led anti-IS coalition said in a statement Friday he could not confirm the Russian claim.” http://apne.ws/2rCXIJ5
RACHAEL BADE and KYLE CHENEY bring us the scene from the Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park: “Rodney Davis stood in the shadow of the Nationals Park scoreboard and wiped away a tear. Just a day earlier, the Republican congressman from Illinois — and catcher for the Republican congressional baseball team -- watched his colleague Steve Scalise, the House majority whip, get shot on a practice baseball field in Virginia, while other lawmakers and aides scrambled for cover. …
“‘This is what our country needs after such a tragic act,’ said Davis, his arm still scabbed and scraped from diving away from the gunman’s bullets on Wednesday….Florida Democrat Charlie Crist was spotted walking around in a suit, a young staffer trailing him carrying his suit jacket.” http://politi.co/2ttQWGH
-- COLD WATER ALERT. This is a kumbaya moment -- and we’d emphasize moment. It is, of course, impossible to predict the future. Remember: a gunman shot then-Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords in the head. Nothing changed. We’re skeptical much will change this time. Speaker Paul Ryan told Jake Tapper on CNN that “we can have different ideas without being vitriolic.” Yes, they can. But there is no evidence to show they will. We hope we’re wrong.
TAPPER had a joint interview with Ryan and Nancy Pelosi, and Anderson Cooper had Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer. A good night for CNN.
-- COOPER got this gem of an interaction. Classic line from McConnell when asked about Trump calling the investigation a witch hunt: COOPER: "President Trump made a statement last night with Congressman Scalise. It was getting bipartisan praise for his tone. Today tweeting about -- calling this a witch hunt against him, just talking about the people leading it being disturbed, I think was his term, or conflicted. Is that appropriate? MCCONNELL: "I typically don't comment on the president's tweeting habits." COOPER: "Do you think it is a witch hunt?" MCCONNELL: "I don't have any observations about that. We had here an example of a horrendous event that we all condemn, and we're here together tonight to make the point to the American people that there's a whole lot of cooperation in the Congress, even though it may not be covered, on a daily basis."
THE WHITE HOUSE SHOWED UP! -- “At congressional baseball game, newfound unity has its limits,” by Yahoo’s Hunter Walker: “As she talked to Yahoo News, [Kellyanne] Conway spotted top White House adviser Gary Cohn, who was in a dark suit. She called Cohn over. ‘Look how Gary Cohn dresses for a baseball game. He dresses like Gary Cohn! Gary come here!’ Conway beckoned. ‘He came out of the womb looking like that,’ quipped Mulvaney as Cohn strolled over. ‘This is New York chic,’ said Cohn, a former Goldman Sachs banker. As Cohn posed for photos with Conway, Mulvaney reached over and put an LSU hat on his head. Cohn couldn’t see the cap. ‘Does it make me a hillbilly?’ Cohn asked. ‘We couldn’t make you a hillbilly if we tried,’ Mulvaney said.” https://yhoo.it/2ttWtNu
NYT NATIONAL BASEBALL WRITER TYLER KEPNER on the game. Good nugget: “A record 24,959 tickets were sold for the charity exhibition -- a higher attendance than Thursday’s major league games in Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Minnesota and Oakland.” http://nyti.ms/2rmUQAK
CLICKERS -- “Prayers and pitches: Scenes from the congressional baseball game” -- 33 pixhttp://politi.co/2rCV4Tz … 27 PHOTOS by the Washington Post http://wapo.st/2rCXhhC
SPOTTED at the Anheuser-Busch and Buffalo Wild Wings game watch party in the PNC Diamond Club: Sean and Rebecca Spicer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, Sen. John Boozman (R-Ark.), Reps. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.), Lacy Clay (D-Mo.), Ted Yoho (R-Fla.), Dave Joyce (R-Ohio), Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), Ann Wagner (R-Mo.), Barbara Comstock (R-Va.), Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), John Delaney (R-Md.), Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) and Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.), Carl Hulse, Cate Martel, Naomi Jagoda, Allison Brennan, Roland Foster, Kate Pointer.
-- Photo of Tyson’s lobbyist Matt Mika’s friends and colleagues http://bit.ly/2t9fXI4
THE LATEST ON SCALISE -- RACHAEL BADE: “House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, the Louisiana Republican shot during a congressional baseball practice Wednesday, is doing better but remains in critical condition and will be hospitalized for an extended period of time, according to a statement from his doctors. MedStar Washington Hospital Center said in a statement Thursday evening that Scalise underwent another surgery ‘related to his internal injuries and a broken bone in his leg.’ ‘He remains in critical condition, but has improved in the last 24 hours,’ the statement said. ‘The Congressman will require additional operations, and will be in the hospital for some time. At the request of the family, we will continue to provide periodic updates.’” Bade on the emotional times on the Hillhttp://politi.co/2swDk15
-- KEY LINE HERE: Scalise will be hospitalized for an “extended period of time.” This will be a long recovery.
THE NEXT FRONTIER -- “Rattled by shooting, lawmakers want more personal protection,” by Seung Min Kim and Rachael Bade: “Lawmakers are debating a range of heightened security measures following Wednesday’s shooting that critically injured House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, with a growing number of Republicans even seeking to carry their own guns into the Capitol for personal safety. Rattled by the mass shooting by a gunman with an apparent political agenda, lawmakers are struggling with how to balance ensuring security for members of Congress while keeping themselves accessible to voters.
“The gamut of options includes new rules ramping up the law enforcement presence at big group events with lawmakers, equipping Capitol Police with more advanced weapons, and allowing individual members to spend taxpayer or campaign dollars on personal security measures. And several GOP lawmakers want the green light to bring their personal firearms onto Capitol grounds, a move that immediately alarmed Democrats who favor tougher gun restrictions.” http://politi.co/2ry7KQy
-- MANY LAWMAKERS have mused about each getting their own Capitol Police officer. But that would be a hugely pricey government expense.
ON THE ALLEGED GUNMAN -- “Scalise Gunman Dodged 2006 Charge That Would Bar Gun Purchases,” by Bloomberg’s Ari Natter: “James Hodgkinson, 66, was arrested after a 2006 incident in which he was accused of beating his foster daughter, according to court records. The case crumbled after the victim decided not to testify ... Under federal law, someone found guilty of domestic battery of a family member can be barred from legally owning a firearm.” https://bloom.bg/2ttKeR1
WAPO’S ASHLEY PARKER, the pride of Montgomery County, scooped that Vice President Mike Pence has hired Richard Cullen, the chairman of McGuireWoods, to represent him. http://wapo.st/2s7VoNEMATT NUSSBAUM reminds us that McGuireWoods also once employed Jim Comey! And the firm also currently represents former Rep. Aaron Schock, who is facing 24 counts of criminal charges related to alleged crimes during his time in office.
SCOOP -- “Trump transition officials ordered to save Russia documents,” by Josh Dawsey: “Aides and volunteers on Donald Trump’s presidential transition were instructed Thursday to save any records related to ‘several pending investigations into potential attempts by Russia interests to influence the 2016 election,’ according to a memo provided to POLITICO. In the memo from a transition lawyer, campaign officials were told to preserve all documents related to the Russian Federation, Ukraine and a number of campaign advisers and officials, including former campaign manager Paul Manafort, advisers Carter Page, Rick Gates and Roger Stone, and former national security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn.” http://politi.co/2sFQA36
-- GOLDEN BOY ALERT: “Special counsel is investigating Jared Kushner’s business dealings,” by WaPo’s Sari Horowitz, Matt Zapotosky and Adam Entous: “FBI agents and federal prosecutors have also been examining the financial dealings of other Trump associates, including former national security adviser Michael Flynn, former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Carter Page, who was listed as a foreign-policy adviser for the campaign.” http://wapo.st/2shPVCa
THE PUSHBACK --“Rosenstein prods media for ‘anonymous allegations’ on Russia probe,” by Darren Samuelsohn: “A top Trump Justice Department official issued an unusual, vague statement Thursday night, casting doubt on a series of recent media reports detailing Special Counsel Robert Mueller's growing probe into the Trump campaign for potential collusion with Russia in the 2016 campaign. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appeared to be taking issue with recent Washington Post and New York Times stories that President Donald Trump himself is now the subject of an obstruction of justice probe, as well as a separate new report from the Post that Mueller is looking into White House senior adviser and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner’s finances. ...
"’Americans should exercise caution before accepting as true any stories attributed to anonymous ‘officials,’ particularly when they do not identify the country - let alone the branch or agency of government - with which the alleged sources supposedly are affiliated,’ Rosenstein said. ‘Americans should be skeptical about anonymous allegations. The Department of Justice has a long-established policy to neither confirm nor deny such allegations.’
“Rosenstein’s statement caught many in Washington off guard, in part because it was so generic and didn't actually specify which news reports it was addressing. It’s also notable because of who issued it: With Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused from all things related to the Russia probe, Rosenstein as the No. 2 DOJ official has the reins over the Mueller probe. He’ll get Mueller’s budget and he also has the power to block major investigative steps -- with the caveat he must report to Congress if that happens.” http://politi.co/2ttUBEo
[email protected]: “The Washington Post has updated the Kushner story to reflect the officials cited are indeed U.S. officials.”
JOSH DAWSEY, “White House aides fret over Trump’s Russia probe obsession”: “The greatest threat to Trump and his presidency, say administration officials and outside advisers, comes from his own conduct and obsessive behavior after he took office. While congressional and FBI investigations may prove Trump or his team broke laws before he took office, his advisers say they’re more worried that the things he’s done since the inauguration may have left him exposed to obstruction of justice or other charges. Trump, for months, has bristled almost daily about the ongoing probes. He has sometimes, without prompting, injected. ‘I’m not under investigation’ into conversations with associates and allies. He has watched hours of TV coverage every day -- sometimes even storing morning news shows on his TiVo to watch in the evening -- and complained nonstop.” http://politi.co/2sFWm4N
THE COUNSEL -- “Mueller, Known for Being Above the Fray, Is Now in the Thick of It,” by NYT’s Scott Shane and Charlie Savage: “Veterans of past Washington battles on the borders of law and politics said that the president’s pushback was to be expected, but that its ferocity and timing were unusual. Just one month into the job, Mr. Mueller has not yet finished hiring staff members or installing a computer network -- deliberately segregated from the main Justice Department -- in the Patrick Henry Building in downtown Washington.
“‘It’s early in the game to begin to impugn the prosecutors,’ said Philip Allen Lacovara, a Watergate prosecutor and a Republican. ‘It’s a pre-emptive nuclear strike. If you’re afraid of what the prosecutors are going to find out, you try to debunk anything they might come up with in advance by attacking them.’” http://nyti.ms/2shLOX2
JUST POSTED -- POLITICO MAGAZINE'S TIM ALBERTA: "Man on a Wire: Mike Pence’s Tightrope Act... He might be the most consequential vice president ever. He could well be the next commander in chief. And the one person in America he can’t have thinking about that is his boss." http://politi.co/2tunArX
SHOCKING! -- “Senate likely to miss its Obamacare repeal deadline,” by Jen Haberkorn: “Senate Republicans are getting dangerously close to missing their deadline to hold a Senate health care vote by month’s end, potentially derailing fulfillment of their seven-year-old campaign promise to repeal Obamacare. The Senate left Washington on Thursday with a seemingly insurmountable health care to-do list: When they return on Monday, Republicans will have just two weeks before the Fourth of July recess to overcome the remaining big divides on policy – including what year to roll back Medicaid expansion and how deeply to cut the program that covers health care for low-income people. They also must settle on how to bring down health insurance premiums and when to cut the taxes that paid for Obamacare -- not to mention the vexing issue of whether to defund Planned Parenthood.” http://politi.co/2rDiWGu
ALEX ISENSTADT, “GOP sirens blaze over Georgia special election”: “The GOP is bracing for the prospect of a loss in Tuesday’s Georgia’s special election that could have far-reaching implications for President Donald Trump and his party’s fortunes in 2018. As grim confidential polling data circulates among GOP strategists, interviews with nearly two dozen Republican operatives and officials reveal that they are preparing for the possibility of an unnerving defeat that could spur lawmakers to distance themselves from Trump and his already-troubled legislative agenda, and potentially encourage a wave of retirements. ...
“While Republicans privately lampoon Ossoff’s campaign skills -- deriding him as an inexperienced, talking-point driven candidate -- they acknowledge his cash advantage has made him a lethal opponent. ‘We’re going to find out if a monkey banging cymbals together spending $25 million can get elected,’ the NRCC’s executive director John Rogers told a group of Capitol Hill chiefs of staff this week, said one person present for the meeting. His meaning was clear to those in attendance: Ossoff might seem like a mechanical candidate, but he had to be taken seriously.” http://politi.co/2rxCDoc
SORRY MEGYN! Alex Jones says he will release a tape of his entire day with Megyn Kelly tonight. http://bit.ly/2swg9mM Her interview is slated to run Sunday.
-- PAGE SIX: “Megyn Kelly interview completely overhauled after backlash”http://pge.sx/2ry1R5Q
FASCINATING LOOK BEHIND THE SCENES -- “At Last, Jeff Bezos Offers a Hint of His Philanthropic Plans,” by NYT’s Robert Frank: Jeff Bezos, the founder and chief executive of Amazon, is well on his way to becoming the richest person in the world, with a net worth of more than $80 billion. What’s less certain is what he plans to do with his fortune, and how he could reinvent philanthropy.
“On Thursday, after questions from The New York Times about the level of his giving, Mr. Bezos posted on Twitter a ‘request for ideas’ for philanthropy. ‘I’m thinking about a philanthropy strategy that is the opposite of how I mostly spend my time -- working on the long term,’ he wrote. ‘For philanthropy, I find I’m drawn to the other end of the spectrum: the right now.’” http://nyti.ms/2rncunL
TRUMP INC. -- “With shift on Cuba, Trump could undercut his company’s hotel-industry rivals,” by WaPo’s Drew Harwell and Jonathan O'Connell: “[A]s the owner of a real estate company with a big stake in hotels and resorts, Trump brings an added element to an issue that is unique to his presidency — the ability, through his official actions, to undermine a growth area for his industry rivals who have raced in recent years to establish a foothold in a lucrative new market. Starwood Hotels and Resorts, which merged with Marriott International to form the world’s largest hotel chain, last year debuted the first Cuban hotel managed by a U.S. company in nearly 60 years, taking advantage of President Barack Obama’s 2014 move to normalize relations with Cuba and lighten regulations enforcing the U.S. embargo on the island.” http://wapo.st/2sFYZUg
K-STREET FILES -- “Sudan Ramps Up Washington Lobbying as Sanctions Deadline Looms,” by Bloomberg’s Jen Jacobs and Nick Wadhams: “Sudan is on the cusp of ending its long status as a pariah in Washington, and the African nation is bolstering its stable of lobbyists to ensure that it happens soon. The government of President Umar al-Bashir -- which is listed by the U.S. as a state sponsor of terrorism -- has hired Washington law firm Squire Patton Boggs LLP at a cost of $40,000 a month to lobby on its behalf as part of its accelerating campaign to ensure that President Donald Trump permanently lifts sanctions against the country ahead of a deadline next month, according to a filing with the Justice Department.” https://bloom.bg/2t8WIhP
BREAKING LATE LAST NIGHT -- “Trump won’t alter status of current Dreamers,” by Josh Gerstein: “President Donald Trump’s administration has issued its most explicit promise to date that so-called Dreamers can keep their permission to work legally in the U.S. ‘No work permits will be terminated prior to their current expiration dates,’ the Department of Homeland Security said in guidance posted on its website Thursday night. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly has said recently that the administration is not seeking to deport those who received quasi-legal status under a policy President Barack Obama adopted in 2012. However, the new statement from DHS seems to be a forward-looking promise not to take action against those in the program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA, an initiative for undocumented immigrants who entered the country as children.” http://politi.co/2shGwLc
LISTEN IN -- The Pollsters -- Kristen Soltis Anderson and Margie Omero -- had Anna on their podcast to talk all things Playbook. The bipartisan duo is @thepollsters on Twitter and Facebook. Listen and subscribehttp://apple.co/2jJaEKU
HOW A STREET IN BROOKLYN IS CHANGING THE ENERGY GRID: The shared economy is flourishing, with companies like Airbnb and Lyft capitalizing on the growing popularity of shared services. Can their success be replicated in the energy industry? In the latest installment of POLITICO Magazine’s “What Works” series, we look at Brooklyn-based LO3 that devised a micro grid system that uses a phone app and smart meters to enable neighbors with solar panels to strike deals amongst themselves on the amount of electricity they buy from each other and at what price. We also look at the revitalization of Tampa, Florida – a broken down deep water port revitalized after 40 years of public and private investment. Read more on Tampa’s revitalizationhttp://politi.co/2tsAvuq … about Brooklyn’s energy gridhttp://politi.co/2rwOymb … Photo galleryhttp://politi.co/2szxlsj
SUNDAY SO FAR – “Fox News Sunday”: Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) ... Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) ... Jay Sekulow ... Robert Scheer. Panel: Brit Hume, Julie Pace, Lisa Boothe, Juan Williams
-- CBS’ “Face the Nation”: Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) ... Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Political panel: Ramesh Ponnuru, Phil Rucker, Nancy Cordes, and Jamelle Bouie
-- NBC’s “Meet the Press”: panel: David Brooks, Danielle Pletka, Amy Walters and Eugene Robinson
-- CNN’s “State of the Union”: Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) ... Jay Sekulow ... Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
-- CNN’s “Inside Politics”: Karoun Demirjian, Abby Phillip, Jeff Zeleny, Phil Mattingly
SPOTTED: Georgetown coach and NBA legend Patrick Ewing stopping by Wolf Blitzer’s table at Cafe Milano last night to pay his respects ... Carly Fiorina at the American/JetBlue terminal at DCA yesterday.
OUT AND ABOUT --- POOL REPORT: “President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump attended the official investiture ceremony for Justice Neil Gorsuch Thursday afternoon at the Supreme Court. After the other eight justices took their seats on the dais, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein presented the Justice’s commission, which was read by the court’s clerk. Chief Justice Roberts then administered the judicial oath to Justice Gorsuch. The courtroom was filled with friends and family of the Justice, as well as his devoted clerks Mike Davis, Jameel Jaffer, Janie Nitze, Matt Owen, and David Feder.”
-- SPOTTED: retired Justice John Paul Stevens, Maureen Scalia, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Cory Gardner (R-Colo.), Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), (who voted against Justice Gorsuch’s confirmation), Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), Don McGahn (whose birthday is today) and wife Shannon, Mark Paoletta, Marc Short, Makan Delrahim, James Burnham, Mike McGinley, Chris Grieco, Lucas Walker, Leonard Leo, Jonathan Bunch, Rob Collins, Ann Donaldson, Ed Whelan, Michael Keneally, Liz Horning, Gustav Eyler, Ryan Newman, Brett Talley, Patrick Bumatay, Wan Kim, Eric Tung, Tobi and Evan Young, Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman, Kenneth Starr, Liz Johnson, Mary Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Bopp, Rachel Brand, Greg Katsas, Ted Lehman, Theresa Wardon, Nicole Gustafson, Greg Garre, Megan Lacey.
-- Last night, the Picnic Theatre Company staged its second sold-out performance of Noel Coward’s “Hay Fever” at Dumbarton House gardens, directed by Steve Rochlin and featuring Christina Sevilla, Emily Lenzner, Nova Daly, Charles Kovatch, Fran Holuba, Daniela Kelley, Antonio Olivo, Kevin Rooney and Bob Gerber. Picshttp://bit.ly/2sifLpLhttp://bit.ly/2s8bZ3OSPOTTED: Peter Cherukuri, Jay Newton-Small, Anu Rangappa, Matea Gold, Jon Lenzner, Debbie Berger, Courtney Carlson, Amb. Abdulwahab Al-Hajjri, Amb. Tatiana Gfoeller, Sanna Kangasharju, David Van Ongevalle, Andreas Ledergerber and Andy Oros.
-- Collective SuperPAC, a national PAC dedicated to building black political power, kicked off the first ever Black Campaign School with a special reception last night at the Blackburn Center at Howard University. The event was co-sponsored by Priorities USA, EMILY’s List, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and ActBlue. SPOTTED: Quentin and Stefanie Brown James, Stacey Abrams, Shavonda Sumter, Tishaura Jones, Guy Cecil, Donna Brazile, Symone Sanders, Jamal Simmons, Leah Daughtry, Dan McNally and Tim Lim.
-- Longtime friends and colleagues of Carolyn Brehm gathered at Jones Day last night to celebrate her retirement and welcome Selina Jackson into her position as VP of global government affairs for Proctor & Gamble. SPOTTED: Amb. Richard Boucher, Jay Timmons, Joel Johnson, Poppy McDonald, William Lane, Sean Mulvaney, Mike Prentiss, Richard Goodstein, Ira Shapiro, Sean Broderick, DJ Peterson.
TRANSITIONS – KIKI BURGER has started at PR firm Sunshine Sachs, where she’s helping manage political and non-profit clients out of their LA office. She is an alum of Rock the Vote and Susan G. Komen. … Linda Chavez, the president of the Becoming American Institute and a syndicated columnist, has joined the Niskanen Center as a senior fellow.
WELCOME TO THE WORLD -- POLITICO night editor Craig Howie (who helps edit Playbook on the weekend), and wife, Niki, a landscape designer at Through the Garden, early this morning welcomed Leif Diño Howie, born 2:52 a.m. in Winchester, Va., to 7lb 14oz. “Everyone happy and healthy hooray!” Pichttp://bit.ly/2si1VUo
-- Joanne Denyeau, planning producer at MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell,” and Mike Kramer, SVP at Westchester Chubb company, recently welcomed Ruth Anne Kramer. “We lovingly call her Ruthie. Ruthie has a big brother, Joey Kramer. He turns 2 in August.” Pichttp://bit.ly/2rCZKZx
BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY: Phil Singer, CEO and founder of Marathon Strategies. How he’s celebrating: “Israel. Kim and I are taking the kids on their first big overseas trip.” How he thinks the Trump presidency is going: “Amazing if you work at the Kremlin.” Read his Playbook Plus Q&A:http://politi.co/2sGn8db
BIRTHDAYS: Don McGahn is 49 ... Politico’s John Bresnahan and Zach Stanton ... Brandi Hoffine, associate VP for comms and strategy at UC ... NPR’s Steve Inskeep, the pride of Carmel, Indiana … Marcus Brauchli, co-founder and managing partner of North Base Media and a WSJ and WaPo alum ... Phil Cox, founding partner at 50-State and former RGA exec. director, is 43 … former Rep. Robert Hurt (R-Va.) is 48 ... Adam Talbot, director at West Wing Writers ... Rep. Jason Smith (R-Mo.) is 37 ... Jim Dau is 41 ... Indira Lakshmanan, journalism ethics chair at Poynter and columnist for the Boston Globe, celebrating with her husband at Fiola Mare (h/t Nihal Krishan) ... Caity Rogowski (h/t Jon Haber) ... Jenna Galper (h/ts Alexandra De Luca and Helen Brosnan) ... PBS NewsHour politics producer Rachel Wellford (h/ts Nick Massella and Simone Pathe) ... Reid Wilson, national correspondent at The Hill … Liz Bourgeois, executive comms manager at Facebook ... Jessica Boulanger, SVP of comms. at Business Roundtable ... former Amb. Daniel C. Kurtzer is 68 ... Israeli investigative journalist Ronen Bergman is 45 (h/ts Jewish Insider) … Brett Bethune, intern for Sen. Claire McCaskill (R-Mo), is 2-1 (h/t mom Anne) ...
... Aaron McLear, director of public affairs for the West at Uber, is 4-0, celebrating at The Battery in SF (h/t Niki Christoff) ... Matt Vari, a digital strategist at Mothership Strategies, email aficionado and Diet Coke enthusiast, is 25 (h/t Jonas Murphy) ... Angie Kelley, VP for immigration policy at CAP ... Reid Wilson, former Clinton EPA ... Sarah Schoeffel ... Matthew Bartlett … WTOP alum Bob Madigan … John Leo ... Snap’s Kara Rivers ... Nicole Luna ... Mark Tapscott … Francisco “Frank” Sanchez, chairman of CNS Global Advisors ... Jill McNaughton … Pat Roth of Phoenix ... Pedro Moreno ... Katie Nelson Thomson ... NPR’s Jessica Taylor ... Joel R. Maliniak ... Jeffrey Block ... Don Harris ... Peter O’Toole, alum of Burson-Marsteller, GE and Pfizer ... David J. Jones ... Jon Kevin Lauck ... Traci Nobles ... John Shaw ... David Eades … Jill McNaughton ... Steve Welchert, star of the 1977-1981 University of Iowa Football team ... Caryl Terrell ... Troy Perry (h/ts Teresa Vilmain) ... author Joyce Carol Oates is 79 ... golfer Phil Mickelson is 47 (h/ts AP)
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2017.04.01 18:02 nick_0326 nick_0326's Mock Draft 1.0

2017 NFL Mock Draft 1.0
Cleveland Browns- Myles Garrett EDGE Texas A&M 6’4” 272 lbs
The consensus best player in the draft, goes first overall. Much like what transpired three years ago when Jadeveon Clowney solidified his position as the best player in the 2014 draft. Looking back, did Houston make the right decision? Clowney has flashed as an elite pass rusher and came through most recently during this past postseason, however simultaneously Derek Carr emerged as an MVP candidate and franchise signal caller for Oakland. A player that Houston passed up on twice. For Cleveland, they must be wary of past mistakes, which makes the QB position always a possibility. However, in this scenario they take the safest player with the highest floor in the draft. Garrett displays elite athleticism and explosiveness. He also displays a high work ethic and passion for the game. Something that the Browns missed on in the past. A scheme fit as well, as Garrett projects best playing in a 4-3. He would immediately become their best pass rusher as a RE. A core of Shelton, Garrett, Collins, and Ogbah gives new defensive coordinator Greg Williams a lot to work with.
San Francisco 49ers- Mitchell Trubisky QB North Carolina 6’2” 222 lbs
A selection that wouldn’t be universally welcomed by 49ers fans, however the new regime under John Lynch secures their franchise signal caller. As it will always be, QBs are sought-after more than any other position and although the prospects of adding a dynamic defender are tempting both Shanahan and Lynch find themselves sold on Trubisky. The 2008 draft plays a big part in the decision-making process, when both Miami and St. Louis picking 1 and 2 both needing a QB chose Jake Long a presumed franchise LT and Chris Long a productive pass rusher. With the 3rd pick, Atlanta chose Matt Ryan and the rest is history. The biggest factor that plays into the pick is new coach Kyle Shanahan. Trubisky is only a one year starter at UNC, but what a year it was as he threw a 30-6 TD to INT ratio while completing 68% of his passes. One of the more underrated aspects of his game was his mobility. Ranked as one of the top dual threat QBs coming out of high school in the nation, Trubisky displayed that athleticism in his final year with over 300 yards rushing, 5 scores, and a swift 4.67 40 at the combine.
Chicago Bears- Jonathan Allen DE Alabama 6’3” 286 lbs
Chicago sits at an interesting position post-free agency and at third overall. Similar to what happened last year with Los Angeles (formerly San Diego), the Bears could be looking at the best player in the draft if the top 2 pick are QBs for the third year in a row. In this scenario, Cleveland snatches Garrett, however Chicago’s consolation prize is a plethora of elite defensive prospects. Solomon Thomas and Marshon Lattimore are heavily considered, but Ryan Pace and company choose perhaps the most dominant college player over the past two years in Allen. Chicago gave Mike Glennon their starting QB position for next year and it appears John Fox is in a win now situation and there is no better player to plug in and play than Allen. With Eddie Goldman and Akiem Hicks, Jon Allen would give Chicago a stout defensive line. Although his subpar workout at the combine and slight red flags regarding his shoulders, many think that Allen could potentially fall on draft night. However, his tape is arguably the best in this class and he fits well in Chicago’s 3-4 while also filling a need.
Jacksonville Jaguars- Leonard Fournette RB LSU 6’0” 240 lbs
Fournette has dominated at RB at both the high school and college level and there is no evidence he will slow down in the NFL. A physical specimen with a rare combination of power and speed. Fournette wreaked havoc on SEC defenses for three years. RB will surely become an easier pick to make with the success of Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys this past year. For Jacksonville, however this might be a different story. Having invested the 36th pick in 2015 on T.J Yeldon and a 5 year 32-million-dollar contract on Chris Ivory only a year ago, the Jags should think twice about spending a top 5 pick on Fournette. The alternatives of Solomon Thomas or Jamal Adams seem redundant. The past couple of years, Jacksonville has spent heavily on the defensive side of the ball in free agency, particularly on the defensive line and secondary. Add in Dante Fowler, Jalen Ramsey, and Myles Jack and you have plenty invested on defense. With a struggling QB and offensive line, Tom Coughlin and company take perhaps the most talented RB since Adrian Peterson.
Tennessee Titans (from LAR)- Reuben Foster LB Alabama 6’0” 229 lbs
Within one year, Tennessee has transitioned from the worst team in football to a legit contender. Under the guidance of Jon Robinson, the Titans lucked out when the Rams willingly mortgaged their first and third round picks (along with several 2016 picks) this year for the opportunity to draft a franchise QB. Fortunately for Tennessee, the L.A Rams played poorly this past season and in return inherited a top 5 pick. With needs along the secondary and receiving corps, Robinson instead grabs the best signal caller in the draft to bolster the middle of their defense opposite Wesley Woodyard. Lattimore is considered, but the addition of Logan Ryan in free agency allows Tennessee to hold off on a corner. Foster is head and shoulders above the rest of the ILB group this year as he was extremely productive his last year at Alabama, notching 115 tackles, 13 TFL, and 5 sacks. A nice fit for LeBeau’s A-gap blitzes and ready made for the modern-day NFL with his versatility, speed, and agility. Foster should improve Dick LeBeau’s defense tremendously.
New York Jets- Solomon Thomas EDGE Stanford 6’3” 273 lbs
The Jets are faced with a dilemma with their first pick. Their roster barren with only a few good players left, it’s hard to believe this team was one win away from the playoffs just a year ago. With big needs across the roster, the Jets should be in a true best player available approach. With the recent signing of Morris Claiborne to strengthen possibly the weakest unit on the team, the slight edge goes to the run stopping phenome out of Stanford. Thomas is perhaps the best run defending edge prospect in this class, but his ability to rush the passer should not be overlooked. Totaling 12 sacks and over 24 TFL the past two years, Thomas should become the Jets premier pass rusher. A pathetically shallow unit of OLBs in Todd Bowles’ defense, with only Lorenzo Mauldin and second year player Jordan Jenkins of note. Thomas could slide inside in base to defend the run and situationally rush the passer in third down or obvious passing circumstances. His versatility at 273 pounds would allow Bowles to utilize him in a variety of different ways along the front seven.
Los Angeles Chargers- Malik Hooker FS Ohio State 6’1” 206 lbs
The Chargers should be a dark horse Super Bowl contender with the selection of Hooker at 7th overall. A defense that already employs two elite pass rushers, at least 3 legit LBs, 2 pro bowl CBs, and now Jahleel Addae can move down to SS to make room for the best ball hawk in the draft. Gus Bradley is a few defensive linemen away from creating a dominant defense that could rival his Seahawk defenses from a few years back. If the board falls this way, then Telesco and company should be excited. With both premier safeties and the best corner in the draft still available, this spot could lead to a potential trade down opportunity. Hooker, however is the best of them, he shows generational ball skills and tremendous range. He could be a turnover machine and a valuable asset in an increasingly pass happy league. Hooker was one year starter at Ohio State totaling a whopping 7 interceptions and 74 tackles. His outstanding instincts and versatility playing as a high safety or robber should provide the Chargers with an edge each time the opposing QB drops back to pass.
Carolina Panthers- Jamal Adams SS LSU 6’0” 214 lbs
Dave Gettleman is known to prioritize the front seven when drafting defensive players, but he is also a member of the BPA no matter what club. Jamal Adams fits the BPA model and he would slide in effortlessly with new free agent signee Mike Adams at FS. The LSU product brings leadership and toughness to a defense that already had plenty. His persona should identify with the Panthers defense and give them an edge in coverage and near the line of scrimmage. Whether he’s defending screens, covering TEs, or blitzing off the edge, Adams would give new Panthers defensive coordinator Steve Wilks more freedom and creativity than if he was dealing with Kurt Coleman or Tre Boston. Jamal Adams exceled at LSU in a robber role and could play a somewhat similar role in Carolina if Mike Adams acts as the center fielder. With the addition of Jamal Adams, along with a healthy Luke Keuchly, a rejuvenated Kawaan Short, and an ever-improving James Bradberry, the Panthers can resume their 2015 defensive dominance.
Cincinnati Bengals- Derek Barnett EDGE Tennessee 6’3” 259 lbs
The addition of Kevin Minter at LB and Foster off the board allows the Bengals to look elsewhere. While Carlos Dunlap has been a reliable and productive member of Cincinnati’s pass rush, his opposite counterpart has struggled. Since returning from his Tampa hiatus, Michael Johnson has mustered 8.5 sacks over two years, over that same time Dunlap has produced 21.5. A productive pass rushing duo should be nearly 50/50 split in sacks and pressures, however Dunlap accounts for over 70% of sacks between the two. The need for a new pass rushing duo is dire in Cincinnati. Enter Derek Barnett, hands down the most productive college player in the draft. In the SEC, Barnett tailed 32 sacks, 53 TFL, 198 tackles, and 3 FFs over a 3-year period. A match made in heaven for Paul Guenther’s 4-3, Barnett is a ready-made RE opposite Dunlap who has the flexibility to drop in zone coverages, and sniff out screens and reverses. A front four encompassing Geno Atkins, and Dunlap/Barnett off the edges will keep opposing QBs up at night.
Buffalo Bills- O.J Howard TE Alabama 6’6” 251 lbs
The Bills are in an odd position at 10. With the loss of Stephon Gilmore to the division rival Patriots, Marshon Lattimore is intriguing, but new signee Micah Hyde allows them to look elsewhere. A new weapon is needed for Tyrod Taylor, perhaps too early for a receiver, but the best pass catcher is on the board and Buffalo make their pick. O.J Howard is the best TE to come out in a long time and there is no better time to be one. One of the best athletes in the draft, Howard displays elite explosiveness and catching ability. An exceptional run blocker, in Buffalo he will be heavily utilized in their run heavy zone scheme. With the loss of Robert Woods (if you want to define it as a loss), the Bills’ receiving core is lacking behind the oft-injured Sammy Watkins. While WR remains a need, Howard becomes Buffalo’s main red zone target as well as their 2nd receiver. His athleticism and receiving potential combined with his outstanding run blocking ability make him a dream pick for the Bills at 10.
New Orleans Saints- Marshon Lattimore CB Ohio State 6’0” 193 lbs
Marshon Lattimore is the clear cut CB1 in this draft. His one year emergence onto the scene at Ohio State put him on the map and since the Fiesta Bowl, he has only improved his stock. He has the ideal size and ran a blazing 4.36 40 at the combine. Lattimore excels in press coverage where he can use his strength and hands to disrupt the receiver. An ideal fit for Dennis Allen’s hybrid man coverage concepts. His small sample size along with his increasingly serious hamstring problem could potentially cause a small fall in the draft. If he were to fall, New Orleans would be his floor as top end CB talent becomes harder to find. For New Orleans, this is the perfect outcome. Not only does one of the blue-chip prospects make his way out of the top ten, but he fills arguably their biggest need. With Delvin Breaux as their only legitimate corner, Lattimore can come in and immediately shadow opposing team’s number one receiver. This is the first step to improving a struggling Saints defense.
Cleveland Browns (from PHI)- Deshaun Watson QB Clemson 6’2” 221 lbs
In this scenario, Cleveland narrowly misses out on another potential foundational piece on defense. Most if not all of the clear blue chip prospects are off the board at this point. This leaves the Browns FO with an interesting decision regarding their second pick. Here they take Watson, arguably the best QB in the draft. The Clemson QB has the leadership and pedigree to come in and command respect from day one. His college career was riddled with success and his mentality can greatly benefit a culture that has struggled. With Watson, you get a high character and passionate player, someone at the helm that Cleveland has lacked in the past. This along with their rebuilt offensive line and added skill players could turn the Browns into an exciting offensive team. Watson’s versatility as a runner can open up a new creative playbook for Hugh Jackson. Past signings such as RG3 indicate Jackson’s innovative mind when looking for potential dual threat QBs. Most importantly, Watson can bring a cultural change that Cleveland has needed at QB.
Arizona Cardinals- Mike Williams WR Clemson 6’4” 218 lbs
Just two years ago the Cardinals had one of the best WR cores in football. Michael Floyd was finally living up to his draft position, Larry Fitzgerald was having yet another stellar season in the slot, John Browns and J.J Nelson were emerging as serious deep threats. After they released Floyd, a serious hole emerged opposite John Brown. After running a 4.5 40 at the Clemson pro day, Mike Williams solidified himself as the number one WR in the draft. Williams has the strongest hands of the draft, he uses his physicality and size to body corners and beat them in the air. His catch radius is unlike any receiver in the draft. He is your prototypical red zone possession type receiver that could quickly develop into Carson Palmer’s security blanket. In Bruce Arians’ downfield passing offense, Mike Williams seems to be the missing piece. A rejuvenated Cardinals offense with Williams, Fitz, and David Johnson could recapture their 2015 form.
Philadelphia Eagles (from MIN)- Quincy Wilson CB Florida 6’1” 211 lbs
The Eagles had a short-lived resurgence during the first few weeks of this past season. A roster stocked full of talent, those first few games should foreshadow what is to come. With few immediate needs after addressing the WR position in free agency, Howie Roseman has flexibility with his selections. However, the secondary is lacking a true number one corner and Wilson fits the look of a Jim Schwartz type defensive back. Quincy Wilson has prototypical size (6’1”) and speed (4.54) for a press CB and man coverage. In the WR-rich NFC East, an athletic and physical corner is exactly what the Eagles defense is missing. Wilson notched 6 interceptions and 14 pass break ups over his career at Florida and formed a dangerous CB duo with Teez Tabor. Wilson could plug in and play right away and with newly acquired Dwayne Gratz, the Eagles secondary could see a significant improvement next year.
Indianapolis Colts- Haason Reddick LB Temple 6’1” 237 lbs
With new GM Chris Ballard, the Colts will be looking to improve on the defensive side of the ball. Recent signings of Jabaal Sheard, John Simon, and Margus Hunt show Indianapolis’ efforts on improving the pass rush. The selection of Reddick will only further strengthen a mediocre defense. With Reddick, the Colts will get versatility, explosiveness (4.52 40, 36.5 in vertical), and production. Reddick can line up inside as a run defender at ILB in a 3-4, he can rush the pass off the edge, or drop into coverage. Reddick is a jack of all trades when it comes to the LB position in the Colts’ 3-4. A significant role in Ted Monachino’s defense will be the MIKE LB who will make the calls. Reddick can pair with newly signed Sean Spence or second year player Antonio Morrison at ILB or spell one of Sheard or Simon to pass rush or play off linebacker and matchup with TEs in sub packages. The possibilities are endless, which makes Reddick the perfect fit for the Colts.
Baltimore Ravens- Ryan Ramczyk OT Wisconsin 6’6” 310 lbs
With the loss of fellow Badger tackle Ricky Wagner to Detroit, the Ravens find themselves rather thin along the offensive line. By selecting the best OT in the class, Baltimore can plug Ramczyk in at RT right away. The Ravens securing bookend tackles for the future in back to back drafts. Ramczyk is a one year starter at Wisconsin, but transferred from division III UW-Stevens Point. He started every game for Wisconsin at LT and earned first-team all Big Ten. He projects as a swing tackle capable of playing on either side. For the Ravens, he’ll play RT as Ronnie Stanley solidified himself as Joe Flacco’s blindside protector. With the emergence in versatility among the league premier pass rushers, both right and left tackles have become interchangeable. The rise in stock of RTs makes Ryan Ramczyk a justifiable selection for Ozzie Newsome. With Ramczyk and Stanley, the Ravens offensive line is set much like Tennessee after the Conklin selection this past year.
Washington Redskins- Dalvin Cook RB Florida State 5’10” 210 lbs
The Florida State runner underperformed at the combine. Cook ran a 4.49 40 a great time for any position, but underwhelming considering the explosiveness and raw speed he displayed on tape. Nevertheless, Cook is one of the best RB prospects to come out in a few years, he dominated at FSU and his abilities as a receiver is one of many intriguing aspects of his game. A late arrival on the scene last year, Rob Kelley performed admirably for the Redskins down the stretch, but is not the long-term answer at RB. Cook brings runaway speed, excellent vision, and dangerous screen potential. A new weapon for Jay Gruden to employ on an already dangerous offense. Washington would bolster 2016 first rounder Josh Doctson (who has yet to play a game), free agent signee Terrelle Pryor, slot aficionado Jamison Crowder, pro bowl TE Jordan Reed, AND now Cook. I see no reason why Cousins would want to leave that arsenal of weapons.
Tennessee Titans- Corey Davis WR Western Michigan 6’3” 209 lbs
After selecting a new signal caller on defense, the Titans look to give their franchise QB a new toy to play with. The Titans pride themselves on being a run first team, with a dominant offensive line and two great RBs. This past year, however Mariota didn’t have a number one WR who he could trust and grow with. Corey Davis is neck and neck with Mike Williams as the best receiver in this draft and due to a lingering ankle injury, Davis was not able to work out pre-draft. The tape doesn’t lie, Davis dominated at Western Michigan and had outstanding production. He possesses great size and sticky hands. He should develop into Marcus Mariota’s favorite target and in a run heavy offense predicated on play action, Davis has the potential to flourish in the red zone and in the intermediate to deep routes. This is truly a match made in heaven.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers- David Njoku TE Miami (FL) 6’4” 246 lbs
With the board falling this way coupled with the recent signing of burner DeSean Jackson, the Bucs grab the clear number two TE in the class. Njoku is your classic Y TE who can be lined up almost anywhere and be tasked with run blocking duties. With Mike Evans sure to draw considerable attention and newly acquired Jackson presenting the deep threat, Njoku should find plenty of success in Tampa’s new offense. At Miami (FL), the athletic TE displayed dangerous red zone abilities catching 8 TDs in his last year. With the emergence of Cameron Brate this past year, Dirk Koetter can introduce 2 TE sets and a more creative offensive playbook. With both TEs posing as serious red zone and jump ball threats and Mike Evans being the best vertical WR in the league, Dirk Koetter and Jameis Winston should be ecstatic at the potential of this pass offense.
Denver Broncos- Garett Bolles OT Utah 6’5” 297 lbs
John Elway and company sought to improve a detrimental weakness on the team last year, the offensive line. By signing Ronald Leary in free agency and drafting Bolles, the Broncos should expect a substantial improvement in line play. Bolles will be a 25-year-old rookie, but he is capable of becoming the day one starter at LT for Denver. A position that has been a struggle for them for a few years now. Bolles, like Ramczyk, was a one year starter at LT for the Utes. He transferred from Snow college after two years. In his final year, he was first team all Pac-12 and started every game. At Utah, he faced future NFL talent week in and week out against the likes of Joe Mathis, Takkarist McKinley, and fellow teammate Hunter Dimick. In the AFC West with the likes of Von Miller, Khalil Mack, Joey Bosa, Justin Houston, and Melvin Ingram, an OT is a necessity for Denver.
Detroit Lions- Jarrad Davis LB Florida 6’1” 238 lbs
A big deficiency in Detroit’s defense last year was the LB position. With DeAndre Levy injured for the second straight year and Tahir Whitehead taking a big step back, Detroit was exploited through their LB corps. By selecting Davis, he can immediately be put into Teryl Austin’s 4-3 defense at WLB. A ready-made player for today’s NFL, Davis displays speed and athleticism. He should excel in coverage and give the Lions range in the middle of the defense. Where he needs improvement is his vision as he struggles over pursuing in the run game and diagnosing screens. At Florida, Davis recorded 154 tackles, 17 TFL, and 5.5 sacks in his final two years. At his best, Davis will provide the speed, coverage ability, and leadership necessary to anchor the defense. Expect the Florida LB to come in and become the leader of a struggling Lions defense.
Miami Dolphins- Jabrill Peppers S/LB Michigan 5’11” 213 lbs
The Dolphins recent acquisition of William Hayes allows Adam Gase to pass on Charlton for teammate Jabrill Peppers. The Michigan man has the versatility to play SS in base and move inside to supplant newly signed Lawrence Timmons in sub packages. It doesn’t end there with this pick as Gase could potentially use him as a kick returner and change of pace back behind Jay Ajayi. Most importantly, Peppers can bring a partner at safety for Reshad Jones now that Abdul-Quddus won’t be returning. What really sells the pick is Peppers abiity to play as a sub package LB effectively filling two needs for the Dolphins defense. At Michigan, the Heisman-finalist was a do-it all safety his final year collecting 72 tackles, including 16 for a loss, and 4 sacks. With the addition of Peppers Miami’s defense should see an improvement at both safety and linebacker.
New York Giants- Malik McDowell DT Michigan State 6’6” 295 lbs
At 23, the Giants can go a number of ways. They can grab another pass rusher in Charlton, a WLB in Melifonwu, or a change of pace back in McCaffrey. Jerry Reese however, instills the interior defensive line with McDowell. With Hankins future and recent play up in the air, New York is left with a hole next to Damon Harrison in Steve Spagnuolo’s 4-3 front. The Michigan State defender brings versatility along the defensive line. He could become the third edge rusher behind Vernon and Pierre-Paul or he could be an interior pass rusher next to the space eating nose tackle. A five-star recruit out of high school, McDowell didn’t quite live up to his status at the college level. His last year was underwhelming, but his physique and athleticism scream difference maker. On a dominant Giant defense, expect McDowell to complement Harrison inside and turn into a fearsome edge rusher in passing situations.
Oakland Raiders- Gareon Conley CB Ohio State 6’0” 195 lbs
In Jack Del Rio’s defense, press corners are essential. Conley fits the size and speed (4.44 40) needed to play in Oakland’s secondary. Conley may have been overshadowed by Lattimore and Hooker at Ohio State, but don’t let that phase you he is a legit starting CB whether on the outside or inside in nickel. At OSU, Conley often shadowed the number one receiver and in his final two years recorded 6 interceptions and 13 pass breakups. The Raiders struggling pass defense now gets back to back first round defensive backs in consecutive years. With a CB triplet of Sean Smith, David Amerson, and Gareon Conley along with 2016 free agent signee Reggie Nelson and second year safety Karl Joseph perhaps defensive player of the year Khalil Mack will have more time (as if he needed it) to get to the opposing QB.
Houston Texans- Budda Baker FS Washington 5’10” 195 lbs
In this scenario, Houston would have a dilemma. Both Mahomes and Kizer are still available at QB. However, if Romo becomes a real possibility I see Rick Smith and Bill O’Brien going all in on his final few years. With the loss of Quintin Demps in free agency a sizeable hole has emerged at the backend of the defense. Enter Baker, the safety/nickel out of Washington. He is seen as single-high free safety with great instincts and passion. This pick could reshape Houston’s secondary. Over his college career, Baker totaled 199 tackles including 13 for a loss, 4 sacks, 5 interceptions, and 3 forced fumbles. By pairing him with 2015 first round pick Kevin Johnson at CB, the Texans have two foundational pieces in their secondary. The talent for new defensive coordinator Mike Vrabel to work with in Houston (Clowney, Watt, Mercilus, McKinney, Johnson, and now Baker) should carry high expectations for a potential dominant defense in 2017.
Seattle Seahawks- Ahkello Witherspoon CB Colorado 6’3” 198 lbs
A surprise pick for some, but that’s how Seattle operates. CB being a sneaky need for a team that was reportedly shopping Richard Sherman. In Witherspoon, Seattle gets the long (33 inch arms) press corner they desire for their defense. The Buffalo CB has exceptional size and speed (4.45 40) and excels in man to man coverage allowing just 26.5% completion rate of passes thrown his way in his final year. He was second in the nation in pass defensed with 22. In a star-studded Colorado secondary, Witherspoon held his own and then some. For the Seahawks, a team known for its legion of boom inherits a talented outside press corner. If Sherman’s future is up in the air, Witherspoon provides insurance and high potential. If there ever was a player that fit a team perfectly, it’s Ahkello Witherspoon and the Seahawks.
Kansas City Chiefs- Christian McCaffrey RB Stanford 5’11” 202 lbs
Andy Reid gets a new weapon after two years of an injury-riddled Jamaal Charles and an inconsistent running game. With McCaffrey, the Chiefs are getting a dynamic runner who excels in space and the most dangerous pass catching back in the draft. A perfect fit for a west coast offense that predicates itself on short passes with a zone blocking scheme. Reid can line the Stanford runner up in the slot or out wide and with a smooth and quick change of direction ability (6.57 3 cone), McCaffrey should have no trouble creating space at the next level. With Tyreek Hill and now Christian McCaffrey, an offense thought to be conservative and methodical has two (3 if you count Kelce) home run threats at both the WR and RB position. Kansas City gives Alex Smith more support in both phases and in turn creates a potentially explosive offense with the addition of McCaffrey.
Dallas Cowboys- John Ross WR Washington 5’11” 188 lbs
Jerry Jones is put into a precarious position, after losing Carr and Claiborne in free agency. A significant deficiency emerged at the CB position. With this pick, Tre’Davious White along with several top corners are still available. The Dallas brass, however decide to go with the top player on their board. John Ross locked himself into round 1 after running the fastest 40 in combine history at 4.22. A top 3 WR in this class, Ross is ready to come in and compete as a deep threat immediately. The Cowboys signed back Terrance Williams to be their number two behind Dez, but they lacked a true burner at the position. Ross gives them that and more, having accounted for 18 touchdowns his final year at Washington. Ross is the perfect complement to Dez Bryant and with this addition Dallas bolsters one of the most talented offensive rosters in NFL history.
Green Bay Packers- Marlon Humphrey CB Alabama 6’0” 197 lbs
A porous showing in NFC Title game exposed the Packers injury-ridden secondary. Having recently drafted various defensive backs over the past few drafts (Damarious Randall, Quinten Rollins, Clinton-Dix) taking another corner seems redundant. This is not the case as Randall hasn’t lived up to his draft position and even after the signing of Davon House, a substantial hole remains at the CB position opposite Randall. With Humphrey, the Packers are getting a fluid, smooth athlete with size and experience in both man and zone coverages. In his two years starting at Alabama, Humphrey forced 3 fumbles, defensed 13 passes, and had 5 interceptions. He excels in run defense and has the speed and quickness to play inside. The addition of Humphrey can help alleviate past problems while also improving a weak pass defense.
Pittsburgh Steelers- Tyus Bowser EDGE Houston 6’3” 247 lbs
With the depth of the edge class, Kevin Colbert and company are in an advantageous position. They can attack their need at CB or ILB at 30 and take a pass rusher later. The depth dictates that there should be talented edge players throughout the first 100 picks or so. An interesting choice will have to be made with the likes of Lawson, Watt, and Harris still available. Here they do attack their pass rushing problem with an athletic and explosive OLB in Bowser. A slight project, the Houston product is raw, but displays run stopping capabilities while flourishing in space during coverage responsibilities, two important traits that the Steelers look for in their OLBs. Most importantly, Bowser showcases elite bend and quickness in his primary speed rush, while also displaying the power and balance to bull rush. Opposite Dupree, Pittsburgh may be looking at their best pass rushing duo since Woodley and Harrison.
Atlanta Falcons- Taco Charlton DE Michigan 6’6” 277 lbs
The Falcons get one of many falling prospects in Charlton. After a mediocre combine workout, the Michigan defender saw his stock fluctuate quite a bit. A massive defensive end at 6’6”, Charlton could be a plug in and play right away in Dan Quinn’s 4-3 opposite Vic Beasley. Atlanta is not a team with many needs, but after Beasley their pass rushers consist of 37-year-old Dwight Freeney and washed up Brooks Reed. With this pick, Charlton can assume the position of RE using his length to defend the run and power to generate pressure. While his career at Michigan was up and down production wise (final year stands out with 9.5 sacks/13 TFL), his size and length project for better success at the pro level. A rare trait to possess. Charlton should help alleviate the attention Beasley assuredly will see next year.
New Orleans Saints (from NE)- Patrick Mahomes II QB Texas Tech 6’2” 225 lbs
After trading away Brandin Cooks to the Patriots, the Saints will look to improve a neglected defense. There are intriguing defensive prospects available at this point (Melifonwu, Harris, Cunningham), but the value of Mahomes is far too much to pass up. The Saints haven’t indicated they would be looking for a young QB to groom in Brees’ final years, but they already tried and failed in 2015 when they selected Garrett Grayson in the third round. This is much different, as Mahomes has a great deal more potential and dominated the college level. His career numbers (752 completions his final two years, 63.5% completion percentage, 11,252 passing yards, 93 TDs, 29 INTs) are staggering. He had the highest volume passing in the nation his final two years. He is extremely raw and needs time to develop. In this situation, he should have at least two years. A perfect fit for the player and team. A Mahomes-led Sean Payton offense will keep defensive coordinators up at night.
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Happy Monday! To start off the week I wanted to share this curated list of inspirational quotes for entrepreneurs - originally from this blog post - to give you that motivational push to start the week strong!
49 Inspirational Quotes for Entrepreneurs:
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